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I Support YOUR Dreams! (The Ultimate Secret Revealed)

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posted on Jan, 28 2018 @ 06:05 PM

posted on Jan, 29 2018 @ 10:02 PM

posted on Feb, 14 2018 @ 09:06 PM

posted on Mar, 8 2018 @ 02:43 PM
This thread is one of the most important threads in many years. Since 2011. Wow. And so much synchronicity. I'm always stuck between metaphor and gnosis symbolism and literal. Can sway back on forth, which is OK because to me, as I don't want to superman, happy to be a normal human, in a sense its staying with humanity. There is a reason, akin to the handing in reports that I've experienced in the past, to just be me, authentic human and notice what is going on here. Have faith in Good/God/Higher Ups, Good Family of Hero's and also as said in this thread, the universe has our back. Its a womb, and we're supposed to grow up. Teleos purpose from seed to true, from embryo to child to cosmic adult.

Wonderful thread! Visuals and your gift in language, only a few have that, comparative words, etymology, rhyme. And then yesterday while reading it. Was sharing it and my son put down this concept that any of this could matter, that it could change anything. He buys into the normative thinking. But he insisted I watch a movie while reading this, and it was the Greatest Showman on earth, something that didn't interest me at all, although being a musical was nice, and the songs caught my attention. Which I promptly shared with him that isn't it funny, I'm reading this thread, and you want me to stop reading it and just focus on this movie, and what are these songs saying? It's the same message. It made him think. Also the coincidence?

A Million Dreams (from The Greatest Showman) music video

And then in the evening, he forces me into his favorite show, that we missed the day before, The Flash.

And referenced well in this thread.

And what is going on with that episode?

A nuclear bomb is going off. And the city will be destroyed. Barry and the two other speedsters available, my favorite actor in that is Harrison Wells and its his daughter and another flash, that attempt to come up with solutions after freezing time before it can go off, everyone gives up, even the other 2 speedsters because they don't have enough juice or energy to keep running at the speed, moving at the speed required to stay in that frequency realm of problem solving and they all join the frozen people.

Barry finally solves the problem just as the nuke is continuing slowly to go off in its chain reaction of events, by opening a portal to the Speed Force (which in relating to your cross references between mythological gods and names, would also make him a male Creator aspect or personage and the Speed Force that incredible energy), and brings that energy in to neutralize the explosion just as its occurring and saves everyone.

Which is a direct reference to: doing our spiritual inner work and portal to our Higher Self/Source/God and Extra Dimensional Energies and Talents and save this world, in all ways, small and large.

This is a reference to becoming your future self now or connecting to Source and bringing in the Light and Love and Miracles.

So 2 coincidences yesterday and still finishing this.

Thank you for sharing this, and letting that miracle flow out all that is needed because this is really needed.

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posted on Mar, 8 2018 @ 03:12 PM
All those references to to names of the gods, I think of everyone as people, because a true higher up, when asked who is king, or queen, would seek to find the most vulnerable neglected person on earth and uphold them. Thats what adults do, find the most neglected child to lavish healing and love on and protect. So god isn't a good word for me. So many of old wanted to worshipped while causing pain and suffering to many.

But more coincidences finding in this thread.

And was wondering what you think they might mean.

Was waking up a few days ago, to a week ago and was having a dream. The dream wasn't memorable, but had spent days on lucid dreaming, reading pdf's and keeping a dream journal, doing reality checks, as healing is one of main goals. My goal at this point is to heal with enough energy to direct my sons into reaching their goals and happiness before I leave this world. Wanting to accomplish lucid dreaming which occured for a year as a child when dealing with nightmares back then. Doing the dream work and having a few interesting dreams was positive.

So the morning in question the dream was shadowy, couldn't remember it and it didn't seem vivid, but it was about lucid dreaming, as if people were in a group discussing this.

As I was waking inbetween dream and then just freshly awake, I saw a woman. She looked very much like this.

James Gilliland on contact with higher dimensional beings

And I knew she was my dream guide or guide. And just before it all faded with the light in my eyes , was mindful to ask her name: IZTAT.

And research into this found her to be the Mayan Goddess of Wisdom, thought, mind and inspiration. Just a few days ago, looked it up.

I can't find it now, its not there which is bizarre. Beyond belief bizarre.

