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The Vertical Plane by Ken Webster - Is this proof of Time manipulation and travel or just a story?

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posted on Aug, 12 2018 @ 01:36 PM
a reply to: CromCruachh

Fantastic. I'm very glad to see your post this morning. I just recently got my book back exactly 1 year after I loaned it to my Uncle and have been thinking about TVP since. I didn't have anything interesting to add to the thread and was hoping for someone to have a breakthrough.

Crom I cant argue with anything you have stated, they are things I know to be true as well. The way you communicate instantly reminds me of the specific experience I had last year in Denver. I cant tell if its exactly the same as its hard to put into words but it sounds like it is. Ive had a dozen since then but none as breath taking and awe inspiring as the first.

For me personally, knowing this is one thing, acting on it day in and day out is something all together different. Hopefully that's just my stubborn self.

As far as wether or not you are supposed to tell, I wish I could give advice but I cant. The only solace I can give is, if 99% of people you could tell wont believe you, there isnt a lot of danger to mess up. Whether or not that breaks trust I am not sure. In my experience they understand how big of a paradigm shift this is and forgive an inability to keep secret for a while. There are little transgressions and big ones. You can do a tiny bit of damage sharing information or a lot of damage sharing information is specifically how it was explained, luckily I only did a small amount of damage. Key is, I DID do some damage. Still not a good thing.

Thanks for posting today!

**edit** As for the purpose of being 1 consciousness, I personally think game is an apt description for the reason but I am not sure it entirely fits. I think the purpose is in the experience itself, and cannot be separated from it. I think the entire purpose IS the experience. There could very well be a grand purpose, but I am completely unaware if there is. I hope this edit makes sense and doesnt look like esoteric garbage.
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posted on Aug, 12 2018 @ 01:52 PM
a reply to: CromCruachh

Past,present,future. My understanding is that delineation of those 3 states is for reference. Stating that there is only the present is a way of saying that those 3 states are happening simultaneously rather than being finite states that no longer exist afterwards or prior to happening.

In other words the past still exists as much as this present moment, the same way the future already exists even though we cant access it. Those states are still pre or post this exact moment so referencing pre or post makes sense to us obviously and is necessary for our linear minds.

In other words I dont think there is a contradiction.

posted on Aug, 12 2018 @ 02:51 PM
a reply to: CromCruachh

1 last post today in reply, because what you have said specifically excites me.

There were a few catalysts that got me to change the way I think, act, and feel in this world since 2015. One of the first and possibly most important was a realization one night while laying in bed that you and I (the inclusive) may share the same "I", the I that we refer to when we refer to ourselves. I am not sure where it came from or why it came at all, but it did and it was profound and I laid there for hours staring at the light on my smoke detector contemplating it.

The second point I wanted to make was about the danger of sharing ideas. There was a book I read earlier this year called "The Art of Resurection" which I am sure I spoke about in this thread. It was the history of these ideas and why there have always been kept "secret" and held only by elite groups of seekers. The reason for this wasn't to exclude others, but to protect the minds of people that couldn't cope with the ideas. These concepts can be dangerous for peoples mental, physical, and spiritual well being. I have seen this first hand with someone I was talking to on Reddit. There is danger of hurting people that are not ready or willing to consider these things.

I still highly suggest you check out that book, it is fascinating and will give insight into many of the things you are thinking about right now.

posted on Aug, 13 2018 @ 03:06 PM
a reply to: sputniksteve
Now this post might be a bit incoherrent since I'm hell tired, so apologies if it is.

The 3 states happening simultaneously makes sense. It's only our own minds which stop us from being in the future and past isn't it? What was it that was written on meadow cottages floor? "The grey retarding mass is your prison"
Beings without linear minds like ours must see us and the world so differently as to how we see it.

Regarding the Art of Resurrection, when you mentioned it before i bought it and read it-glad i did coz it's a good one! When he said that some people cannot handle the teachings, it reminded me of something john keel said about investigating deep into the ufo phenomenon, he said that the ufo phenomenon is dangerous to study, and most people who investigate deep into it either develop paranoid schizophrenia, become cultist like/true believers, commit suicide or become possessed. Only those who have some latent psychic ability can study deep into the ufo phenomenon and look into the abyss without deteriorating and losing their minds.
Now i think certain things are connected, and I think the whole UFO phenomenon is connected with our consciousness.

The thing i found most interesting in Silva's book was his theory on ancient megalithic sites being like machines which interact with our biological body and let us travel into the other world. I'm actually going travelling next month and i'm going to go to a bunch of different megalithic sites to test this out. (theres no megalithic sites in my country). one thing i wanna try out is sleeping at one of these sites and see what sort of dreams I have. (Sounds nuts i know lol)

If we are all of the same consciousness and it's a game, i'm playing against myself. There was another thread recently where this poster claimed to have a dream about jews, and a few other people commented too and said they had dreamed about jews. I had aswell. I had had a vivid dream about jews on the same night as these you reckon that's odd? or just a coincidinkle...
Oh I just remembered something, remember that light you saw? that fat star in the sky that slowly dropped? Coz i'm pretty sure you saw that at the same time I did.
Anyway my rambles over, There was more i wanted to bring up but i gotta go to sleep now.

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