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Brain Fingerprint - abduction

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posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 03:57 AM
Brain Fingerprint®: a New Instrument for Scientific Ufology
by Eugenio Ballini, (Fondazione Sentinel , Gruppo Camelot, and owner of Camelotlist, Italianufo and Vareseufo)
A new instrument which is able to determine with extreme certainty if in a person’s memory there is or “not” fixed information is undoubtedly the one that could give modern ufology a further quality leap, and make it part of scientific research.

According to the latest studies, this instrument seems to coincide with the revolutionary Brain Fingerprint® [Note A] ( [1]. It is
a testing system, that looks like a mixture of hardware devices, software programs, algorithms and procedures, planned with the purpose of recording the different electro-physiological manifestations appearing during the brain activity, and able to measure them in a not-invasive way through the MERA (Multifaceted Electroencephalographic Response Analysis), [1], and obtain from these some information useful to determine pre-existing memories.

The Brain Fingerprint is used with success in different criminal cases, Harrington [2] and Grinder [3] above all, but even in the medicine and pharmaceutical field, and in the latest years in the fight against terrorism. It was associated to ufology, and more precisely to the research in the abduction field and the lived experience analyses on the supposed abducted subject, for the first time by Dr. Carlo Sabadin during a conference which took place at Budrio, BO, Italy in January 2004 [4]; on this topic you can also find a short article on Nexus Magazine N° 49 (April-May 2004), in the column “Villaggio Globale” (Global Village), a simple translation of an abstract on BBC web site [5]. .............>>>>

posted on Feb, 9 2005 @ 12:35 AM
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Thank goodness they finally have something to silence skeptics....

It should be called the "skeptic nuetralizer" IMHO, lol

It will be a baseball bat ,
to swat those pesky skeptics flying around all over,
with the words... DENY IGNORANCE: powered by "brain fingerprint" inscribed on the side !


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