The moon goddess is there, but not the one I found.

If i do, will include the link. In the meantime this coincidence is odd because of something you put in this thread that had Kore, many meanings, but also the most common, Peresophone, not sure how that is a Sun Goddess though, but maiden, taken underground. Unless referencing the Sun and its days below when hanging on its cross it dies metaphorically in the earth. Could explain this better but quick searches aren't bringing up links that were abundant just a few years ago, as if they're scrubbed, or are they still there?

Are they literally trying to scrub the net of all information?

So my name is related to Persephone and in this thread you brought up Nuit? Related to the name of a lake in my home town where I was born, supposedly a native name but maybe not after all. Tucelnuit.

Is this the universe prodding me to wake up, all these coincidences?

Is there a relationship between Persophene, Istat and Nuit?

When I had the dream ordered a book: Who's Who in Non-Classical Mythology which mentioned her.

And also mentioned in Dictionary of Mythology and aZ of Themes Legends: goddess of mind and cauldrons.

Mayan. Creatress of mind and thought.

Literally a few days ago, there were other links and they showed up on the search page and now its like digging for a needle in a haystack to find it.

And there seemed to be a cauldron in one blurb online so wondering if this mother figure also related to Cerridwen, Celtic goddess also Mother figure?

Can see the Athena reference.

But keep having one foot in the literal and one on the gnosis or metaphor allegory side, and so know the universe was prodding me but not quite as quick with the reason, trying to hard to sort through all these connections and what it could mean.

The concept of time as a circle. Well to me there is no time. That is just a perception so any circular trap in time would be a mind trap, so we need to free our minds.

Even a slow spiral up, is not the goal. Just turn that dial up on your love as high as it can go, trying to get Beyond all of this, corporal, duality, warring, dualistic nightmare into the Loving Kind and decent place to grow up well.

Its like the concept of One. As if we're all aspects of a universe that needs to learn. It reminds of the book as child, the bear, some books have a chimp, mine was a bear. And at the end, this very smart bear was riding the bike around in circles, and a kid says, "The Bear is stupid, the Bear is stupid, circles just circles!"

So how often would a universe or a god need to repeat the worst trauma's such as rape, murder, war, exploitation, destruction, before learning how much this harms and how long it takes to heal and recover from trauma?

Kind of dumb god.

Not my God.
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posted on Mar, 8 2018 @ 03:41 PM
But I relate to the mind, to air, to thought, to deep thinking. My childhood was wonderful, filled with nature, camping, flowers, gardens, lake, orchard, and lots of deep political talks about the world and social justice from all sides. Would never chose any other. And loved my wonderful grandparents, who were ARK. But as time went on, due to other elements of the family, kept being put in the corner in the cage. Had my children anyway, but my health spiralled down. Never have lived where I wanted, and my dreams translated into others, and supporting them. In fact that was one of the dreams that was given just prior to Istat one. Was able to write this in the journal. Was transported to a high perch on a tall mountain and an older woman, with a staff. I am not into wiccan by the way, call using positive co-creation, natural soul gifts. Don't like the word magic as its maligned in our world. Spirit and Soul. But was telling her that my purse was lost in Kelowna, where I was taking courses and had to give them up. And that I was not going to go back and get it, my mother and children were on that job. A bird showed up, very odd looking, a combination of fine down fur and feathers and almost like a toy bird, very big and had a very long feathery downy beak which it touched to the staff and I woke up. Looked up the purse and knew it meant that my goals and dreams were put aside for family. But its not really them who have to replace them, because between them and my dreams, they win every time. Family is the Best Dream no matter how disempowering or frustrating in this lower 3d basement level of existence, that it can be. Its nothing, this isn't real, just the connections to people are.

In any case, everything is deep thinking , so much so I never stop to smell the roses. Was given a vision when I left the Catholic Church in my 20's, and battled with their programming that you couldn't be saved if you left, and another that suggested to stay and mend the sinking ship was better than bailing. But the vision showed me as a child, picking up every grain of sand and looking at it from every angle, and told me to follow my heart.

I can see all these references to mind.
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posted on Mar, 9 2018 @ 02:05 PM

originally posted by: Unity_99
This thread is one of the most important threads in many years. Since 2011. Wow. And so much synchronicity.

