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So They Showed Up In Orbit - What Do We Do Now?

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posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 07:15 AM
a reply to: Snarl

There's nothing here, except research potential, that they couldn't find elsewhere...minerals, rare metals and other similar resources, water, hydrocarbons even proteins are abundant pretty much everywhere, as is, most likely IMO, life in all stages of development from single celled to multi-cellular life which isn't sentient, to sentient although exceptionally primitive to astonishingly advanced and beyond.

The sheer diversity and abundance of forms of life on this one planet of ours, could be just a microcosm of some of the diversity that is actually existing out there throughout the Cosmos.

posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 07:15 AM
There's a show called Colony (2016) which is about an ET occupation of earth in modern day. It kind of parallels what it was like when the Europeans showed up to the new world. It's not bad, probably the most real representation of an alien occupation we've seen on television.

Quick synopsis: The government was in contact with ET's since the 40's, and cut a deal to surrender earth in return for cushy positions in the NWO. The ET's show up, the military stands down and they occupy earth, herding everyone into massive blocks for population control. They even force their own religion on the population. Human leaders serve as proxies and basically run everything on behalf of the hosts, and the rest are used a slave force to ship resources off-world.

What's interesting is that the alien force may be completely drone/AI, controlled by some highly advanced far off civilization. Check it out.

posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 07:26 AM
a reply to: MysterX

I think at some point, an advanced civilization would give up interest in studying organic forms of life.

I've just about concluded in my own mind, that if there's a civilization out there capable of interstellar travel, they travel with their star as a power source.

posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 07:31 AM
a reply to: Konduit

Oooooo....I'll have to check that show out! Thanks for sharing!

posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 07:37 AM
a reply to: Snarl

Type 2 then...using a Dyson sphere type - of - thing. I don't see why not, especially if they've a couple of 1000 years on us.

posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 07:38 AM

originally posted by: seeker1963

originally posted by: eriktheawful
a reply to: seeker1963

Well, with the colony ship idea, my thoughts tend to turn towards the movies "Alien Nation" and "District 9"


Of course there is another scenario that I thought of: they showed up to warn us of someone or something else on the way.

I could see them going: What? What do you mean you stopped spending money on your space programs? You don't have a way to escape? Well, we did warn you.......guess it sucks to be you guys when the alien Grey Goo shows up and destroys your world. Bye.

Yea, bottom line, I would be paranoid. Also, considering how our media is today, imagine how they could steer us as a society if these aliens somehow made deals with our governments? I edited in to my reply about the television series "V" in case you missed my edit.

I'll be honest here: the thought we've already been "invaded" and that the media is being controlled by them has crossed my mind more than once.

I mean sure, they could show up in their fancy ships and just ham fist it with us. could be much more insidious....control the media....control world leaders.....then we do stupid stuff and wipe ourselves out.

Galactic Cops show up and they write us off as: they were just too stupid and killed themselves.

Mean while the evil aliens are somewhere rubbing their hands (Claws? Paws? Tentacles?) together going: "Goot! Goot! Our evil plan worked!"

posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 07:41 AM
a reply to: eriktheawful

I hope its not a probe. I don't want to be probed. It aint right.

posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 07:54 AM

Might be a good idea to send our Leaders up to talk to them...ALL of our

posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 07:55 AM

originally posted by: Tarzan the apeman.
a reply to: eriktheawful

I hope its not a probe. I don't want to be probed. It aint right.

Its not a probe if you know what you are aiming

posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 08:30 AM
All probe jokes aside (including getting "rear ended" by a "Ford Probe"), I think that scenario might be the most realistic.

I know it's "human centric" to think this way, but it is what we would do. Sending an unmanned probe would be more cost effective, especially if you're not sure what you'll find there and only have theories of what might be there.

So think about that for a moment: what could we learn from a probe that came from them? Turn the idea on it's head and think about: what could someone learn about Earth and humans based upon the probes we already have out there?

Some, like Voyager, have a plaque on it giving detailed info about us and where we are located.

posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 08:43 AM

So They Showed Up In Orbit - What Do We Do Now?

Get down on bended knee and offer our new overlords my finest bottle of Crown Royal and box of Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas.

... when the situation calls for some top rate ass-kissing, I can put on the brown lipstick with the best of 'em.

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posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 08:46 AM
a reply to: eriktheawful

I think as soon as we notice it's artificial we should do a nuclear attack demonstration on the moon, whilst we do this we rush weapon platforms out, those in development and those already made, launch them into space and then point them towards this entity.

Time would be a serious issue, it's why we should always have a few vehicles set and ready for space, whether it's for last ditch efforts to save a few of our race from an extinction event or aliens.

Anyways, a show of force would be a good opening act. That or we could work in secrecy and nuke the "invaders" before dialog as soon as we are capable.

Either way we'd need weapon platforms in space, it'll be a lot harder to intercept missiles launched in space.

I think if they were to invade then we wouldn't get much of a chance to stop them, they'd probably wipe out our space assets well before we could detect them, if they could in some way affect the sun to make a solar flare hit us, they could in theory wipe out much of our space and planet based assets.

