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Out of body experience

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posted on Jun, 27 2003 @ 08:09 PM
I had one. It just happened one day that I was totally at peace...

I saw my body on my bed and moved away,...doors opened only at a thought, moving also...

I went to see the girlfriend I had at the time,...she awoke in bed, turned around and stared me in the eyes then started to panic...

As soon as I thought that I didn't want to scare her and that this must end,...I woke up in bed covered in sweat...

The next morning, I called her and she was distressed and scared and she made me promise not to talk about it again,...

I believe meditation can take you there,...
Althought I have meditated a lot, brought other (innexpected) results, to what we are

Like they say,...clear your mind, focus, breathe
It took me two months to have a satisfactory meditation...8 -15 hours per day

I advise you do nothing else but , feed properly, wash, read, listen to music (all inspiring) and meditate (Focus is to do just one thing) and sleep. Success is relative to devotion.

posted on Jun, 27 2003 @ 08:34 PM
My mother claimed to have had an out of body expierence...of course I believe her...very interesting and I believe it is also very possible.

posted on Jun, 30 2003 @ 01:33 AM
I am like really interested in OBE's and whats it like, is it like. Your spirit or whatever escapes your body while you are sleeping and you can actually go around the block and see what your friends are doing or something? Can like people who arn't out of their body, can they see you? I think that this is really cool and I'm going to try and find out how to do it, sounds cool.

posted on Jun, 30 2003 @ 01:21 PM
I've certainly had many OBE's throughout my life and have read tons about it and spoken to others about it..Yet I've never heard from anyone that someone else can see you? It would be nearly impossible during an obe to be seen by someone in a physical state unless they too were having an obe. So you should probably let your girlfriend know that she was having one when you were.

Also could you give more detail as to what happened?

posted on Jun, 30 2003 @ 08:28 PM
I was feeling great, end of day,although I do not recall what I did that day...the sun was down,...I just got down to my boxers and crawled underneath my covers.

I was relaxed and all of my body was falling asleep really quickly,...but for my right hand. Some time passed, the feeling was very present in my hand, but I did not feel my body at all. I thought of raising my hand and did so without thinking twice. I can't explained what happned next, hand never rose, but at that moment, I stopped feeling only 'my hand' but I was complete again, 'standing' more like floating besides the bed. I did not see a body in my place, but in the corner of my eye, I could see my 'material' body still lying on the bed. (I figured I see my self often enough and wasnt' interested in taking time examining my body,...) Now I was besides my bed, facing the door to my room...
I 'thought' of going through the door, and it opened silently. I was, at the speed of a thought, in the hallway, besides the staircase that leads downstairs, and my brother's room,...I thought nothing of 'it' but down stairs,...and there I was. I 'drifted down the corridor to my parent's room. There again, (the door was already opened a bit) still, the thought of door opening just opened it. My parents were there, sleeping. My train of thoughts 'suddently changed' without me noticing. Since, I turned around and I was in the kitchen at my girlfriend's house,... Their kitchen, from the top most corner lead's to the master's bedroom, which was in my back. I turned 90 degres in a 'flash' and there was my girlfriend's parents,...sleeping...
I kind of had a moment of realisation at that point,...I was there to go see her!,...I quicly 'drifted' to her door and facing it, the door opened. I floated in a couple of feet. There I stopped, and I justed watched her sleep, thinking about how pretty and lovely she was, how much I loved her,...As soon as I finished the 'I love you' sentence 'In the head i did not have',...she turned around, awoke on her elbows and directed her eyes to mine,...then some sort of realisation came to her, and she was scared. She backed up in her bed and took her pillows to put in front of her. I believe she was saying 'no', 'no',...As soon as I thought that this had to end since she was scared, I sat up in my bed, at home, full of sweat and breathing hard. I just stayed there, transfixed for a while, and then I had to resist the temptation to call her right away,...It was still night.
I remember she was scared, trembling, ' What was that',...Don't ever do that again',...Then that 'story' got put aside. I don't remember much of our talk about it, but I'm trying to reach her and get to talk about what she 'felt' or 'saw', how she lived 'it'. And I'll get back to you with what I find out.

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