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Abandoned police headquarter

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posted on Jul, 30 2017 @ 10:46 PM
Here's a larger area view of the locale, with some annotations from the post above...

Larger view still...notice how this area is the only undeveloped area in the local vicinity...

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This is BIG BUCK property, right on the beach front, but it's not developed...why?

...and what does it say about the inscriptions on abandoned buildings on said property?

Note: This is why I wanted to see the larger area, hence my questions. There really is a mystery going on here!

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posted on Jul, 30 2017 @ 11:04 PM
I'm beginning to wonder if the 'police HQ' was really a police building at all. From the looks of it, it might be a garrison to guard the compound to the SE. This would explain the clearing of the trees to the NE (and the planting of what looks like a small olive grove). The HQ has a perfect view, from the hilltop, of every direction around the compound.

Who lives in the compound? Are they the basis for the writings on the walls in the alleged police HQ?


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posted on Jul, 31 2017 @ 12:08 AM
Wow (, wow, wow) interesting history lesson here tonight for sure!! I did not know this...

This place was called a "Casa Cuartel Dela Civil Guardia", and was the home of the Civil Guard of Spain (one of them). A very storied history, but not one without controversy. Charged with guarding rural areas and ports with populations less than 20k, the Civil Guard are the equivalent of the National Guard, the County Sheriff and/or the State Police. Founded in 1844, they are the oldest police force in Spain. Involved in the Spanish Civil War on both sides, and at least one coup, they are passionate of Spain. This particular structure was a 'casa cuartel', much like a residence. It probably has quite a history...even without the graffiti.

It seems the Civil Guard have a bit of a reputation for being somewhat heavy handed, and historically branded people with a scarlet letter of sorts...the brand of 'The Black Hand', sometimes unfairly. The Black Hand were thought to be Andalusian anarchists in the southern regions of Spain.

I guess, after some introspection, it makes sense that an abandoned Civil Guard post on a remote piece of property by the sea in southern Spain would be the target of some bizarre and ritualistic graffiti...if for no other reason than to make a statement about the past.

How very interesting! Sometimes fact truly is stranger than fiction!

I still think the site is amazing and surreal, but I believe I have a better understanding now.

Many thanks to the OP for posting such a intriguing thread!

(I'd give you another star and flag if I could!!)

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posted on Jul, 31 2017 @ 12:32 AM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

Civil guard building.

Probably used or built for the civil war.

Then used as officers houses maybe, then abandoned. We had one by my cousins house. All that was left was just a huge floor in a field. These type of barracks buildings came and went.

The civil guard is a military police.

They still live in buildings designed in this fashion if not surviving examples that have always been in use.

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posted on Jul, 31 2017 @ 04:03 AM
It's a chanting room. Used by groups to influence events and people. They surround themselves with these images to focus their intent. Read the Eighth Tower by Peel.

posted on Jul, 31 2017 @ 08:50 AM
a reply to: Boletus

Some of the scrawlings are derivative of the Acacian initiation rituals.

Any local universities in the area near this abandoned police headquarters?

I would be shocked if this was anything more than just a hazing ritual by some "egyptian" originating fratboys , however i don't believe they ever delved into satanic...which could mean this is something more.

posted on Jul, 31 2017 @ 11:57 AM
a reply to: hounddoghowlie

A hood rat is a slang term for a woman that lives on the block and had been passed around the homies.

This may be the work of a homeless eccentric but it took a considerable amount of time, energy and knowledge to do this. That takes motivation.

posted on Jul, 31 2017 @ 01:06 PM
a reply to: Caughtlurking

here more than one definition as i said the first time, not just a skank,
see 3, 5, 11. 20, 22, 24,36. 37, 39.


A small town or urban kid that's got nothing better to do than ____ # up. Let's go do some hood rat sh@@. Tyrone blew up 3 mailboxes and stole a sign all in one night, He's a real hood rat.

The Urban Dictionary Hoodrat

other slang dictionaries say the same. when i was living in ca. it was used for just about everybody. in south central/watts and other areas.
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posted on Jul, 31 2017 @ 02:09 PM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

Well, that explains the "Police HQ" and "House 1" (perhaps even "House 2"), as you've labeled them -

- but does it explain the "Compound"?

And isn't it still rather odd that such a large (presumably valuable) beachfront property remains undeveloped after all this time?

I don't know, just the way that "Compound" sits right smack in the middle of all that 'empty' land, seems very odd...

posted on Jul, 31 2017 @ 09:09 PM
a reply to: lostgirl

I totally agree!

What is up with the compound to the SE, and why is it there? Who lives there? Someone powerful, no doubt.

Would really love to know. I honestly believe it has something to do with the inscriptions on the walls of the station!

posted on Aug, 1 2017 @ 11:01 AM
a reply to: Boletus

Wow-what a find, I think someone may have had a crush on Aleister Crowley.

Crowley was heavily influenced by Egyptian mythology and the pentagram in particular, I might be grasping at straws but whoever created these was a Crowley 'groupie' and if I'm correct there was sex and drugs involved, or if it's not sex than it's...self pleasuring.

This is the dark arts no doubt about it. Apep Defileth Asar!

posted on Aug, 1 2017 @ 01:40 PM
a reply to: szino9

"cuantice" is romanian, meaning "quantum"

"cuantice" is plural.
"cuantic" is singular.

posted on Aug, 2 2017 @ 08:36 AM
What happened to the OP?

He's MIA.

posted on Aug, 2 2017 @ 06:42 PM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk
Im here! Working a lot, without time to go to the site, its the thread dead? Why did they changed it to Urban legend forum?

posted on Aug, 2 2017 @ 10:44 PM
a reply to: Boletus

I didn't even notice that. You're right.

I have no idea why.


posted on Aug, 3 2017 @ 07:14 AM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk
Can i change it to put it in the correct forum?

posted on Aug, 3 2017 @ 07:36 PM
a reply to: Boletus
Dont let this die

posted on Aug, 6 2017 @ 05:04 AM
Each room looks to serve a different purpose, as if each room is for a specific ritual for conjuring spirits/entities...if you believe in that. I see seals and sigils throughout. I see upside down stars. Black Magic rituals. I see ritual paraphernalia and/or offerings.

I'm not expert on the content of the writings on the walls, however whomever did it does appear to be delving into ritual/conjuring magic.

That or its all for a movie set...


posted on Sep, 7 2018 @ 03:35 AM
a reply to: Boletus

what's the point ?

posted on Sep, 7 2018 @ 04:21 AM
a reply to: Boletus

hey OP, any new happenings with that site? Did you ever go back? Its been a year, would be interesting to know what is going on? This thread was one of my favorite back a year ago, even gave me an idea for a short story...

come on man do the deed

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