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War on terror? Like war on drugs...

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posted on Feb, 7 2005 @ 12:42 PM
A war on terror? Seems it's all too negative an approach that will never arrive at a solution. Like the war on drugs, which hasn't worked yet, the war on terror needs to be re-framed. Instead of killing all our critics, we should spend part of our tax pool on feeding the starving, educating the world, innoculating the children and telling the truth about aliens (see the Aliens thread for more info.) In the war on drugs, we pretend to be "fighting" it yet we let the CIA and Operation Monarch (black budget narco trafficking) import massive quantities of heroin, coke. Then US bankers take the profits (it's the biggest free cash pool on earth), and our "war" is just a fraud. Like NASA, a public relations boondoggle that hides the facts of actual alien visits here plus "our" manufacture of alien-like technology, our DEA is a fraud, also. See Welcome to Terror Land, by Daniel Hopsicker, for a good intro. to Bush coverup of narco dealing (it IS big money and Bush is literally servile to BIG $).

The war on terror is also a fraud: we pretend to fight terror, then use the label to invade Iraq (Bin Laden is no longer important, says Junior) to control its oil because the US economy is tanking and the easy oil is peaking, will soon be way more expensive globally). Meanwhile, like the war on drugs, we erect an economic elite's dictatorship through the WTO, the CFR, Bilderberg and the World Band/IMF, which leads to terror (Al Queda wanted to destroy the Twin Towers to get revenge on Rockefeller for perpetuating a family dictatorship in Saudi Arabia) and we profit big by the weapons sales. Just like the war on drugs, it is all the wrong approach and will fail. It's a vicious cycle. What we need instead, is to keep private money out of our elections, to make them decent--equally valid, then to join the World Court and get a Supreme Court to invalidate all language that calls a corporation an individual (a lie that allows corporations to warp our elections and demand individual rights to pollute and destroy our ecology). All it takes is gutsy leadership, not the washed out boys choir that we keep installing in DC. Look at the mousy little shame they are regarding govt secrets about aliens.

We need an FDR, a Washington, a Ghandhi, a revolutionary who has the guts to make the necessary changes. Are you ready for that?

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posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 08:35 AM

Originally posted by gl2
A war on terror? Seems it's all too negative an approach that will never arrive at a solution.

A very important thing is NOT to lose faith in success.
If just A LOT MORE was done to fight terrorism, the world might have already been safe.

posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 09:23 AM
like you said ..the war on drugs is not working or being won and the war on terror will not be won. and both are not working for the same reasons.....the govt and corporations have found both wars exceddingly profitable and it makes a good smoke screen to cover their tracks.

control...who needs to be controled?? who has the power?? can those without power control?? the american citizenry has been pacified, made ignorant and gullible by those that have the power. the citizenry is not ready for change. why? because they would have to change, they would have to give up certain things, they would have to take action, they would have to put effort into becoming more knowledgable. all this would get in the way of 'thier' lives. if the citizenry didn't have to put effort into, let the govt do it for them, like now..then the citizenry feels like things are going all right, that they are actually helping to make a change.

we are past the point where govt can control itself.................


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