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Priest convicted for raping boy and church covered it up

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posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 09:07 AM

Originally posted by James the Lesser
It's a little over 25,000 preists when it should be ZERO! One is ten to many.

Right on brother!! I can't think of a more disgusting act of betrayal than when a priest sexually molests an innocent child. I hope all these guys go to prison and end up laying in a pool of blood with a shiv in their gut. Obviously GOD is not putting the fear of God into these priests, maybe their fellow prison inmates will.
Aren't there enough 18 year old runaways these guys can fondle legally? What's with all the little kids??


posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 09:19 AM

I think it's very noble that you are considering taking the vows of priesthood. It is definitely not for the weak minded. But, I think that your stance on the issues at hand here are reflective of the church as a whole. It is a fact that priests are raping and being convicted of raping young boys. Sure, some of the allegations may be false, but just because there is a relatively low percentage of accussations out there, does not mean we can justify it. I think that if the church would stop using the fact that only a small handful of priest are doing this, and start severly pusnishing the ones that do, you will see a much better response from the general public.

You can see the same thing in many other areas. Look at the Abu Ghraib scandal. Sure it's just a few instances of prisoner abuse, but instead of the military reinforcing the fact that they were isolated instances, they should have not tried to justify it at all, and just dealt with the fact that it was wrong and actions would be taken.

posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 10:10 AM

Originally posted by Mizar
There would be fewer incidents if people had self control. It will happen and ther e is not much to be done about it.

And to have a preist marry is absurd. The whole point of preist hood is to take the 3 vows of Poverty Chasity And Obedience. Which basicly meand you give up everything for God and the church. To have marrige in the preist hood would destroy it and the heart of preists would be changed. Any devout catholic would be preist. So that is out of question. The training and years it takes to become a preist sorts out almost all of the people who don't qualify.

This is the crux of the problem. It's not 1850 anymore. The refusal of the Catholic church to change with the times, and modernize their doctrine has, IMO, greatly contributed to this problem. And what about the Church's efforts to cover up this problem? Moving priests from parish to parish. It's sick, deviant, sinful stuff.

I grew up Roman Catholic. I left the church in my 20's because they were horribly out-of-touch. Since then, it's only gotten worse.

posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 04:52 PM
We do not know how small or big a problem this is because the church has refused to open its records to the issue. And if it is such a small issue why then are so many involved in the coverup and the secreat payoffs. Pedophiles of both young boys and young girls tend to flock to places that give them access to these children. This has been seen many times with Coaches both male and female who enjoy watching young children in the shower in gym class. Also Girl and Boyscout leaders and it is a much larger problem than most want to see. No organaziation should be able to hide their records and the church is no exception to this.

posted on Feb, 19 2005 @ 12:38 AM
Quote: "I got two little boys wit me/Michael Jackson [or a Catholic priest] sent two helicopters to come get me" - Bizarre, D12

Seriously, though, this is pretty pitiful. I thought these priests were supposed to be holier than thou. I'm not Catholic, so I wouldn't know, but still...

I don't see how allowing the priests to marry would solve the problem. If they're raping little boys, how is a wife gonna help them? Then again, maybe if same-sex marriage is made legal, I guess that might help.

I know all priests don't do this, but why would the church cover this up???
Seems like they KNOW that there's something to hide...

HEEEE heee!!! - Michael Jackson

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