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Change of software behavior:10 Bi € transfer extremely unlikely to be cause of human intervention

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posted on Jun, 28 2017 @ 05:37 AM
An audit from the Portuguese General Financial Inspection concluded that a “computer glitch” that permitted a 10 billion euros transfer of funds to offshore accounts, without state scrutiny were “extremely unlikely” that have been made by human hand.

The experts from ‘Instituto Superior Técnico’ (IST), a state university at Lisbon, behind the investigations: “considered to be extremely unlikely that change on the behavior of the software application after 2013 had been a result of deliberate human intervention.”

Another conclusion of the findings were that the ‘logs” (the historic) of the data (automatically saved) have been successively ignored and deleted. It is now impossible to obtain a “definitive clarification” for the reason behind the change of the software behavior after 2013.

“The collected elements point in the sense that the failures were caused by a change of the parameterization”. Authorities are now investigating the responsibilities of the software companies the provided the software.

Nevertheless, the secretary of state for fiscal matters said: “it is not confirmed if and who may have changed the software parameterization by deceit or negligence, and it hasn’t been found an explanation for the statistical singularity of this error that affected specially some institutions and that have been manifesting itself differently over several periods of time”.

This “software glitch” permitted almost 10 billion euros transfer to offshore accounts, without state scrutiny, between 2011 and 2014.


Can we make speculation about Artificial Intelligence?
Could it be that the messenger, has Trump said to be, could be for the birth and raise of AI?
The supposed hacks on US elections, could they have been a Trojan worse from AI, pointing to Russians?
Financial crisis, world cyber-attacks, ISIS founding, civil unrest, you name it… ?

Conspiracy theories may well be or not….

link to another interesting topic

posted on Jun, 28 2017 @ 05:39 AM
a reply to: voyger2

If people still trust the monetary system, then their all sheep. It's obvious it's being controlled, who do you think has always controlled the money?

Wake Up!

posted on Jun, 28 2017 @ 06:06 AM
a reply to: Saga21

You meant they're not their..

Baa baa baa and all that.

Anybody ever watch "office space?"

And to the OP...
Did you really just tie 10 billion Euros stolen from banks by software geeks to Trump in the USA AND the end of the world?

Its not AI and its not the end of the world yet. The end will most likely come in starvation after a crash of economy or energy. So live it up buttercup, but stealing 10 billion is childs play these days..

In america we do Trillions now.

And in Russia Trillions do you.


Money laundering is so cute.
Its like your big brother is the banker in a game of monopoly and you had to go to the bathroom.. now he has extra money..

Just remember the whole money system is a game.
A game with real consequences, but a game none the less.
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posted on Jun, 28 2017 @ 07:48 AM

originally posted by: voyger2
Can we make speculation about Artificial Intelligence?

You can, but it would be baseless speculation if you're going off of the info you provided. Nothing in there points to AI.

posted on Jun, 28 2017 @ 04:44 PM
I would investigate the University of Maryland first off. They are exploiting computer systems, maybe the Portuguese piggy bank was a remote target.

Or maybe it's the haunted idol at the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult.

posted on Jun, 28 2017 @ 08:22 PM
woah! Thats an interesting discrete money transfer. Just let me transfer a few million, nobody should miss a few million in 2017 right? Let the insurance write it off lol. Could this hack result from the NSA software that was leaked, AND perhaps it is possible that it is AI that is doing the leaking, and just generated some fictional digital hacker group to credit for it.

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