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I Support YOUR Dreams! (The Ultimate Secret Revealed)

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posted on Mar, 26 2018 @ 04:12 PM
My foot is starting to finally improve today. I didn't take any ibuprofen and I'm able to walk a little better. Hopefully I'm past the peak. It was rough because I walk a lot.

Also, I want to address why I am posting "other threads" about random other stuff.

For example I posted 5 threads this month so far - probably the most threads I've ever posted in a month the entire time I've been on ATS.

My reasoning is this - I want to show you *(yes YOU know who you are special person) that I'm around and kicking. I also want to show you, and everyone else, that I think and talk about a lot of different things and also to press people and challenge them to think deeper about the world they live in.

Let's see here, 1) guns in schools 2) false immigration debate and 3) social media; these 3 topics are social-political and this website is heavily driven by opinions on all of these things and I wanted to remind people to think outside of the box on topics like these (as purely examples and the flow of thoughts precipitating from those examples). I want people to expand their discussions and opinions because I'm a bit peeved with the narrow minded one-sided mentalities I see everywhere.

The Hexagon Neptune thread I posted because no one's brought it up on this whole website yet that I can find in the search engine and because I wanted to be on the cutting edge of that discussion here. I also took the opportunity to propose a hexagon on Uranus so I'd be way ahead of the game because the odds are highly favoring that forecast.

The String Singularity thread was inspired by thoughts I came across in writing this thread last week and so figured it was worthy of it's own thread and to orient the discussion more towards a physics based science discussion rather than an open ended inspirational spirituality exposé that this particular thread has become.

Also, it's important to note that those other threads are much more geared towards facilitating comments and discussion from everyone else, whereas in these "occult threads" I sorta end up stifling discussion and just dictate "this is how it is" and "this is what I'm gonna reveal to you". I didn't intend to stifle discussion, it just ends up that way after I express an idea and flesh it out across pages of posts.

In fact this is my 206th post in this thread, which is over 90% composed of my posts.
I imagine that many of the other threads I intend to write explaining various aspects of spirituality will end up being a lot like this. Though there are a few of them that I think will be so shocking that it will spur a handful of comments. I do anticipate that more than half of them will be similar to this one - me posting 50 or 100 + times on the topic and fleshing out my concept with only an occasional poster popping up to say something here or there.

posted on Mar, 26 2018 @ 04:14 PM
Tomorrow I should have maybe 5 or 6 hours to sit down and write another good section to this thread. I will be going from my notes finally. I'm not sure exactly what to do yet though, and I never really am sure what I will do until I actually start composing the post itself and see how it manifests.

I am debating between 3 different possible "next steps" and for a few days now I've been really hesitant and unsure about where I should go. I'll ponder it tonight and just make a final decision and roll with it.

posted on Mar, 26 2018 @ 08:58 PM
Don't be afraid, everything flows through you...

I really like this genre of music. It's very relaxing and deep...

I wish I could sit down and write for a few hours right now, I'm totally in the mood to tear it up.

When I get this energy flowing in my blood I can nail it so hard lol. Sadly I get on this frequency later in the day generally and that is the least likely time I can sit down and type it out.

Instead, I'm just gonna get a shower and go to bed.

posted on Mar, 27 2018 @ 04:37 PM

originally posted by: muzzleflash
Tomorrow I should have maybe 5 or 6 hours to sit down and write another good section to this thread. I will be going from my notes finally.

I did have 6 hours and I just am a frustrated mess today.
In like 1 second this morning I went from fine to a complete wreck falling into the abyss.
It was 1 image that triggered me into all this self-destructive negativity.

I'm ok I guess now, maybe, because this incident actually helped me pick what I'm suppose to write about next from my notes - and it is probably the most logically consistent next step...

This is gonna be a great section (I hope) and I got a ton of stuff to cover for it...
It's like I unconsciously allowed the energy flow to take me into darkness and pain, only to recognize that is exactly what is the most relevant thing to cover next (and it was one of the 3 or so topics I was debating on as the next section). And it comes after the Hangman, which I'll get into over the next few days if I can focus and just flesh out what I'm thinking.