Thank you for sharing this, and letting that miracle flow out all that is needed because this is really needed.

Ok ok ok....
I'll try to finish it.

I'm thinking that I'll split it into more threads, with part 3,4,5,6 being stuff already written in later pages of this (about the phoenix, peacock, etc).

Maybe I'll add parts 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 etc in here first then when I feel like it's 'finished enough' that I'll then repost those additional parts as separate threads. This way people can skip through all the comments and just read it in simple portions.

I also want to work on my other conceptual creations which I've been sitting on for a year now and haven't done a single thing about. Then if possible, I'll go back and try to work on the stuff I came up with 2-4 years ago and did not write anything about.

My absolute favorite thing to write is this creative inspiration stuff where I just experiment and try new ideas and flesh out things in new ways.

posted on Mar, 9 2018 @ 04:11 PM
a reply to: muzzleflash

Hope you do, these kind of threads are like diamonds. And the universe seemed to have conspired in consistency around this thread when I read it.

One of the works I've been attempting is the lucid dream for healing, for guidance relating to healing and energy. At this point with my health have one real goal. To have the health to lift off projects that will give my sons some real choices, and help them, witness them achieving happiness and maturing well, before I go. Lots of other dreams too, but thats the primary one.

One of the things that surprised me already is out of less vivid dreams, duller and less vivid than real life, and my dream state that got me down, and health issues and less energy, well chi, energy, even that lightening you keep expressing with flash references, it takes that for vivid dreams. And if flash is mercury and is an aspect of Creator God, then for creation. The other kind of dreams, that can help a person achieve some real life dreams as well.

Well, setting intentions starts to make a change. So just doing the reality checks and writing down the dreams as is, that were recalled brought several in clear that had some both real life premonitions and guidance and pertained to my goals.

That things were lining up in dream time with my search in the day time.

There's so much more to life that the nuts and bolts surroundings we're in, it seems what we're actually in, isn't what we think we're in. And Spirit and Intention play a really big part of it.

This thread is such a diamond. And its gift from you, so only do what you want to do, what uplifts you. And my heartfelt thanks for it.

posted on Mar, 10 2018 @ 02:14 PM

originally posted by: Unity_99
a reply to: muzzleflash

And if flash is mercury and is an aspect of Creator God, then for creation. The other kind of dreams, that can help a person achieve some real life dreams as well.

This opens so many doorways. I've thought on it for several hours and was inspired with creation (something I'm working on right now on the side).

Ok so Mercury is an aspect of the Creator - and it exemplifies Communication / Communion.
Come + Union.
The Messenger comes and goes.

Ok but also "Merchants", which has so many connotations.
"Comm-erce / Comm-ercial" as in trade or gifts / giving.
So therefore Mercury the Merchant brings gifts and relays messages back to God.

Mer- as a prefix means "Sea" from Proto-Germanic *mari (“sea”).
Come + Union = Married (mari) / Communion.

The hidden reference being "See", as in a vision.
Dreams are visions as well as memory, creative thought, etc.

So in every major system of thought, the Creator has a "Herald" or "Angel" that brings messages to we mortals, and also takes our messages back to that divine realm. In some instances it is personified, like Mercury/Hermes or as Iris etc. In others it could just be a symbol representing a pathway or road or 'channel'. Therefore someone who communicates between the divine and our mundane reality is called a "Channel" or "Medium".

So Athena/Minerva statues are usually depicted holding a winged angelic being like Iris.
Iris = Eye (I) and See (Sea) as well as Light/Rainbows (the Specter-Spectator of the Spectrum).

In the myths of Morpheus, the God of Dreams, Iris the messenger plays a pivotal role.
This represents among other things, the act of Vision and Communication via the Dream realm of consciousness.

There are a ton of routes to look at this, for example "Mercy" and "Mercury".
Mercy comes from the idea of 'gifts' or 'merchandise'.
Mer + Chan + Dise? Dies, Dice, Dyes, d'eyes of Iris? Hahah couldn't help it.
Forgive is what is given for. So we Repent and Confess, seek Amends to that which was broken, etc.

I don't even want to get into "Hermes" right now, that could go all over the place.
There is a lot of similar thought there but just from a different etymological and thematic juncture of our nervous system (the brain).

