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Communicating with ET--Its Happening!

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posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 11:39 AM
I recently came across some of the research of Tesla, before his death ,citing that he had made contact with ET on mars and was communicating with various intelligences throughout our Galaxy.

Decades later on his birthday in 1937, he announced: "I have devoted much of my time during the year past to the perfecting of a new small and compact apparatus by which energy in considerable amounts can now be flashed through interstellar space to any distance without the slightest dispersion." (New York Times, Sunday, 11 July 1937.)

Tesla never publicly revealed any technical details of his improved transmitter, but in his 1937 announcement, he revealed a new formula showing that "The kinetic and potential energy of a body is the result of motion and determined by the product of its mass and the square of its velocity. Let the mass be reduced, the energy is reduced by the same proportion. If it be reduced to zero, the energy is likewise zero for any finite velocity." (New York Sun, 12 July 1937, p. 6.)

Tesla noted how simple the entire process was and predicted very big things for the technology. As we all know he later died before this caught on.

Because our equipment is impervious to electromagnetic radiation and found free of internal anomalies, the tentative conclusion of biological-type interstellar communications signals has emerged....

Now others have followed his research and claim to be in contact with ET. Not to mention various instances throughout modern history, in the 70's and 80's, of signals from space and non-random short bursts of code. One person responsible for this is Gregory Hodowanec and he says that he uses a gravity technique.

The advantage of a possible gravitational technique for SETI over the radio technique is primarily one of time of ‘propagation’ for these signals. The radio waves travel at the speed of light, but the gravitational signals (per the writer’s theories) are essentially instantaneous signals. Another advantage of the gravitational technique is the simplicity of the instrumentation required. As SARA members know, radio astronomy can be quite complicated. The gravitational wave detectors... must rely largely on the Earth’s mass as a ‘shadow’ to enable the detection of gravitational radiation. Therefore, ‘objects’ or signals located in the observers’ zenith are best detected. Yet, the other areas are still ‘detectable’ especially with the aid of other ‘shadows’ such as the sun, moon, planets, etc.

He then goes on to cite various examples of information that has been transmited between himself and some other form of intelligence.

"ET is probably more advanced then we are on Earth. We no longer exchange simple arithmetic, and when I sent him Pi to five decimal places, he sent Pi back to seven decimal places immediately! We had discussed our nine planet solar system, but ET came back with ten planets, calling the 10th planet OOTTAEERR! When questioned on this, ET kept on confirming the existence of a tenth planet! He now knows the other nine planets by their Earth names! He also confirmed that Mars has two moons, the Earth one, and that Jupiter has nine major moons.

My question is who has heard of these short bursts of code, and what is going on with transmitions from space. I find it more likely that we would receive a signal from an ET far before a visitation. Recently SETI has been beefing up its operations with new bread of satalites linked together to create one large stream. Is SETi just using the wrong methods?

Does anyone know if there is truth to all this. I very strongly believe that our most promising contact with ET will remotly. At our stage of Technology it is the only viable option. Are we today listening for the wrong signals(radio waves) while more advanced remote communication technology exists?

All comments are welcome. Here is the link:


posted on Feb, 10 2005 @ 12:06 PM
That gravity basis for faster than light, instant communication is called electrogravity. Tom Bearden summarizes it as follows: when light waves converge along three different axes (so that two light waves oppose each other mirror-like on each axis AND CANCEL EACH OTHER OUT), the energy bleeds into electrogravity, AND CONVERSELY, when electrogravity converges and cancels out it bleeds back into light waves. It's a kind of reciprocal relationship. (you just have to vary the energy potential to make it happen). In other words, a kind of harmonic pulsing of light waves can allow you to do alien-like communications. Guess what? You can do this with your brain. Light is all over every single atom in your head. Given that there are 3 trillion atoms in just the last segment of your index finger alone, that makes for a phenomenal amount of light.

Remember that line in Amelie where the bad grocer realizes that there are more combinations of connections in the human brain than the total number of atoms in the universe? In other words, your mind is capable of a universal kind of networking, BUT it is already intelligent out there. We need to be able to listen and learn. How can we improve to be accepted in the larger context? It takes two to communicate. If we begin but go about it with a money makes more weapons, gives me more sexual opportunity attitude, aliens won't pick up the phone, so to speak. Instead, they'll wait for us to savage ourselves until we've had enough of it. After all, this is a fairly insignificant corner of the universe--we aren't as honest, we don't fight the crimes as well as we should. We need to do better.

So, that universal basis is right in your head--along with Bush propaganda and cute little ditties about your money (how to maximize your rake of other people's misfortunes by trashing your wad into anonymous investments--more misery abroad makes your short term indulgence that much cheaper, UNTIL THE PLANET FAILS, if not the United Estates economy...