I'm outta time today though. I burnt my 6 hours reading and digging up stuff.
Oh well, life and death are for sure...

posted on Apr, 10 2018 @ 08:37 PM
I've been in a really dark place lately...
facing the Queen of my Nightmares...
and facing my own greatest weakness.

posted on Apr, 10 2018 @ 08:38 PM

posted on Apr, 10 2018 @ 08:52 PM
This section will be so good (or bad, lol)...

posted on Apr, 10 2018 @ 09:03 PM
You'll just have to wait until you see how I tie this into the next few sections after this. Don't freak out.

So I'm gonna...

That I can work on this section tomorrow...

posted on Apr, 10 2018 @ 09:42 PM

posted on Apr, 10 2018 @ 10:29 PM
Aha, this fits perfectly right here.

The "GateKeeper" android motif will make sense later in a few sections....
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posted on Apr, 13 2018 @ 10:57 PM
So why Death?
What is Death?

Is it the "End"?

Well no - there is no end in Eternity.
Life is infinite.

Behind the veil you'll discover that Death is Change, Transformation, the Metamorphosis.

In fact, like in Tarot, Death can be one of the most positive readings of all.

Let's start by looking into the card and it's reading.

Death is ruled by Scorpio (the sign of ‘sex, death and taxes’) and the number is 13, sacred to the Goddess as there are thirteen moons in a year.

Of course I by random chance am writing this on Friday the 13th...

posted on Apr, 13 2018 @ 11:08 PM
Here is a message from beyond to aid you in the now:

Death is symbolic of the ending of a major phase or aspect of your life that may bring about the beginning of something far more valuable and important.

You must close one door in order to open another. You need to put the past behind you and part ways, ready to embrace new opportunities and possibilities.

It may be difficult to let go of the past at times but you will soon see how important it is so that you can bring renewal and transformation into your life.

If you resist these necessary endings, you may experience pain, both emotionally and physically but if you exercise your creative imagination and visualise a new possibility, you allow more constructive patterns to emerge.

So the key is to expect change and then when you recognize it's emergence you must embrace it and flow with it.

To resist change is often futile. You might work around it if you are clever but you cannot beat it. It is a Force you must accept.

Similarly, Death indicates a time of significant transformation, change and transition. You need to profoundly transform yourself and clear away any of the old in order to bring in the new.

Any change at this time should be welcomed as a positive, cleansing, transformative force in your life. The death and clearing away of limiting factors can open the door to a wider, more satisfying experience of life.

Just like gravity or magnetism or any other Force we deal with - when you begin to understand and work with this - you can gain incredible rewards in your life.

Just as a reptile or arthropod molts, it sheds it's old outer shell and emerges greater than before, larger and stronger.

Or as the butterfly emerges from it's cocoon, or the cicada breaks free of it's larval shell, it gains new abilities and can even now fly freely.

This too applies to you in your life as you experience the Death of your old self and emerge in new form with new capabilities. This must be embraced.

posted on Apr, 13 2018 @ 11:16 PM
What about the Death of your problems? Of your pain and misery? Of your ignorance? What about the Death of your Hate and Fear and Jealousy?

The Death card contains elements of a sudden and unexpected change. You may feel as though you are caught in the path of sweeping change and cannot escape its effects. Though the immediate thought is toward the negative, an end need not mean failure.

The loss could be a series of unexpected surprises that bring an end to a period of turmoil or problems.

You feel you can no longer go along with the status quo and want things to change radically. Many changes are going to take place to enable a new direction to emerge.

What about the Death of your Apathy or the Death of your unhealthy habits? The Death of your addictions? The Death of your stubborn immaturity?

Finally, Death is an indication that you need to learn to let go of unhealthy attachments in your life to pave the way to a fuller, more fulfilled life of deeper meaning and significance.

Death teaches you to let go of outworn and outgrown ways of life and move forward.

This is a perfect card to use to break a bad habit or pattern of behaviour.

This is a time of eliminating excess and cutting out what is not necessary in your life. This may be a good time to purge old belongings, memories and ‘baggage’ that is getting in your way.