Athena - Minerva holds Iris the Rainbow Angel.
The rainbow bridge is the path between us and God - which is Light / Consciousness.
Mercury gives Jupiter his thunderbolts. Jupiter/Zeus may be seen holding Victoria/Nike.

I'll boil this down to it's core:
Duality, can be depicted as male+male, male+female, female+male, or female+female.
1 is creator/knowledge/source/power, the other is the messenger, the light or bolt (Flash).

So Zeus has a lightning bolt, but Athena/Minerva has a Bow+Arrows which the arrow is the lightning bolt symbolically.
The lightning bolt / arrow symbolizes transmission or communication of thought. It is light so therefore brings sight. Sight being a gift from God. It also is God's might and would go in the right hand to smite in spite.
Fight fright plight height night tight write cite site sprite (these rhyming words all share a similar notion somewhere in their general conceptual territory. Of course there are exceptions but the overall idea applies fairly well.

One way to look at this is from the neurological perspective. The brain is a complex organ made of nerve pathways that are connected into a vast network. Our brain functions in a fairly predictable way, and it organizes things according to various associations and similarities or chronology of experience etc. Certain categories will be grouped and then connected to other groups, and so on and so forth, establishing an organized neural network aimed at efficiency and effectiveness.

So Jupiter/Zeus is just the masculine of Athena/Minerva in this sense, and mythology shows that Minerva just sprout forth from Jupiter's head. Mercury/Iris the Light or Angel would be simply Communication, Communion, Trading, Traveling, Giving and Taking, and so therefore also deeply associated with Dreams and Visions, Sight, Thought, Ideas, etc.

Minerva is like My+Nerve. Miner of the Gems of the Mind that are Mined and now Mine.
Nerve being thread, cord, chord (chorus of Kore), sinew (sin new/knew), and figuratively meaning energy, strength, vigor, and also feeling or courage.

Greek neuron "sinew, tendon,".
And note this - Armenian neard "sinew,".
Near Neared and Nereid.
The Nereids are sea nymphs (female spirits of sea waters) = see sprites?
The letter C (see sea) is also the Crescent Moon symbol, and it is the bow from which the bolts are fired from.

Archery, arch, rain-bow, Iris+Minerva.
Iris is the rainbow and messenger, it's your eye that sees.
Minerva represents archery.
A ship in the seas forward part is the bow, we take a bow to accept our gifts, etc.
I am the ship and it's captain, the lighthouse symbol represents God giving us direction from the light beam warning of rocky shores to avoid. An Ark is a ship, the bow is an arch, the Arc of the Covenant is covered with Angels or Cherubs so therefore the Charities.

Charity is what? Love, gifts, mercy, grace.
The 3 Graces or Charities include Pasithea, the personification of relaxation, meditation, hallucinations and all other altered states of consciousness.
Pasithea was mated with Hypnos the personification of Sleep.

So Pasithea and Hypnos are intimately related with Morpheus and Iris.
This all relates back to the themes of this thread.
Fortuna/Abundania is essentially a feminine personification of gifts, giving, grace, charity, love, destiny/destination.

I'm just giving you a short idea here of what we can discover just from a cursory glance at all of the hidden aspects of our own selves and the divine nature of all things and their connections.

posted on Mar, 10 2018 @ 02:19 PM

originally posted by: Unity_99
a reply to: muzzleflash

This thread is such a diamond. And its gift from you, so only do what you want to do, what uplifts you. And my heartfelt thanks for it.

Thank you very much!
I wish I could simplify things in a more concise way but it is very complicated.
At the same time I need to complicate it because it's so amazingly simple.

Like the post above is just 1 post but I put a few hundred ideas (that lead to a thousand ideas) into it.
It has to be taken slowly and with a lot of patience and thought.

I am very glad that you like what I'm doing here.
My main struggle is that it takes a very long time to express a few posts worth as I am looking up all sorts of things and comparing. I constantly ask questions and seek answers, refine my ideas, and then have to somehow convert them into simple words - which can be very taxing and draining.

posted on Mar, 10 2018 @ 03:13 PM
a reply to: Unity_99

And I constantly think of stuff that I didn't post because there's so much to cover.

