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The red room with white walls.

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posted on Aug, 11 2017 @ 11:09 PM
Back in my day, say..22 years ago. I knew a band, confession of faith. They chose the name before reading the bible much. We ...expiremented. Had lots of fun..i got egged, another got hogtied.

I followed this band through high school. I loved how josh knew how to speak through his poetry. I loved the friends. I loved how intellectual they all were.

We had great times..great times. But then i had to come to realization of life. Matt helped me alot. So did joe. I love them both. We questioned reality itself at times.

I took them as GOD purveyers upon my life.

They had spiritual knowledge at an age id never seen.

I followed in

I found myself adrift.

I lost everything.




At least im not decaying on a bed says Josh

I love my life

I love my beginning. My end.

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