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The Rapture could be a Mass Abduction !

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posted on Feb, 7 2005 @ 03:37 PM
Its becoming obvious to me the GOD will take his bloodline only!
some all loving god huh,
And the christian god is named ELOHIM,
this is plural form,
EL is god,- ELOHIM is plural for god or "GODS" in other words,
monotheism is based on one god yet they call god, gods in old testament,
so its polytheistic by its own definition. lol

so EL is coming back to get his bloodline ,

El can be studied in anunnaki ,kabala ,torah ,koran, bible ,and even indian religion.
2 main gods are EL and ENKI

yawwah is a title it means lord, they called their masters lord also.

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posted on Feb, 7 2005 @ 06:19 PM

Originally posted by Gazrok
The problem is....the Rapture is supposed to happen AFTER all of the seals are broken, so that means that those who would go, would have still had to have lived through all of that mess...

So, let's assume you're one of those lucky enough to make the cut (again, according to the Bible, only males who are virgins (or gay, as it states they must not know the touch of a woman,
) and who are of course, descended from the twelve trips. [edit on 7-2-2005 by Gazrok]

The rapture happens before the tribulation period. People who have accepted Christ alone as their means for salvation are the ones removed. Others will come to faith in Christ after the rapture and the Bible tells us it is a multitude which no man can number. So it could be billions. I am looking for a thread where I put info regarding this. The 144,000 are going to witness to the world about Jesus during the tribulation period. It appears they too will be removed from earth after they finish their work. The Bible doesn't say they are gay it just says they are virgins.

posted on Feb, 9 2005 @ 11:31 PM
It never once says tribulation happens first!
it points to the 7th seal

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 01:08 AM
reply to post by dbrandt

You have to really read and study what will lead up to the rapture to know about when it is to take place the bible makes it clear. the rapture saints will not go through the triubulations periods and the 144,ooo are the 144,000 jews of each tribe of the house of isreal who will tell the truth of Jesus or preach the gospel during the tribulations period. thy will be sealed and saved just as the raptured saint had a protection so will the elect. If you wnat to know read revelations book in the bible and then imbark on the Journey to understand it. The book of Daniel fortells of all the world events theat lead up to the end.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 01:34 AM
When the rapture finally happens, this will be the explanation floated and thus they will say you have to prepare to battle the invaders.

They will also say the christian doctrine does something to the brain/brainwaves that makes you susceptible to abduction.

They will say you have to swear to an alternative belief system to counteract the trigger/programming in your brain for your own protection.

They will chip you to track you for a possible trace for rescue if it happens again.

Holdouts will be rounded up so as not to "infect" others with their brainwaves and they will be later beheaded to study what exactly is happening to their physical brains that makes them susceptible to being abducted.


posted on May, 28 2008 @ 10:42 AM
Yet again deceived by works of man. Rapture in the Bible? Where? I cannot count the times i have read other believers saying these words; "The Supreme God is not religion, man change all so that he may benefit from it and use The Supreme God as the sacapegoat". When a person starts the journey with God that person DO dig deeper SPIRITUALLY. research and study, something "us" believers cannot explain to anyone as they choose not to hear.

Many church denominations cite this scripture as the source of their belief in the “rapture.” They believe that, prior to the time of the Great Tribulation, God will supernaturally “whisk away” all Christians into Heaven. The following scriptures show the error of this belief.

In reviewing the sequence of events in Matthew 24, we find the flight to the place of protection during the Great Tribulation is covered in verses 21-22 with the following verses discussing the false prophets that will abound during that time. Then, in verse 29, it is stated that immediately after the tribulation there will appear signs in the heavens and in verse 30 we see that all “shall see the Son coming in the clouds of heaven in power and great glory.”

Matthew 24:31 provides the central event of this explanation: “And He shall send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.” Some who are alive at that time will instantly be changed to spirit beings (I Cor. 15:52) and will rise to meet Christ in the air (I Thes. 4:17).

After verse 31, describing the First Resurrection, the following verses discuss the parable of the fig tree and that no man knows the exact time of Christ’s Return. Then, in verses 37-39, it discusses how life continued on as normal in the time of Noah, until the time of the Flood, when people were caught by surprise.

The context of Matthew 24:40-41 is distinctly applied to the account of the resurrection just discussed, along with the intervening verses about the parable of the fig tree and the general attitude of society during Noah’s time. The context makes it clear that those suddenly taken away in verses 40-41 can be none other than the very ones changed who are to be those to arise in the First Resurrection.

These verses do not fall within the context of the time just preceding the Tribulation and certainly have nothing to do with the imaginary invention of the rapture.

It states clearly about false prophets, though they tried to change The Supreme God's Word, and they will always try, His message will always be clear to those who search. We choose not to take it seriously and blame or turn on each other by using all we can to disapprove one's belief. How can a true Christian or so a believer in The Trinity put down his/her claim without being ridiculed? We do need to use Scriptures to defend what we believe, as meditation is spiritual and we cannot prove that which we experience to people who do not want to know.

There are a few replies here by where all can see their mind is made, for now. I will say this; the day our Saviour returns we will know spiritually, we can define between good and evil, though temptation is everywhere, deceivers around every corner we pray; "do not lead us into temptation". That difficult daily prayer not only praise The Supreme God but bless,forgive and protect us from that which is evil, be it man or spiritual.


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posted on May, 28 2008 @ 10:44 PM
Speculation, speculation. All any of this is, is speculation. The "truth" as we seek it shall be revealed when each of us takes that unique, unshared journey, into death, or rebirth. However you might see it. It might be sudden darkness, eternal darkness. It might be an awakening into a new realm. It might be nothing at all, or it could be something. No one can tell you, and if anyone does know the truth, then are they truly lucky to know, or are they cursed? We will all find out, eventually, what the "truth" is, that is ONE fact that cannot be denied.

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