Above I was talking about Arc Ark Arch, well we have the word Archaic (meaning ancient).

Etym cites "from arkhe "beginning" (see archon)".
Then under Archon:
"one of the nine chief magistrates of ancient Athens, 1650s, from Greek arkhon "ruler, commander, chief, captain," noun use of present participle of arkhein "be the first," thence "to begin, begin from or with, make preparation for;" also "to rule, lead the way, govern, rule over, be leader of," a word of uncertain origin."

So Arch meaning rule, like in monarch or hierarchy.

Let's check the Wiki on Archons in Gnosticism:
"In late antiquity some variants of Gnosticism used the term Archon to refer to several servants of the Demiurge, the "creator god", that stood between the human race and a transcendent God that could only be reached through gnosis. In this context they have the role of the angels and demons of the Old Testament."

So Archons = Angels/Demons or the MESSENGER.
The one who serves God and serves us with our notice.

"The Egyptian Gnostic Basilideans accepted the existence of an archon called Abraxas who was the prince of 365 spiritual beings (Irenaeus, Adversus Haereses, I.24)."
So in this sense they equate to the 365 days of the year which is a circle therefore Degrees of the Arc of the Sky.
Angels = Angles see?

The Orphics gave 7, and the Pistis Sophia gives 5.

So in Mithraism the Demiurge (creator) was depicted as such:
link to statue

The "Artisan" is Arimanius, a Latinized form of the name Ahriman.

And what is this? The Symbol of the Caduceus!
"Some scholars identify the lion-man as Aion, or Zurvan, or Cronus, or Chronos, while others assert that it is a version of the Zoroastrian Ahriman or Vedic Aryaman.[50] There is also speculation that the figure is the Gnostic demiurge, Ialdabaoth.[51]"

"Aion (Greek: Αἰών) is a Hellenistic deity associated with time, the orb or circle encompassing the universe, and the zodiac. The "time" represented by Aion is unbounded, in contrast to Chronos as empirical time divided into past, present, and future.[1] He is thus a god of eternity, associated with mystery religions concerned with the afterlife, such as the mysteries of Cybele, Dionysus, Orpheus, and Mithras. In Latin the concept of the deity may appear as Aevum or Saeculum.[2] He is typically in the company of an earth or mother goddess such as Tellus or Cybele, as on the Parabiago plate.[3]"

Aion (Aeon) = Caduceus + Wheel (Will) of Time

This relates back to the comparison with Vishnu in Hinduism, as Vishnu is the Supreme Being that restores Law and liberates us from the cycle of life/death.

So the Caduceus in this sense as a symbol of the Message itself as well as the Messenger and it's Divine Originator.

The rising serpents and wings can be seen as one rising up (liberation) from Moksha the cycle of life/death (reincarnation), the circle of course is the wheel of time and will of law. The Dharma Chakra is the wheel of law literally. It is the Cycle.

I realize that the Wiki differentiated Aion from Chronos but they are actually very similar and only have the slightest of differences. These concepts are organized together in the same folder in our mind essentially.

In the Hindu comparison the serpent symbol represents Shesha.
It's sorta similar to our western Christian concept of Lucifer, but contains some different concepts.
Like Lucifer it is one of the original primal beings, it sings praise to God (Vishnu) just like Lucifer was the leader of the Heavenly Choir, etc.

We also have Vasuki for comparison.

What is strange is the Shesha Naga is thought to be the only thing left over when all ceases to exist. This corresponds to our concept of "SPIRIT" and the "HOLY SPIRIT", which reveals a very wild connotation to our "Trinity". So there is the Father, the Son, and the "Spirit" which is both She(sha) - the Goddess, and also Lucifer(Lucy-Light).

In addition I would express this as God and the two hands (right and left) or two polarities of God (yin yang, + -, 01).

Because when all the material realm ceases to exist - Spirit will remain. Therefore Shesha = Spirit / Light.
That's consistent because in Genesis the Serpent brings Enlightenment to Adam and Eve.
Inspiration (Inner Spiritual Light) and therefore knowledge.

Shesha has 5 or 7 heads corresponding to the Gnostic variations.
And also I'd like to point out we have tons of overlapping concepts here and things get mixed into each other.

