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Military readiness my foot... What is Trumps real reason???

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posted on Jul, 27 2017 @ 06:28 PM

originally posted by: tadaman
a reply to: SudoNim

No one asked if the military wants or even needs them.

There is no such thing as a right to serve.

Does anyone even care what the military wants?

I dont find an issue with them, but absolutely understand why they may be denied.

Its not insane. Its common sense.

I dunno. My husband is ex military and he says let 'em fight. Confuse the hell outta ISIS.

posted on Jul, 27 2017 @ 06:46 PM
a reply to: redhorse

Yeah I agree everyone can be useful.

I think people who thought they could USE the military to pay for sex changes ruined it for those who simply want to serve.

You dont get to ask for things without giving something.

The military doesnt want their service in exchange for a half million dollar procedure that will leave them useless as a soldier.

Its not like getting stiches and a graft or an amputation and a "look"

Its a life long medical issue for an otherwise healthy person.

Dont ever ask for the military to pay for this when others dont get squat for going near deaf or losing body function after combat or what ever.

Try again in 10 years and remember, dont bring bills.

I do say let them fight. I just want them to make sure they get it. Its an army, not the civilian world.

They arent on the same page and would regret it. REALLY regret it.

ISIS would torture a trans person until blades went dull. Their own fellow soldiers may drop them off.

Its such a disconnect on their part to even try this.

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posted on Jul, 27 2017 @ 06:57 PM
a reply to: tadaman

I'm sure people thought the same thing about Blacks and Women and Gays being in the Military too.

Other modern nations including Britain and Australia already have Trans people serving openly without problems.

So did we until this came out of nowhere. There's a documentary about a Navy Seal who served 20 years, fought in 3 wars in the middle east, won multiple medals and is Trans. Are you trying to tell me that they weren't a dedicated soldier???

What difference does it make as long as someone passes the required tests like everyone else???

People serve in the military for reasons like College, Healthcare, etc. all the time. That's one of the selling points after all. You serve and in return you get this perks. That's the deal.

Which BTW are being reduced all the time. Now even college money is being taken from the paychecks of those who serve. But that was not the idea. Anyone can just save some paycheck money without risking their lives in the process.

The money spent on Trans. is practically nothing. It's .001% of the defense budget. Apparently risking your life as a soldier is no longer something rewarded but just taken for granted and you wonder why numbers are falling.

posted on Jul, 27 2017 @ 07:36 PM
a reply to: mOjOm


This is not like other civil rights issues. Its not that simple.

There is a medical consideration. The person trying to get benefits like college isnt like the one trying to change sexes. One is for a future of self sufficiency. The other is a cosmetic change to a healthy person that leaves them less physically fit for service.

I dont think many get how stringent the selection process is. They dont need people like it was vietnam. I got disqualified for a hernia and psoriasis when I tried to join the army recently. I could have seen a specialist months later, but they wanted me to get it documented by an army doc so the army didnt have to pay for it.

Can you imagine. A non serious skin rash on less than 1% of my body. I was REALLY fit then and got great scores on my tests. They said no until I got that taken care of. The hernia wasnt even documented. LOL.

Now let me tell them I have an axe wound between my legs....

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posted on Jul, 27 2017 @ 07:46 PM
a reply to: tadaman

I'm not saying it is a civil rights issue. It's an agreement. You agree to "Serve" in the military in exchange for Government Benefits which include stuff like College Money, Healthcare, etc.

I mean that's how they sell it. Along with all the other Patriotic BS which is now nothing more than political lies because who you're really serving is the Corporate American Interests and not the actual American Peoples Interests anyway.

But that's always why people have joined. Especially when they're poor. If you need some help you can get it from the service in the military. That's how it has always worked.

But now, they just want to screw people out of the benefits side. I mean Vets should have the best healthcare possible and it should be no question. I mean they go out and risk their lives and the f*cking politicians who put them out there for their own BS reasons stay here and have the best care possible. How is that right????

posted on Jul, 27 2017 @ 07:47 PM
I used to think Trump was an idiot, incompetent and all around a-hole. I am beginning to think there is something up here, like he is out to destroy the GOP party.

Is he a Trojan horse and is out to make the GOP, the most hated party in America? Is he making decisions that he knows most Americans disagree with? Why does he lie constantly and why is he attacking people who supported him?

Or is he just an idiot who needs to be constantly reassured that people like him by holding rallies that praise and stroke his ego?

posted on Jul, 27 2017 @ 07:59 PM
a reply to: justagod

No, that is exactly what and Idiot, Incompetent Ahole looks like in action.

He doesn't know anything about how Government operates. He is trying to be a CEO of a private business and bully everyone around and have 100% control over everything and it doesn't work that way. But he's too dumb and old to learn how it works and too set in his ways to ever try.

He's still watching Fox News for his information FFS!!! The leader of the Nation with Intelligence Agencies at his command and he's listening to Right Wing Entertainers and Propagandists to see what's going on in the world.

He's a complete f*cking disaster and an embarrassment with his behavior and stupid unintelligible speeches where he just rambles on about nothing, other than himself.

He's not a mole or some kind of double agent. He's just not remotely qualified for anything he's doing. He's a damn rich kid who's had everything in life and used it to rip off hard working people and swindle his way to where he's at. He's not a success, he's a story about a cheater and swindler and a ego maniac who fooled a bunch of dumb, desperate people in America to vote for him on lies which he can't deliver on.
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posted on Jul, 28 2017 @ 02:05 AM
The lack of understanding and stereotypical view of transgender people on this thread is shocking.

People are acting like they will stand out like a sore thumb, there are 1000's currently serving who get by fine without being a distraction.

Also people act like if transgender people are allowed in then all of them suddenly join, there are still physical and mental requirements.

In reality they would not decrease the quality of military personnel serving. It's actually quite dangerous how many ill-informed and simple-minded responses i've seen in this thread. Your steriotypical view of transgender people is YOUR OWN hang-up, get over it and whatever insecurities you have about it.

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