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Oops. More bad news for pot heads

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posted on Jun, 29 2017 @ 07:17 PM
I know because I lived it, witnessed it, so let me tell you. The people who want to use drugs, drink, are gonna do it, legal or not. Prohibition which gave the Mafia its initial power, to where it cotrolled judges, politicians and police cheifs due to ultra lucrative alcohol sales, and the Drug War, which has given us the cartels and street gangs, has shown us this.

All the efforts of the drug war never made a dent in drug use. In fact, it made a lot of things worse.

For me, there's only one question because the people are going to put whatever substance they want in their own body, as they should, so the question is...

Do we want the billions and billions of dollars in revenue from drugs going into the hands of the cartels, who buy guns, mansions and sex slaves? Or do we want that money in the hands of the taxpayer, to build new schools, hospitals, upgrade our infrastructure, shield from EMP attack, reinforce/rebuild some of the several hundred, maybe even over 1,000 bridges across the US that are currently Beyond their expiration date and need to be repaired/replaced...every now and then, one collapses and kills a few or a dozen people, or maybe even pay off some of the national debt?

No? You feel better sleeping at night knowing the druggies are getting punished? Even though it costs us even more money, to jail them, feed them, court room time is a luxery we can't afford just so people like you can "feel better" just because you want to see a person get punished who did nothing to you or anyone.

You feel better sleeping at night knowing the druggies are getting punished? Yeah, who cares if cartel captains use the drug proceeds to hire kidnapping squads, and hire their younger siblings & cousins to lure teenage american girls out of shopping malls or internet chatrooms to sell them into a life of slavery? If they didn't have access to NEAR UNLIMITED FUNDS, then MAYBE it wouldn't be so easy for them to use the planets children as their personal cattle for their human trafficking industry!!



I'm trying really hard not to get angry.

posted on Jun, 29 2017 @ 07:49 PM
a reply to: 3n19m470

I can't argue the logic of it. I can point out that legalized drugs becomes one step from enforced drugs. We already have that in some school systems and counties. There are a number of instances where parents were threatened with child endangerment if they continued to refuse psycho-tropic drugs for their children, In one case, a woman's children were taken away from her due to that refusal.

The there's Big Pharma. Give them carte blanch
with all drugs legalized and they will go to town to invent/create the most addictive substance known to man and disseminate that produce far and wide. Of course, they will then offer another drug to get off the drug they initially created citing a 'small percentage' have adverse reactions, read that complete addiction, and make further profits off of that version.

I want my perceptions as clean as possible. My children's and theirs. Likewise for you and yours. Education is the only out, I can see, and pointing out some of the downsides is part of that process.

posted on Jun, 29 2017 @ 07:51 PM
One last thing... To me, it would be better to burn the money than let it continue to go to ISIS- er, I mean, the cartels. Sorry, I get confused because the only difference is they have different goals and motivations, but the results of their handiwork, is nearly indistinguishable.

So, even if we produced the drugs here and handed them out to users free of charge, that would be better than the situation as it is currently. No drug profit for child raping drug lords, and the addict will no longer steal, hurt others, prostitute themselves, lie, spend their childs Christmas money, shoplift, (i guess shoplifting is really just "stealing", now, isn't it? Already covered that. Ok then.) selling your food stamps or whatever they do to get their drugs or drug money... Just think how much crime would go down!!

Whats that you say?? Free drugs for the junkies?? But... But... Then there will be all kinds of people getting high on all kinds of things! your eyes. They already ARE... the only difference is, we have lots of crime, and the cartels get the profit...

Imagine this. No change, junkies are still junkies. But we wont worry about that, because there's NOTHING within reason we can do about that, ok? Just, let it go. Junkies are still junkies, but, since they get their dose from a clinic, they no longer panhandle or shoplift, or break into cars (ever had your car stolen or broken into by a junkie? I have, it sucks...but, oh well, at least you get to sleep soundly at night knowing drugs are all illegal and everything "makes sense", and we are a "civilized society"...that doesnt allow such foolishness as drug use... "The horror! The horror! Exerminate the brutes!!"), they have a Lot more free time, and not having to spend every penny on heroin to keep from withdrawing, he was able to get his act together, and got clean, instead of a slow death spiral that ends in homelessness and a lengthy criminal record...