Like Surya means "Sun" and is a personification / deity.
Note that it is also known at Mitra (Mit+Ra, Ra being the Sun) and the Sun is also called Arka!

So we are going through a coiling loop here, a corkscrew of neurological pathways where terminology actually repeats itself as we look around. It's almost miraculous or magical.

I started this post with "Arc Arch Ark Archon" and researched all the way to Arka.
Btw an Arka is a type of pan-pipe siku which reminds us of how Pan the Devil invented the Pan-pipes to begin with. He creates music and is essentially the Demiurge / secondary creator or physical manifestation of the nonphysical God (Holy Spirit as the foundational substrate of physical material - Light).

Lucifer means Light after all.

And in Hinduism you are expected to figure this stuff out if you are ever to understand Brahman.
"Brahman connotes the highest Universal Principle, the Ultimate Reality in the universe.[1][2][3] In major schools of Hindu philosophy, it is the material, efficient, formal and final cause of all that exists.[2][4][5] It is the pervasive, genderless, infinite, eternal truth and bliss which does not change, yet is the cause of all changes.[1][6][7] Brahman as a metaphysical concept is the single binding unity behind diversity in all that exists in the universe.[1][8]"

It's complicated and mutable.
Surya can be the rising sun within a Trinity, equivalent to the Son in our western Trinity, as opposed to the setting sun that brings darkness which we would equate to the devil and most people would not call a "Holy Spirit" at all.

Context is the key here and we can play with these symbols and concepts in such ways that they can mean many things and these meanings could actually directly contradict other meanings. So don't let it confuse you or get you lost. Just know this stuff is really flexible and easily twisted.

Which is by design as this whole 'universe of thought' is just 1 divine idea being twisted in a corkscrew in our mind into infinite ideas.

posted on Mar, 10 2018 @ 03:14 PM

I feel good about these few posts.
I was just elaborating on "Mercury" and came out with those posts.

This thread is approaching Gnosis.

If I had a few hundred hours and 100 posts worth I could begin to really explain the Dream and why I believe in it.
Hahahahhaah. What if?
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posted on Mar, 10 2018 @ 03:41 PM
Am I a Gnostic?

Does my approach to explaining how to manifest a DREAM from within your Heart into this Reality = Gnosticism?

Wiki explains Gnosis as:
"It is best known from Gnosticism, where it signifies a knowledge or insight into humanity’s real nature as divine, leading to the deliverance of the divine spark within humanity from the constraints of earthly existence.[3][2]"

Yes, that's exactly what I'm aiming for:
Deliverance. Redemption. Liberation.
Bring the Dream to Life. This Life, this Reality.
Break the Chains!
Experience Love!

Proverbs 2:6
"For the Lord gives wisdom;
from his mouth come knowledge and understanding;"

God, please teach us how to make it real.
Bring us the power of miracles!
I believe!!
I muster the Faith of 1 mustard seed!
Let the mountains move!!!

Proverbs 13:19

"It is pleasant to see dreams come true, but fools refuse to turn from evil to attain them."

5 Scriptures as Inspiration for Prayers

7 Reasons God intends for us to Dream and Make it Real
1 - God chooses you for this Dream
2 - God supernaturally gifts you with what you need for this Dream
3 - God allows trials to test your Dream
4 - God provides for you in the journey towards your Dream
5 - God gives direction on how to go about your Dream
6 - God confirms your Dream through others
7 - God follows through on your Dream in His timing

There is only 1 key to open the last door of the Dream.
Faith. Belief.

Do you Believe?
Why would you not? Are you crazy?
I Believe in my Dreams and Yours.
All I need is 1 mustard seed, this key is so tiny.
It's inside of me. It's the hardest and the easiest thing.

Out of all the knowledge and instruction available in this world for me to review in my quest, this Bible sure is the best by far. I love all sources and review them all, but this 1 book is THE BOOK. You better Believe it.

Watch me prove it right in front of all of you.
Only 2 possibilities exist - either I will realize my Dreams and Triumph - or I will crash and burn in a most epic way.
Either way I'll change everyone I meet in my Quest.
I Hope for a Happy Ending.

posted on Mar, 10 2018 @ 03:50 PM

Morning comes too early ,
And night time falls too late.
And sometimes all I want to do is wait.

The shadow I've been hiding in
Has fled from me today.