What better time than now to experience Death and to fuel your reemergence as the Phoenix into a greater more powerful Self?

What greater time than now to finally let your Doubts and Fears shed away as your mind body and Soul ascends to the next level of life here on Earth?

How about the Death of your expectation this section was gonna be all gloomy and dark? Hahaha

posted on Apr, 13 2018 @ 11:23 PM
Some advice is contained in the reading for a reversed Death card, which is about how we resist change and squander the many opportunities it presents us:

You may be reluctant to let go of the past or you may not know how to make the change you need.

You are still carrying harmful aspects from the past that may interfere with the opportunity you have for a new beginning.

You are refusing to accept change and you are resisting any element of change that may arise in your life. As a result, life has stagnated and you are feeling ‘stuck’ in limbo.

Are you stuck?
Are you trapped?
This is why. You resist necessary changes.
You're holding on, gripping the past.

Well the Past is Dead.
Now is the time of change.
Embrace it. Work within it.

Assess the way in which you are approaching change.

You may find that you are in fact halting the very change that will be to your benefit.

You may fear the new but rest assured the time is right to accept the new.

What is important, too, is that you address and resolve whatever issues are blocking your acceptance of change as soon as you can so that you are then free to start your new journey.

Pursuing your new journey now, without having resolved the past, may actually lead to unintended outcomes, so best you deal with what is preventing you from changing first.

You must look into the mirror and honestly inspect yourself. What are you doing that resists the inevitable changes?

What can you do to seize this opportunity and make the best out of it?

posted on Apr, 18 2018 @ 02:40 PM

Thank You for listening to and answering my prayers and pleas for Your help in the last few days.
I see Your most Glorious Work manifest before my eyes, and I am at loss for words.
You have humbled me. Thank You, I need and desire this so much...

I asked, pleaded, begged, demanded; with the last drop of my Soul for You to have Mercy and to Save me from myself.
I want nothing more than to see Your Power in my life, to give me Life itself.
Show me Your Power!!!!!!
Show me Your Love!!!!!

I am broken, shattered and desolated in emptiness, drowned in an ocean of sorrows, regrets, and shame. No matter how hard I fight, no matter how skillfully I plan or execute those plans - I can't do anything right. I fail every time. My face and the pavement seem glued together anymore, and anytime I try to pull away I slam back down even harder than before.

My only Hope is YOU!!!!
I am Helpless and Defeated.
And You have come through,
as I sit here in patience, seated.

You provided a few small miracles in just a few days,
answering me within a mere hour.
I am shocked, baffled and blown away.
So here I am again, begging to see Your Power!!!

I need Your Help, I can't do anything right.
Please shower me in miracles, show me Your Might!!

Every second of every minute of every day,
don't leave me, please stay!
I need Help with everything, every word I say!
Help me work, Help me play!

I'll never make it without You,
I just don't have a clue.
I need a constant breakthrough,
raise my Soul anew in YOU!!!

Death to my inhibition,
Death to my Fears,
Death to this debilitating condition,
Wipe away all my tears!

I don't think I can walk, carry me all the way!!
My life's just a crock, Forgive me every day!!
I'm caught in a deadlock, all I can do is pray!!
Remove every stumbling block, I will obey, I'm Your protege!!

Death to my pain, end the rain,
Death to my ignorance, remove every hindrance!
Death to this pounding migraine, unlock every chain!
I will give no more resistance, I need Deliverance!

Free me, I just want to be Me, I need to be Happy!
Protect me, carry me, Heal me, unleash Me!
I can't see, give me the key I decree!
Pull me from this sea of misery,
shower me in the sparks of Jubilee!

Death to everything in my life that is not Your Will,
it's time to break this seal!
Fill me with Zeal to overcome any ordeal,
and Heal Heal Heal me for Real!!

God, I know You hear me and listen.
You know my Heart and Soul is True.

I'm gonna need You desperately in everything I do, in everything around me, all the time in every way.
Without You I just go astray and smolder in a dirty ashtray cause I act the fool everyday.

