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Ma-Haru Astrology

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posted on Aug, 21 2017 @ 05:03 AM
The Langulage for the 36 zodiac is as follows:
-36 different decans, 10 degree each.
-each three decans combined create the archetype of a sign.
-each sign is the master archetype of the 12 planets.(this rule is shared with the 108 zodiac, as both are read on twelvish principle)

very brief overview
dec1: First ten degrees of Aries. First manifestation of fire. Ideal will. Independent and creative. Bestows additional opportunities.
dec2: Second ten degrees of Aries. Success. Harmony following struggle. Bestows critical success.
dec3: Third ten degrees of Aries. Completion. Order. Limitation. By tact and gentleness a strived for goal is achieved. Bestows penetrating determination.

dec4: First ten degrees of Taurus. Worry. Anxiety over money. Loss of job or source of income. Prolonged inaction produces intense strain. Fundamental instability. Bestows resistance to intoxication.
dec5: Second ten degrees of Taurus. Investment of labor or resources results in high yields. A settling down. Temporary success. Bestows monetary opportunities.
dec6: Third ten degrees of Taurus. Expected profits turn into loss or even liabilities. Bestows instinct for swindling.

posted on Aug, 21 2017 @ 05:46 AM
dec7: First ten degrees of Gemini. Interference. Being good-natured at the wrong time. Unexpected bad luck. Energy wasted on unimportant details. Bestows quick reflexes.
dec8: Second ten degrees of Gemini. Mental anguish. Nothing furthers. Both the acceptance of martyrdom and unrelenting revenge. Bestows powerful adrenaline system.
dec9: Third ten degrees of Gemini. Madness. Disaster which may be the end of delusion. It can only get better. Bestows tremendous destructive force and compulsivity.

dec10: First ten degrees of Cancer. First manifestation of water. Harmony between male and female. Ecstasy. Joy. Bestows romanticism.
dec11: Second ten degrees of Cancer. Love bears fruit. Bounty. Enjoy but mistrust the good things in life. Bestows the desire for feasts and collective celebrations.
dec12: Third ten degrees of Cancer. Luxury. Seed of the decay of pleasure. Weakness, surrender to desire. Bestows the feeling of indifference.

posted on Sep, 4 2017 @ 01:38 AM
dec13: First ten degrees of Leo. Stress. Destruction. Purgation preceding renewal. Conflict. Quarrelling. Vigorous, even violent belligerency. Bestows the character of aggression.
dec14: Second ten degrees of Leo. Exultation after struggle. Harmony. Beauty. Stability. Perfect balance. Accomplishment. Gain. Bestows victorious deeds.
dec15: Third ten degrees of Leo. Equilibrium disturbed. Loss of confidence. Difficulties requiring tenacity and courage to overcome. Bestows bravery.

dec16: First ten degrees of Virgo. "Saving for a rainy day." Plant your garden and wait. Retiring as a positive maneuver. Bestows agility.
dec17: Second ten degrees of Virgo. Considerable increase of fortune. Reap what you've sown and relax. Popularity. Good luck and good management. Inheritance. Bestows health.
dec18: Third ten degrees of Virgo. Material prosperity. Recycle wealth by acquisitions and philanthropy. If properly applied, true wisdom and happiness. Bestows luck for material things.

dec19: First ten degrees of Libra. First manifestation of air. Equilibrium abiding above disruption. Dormant antagonism. Bestows vengeance.
dec20: Second ten degrees of Libra. Profound melancholy engendering either depression or wisdom. Secrecy. Perversion. Bestows disgrace.
dec21. Third ten degrees of Libra. Truce. Compromise. Tension is relaxed through submission to militaristic discipline and dogma. Refuge from sorrow. Bestows sanctuary.

posted on Sep, 4 2017 @ 02:45 AM
dec22: First ten degrees of Scorpio. Disappointment in love or pleasure. Expected pleasure thwarted. Bestows death.
dec23: Second ten degrees of Scorpio. Harmony. Ease. Fertility. Not the gratification of artificial desires, but the fulfilment of the true will. One of the best cards of the deck. Bestows patience.
dec24: Third ten degrees of Scorpio. Debauch. Addiction. False pleasure. External splendour, internal corruption. Guilt. Bestows deception.

dec25: First ten degrees of Sagittarius. Sudden flash of activity; too much too soon. Speech. Electricity. A telephone call, letter or message. Bestows recklessness.
dec26: Second ten degrees of Sagittarius. Recovered balance and health. Success follows struggle. Change is stability. Bestows unrelenting force.
dec27: Third ten degrees of Sagittarius. Blind force. Violent energy. Obstinate cruelty. Self-devouring lust of result. Bestows kinship.

dec28: First ten degrees of Capricorn. Change. First manifestation of earth. Perpetual change maintains stability. Bestows regeneration.
dec29: Second ten degrees of Capricorn. Constructive energy. Crystallization of forces. Job. Concentrated effort rewarded now or in the future. Bestows tactical thinking.
dec30: Third ten degrees of Capricorn. Unaggressive mastery over purely material circumstances. Security within protective walls. Law and order. Bestows assets and property.

dec31: First ten degrees of Aquarius. Failure. Inadequate energy to maintain peace. Reason is undone by sentiment. Bestows defeat.
dec32: Second ten degrees of Aquarius. Intellectual endeavours rewarded. Equilibrium of moral and mental faculties. Bestows success.
dec33: Third ten degrees of Aquarius. Futility. Indecisiveness. Appeasement. Swimming against the tide. Insufficient energy and will to accomplish a task. Bestows endurance.

posted on Sep, 4 2017 @ 02:55 AM
dec34: First ten degrees of Pisces. Indolence. Unpleasantness. Sorrow plagues pleasure. Bestows introspection.
dec35: Second ten degrees of Pisces. Good fortune. Joy. Gladness. Self-fulfilment. Bestows inspiration.
dec36: Third ten degrees of Pisces. Satiety. Having more than one needs. Bestows radiance.

posted on Sep, 14 2017 @ 05:38 AM
a reply to: Argentbenign

You will have to excuse me for I cannot continue the issue of this thread, due to my ban from ATS.

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posted on Sep, 23 2019 @ 07:38 AM

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posted on Sep, 23 2019 @ 08:31 AM

originally posted by: InTheLight
I studied my natal chart and it moreso leans towards the higher gate with Aquarius & Pisces and Leo reigning and 7,8, 11(repeated) occurring at a ratio of 5 (higher) to 4 (lower). It would appear I have one foot in the higher gate and a a few toes in the lower - not sure if it is a balancing act or an act of shifting. The chart also describes me as having 'divine discontent'...well, I can see why.


I interpret your reply to be saying that the Higher Gate & Lower Gate people All get participation Trophies...
so that nobody feels shorted or snubbed, We Are All Winners


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