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A Prophecy About Death

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posted on Aug, 8 2017 @ 01:15 PM
a reply to: Belcastro

RE: when you die, you dream.

So here's what I think happens when you die. You know how people who have had near death experiences talk about a white light. At the moment of your death, when you turn and look into the face of God, I think you get two choices. The first choice is to bravely and humbly look into the face of God. At that point, you become so enamored with God’s infinite beauty, all time ceases to exist, you stop having conscious thoughts, and you melt into the mind of God experiencing eternal heavenly bliss. The God experience is greatest possible experience one can have by definition because every possible sense is utilized in the experience. No other experience is so fulfilling and complete than the God experience, again, by definition. The God experience is like every cell in your entire body is having a simultaneous orgasm. Even though this only happens for a few nanoseconds before physical death, with your brain operating at 100% heightened neural capacity, it feels like eternity to the conscious self.

The second choice, for whatever reason, you decide to look away from the face of God. At that moment, God immediately gives you the power of omnipotence. An omnipotent God can certainly dole out the power of omnipotence and still retain all his powers. Now at first this may sound like a really good thing. But after millions and millions of years, which is only nanoseconds real time, living out all your petty profane desires and imaginations you will become extremely bored. After having sex with two chicks 10,000 times is probably enough. Eventually you will decide to turn back and look into the face of God. However, this time you don't look away. All the reasons you would have to look away have been resolved during your stint with omnipotent powers. And just after you look into the face of God you have the thought what the heck was I thinking when I turned away the first time? Time will then cease to exist as you experience everlasting heavenly bliss.

Now some of you may be thinking, gee, you die, you turn away from God and you get rewarded with the power of having omnipotence. This may sound unfair if you are immature in your thinking and you take pleasure at the thought of sinners suffering. Or maybe your heart is full of hate and you are seeking revenge against people who have sinned against you. But from our omnipotent all-loving God's perspective, what better way to win over someone’s love so absolutely and completely than by perfectly giving them everything their heart desires? The real sad thing is why anyone would ever waste any time at all with petty and profane desires when they can be looking into the face of God basking in the glow of heavenly eternal bliss. Nothing we can imagine or invent could ever come close to experiencing God's infinite beauty.

In thinking about the problem of free-will and hard determinism and how both can be true at the same time, I’ve been resonating with the following idea when you combine the metaphysical implications of the many worlds theory of quantum mechanics with string theory. Given enough time and an infinite number of Big Bang like expansions eventually every possible state of matter will be realized. I think it is important in the studying the mind of God is to realize just how unimaginably huge the mind of God must be to contain all the information that could ever possibly be experienced. I don't think our words can ever come close to a full comprehension. Our view of space and time is so extremely limited.

For example, take our Big Bang for a moment. When you consider the current multiverse string theory our Big Bang is the inflationary result of a star collapsing to black hole from a previously existing space-time dimension. The Universe we are in is not even close to the center of reality. Anyone experiencing this thought is clearly at the beginning of the multiverse timeline. If then you consider there are billions of stars in our Universe capable of collapsing into black holes creating a big-bang like inflationary event, wow, that is really a huge amount of time. And each new black hole is creating billions of more stars capable of the same big-bang inflationary result. My God that's a huge thought to hold in one's head!

So this larger Universe which includes the Multiverse, reality is really big. Time is really long. Any creator God must be revered from the perspective of just how mind boggling it is to imagine something so big and so long can ever be created. Assuming the realm or mind of God exists everywhere and for all time, and independent of whether you believe in a personal anthropomorphic type God or a pantheistic type God, the extent and depth of God's mind is extremely humbling in the most absolute sense imaginable.

At this point in my life, I tend to lean more towards the pantheistic type perspective of God. A pantheistic God is not concerned about personal morality. A pantheistic God is too busy representing the Universe it all its complexity.

Now consider, with that much amount of time, then it is possible for every pattern or configuration of matter that can occur will occur over an infinite number of space-time dimensions created by each big-bang inflationary event. With the Multiverse, every possible quantum state will eventually be realized and experienced.

Now consider the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics:

"The many-worlds interpretation is an interpretation of quantum mechanics that asserts the objective reality of the universal wave function and denies the actuality of wave function collapse. Many-worlds implies that all possible alternate histories and futures are real, each representing an actual "world" (or "universe"). In layman's terms, the hypothesis states there is a very large—perhaps infinite[2]—number of universes, and everything that could possibly have happened in our past, but did not, has occurred in the past of some other universe or universes."

"Many-worlds, however, views reality as a many-branched tree, wherein every possible quantum outcome is realized."

The idea that every possible quantum outcome is realized is important. In one space-time dimension you make one choice in your life. And in another space-time dimension you make a different choice. In each space-time dimension you live out your whole life from that choice forward. In the many worlds interpretation there are infinite number of you’s existing in an infinite number of alternate space-time dimensions. Every possible choice, that is every possible quantum outcome being realized, is played out to its completion.

This has important implications in terms of spirituality. Over this larger view of time, there are in infinite number of you's making "good" choices. And there are an infinite number of you’s making "bad" choices. Every possible choice you are capable of making exists and is played out in some space-time dimension to its completion. Since all our choices are realized over all the space-time dimensions in the multiverse then the question becomes are any of us truly "good" or "evil"?

posted on Aug, 8 2017 @ 06:40 PM
I agree with dfnj2015. We can't even begin to understand the workings of God. Also, some studies in quantum physics show, not only can what we do in the present effect the future but what we do in the future can also effect the past. I also believe in the yin-yang philosophy regarding good & evil or love & hate being interconnected & unable to exist without one another. Without evil or hate we couldn't understand what good or love is & vice versa.

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