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An invite to Area51

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posted on Feb, 6 2005 @ 03:36 PM
One clear night, in the year of 1995, It was a quiet evening around the mid months of the year, say perhaps May through July. I have a dog named Rambo. He was the prettiest dalmation anybody has ever said they have seen. His white coat with perfectly set black dots.

One evening, as everybody was watching TV, Rambo got up and went to the door indicating that he had to use the bathroom. Unfortunatly, I was the one responsible for having that job. Whenever Rambo went to the door, my grandparents seemed to look at me like they expected me to get up and put him out. And so I did. When I opened the back door everything was fine. Rambo was rambuctious as usual waiting to get outside to run around the yard and play and maybe kill a rat if he got lucky.

As I opened the back door, I noticed a strange figure hanging over my back yard fence. This wasnt a chain link fence, but more like a castle design with a brick wall and a wooden gate under it. My adrenaline was pumping, I thought sombody was trying to break into my house. I was wrong. As I looked at it closer I was snapped into this some sort of trans. It was a strange looking animal I thought, with big red eyes, dark purplish with rough like looking skin. It almost looked like an octopus with a fly's head attached to it. Of course it was nothing I have never seen before. I dont know exactly how I snapped out of this trans like state, but after I did, I simply went inside and went to bed. Rambo is still with us to this day.

To be Continuted..

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