Oh but thats a good thing you say. A baaaad person got just what they deserved...

Well, maybe thats all good and fine to you, but... Have you ever Been to jail? How about prison? Are you aware of what that can DO to a human being? A lot of times, they come out more dangerous and less mentally stable, as they were Before!!

Well, I'm sorry, but, I care waaaay too much about my loved ones, my fellow human beings, amd future generations to want them to have to live in a world filled with desperate, deranged predators with no future. I'd rather they live in a world filled with well adjusted individuals like from my first example.

But hey, don't let me interruppt your satisfying grunt everytime you hear some poor kid got busted for a joint or a few lines, and it ruined his life...

Don't come crying to me when that kid gets out of prison after being repeatedly raped and traumatized and completely FRACTURED... and by random chance happens upon someone's daughter or wife and slits her throat, because she made a sudden movement that scared him and sent him into one of his "episodes" where he doesn't remember anything...the episodes that haven't been detected yet, because he's only been out of his tightly controlled, highly regulated, familiar environment and routines for a few weeks, so nobody knew he was going to react that way.

Perhaps, in a twist of irony, it will turn out that the cannabis or whatever drug he was using, was actually cancelling out the effects of a brain disorder he had, but, being on parole, he was drug tested regularly, AND at random, and at his parole officers discretion. So, without his medicine to help him cope with the stressful situation of adapting after years in prison, and especially after the trauma he experienced while serving his sentence, he just simply could not keep it together... so he had a momentary psychosis.

Luckily they will be able to discover it and give him the standard medications, and since it was due to a medical condition, he could not be punished for it. So, he might just go free.
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posted on Jun, 29 2017 @ 09:10 PM
a reply to: 3n19m470

The direct correlation to drug mafia a black market and prohibition is well documented in history.

The entire premise of this OP is bogus.

There is literally no sciencetific data to even support the claim. The insurance agencies have done a survey to justify rate increases disguised as good sumaratans.

The same day a medical research group released contradicting data. Though in reality there simply in inconclusive data on impairment and how to judge it. For one because the hysteria around the most benign drug on the planet(no drugs are completely benign and all have side effect this on par with caffine) , has creates a situation where scientists can't say. The studies have never produced data that conclusively says this is a cause.

Not to mention after legalization much more research and admition started which, if your a science person, skews survey data for a few years.

However, it has been concluded many more legal substances from every day blood pressure medicines to alcohol are a much bigger risk while driving. Including alergy medicine sold over the counter.

Huh. Go figure.
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posted on Jun, 29 2017 @ 09:17 PM
a reply to: nwtrucker

Nwtrucker, I also live in the "nw". The "pnw", WA to be exact. I apologize because I was rude to you. I lost my "cool".

So you think "enforced opiate use" and subsequemt addiction could be in our futures? That could make a good dystopia film. Everyone is always happy and high, and addicted, and the government gives you your dose every day, IF YOU'RE GOOD.

But as a serious concept, come on... Alcohol isn't forced, cigarettes aren't compulsory. Why pot, meth or heroin?

You are right that big pharma needs to be put under control. But look, weed is legal here in WA and I haven't seen any Pfizer or Bayer brand weed...

You know why? They aren't interested because the profit margin, while plenty for you or me, is nothing compared to their earnings. I think they developed a THC pill that has seen some usage in hospitals. But the marijuana game is a wild west right now. I guess we'll see what happens in the next 10-20 years. But they like things they can patent. Things they can control. Anyone can grow weed and then, produce several different products with the harvest. Basically every part is usable if you really wanted to. Pharma likes things where they can say "you're gonna die if you don't pay us and get this medicine".

Clarity? Cannabis and '___' and Shrooms have opened up many peoples eyes to many truths... Its all about perspective. When you say you want everyone to have clarity, is it really just, you want people to have the same perspective as you? Yeah, that would be nice if we could all just agree. But, it might also get kinda boring... Boring could be nice for a change. For a little while anyway... But, I don't know, I sometimes find other perspectives refreshing, and sometimes new perspectives cause me to revise my own, which I am later very thankful for.

