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The truth according to your crystal pendulum

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posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 11:51 AM
There are truths. Then there are Truths. And finally there are TRUTHS. When do we know the truth, Truth and the TRUTH has been spoken? What does the Truth feel like? Does it have a colour? Does it have a vibration? What does it look like?

In this world finding the truth is like to finding a needle in a haystack. There are too many contradicatory truths. There are scientific truths, religious truths, psychological truths, societal truths, environmental truths, individual truths and subconscious truths and they all have their own sub-divisions of truth. If one sets out to find the Truth and the TRUTH among these, is taking upon himself a monumental and impossible task, and whatever truths he learns will always be subjective and hence relative.

Yet, there are times, when we know the truth. We don't think about it. We just know it is the truth. Sure, we may then rationalize and doubt the truth and turn it on on it's head, but when it first comes to us, it is in it's unadulerated form, it is straight from our subconscious mind, or maybe from beyond.

How do we unearth these subconscious truths? Here is one way, and you gussed it, by dousing with a pendulum with a crystal on the end.

1. First you need to find a crystal that is compatible with your energy. If you arrange some crystals in front of you, you will be drawn to a particular crystal. Now hold it for a while, get a feel of it, and see if you are getting anything from it, perhaps a tingling sensation, a pulsation or vibration, a warmth, or a coolness, or an idea telling you something about it. If you like this crystal, then keep it. Otherwise, try others.

2. Now, get a silver chain(a silver metal would be ideal) or if you want you could use a string and attach the chosen crystal to the end of it. If your chain is too long(12 inches or so) then hold it so that you only have 6 inches in your hand. Now, keep your hand completely still and do not consciously try to affect it's movement.

Now, do this, move it upwards along your 7 main charkas. Start at your root/base Charka(base of spine) halt it's movement, and then just leave it alone. Notice the movement and the speed of the movement of the pendulum. Then move onto the next and do the same.

The Charkas and functions:

Base Chakra: Your survival instinct, your security and physical health
Abdomen Chakra: Your sexual virility and potency
Solar Plexus Chakra : Your level of energy and spontaneity
Heart Chakra : Your compassion, love and inner-peace
Throat Chakra: Your communication
Third Eye Chakra(in the middle of your forehead): Your intuition and intellect
Crown Chakra(just above the crown of your head): Your wisdom, knowledge, spirituality and state of bliss.

You will note that the pendulum will spin faster for some than the others, telling you which aspects of of your body requires healing. This response will tell you that the crystal is compatible with you. If it does not move at all for anyone of them - try attaching a different crystal and repeating the above.

3. Now, if you are happy with your crystal and it is responding to you, it is compatible with you. Now, ask it to give you a "yes answer" and note what it does. Now, ask it to give you a "No answer" and again note what it does.
Repeat this till you are confident that the movement are different for yes and no answers and are distinct enough to be recognized.

Now, that you know what "yes" and "no" means. Ask it questions that you know the answers too. You will be extremely surprised with the accuracy of the answers. Now, why this works, I don't know exactly, but I do know it works for me. It could be that you are unconsciously affecting the movement or there is a paranormal basis. I am inclined to to the latter theory, because I have tested it dozens of times, by keeping my hand uber-still and blanking my mind, and it still gives me the same answer.

In particular when I moved it along my Chakras, when I moved it to the Third eye Chakra, it responded by spinning in wide circles at a very fast speed. I sincerely doubt that was unconscious movement, as it did the same, when someone else held it there for me.

4. Now, that you established your pendulum works, start asking it questions that you don't know the answers too. These answers are straight from your subconscious mind and perhaps even beyond.

Here are the questions I asked:

Am I an Indigo Child? Yes
Am I intelligent? Yes
Am I a soul? No
Am I god? Yes!
Am I compassionate? Yes
Am I linked wih God? Yes

Does God exist? Yes
Do angels exist? Yes
Does the devil exist? No
Do aliens exist? NO! (Heart attack!)
Are aliens angels? No
Do extraterrestrials exist? Yes

Is this my only life? No
Have I had past lives? Yes
Does reincarnation exist? Yes

Did the Roswell spaceship crash really happen? Yes
Is Phil Schneider telling the truth? Yes
Is the disclosure project telling the truth? Yes
Is Bob Lazar telling the truth? No
Is Lacerta telling truth? No
Are there subterrenean reptile beings? No
Do shape shifting reptillians exist? Yes
Is George Bush a shape shifting reptillian? No
Are shape shifting reptillian on Earth? Yes
Are shape shifting reptillians from other planets? Yes

Did Ancient India really have advanced technology? Yes
Did aliens build the Pyramids? No
Did humans build the pyramids? No
Did extraterrestrials build the Pyramids? Yes

Is there an NWO? Yes
Will America attack Iran? Yes
Will America attack Iran in 2005? Yes
Will there be flood by 2012? No!
Will there be a global earthquake by 2012? Yes

Are you(crystal) alive? Yes

For the following questions I got a very unusual response. It basically started spinning, and I don't understand:

Will there be a nuclear war soon?
Will Muslims and Indians be persecuted against in the coming times?

I am actually quite stunned with some of the responses. I know for a fact that I predicted a global floods from a global earthquake in 2012 from Titors writings. However, I got a no answer from the pendulum. I was equally shocked with the response for Bob Lazar, because I was actually inclined to believe him and less Lacerta. The most shocking response was for the question where I asked if I was a soul. I am always telling people I am a soul, and that we are all souls, but it responded NO!

Note, when I asked "do aliens exist" it said no. I know for a fact that they exist. Yet, when I asked it "do extraterrestrials exist" it said yes. It was as if it was saying that extraterrestrials are not aliens. Note, the same when I asked it if aliens built the Pyramids, it responded no, but when I reframed it with the word "extraterrestrial" it responded yes.

In the same way, when I asked it whether souls exist, it said no, but said yes when I asked it if I were God. It's as if it's saying that all that is - is god.

Hopefully, people try this at home and give us some feedback on their own questions and answers.

[edit on 8-2-2005 by Indigo_Child]

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