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12 Inmates Escape AL Jail, 4 Still at large

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posted on Jul, 31 2017 @ 05:43 PM

originally posted by: lordcomac

originally posted by: Nothin
a reply to: OzManHero

Always wonder how someone can be arrested for "resisting arrest".

How does that whole thing go?

It goes like this- officer gets out of line talking to someone, maybe grabs them for no reason, then the person, being a normal human with expectations of being treated like one, pulls away

Now you're not compliant and under arrest. If you don't comply with being arrested for not wanting to be grabbed for no reason, you're resisting.
The first one wouldn't make it to court, you'd be free to go... But the second you resist being arrested for no reason, you've broken the law.

Basically, dick cops.

Thanks Lord C.
It's even sadder when we see that there is a for-profit prison system, court system, lawyers, etc..., profiting from everyone of these possibly fabricated arrests.

Is it possible that some cops get bonuses, or other advantages from making more arrests?

posted on Jul, 31 2017 @ 09:06 PM

originally posted by: NothinCan see what you mean about protecting your family, which is probably what you mean, rather than a bunch of rocks and boards. But in your first post: you mentioned about them being seen in public spaces, then switched to private land in your second post.

Absolutely I mean protecting life. I'm not going to harm/kill another human over property. Property is replaceable, that's why I have ( very expensive I might add ) insurance. However, a life, limb, or well-being is not, and as soon as that is threatened, I am that threat's worst nightmare.

When I said that it was unsafe for them to be in public in prison whites, I wasn't joking. Alabama residents will readily draw down on them. Some might shoot just for being an escapee, some might not.

As for escapees entering private property, I live near 4 major prisons. 100% of the time the escapees have stolen a car, clothes, weapons, etc... from private property.

The post went swiftly from 4 poor kids walking out of jail, to you letting everyone know that you are waving a gun around.

Poor kids? Let me tell you a little secret. Walker County, Alabama is ate up with meth, heroin, opiate, and synthetic drug addicts who will steal, rob, and assault if they need to in order to get their fix. Harmless little potheads they ain't.

I only brandish/point guns when it's reasonable that I may have to shoot. Three times in my life I have had to, and luckily I haven't had to use it.

We all seem to react to articles from the thin viewpoint of our own little personal world bubbles.
ATS has become like this, because people have become like this.

Everyone has different experiences. Some are more rooted in the real world and base their thoughts/comments on their experiences. Some are more idealistic.

posted on Aug, 1 2017 @ 08:35 AM
a reply to: Nothin

Oh they absolutely get some advantages out of making arrests. Essentially if they aren't arresting people or writing citations then they must not be needed as there is less crime in an area. Less crime means less cops. They harass people because of job security.

I was detained once because I was running at night. I know right, big crime. I was running and all of a sudden I get a spotlight shone behind me so I stop and turn around. I hear this "Get on the ground or I'll put you there." I can't see anything because of the light shining right in my eyes, they had no red and blue on. I respond like a normal person and ask "Uhh who are you?!" WHAM! I'm on the ground, confused as hell with an arm pinned underneath of me and this maniac is screaming "STOP RESISTING STOP RESISTING!" at the back of my head.

I was arrested for resisting arrest. Yeah, makes a lot of sense. Oh, they sure dropped the charges once it got to a judge; but it doesn't change the fact I had to sit in the slammer over the weekend and here's the real nice part - I get my wallet back and I was missing the 34 dollars I had in there. I basically got mugged and then charged for it. I still have no idea why they even stopped me.

I would rather call the damn fire department if there is a legit emergency. Those guys are actual heroes. Bonus is they also respond with an EMT, whereas we've seen cops shoot people then handcuff them and stand around like everything's cool bro.

I'm ranting, but to sum it up: I have zero sympathy for law enforcement ever. I hope the dude who escaped and had those possession charges gets away and gets high as a fothermucker.

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