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Matter or Mother?

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posted on Jun, 22 2017 @ 11:09 PM
In terms of the self-organizational possibilities of the Human species, two patterns can be made out. In one sense, the Human mind can seek in it's living the enlivenment that comes with satisfying some immediate desire i.e. eating, sex, games, jokes. This is 'external' relative to the desires that bring us into a direct and truthful contact with external objects.

The former case involves situations whereby something "material" is assimilated or expressed in the structure of the human. Matter, here, is primarily the superficiality, and self-orientedness, of the relation with the other.

Eating "dominates" the object that is ingested. Sex (typically as seen in the pagan model) is largely a function of the male determination to "have" its desired object i.e. the female. Games are opportunities for self-mastery in competition with others; again, the orientation is to 'have', to 'win'. Jokes, too, may become a battle-ground of unconscious competition; till this day, comedians acknowledge the intrinsic insecurity that their profession operates from: in order to feel good about themselves, they need to get other people to laugh at what they say, no matter how tawdry (for some). This is a pure example of turning your self into a "thing", and in order to get this "thing", or feeling of positive-worth, you have to objectify, and in the process, devalue something, in order to feel good. In all cases examined, matter is being taken "outside", and being brought into you. Even though all "objects" are mental - some are "gross", while others are "subtle". Those who seek enlivenment from matter, function not-unlike a virus, which objectifies it's host cell in such a way as to "propagate" its dynamics, and so produce more of its kind. The virus is not a legitimate subject - and neither is the person who builds a self around the satisfaction of material needs: all the needs they seek, everything they yearn for, has its original etiology from a far more basic connection: with the mother.

A healthy relationship with you mother depends upon a healthy relationship between your mother and father. Already in the prefigured relationship of the parents lies the extent to which matter, or the mother; objects, or relationships; ego, or other, becomes your primary focus in relating.

Today's world is bifurcated, which means it has separated itself into a "private" and a "public" domain, with traits associated with each as if this sort of organization really constituted anything more than a rationalization of the masculine values that become bioenergetically constrained into brain-structure and habit of behaving.

A world where minds see the processes that underlie self-creation, and see, and recognize, the sort of authentic oneness that underlies our sense of relatedness - that what we earlier treated as a legitimate standard of connecting, was a counterfeit, "lite" version of what humans are capable of perceiving and knowing - not arbitrarily, but realistically, surreally.

posted on Jun, 22 2017 @ 11:58 PM
a reply to: Astrocyte

Well, maybe...

posted on Jun, 23 2017 @ 12:26 AM
What's the issue with eating f**king and dying? It can't be more normal. Everything living assimilates, and this is quite non-egoistic affair. Every assimilation is a gift to the object as well as to the participator. "For if it's taken, it must be given".

What do you propose? A hippie state of "non-involvement" or "eternal world-wide zen meditation"? Come on...

Human nature is all fine, human obsessions and the possibility in this quite safe and liberal world to practice them, are the real spiritual decapitator. Focusing onto oneness can only strengthen the social sarcasm in which all urbanized people find themselves to live. The real solution is the generation of genuine discipline in each individual, with respect to life as respect to itself. And this is just the beginning...

Don't make from humans Chihuahuas, please... Just forget that such kind of westernized pseudo-spiritual approach can achieve any good, the best it can do is to hinder the whole process at it's basis.

Uh... smart people on Ats, my favourite....

posted on Jun, 23 2017 @ 01:19 AM
I tend to share the idea that men have a higher tendancy to "objectify" others, the world, and themselves.
Women have a higher tendancy to subjectify others, the world, and themselves.

All this has roots in our early development, and yes, the first perceptions of the mother as our first introduction to an "other" that is not I. Fathers (traditionally) end up signifying the ego, and how these two interact models our internal structure of the relationship between self and "others".

These two angles of perspective (objectifying and subjectifying) have their place in the world and in the psyche.

It seems to me that the absence of the father in early enfancy and development (either physical or emotional) often correlates with later obsession type troubles of trying to distinguish and separate oneself from the mother. Trying to be less "feeling" and more "thinking", less subjective and more objective, less receptive and more projective...

Having a present father figure cuts in between the two early on - you learn you don't have to make effort to keep yourself from possessing mother/other/matter. There is a natural force which cuts between the two and keeps you from merging. You can't have/eat/possess everything that is outside of I; you develop an acceptance of that, and move on to other things. You go on to explore the various aspects of the active relating between self and other beyond possession/domination.

Like having friends you do fun activites with outside, simply joking and enjoying each others differences.

That is the symbolic meaning of letting the father cut the umbilical chord during birthing, which is very popular.

It's kind of energy consuming and wasteful when a person has to spend most of their life chewing away at that chord........

posted on Jun, 23 2017 @ 07:05 AM
If people would become aware to this behaviour. You would think that they would find a way to control what they've been taught is the norm. It is no wonder there are so many singularities; 'humans''; who prefer being singular. Trust is a substantial in human behaviourism and without it, there is no conclusivity. In laymans terms, Trust. And without that, there is no relational conclusion, in which all ties to maintained reality, simply fall apart.

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