I know it's easier
To walk away,
Than look it in the eye.

But I will raise a shelter to the sky
And here beneath this star tonight I'll lie
She will slowly yield the light
As I awaken from the longest night.

Dreams are shaking set sirens waking up tired eyes
With the light the memories all rush into his head.
By a candle stands a mirror of his heart and soul she dances
She was dancing through the night above his bed.

And walking to the window
He throws the shutters out against the wall
And from an ivory tower hears her call
"Let light surround you"

It's been a long, long time
He's had a while to think it over
In the end he only sees the change
Light to dark
Dark to light
Light to dark
Dark to light

Heaven must be more than this
When angels waken with a kiss
Sacred hearts won't take the pain
But mine will never be the same

He stands before the window
His shadow slowly fading from the wall
And from an ivory tower he hears her call
"Let the light surround you"

Once lost but I was found.
When I heard the stained glass
Shatter all around me.

I sent the spirits tumbling
Down the hill
But I will hold this one on high
Above me still

She whispers words to clear my mind.
I once could see but now at last,
I'm blind.

I know it's easier
To walk away,
Than look it in the eye.

But I have given all that I could take.
And now I've only habits left to break.
Tonight I'll still be lying here surrounded
In all the light.

posted on Mar, 10 2018 @ 11:02 PM
I'm not into my kids Marvel or DC type league shows. But my son is making me watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier, i guess its Captain American second movie.

Is that what they're doing?

If so, by putting things out like this, is it to obtain what they think amounts to permission?

posted on Mar, 11 2018 @ 08:34 AM

originally posted by: Unity_99
I'm not into my kids Marvel or DC type league shows. But my son is making me watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier, i guess its Captain American second movie.

Is that what they're doing?

If so, by putting things out like this, is it to obtain what they think amounts to permission?

I haven't seen Winter Soldier.
Permission to do what?

posted on Mar, 11 2018 @ 09:37 AM
a reply to: muzzleflash

Well it brings in Project Paperclip with the Nazi's, it showed those stacks of fema coffins, it alluded to the battles in the sky, which reminded me of online posts about space battles overhead. That the Nazi's or basically globalists behind Hitler realized that trying to force obedience was too costly and messy, they would have to fold that and spend time convincing people to give permission to increase their control and to give away their power.

This world is not theirs, and know that they seem to spend a lot of time and money and programs attempting to gain the consciousness of the people, and a kind of permission to accomplish whatever goals they have. If they could just take all control, they would have done it outright thousands of years ago and we would be under a dismal colorless world already.

They're chipping away at people's understanding of their freedoms.

In the movie, they considered themselves saving the world by bringing order through global control system, for 7 billion, but would have sacrifice 20 million.

They had a kind of AI supercomputer and would do future predictions concerning those that would be a danger to them.

In the movie, of course, the superhero's and avengers where the biggest initial threat, such as Captain America, Nick Fury and Ironman.

As these allude to the gods of mythology, which in turn is metaphoric for inner works that those waking up will strive to dust off and perfect within or obtain: is wisdom and insight, raising frequency to the level of the flash through overcoming selfishness and thinking of others, becoming an angel of light and love basically is the high frequency thing, or morpheous, for some reason Rick Fury reminds me of morpheous and yet the one eye, or pineal, but morpheous is doing dream work, lucid dreaming.

Those who increase consciousness and use consciousness, are a threat to them? Perhaps not alone, but they can out gun a revolt by the people, but not if its all connected, raising frequency bringing in guidance and a kind of empowerment for a change of hand in the ceo's watching over earth. There are 2 sides and we are empowering one or the other by our permissions and consciousness here, perhaps.

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This "message" is purely from my intuition. I don't know where you are in life. I don't know your struggle or lack thereof. I do trust my Heart and think this will be a valuable message for all of you reading along. Please wait until you're alone and have time to read it slowly so you can immerse yourself and absorb it fully.

So I open myself to listen to the messages from the Spirit, and it can come in so many forms...

This morning it gave me something to share with you. Once I stared into it I realized exactly why...
Its a Stargazer Lily.

It's message is very potent and meaningful...
It's been brought to me so I can remind us that now is a time in life to focus on Spiritual development.