They could simply be impervious to anything we can throw at them and simply don't care about being seen...

In all honesty I feel if their intent is malicious then we don't stand a chance, even if they're only a few hundred years more advanced than us.

All they need is better detection equipment.

Send scouts ahead, realise earth's potential for war and launch weapons at our capabilities way before we'd ever get the chance to see the main vessel.

That's all they'd need to do.

So with that said, demonstrating our nuclear capabilities would be a safety precaution, if we managed to get that far they are most likely colonists, our demonstration would put us in a good spot on the negotiation table.

We'll provide a habitat for them in exchange for technology, if that can work we could eventually live on our neighbouring planets, seek different worlds with our new found allies, if it doesn't work we'll nuke them and salvage what we can.

We'll live a paranoid existence after that.

posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 08:50 AM
So many possibilities though tbh.

It could be a giant ball of space fungus that we detect, shooting things at it just makes it worse as billions of house sized clumps of spores litter our solar system.

Like panspermia, but weaponized.

posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 08:51 AM
a reply to: eriktheawful

I know you know it's Human centric, and really being Humans it's obviously what we'd base our assumptions about any extra-solar life on, but really, i don't think any sufficiently advanced ET society would have any concept of money or costings, in the same way we have anyway.

If they are proper space faring, as opposed to our tiny forays at present, they would have no need of finance or money, as nothing would be unavailable to their resource would be exhaustible, just mine an asteroid belt or resource rich planet or moon and take the resources they'd need to produce whatever they wanted to.

Again, assuming they were sufficiently more advanced than we currently are, they probably don't have a labour force as we would understand it either...nanotechnology / atomic / sub-atomic scale engineering, probably automated and powered by sentient AI systems could feature heavily in their societal make-up...again, no need for finances of any kind.

If we achieve a level of social and technological sophistication similar to this, and we decided we wanted to ensure our species would survive into perpetuity, i don't think our descendants would stop at terraforming and the colonisation of other worlds and moons...i think we'd begin to construct automated, replicable and semi-sentient 'DNA seed probes', millions, perhaps billions of them (or more perhaps..) and send them in all directions towards the billions of Earth type planets and systems we could identify, to seed and develop according to our design and wishes.

(who knows...perhaps we here on Earth are the result of such an exercise performed millions of years ago)

That way, we'd be assured of our survival, at least the survival of our genetics.

That adds a new twist to your OP really doesn't it?

What would we do, if we discovered that the probe(s) heading for our planet were not interested in communicating or trading knowledge, resources, culture...but was in fact a single minded automaton with a million year old mission plan of seeding this planet with it's creators genetics, and possessed highly advanced technology to create the first generations based on it's creators genetics, that would be fully developed in days...or hours...or minutes?

(think H.G. Well's red Martian weed, crawling over the land at a rapid pace colonising and usurping all Earth based life)

I think we'd take action pretty quickly to rid the Earth of all traces if we could.

posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 09:26 AM
There is an old Alan Dean Foster series where many of the aliens in the universe were engaged in a war against a race who wanted to absorb them into their Empire which was sort of brainwashed/mind-controlled. The thing was that most other planets were intelligent life arose did so under far different conditions. They did not have plate tectonics, so their species did not have to be as active or aggressive or anything else to survive. Plus they pretty much evolved on single super-continents as single monolithic peoples, not many peoples like earthlings.

Thus, they sucked at war and fighting just naturally.

Earthlings were like natural supersoldiers.

In the very first contact, a single human male, a composer of all things, simply shoved one of what were considered the premier warriors in fright ... and broke his arm!

So, you can imagine what happened from then on. The humans were recruited to fight this war because they were actually well suited to it.

posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 09:29 AM
I would probably mow the grass and clean up the pad.
I wouldn't want the hot green chicks to think I was a slob.

posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 09:31 AM
a reply to: ketsuko

I know the book series you are talking about! I remember reading the first one, had something like "The aliens needed to fight a war......humans showed them what war is all about."

I remember the thing about plate tectonics too, that apparently it was something special to Earth and the big oceans, meaning groups of humans being isolated from each other, making us unique compared to other alien races.

posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 09:44 AM
a reply to: JinMI

I'd be paralyzed-HIDE-I wouldn't even be able to scream. I'm not a scientist so there's nothing I have to offer.

I'd probably take me and mine to some place most hidden in the world with lots of food and water and wait it out. Maybe hide with groups of others/it feels better when you are not alone.

I am totally chicken (not an ounce of bravery except to protect my own) and certainly know what I don't know-nothing.
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posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 10:15 AM
a reply to: eriktheawful

This is pretty much the plot to footfall minus amateurs finding it. They do end up giving credit to someone that was unrelated to the discovery.

posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 10:38 AM
a reply to: Crumbles

Yah, being a Larry Niven fan I've read Footfall, rather interesting take on things.

The series that ketsuko mentioned is called The Damned Trilogy by Alan Dean Foster, with the first book called "A Call To Arms"

I think in reality it would sadden me greatly if the only thing humans have to offer is our ability to be such an apex predator that we know how to kill and wage war better than any other species out there.

I'm hoping it would be something better like Coffee or Chocolate.

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