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Kurdish sniper giggles after ISIS terrorist's bullet misses her head by INCHES

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posted on Jun, 29 2017 @ 04:49 PM
a reply to: LABTECH767
wow, you really hate Islam. Whatever, it is your right. I am about to make a new thread on how we should all just learn to co-exist with ISIS and Al-qaeda as friends, the way the Israelis do who share a 70km border with them.

In pictures: Syrian Army confiscates Israeli armaments left behind by rebels in #Homs

Wouldn't life be great if we just follow the Israeli model and become one of the nations who have not been attacked or so much as threatened by ISIS and Al-Qaeda even though they actually share a direct border with them! Clearly the Syrians are a bigger threat when they attack ISIS and Al-Q who are able to maintain a peaceful border with the Israelis.

Its clear to me now that we all should be supporting ISIS and Al-Q. If they are good enough friends with Israel, then they should be good enough as friends to North American and Europe.

posted on Jun, 29 2017 @ 10:00 PM
a reply to: worldstarcountry

I am sorry I get so wound up about it as a religion, My sister is married to an Iranian whom came to the UK as a student, a bogus student with a German passport which he had obtained from them through holding a Libyan Passport of convenience.

We tolerated him at first, for a long time but my mother always suspected something was wrong but did not tell us until she tried to run him over only stopping her car a few inches from turning him into road kill, he had abused my Nephew, not his son but Jeanette's first son whose father had been killed in an accident, Carl was named after his father Carlos whom was a Greek - actually he had given his life the guy was a mariner and an officer on an old rusty clapped out freighter, it started taking on water during rough weather but the helicopter that had reached them was too small to hold all the crew and he and a young guy were the last one's on the ship so according to what we were told Carlos made the young guy get on the ladder and went down with the ship.

So we found out what Javod had done, My other Sister whom was always even more religious than me and had at one time considered becoming a nun had found carl whom was then about 2 and half years of age in a most awful state with his pant's off covered in sweat and feverish, he was saying "please I don't want to", Christian cottoned onto what had happened, Javod had about five of his iranian friends downstairs and Christine screamed, ran down to the kitchen for a bread knife then into the room but the Iranian's including Javod had scarpered.

This was the 1980's and when my mother had contacted the police concerned about her grand child the police had said they could not do anything, one officer even told my mother to forget about Jeanette because she was lost now, he had seen it before and off the record he explained that those people brain wash the woman - we suspect a drug of some kind is actually used in some cases as well that perhaps makes the woman's mind more pliant.

Later we found out that Javod had a photograph of himself which he would bring out to show his Iranian friend's in which he with two other Iranian revolutionary guards is standing there grinning wildly while holding a bloody knife and the head of some poor Iraqi soldier.

I was not told about what had happened to my Nephew for over twenty years and god only know's what I would do if I was in the same room as Javod, I worked in Security for many years due to industrial injury's making me leave my career in industry but even with that training I suspect I would at the very least hit him and likely a hell of a lot more.

Just too much to express or tell about and ultimately I would rather leave my Nephews business to him as it is his private affair, he did when he grew up eventually punch a couple of Javod's teeth down the back of his throat though.

Even today Carl has problem's in his relationship's with woman, he would after what he suffered.

In there culture little girl's are for marriage and dowry's protect them though they are often married off very young but little boy's are for pleasure, especially when they happen to be little blond step son's.

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