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Bad Post - I Feel Bad I Ever Put it up!

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posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 06:06 AM
Mods: If you feel the same way, please feel free to delete it. Thanks.

I debated for a while about posting this thought here, for several reasons.
I don't need to state them, I'm sure that if any of you had any wierd questions like this, you don't need an explanation of my hesitancy.

But, is it possible that maybe all of us who have joined this forum, joined because we had the same basic underlying idea that our government(s) have been lying to us, that there are other, more sinister things going on that are not made public?

Probably. So, then if that's the case, could it be that we are all feeding, and feeding on each others fears, building things up to be something that they are not really at all?

I know that over the last month, (well, that's not exactly true, since ever the OKC Federal Building was blown up, I had an idea that whether Tim McVeigh actually did it, that the FBI or some branch of government had somehow blackmailed him into it.) Of course, whenever I mentioned this to anyone I knew, they just thought that I was crazy.

I felt the same when 911 happened. I was immediately convinced that somehow, some branch of our government was behind it. Then again, no one would give me the time of day when I tried to give my thoughts on the matter.

So, it hasn't really been just the last month (about when I found this site) that I was already questioning. But, when I joined ATS, and was reading everybody here's thoughts, I felt like, "I knew it all along! I'm NOT the only one!" Which was (is) great.

But I have to admit that in the last month, in just about everything I see on the news, read in a paper, see in a commercial, etc... seems to relate somehow to a larger conspiracy in which we are all in the process of being controlled, and that as each day passes, the control is getting stronger and more persistent.

I guess that that's why I sort of half a**ed started wondering if we could possibly be unconsciounsly "mind controlling" each other, just by the power of suggestion. We are all in a mindset that there are conspiracies going on, we are losing our rights, freedoms and privacy anyway, so do you think that we are somehow "egging" each other(for lack of better wording) on?

Anyway, I hope you guys understand what I was trying to say, it was hard to find the right words to express my thoughts. BTW, I really don't want to believe that what I just wrote is true. Maybe I'm looking for reassurance that it's not true.

Any thoughts????????????????????

[edit on 2/8/2005 by CyberKat]

posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 07:21 AM

Originally posted by CyberKat
Probably. So, then if that's the case, could it be that we are all feeding, and feeding on each others fears, building things up to be something that they are not really at all?

I feel real wierd about that post I did not too long ago. I really do believe completely that we are the ones that do see what is really going on.

Please forgive me?

posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 07:46 AM
To be honnest, shows like that one with Paris Hilton, the Extreme Makeover series, the Batchelor and all those other so called "Reality shows" are exactly what proves that we aren't wrong with thinking that the media is there to make us dumb and that with every show you watch, the agenda is progressed.

If people dare say that stupidity and ignorance aren't infectious and contagious, please humor me and just watch 1 episode of that Paris Hilton bull*.

Every minute you watch that, you can feel you mind getting turned into retarded goo.

"Reality" shows are all that seems to be on television these days, when I read the papers TV listings, 10% of it is news which hardly has any informative value anymore these days, the spin of whoever owns the TV station is added to all the news, no more unbiased reporting, then 50% are reality shows which are so far from reality and real life that alter ego's on the net seem more realistic and the last 40% are sports(with a bunch of lazy overpaid a**holes that can't even do their sport right) and soap series that try to rival with the stuppidity of "Reality" shows.

Best about all this is, I haven't really watched TV for at least 5 years, I sometimes see TV when I'm visiting people or when I'm having a cup of coffee with my parents. It already pisses me of this much, while I don't even watch it !!

posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 09:35 AM
You are absolutely right matrix.TV is just brainwashing people.I was watching 50 cent's new video the other candy shop or something like that and noticed something.They use subliminal tactics like they kept showing a car like yea you need to buy this to feel complete like you need all these material objects to live.Another thing about the media is the newpapers.I remember one time i was reading the paper and they had an article about this 14 year old white rapper from Long Island and the article was practicly the whole page except for a tiny article about a hit or run in Harlem or something like that,it was barely a paragraph.Now whats more important a hit or run or some 14 yr old white rapper from LI?.Thats pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

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