We must remain confident and optimistic while striving towards our goals, even if it seems they are so far away among the Stars themselves...

And it's that serendipitous moment when the Spirit reveals that those lofty Dreams in the Heavens are right here on Earth within our grasp. That it was never out of reach after all.

Opportunities surround us and are as limitless as the flowers in the field. We are blind children awakening to Abundance, and if we keep our gaze towards the Stars and our Faith solidly with God in the Heavens above - our success will be assured.

It is an intense and incredibly attractive vision, it is a symbol of both great Fortune and powerful lasting Love.

With it's beauty is a message of great encouragement and it insists that now is not the time to give up because we are just now crossing the threshold between Dreams into Reality...

Keep those eyes gazing at the Stars while your feet are planted firmly in the soil, this is where we find the balance between flying high in the sky yet remaining grounded and stable in our roots.

We must be think and speak positive as everything around us will be changing very quickly. Stay focused on making your Dreams manifest into Reality and God will be more than happy to oblige and Grace us with infinite Light fulfilling our Hearts.

There is no room for doubts any longer... and this isn't about believing... it's about discovering and knowing who you really are, why you're here, and enjoying the act of doing something about it.

Love is here everywhere around you, but are you ready to begin experiencing a small taste of Heaven here on Earth??

Embrace Spirit, allow it to flow through you and to inspire the Star that has been hiding within you all along - it's time to come out, bloom, and shine for all to gaze upon. Show the world who you are, your blessings are only just beginning.

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That was really uplifting to write. It was completely novel, unique, and came to me via Spiritual awareness. One of my greatest talents is interpreting Spiritual energy and finding God's message within. I can articulate precisely what is being conveyed.

It can and does come forward in many ways, often as symbols combined with distinct powerful feelings. In this instance, out of so many possibilities, it manifested as this particular breed of Lily.

I do this without really thinking much, it flows out naturally via intuition and instinct which I am not inhibited from appreciating. It unravels from within me as exquisite expressions.

Find a quiet place for a moment and relax yourself. Read all that slowly and absorb it. Its very meaningful to me as this experience was compellingly puissant.

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I'm Soul Searching and Stargazing. This is how I plant my roots...

We might be in completely different Universes, and I may exist so very distant from you, whoever you are.

Don't be a character or a role in your life, make that character into YOU instead!
Be YOU. You're great! You're intelligent, you're hilarious, you're passionate and dramatic. You're amazing.

The characters you're role playing in life as are boring. Don't act like them. Morph them into YOU! Unleash YOU!!
Then you'll make people laugh and cry, you'll pull them in and get them to stand and applaud because they'll love YOU!

Russell Crowe didn't act like a gladiator - he WAS the gladiator. Somehow he went back in time and was that. He wasn't acting. He was being Russell Crowe the Gladiator! He has "A Beautiful Mind", he's an amazing person. 0 acting. He's legit, he's awesome. None of his roles were great in themselves, but He was great playing them.

All you gotta do to be "YOU" is unlock your Spirit and Be!
You can do anything you set your mind to if you just unchain YOU!

But if you keep acting, you're gonna be miserable. You'll feel awkward and terrible because you'll think they are lying to you because they are merely acting too. Everyone's playing their roles but yet hardly anyone is authentically and genuinely themselves as a role. So make every role or part of life you undertake uniquely YOURS!

YOU can steal the show, but you have to unlock YOU. You're soooo much more than what you appear to be on the surface. You're a passionate developed Spirit. You're Powerful. You're Brilliant. You're Strong. You're Elegantly Gorgeous. You're Compassionate and Passionate! YOU have every trait that the human being contains, and it's up to you what you will express and focus your energy towards - so choose what YOU want to BE.

No more inhibitions. No more fear. No more pressure. Just relax, think, and let your Spirit flow.
You are already a Star - you just don't realize it yet.

Don't gaze up into the sky looking for your Destiny. Look inside of you. That's where it all is at! Within!

You have everything it takes. More than enough talent. You have genius. I know you are Great! Stay modest though. Don't lose your modesty it's extremely rare and puts you in the highest class.

I can get away with telling you the Truth because I'm so distant from you, and because I'm struggling to discover myself. I want you to be successful and Happy living your Dreams. Express your Spirit with passion! Be the Star you really are!!

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