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GIG "Global Information Grid"

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posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 06:45 AM
Well I`m new to this site. I have tried a search on this but no luck.

I can`t remember where I read this, so I`m doing it from memory.

As I understand it, the US military is planning it`s own private/secure global internet system. This is known as GIG, "Global Information Grid", and at today`s prices it`s going to cost $80 billion!!

This system will have staggering power, in effect, and as shown in many si-fi films, all "active" resistance to US power will have to be conducted "underground"!

A simple senario would have US combat forces on the ground in some far flung corner of the world looking at a laptop, viewing live pictures of the enemy on the other side of X building! This sort of technology will bring a whole new generation of hand held ""combat"" weapons which won`t require direct line of sight.

What do you know about this project, are other counties engaged in developing similar systems?

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