Further proof of how far science has gone in the basic direction of Bearden's model of converging light waves can be seen in Nobel-prize winning experiments on what are called "Bose-Einstein condensates." Scientists do destructive interference (converging and canceling out light waves) of lasers to cool photons and other particles down to a temperature that is billionths of a degree above absolute 0º Celsius, and, voila, the atoms do something weird. They lose their separate identities and merge into a single super-atom. (what about those hyper-cool virtual particles in your brain--in the space between "particles"? can they be pulse merged into a larger universal connectedness?) Recently, in January 2004 scientists at the National Institute of Standards in Boulder, CO announced that they did the same with fermions, which are normal atoms (potassium in this case) containing protons and neutrons. In addition, using destructive interference of light, researchers like Lene Hau at Harvard have produced “dark states,” which can cause light to freeze to a stop--even when one of the interfering beams is turned off! Research of the sort may provide an explanation for what is known as “dark energy” and “dark matter,” which cosmologists say may comprise more than 95 percent of the universe. So, scientists can see that Bearden is definitely onto something re: converging and canceling out light waves.

Again, the key is inside your head, but to be part of the larger communicating you need to prove that you care, that you'll fight, at least try to expose, the corruption that is killing this planet. Aliens had to do it, even if that type of crisis was largely won years ago. A regime like the one here cannot be allowed to go out into space to blight other peoples, to savage the larger ecology. We either get it right here, or we all perish. Imagine being like those grays: failed planet due to greed and the manipulated conflicts scheme of that so-called "federation," then they hide underground for years, then are "saved," used to do the federation dirty work elsewhere. All the federation elite needs to say is that the gray disaster made them more humble, less offensive. That's the idea behind the Second Coming dogma of certain turncoat manipulators.

You can communicate, but you'll be held to a kind of transparency, and will be made to feel humble. There are alternative alien networks, many of which (communicating here, now) are better than the so-called "federation." Nature kills some species, allows others to be used as bait. Think outside of the box (not commercially, but in terms of the new physics inside your head!) We live in an intelligent universe, some would say a hyper-intelligent re-cycling universe.

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posted on Feb, 10 2005 @ 12:10 PM
yes it's happening...

Have you read the book Above Black ?

it's not communicating with the ET's such as you've reported in this thread, but still very interesting.


posted on Feb, 10 2005 @ 04:53 PM
Sure, Dan Sherman's book about telepathing with aliens for the NSA. It's free on the web--if you pass it on to two other people. Sherman's interactions were given a rather short leash by the aliens, understandably, of course. He worked for a military industrial structure. Aliens won't tell them too much, fearing that it may be used against them. Those who interact outside of any possibly weaponising contexts have a better chance for greater honesty within communications with aliens. It's a kind of Catch-22, on the alien level, common sense here on the human level.

There is a universal ecology, a give and take on all levels. Different perspectives at a very sensitive moment in human history. Meanwhile, some may wonder: so why do federation aliens give some of their technology to black budget profiteers--who are so extremely corrupt? Maybe because it drives the entire subject underground, keeping it all secret until such time that they can manipulate it all to their advantage. It isn't secret because of the Cold War now, nor will Bin Laden be fielding advanced electrogravity craft or particle beam weapons. It seems to be more about greed and a bizarrely compromised, narrow elite of princes, military industrial goons and narco money financiers who, for some strange reason, want to let aliens get way out of hand while next to no one is watching. Why?

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 05:52 AM
Oh,cool.A tenth planet in our solar system?What I know is scientist do have found if I'm not wrong two new planets/semi-planet after pluto but they don't know whether it should be consider/pronounce as a planet.Debate on the definition of "planet" is still going on.

I believe ETs are just a call away.If only we knew the correct method of dialing the phone.

posted on Feb, 11 2005 @ 03:24 PM
Thank You GL for the thought provoking reply. Am I to understand that you have some expeirence with this form of mind telepathy? I would be very curious to learn more about harnessing the ability of the mind. Not to mention, that I have become positive in my ability to communicate with other people via brain/mind/?? waves. As for now, I do not understand how to do it , or when and why I do it, but I am positive that a connection does exsist. I further believe that this connection is outside the realm of my present understanding, but nonetheless does exsist between many minds on the planet. I also believe it comes in the form of a trickle down effect meaning some are on top of the connection and most are simply just tapping in to the overspill.

I would be very interested to hear more of your opinions on the matter, or some of the steps one could take to harness the ability. I have a predisposition going to waste.

I read as far as was allowed into the Pitch Black book and contest that any author interested in disclosure would offer his/her story free of charge. Anyone else would use it for profit. Hence the latter.

My orginal question still remains as to the viability of electromagnetic or alternate forms of communicating with ET aside from standard Radio waves or distorted signals on overused channels(SETI). Barring the use of telepathy, was Tesla onto something that was later covered up by the government or simply forgot about by the modern scientist/populous?

Where are the advances in listening technology? I still contend that communication with ET is many times more likely to occur remotely rather than physically.
You mention Tom Bearden briefly, then you go on to state that this faster than light communication can be done with your own brain, where can one learn about the technological advances? More importantly, where are the records of communication outside the human mind? Is there any evidence of faster than light communication aside from partical experiments?

Finally, if Tesla was right, where has it all gone?
Why aren't we listening in different ways?

BTW Amelie is one of my favorites.

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