But if you never heard those perspectives, you wouldn't know any better, and would assume you had reached the pinnacle of your- wait a minute... What if, you change your OWN perspective, just sitting there thinking and pondering the ponderables, with no outside influence you can detect? In this perfect, "ignorance is bliss"-world, everyone else's perspective would have to change in real-time, in sync with your perspective.

Anyway... If I failed to change your mind, I respect that, you did warn me after all. But you also said I'd try. And I did. But, with all due respect, I think, in my opinion, your rebuttals were... well, let's face it. They were not rebuttals... Grasping at straws is more like it.

I may not have changed your mind, but, at least you will have to look yourself in the mirror everyday and know, when I delivered my argument about cartels and wasted profits and the futility of the drug war, you could not come up with one single good reason for NOT changing your mind. So your just stubborn, that's ok. There's a...few...worse things you could be besides stubborn. (Just joshin ya buddy)

I believe you are a good person who means well, for what its worth. I just think you're scared. The propaganda over the decades must've been unbearable so I don't blame you.

Just try to think about what I said... Look around you. This is as bad as it gets. ANY other policy, ANY direction away from where we are now, is a step in a Better direction. Picture a world where instead of prison (a monster factory, thats ALL IT IS, IT DOESNT HELP ANYONE), a person received help. Instead of a 10, 20 year addiction or lifelong addiction doing untold damage to our society, it ends up only a year, or two tops, and they are back at it again, back in the drivers seat of their life. The majority of people using are doing it to try to solve Other problems, if these root problems were addressed, the addiction which is a symptom, will wither away and die... If they go to prison, they just get more drugs in there so that isnt solving your main gripe anyway.

Other nations with legalization programs and "free fix" clinics have reported nothing but positive changes. This IS the wave of the future.

I apologise again for the hostility. I'm actually really nice. I'm trying to get better at this. It doesn't help when they remove your posts without explaining which portion of your post was against tnc...makes it only a little bit more difficult to...improve, as you go.

It's like hmmm, ok, something in that post I made a few days ago was bad...but what? Oh I know, maybe I should reread the post and try to figure out where I went wrong- oh nevermind, they deleted it... I guess all I can do is try harder next time... Oh I know, I can shoot a PM to the mod who administered the action against my post... yeeeeaaaah... That's a conversation I want to have.

Me: What part of my post was against tnc?

Mod: huh? Oh, i don't know, i deleted that post, and that was a few days ago. You're not expecting Me to remember the contents of your post, you are the one who posted it, you figure it out. The best I can do is refer you to the Terms And Conditions. Good luck.

This is gonna be good for me though. Thank you for bearing with me while I learn. I normally don't reply back, but, you were fast, kinda, so, I didn't have the excuse that I had already moved on and was busy reading something else.

I wish nothing but the best to you and yours. I'm going to go now. Feel free to contact by pm if you desire further input. Thank you, I am Johnny5... I mean, Johnny4... Johnny420

Weed is a peaceful, happy gift from God. Unlike the unpleasant meth addicts... I just, don't understand. I would think you'd say "good. Now maybe less people will do meth and heroin if this much safer drug is made more easily available" (in reality, since so much more knowledge about weed is being made available, and people can select the option that best fits their needs, this may be one case where the legality and the stigma lifted may increase usage, in a good way. But, you see, when brown/black and clear are made legal, there will STILL be a stigma against them.

There will Always be a stigma against passing out unconscious in public like a heroin (brown/black) addict, same with...whatever it is tweakers are doing when they flail about bringing great attention to themselves, pacing and swinging their arms restlessly so everyone knows they're tweaking hardcore...that will always have a stigma, same with that thing meth does to peoples faces where they look... sub-human, or undead... I'm pretty sure looking like a corpse, or looking half-human/half-orc, will always have at least SOME echoes of a miniscule amount of vague remnants of still detectable stigma attached to it... :^)

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