Hold me, protect me, Love me! I can't live if I'm Heartless!
Without You I'm nothing, an empty void of darkness!
Unleash my Dreams, bring them into Reality as I enter Your Light!
The only thing I want is to see Your Power, Your Might!
Every day, every night, please make things Right!

I just know this pleases You,
there's nothing You can't or won't Do,
I'm stuck in the eye of the needle, push me through!

Shower me in Your gifts,
save me from all those cliffs,
erase all my doubts and ifs,
renew me as my life shifts!

All You,
all the time!
I finally got a clue,
I'm gonna be just fine!

Show me that Power,
every second of every hour!

Thank You Thank You Thank You

posted on Apr, 20 2018 @ 04:42 PM
Omg I saw it coming....
I saw it....

Everyone, Im Sorry about anything I did to hurt any of you. Im so sorry.

I love all of you so much.
Im crying and in tears...

Please forgive me.
I was so arrogant but I'm on my knees now...

The last few years was nothing but the deepest suffering imaginable. It was the true Hell. Nothing I can say will ever describe it.

I love all of you especially my 2 kids more than anything. I'll always love. I always care...

Please don't ever forget that.

I have to go now....

I Love all of you.
Im so sorry.....

posted on Apr, 21 2018 @ 12:54 AM
a reply to: muzzleflash

Eh muzzleflash you ok?I am concerned life has you feeling down at the moment. Please hang in there brother, don't isolate yourself.

posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 03:32 AM
a reply to: dffrntkndfnml

I'm sorry.

A psychotic person is terrorizing me with extremely serious threats and I suffered a major break-down as a result of this ordeal.

I didn't do anything, I'm way too nice actually. I'm really upset and deeply concerned for my well-being.

There's nothing I can do.
I can't even hide or run.
My life's in jeopardy here.

posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 03:48 AM

Sit down and shut up I don't want to hear a word come out of your mouth
Why won't you listen to me?
(You're dreaming) Outside life's great but inside you're screaming
It's not how you thought it would be?

Are you hoping for something?
Waiting for some sign?
It's time to jump in or simply get the hell out
I think you better make up your mind

Your perfect world
Has been upset
And this is the best it's gonna get

C'mon, get up shake it off and work your way beyond the fallout
But you still won't listen to me
(You're screaming)
Bam, the smack of the truth wakes you from your dreaming
So inconveniently

It sucks that it was all for nothing
Your plans were redesigned
It's a shame you didn't stand for something
Now it's too late to make up your mind
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posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 01:47 PM
a reply to: muzzleflash

It's ok, no need to apologize.No harm done over here.Thanks for the reply, it's good to hear you are around, even if your circumstances have been trying.

For what's its worth, alot of what you share around here I have found very inspiring, and we tend to go hardest on ourselves, especially when experiencing duress.

Sometimes I question the good in what I've put out there, it's natural to feel self conscious at those times.I feel you can be a sensitive kind of guy, but you need to know nothing comes to mind as faux paux when I think about what you share around here.

I'm sorry you have had to wrestle with someone out of their right frame of mind, I can't imagine what your're going through.Please practice doing the your best to look after yourself, eat, sleep, exersize, etc.

When *#@! hits the fan, I tend to keep events written down and try to reach out to those I trust so others are aware of the adversity I am experiencing.A part of me sometimes feels guilty sharing my pain in times like that, but it is important to others are aware of whats going on so more help is available.Many hands make for light work.

Negative individuals will try and isolate their prey, to leverage the fear they use to control.Don't hesitate to reach out for help, it doesn't necessarily have to be friends in your common circle.Crisis lines, or even an employee assistance program are options for getting things off your chest without having to open up those closer to you. The authorities and hospital may be options too, depending on your situation.

Do your best to avoid thinking of all the BS at once.The different aspects of the what's going on need to be broken down into to chunks, this will help with feeling overwhelmed.

I wish I had some deeper revelation to share at the moment when it comes to these things, your not alone, others have been through similar troubles.

Love, you are in my thoughts, you are in my prayers.:hugs:
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