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What should I look out for, for the seven signs of the apocalypse?

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posted on Jun, 29 2017 @ 05:31 PM
a reply to: ketsuko


I thought the Rapture had been debunked many times over as a recent (1800's) non-biblical heresy?

posted on Jun, 29 2017 @ 05:37 PM
a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight

Depends on which school of thought you listen to. Some say yes; some say no.

posted on Jun, 29 2017 @ 05:57 PM
a reply to: DISRAELI

perhaps this interchange of views is not made for public view-

the idea I strongly announced is that Wars are punctuation-points & not to be the paradigm-of-the-times (like the opening scenes of Terminator

the term 'PEACE was taken from the Earth', better describes the world condition right now... with both Europe (fashioned after a Disney World resort housing village) and the USA both flooded by hateful/antagonistic/Anarchists from the Middle-East or proponents of radical Jihad slinking under their darkness until They decide to Pounce upon the once Peaceful Host Populations !

As Far as the legitimacy of the 4 blood-moons signifying the actual events unveiled as the 'Apocalypse' 4 horsemen...

al-Baghdadi declared himself the Caliph of the ISIS army some 75 days after the blood-moon (re: the White Horse) 6-29-14
the Caliphate or Army of the Mahdi was declared 5 days later on July 4th 2014 (re: Red Horse of War) 7-4-14
the Pale Horse & Black Horse-of-the-4-horsemen arrived as increased dread during the final 2 blood-moons (apr 15-sep 15)

there is a detailed 'Story' to be told....but only to the survivors/remnant peoples...It's not for us now

appreciate your reply.... but I am about to fold up for the day real soon...

posted on Jun, 30 2017 @ 05:11 PM
a reply to: St Udio
I don't know what I can say that I haven't said already.
I still maintain that the events of the end-times are not pre-planned according to any elaborate time-table, so working up an elaborate time-table in the hope of second-guessing them is a waste of time. I have never seen any reason why "blood-moons" should have anything to do with the matter.
Of course the major motive for all the speculation of this type is the anxious desire to have the end-times happening NOW, so that our own generation can be at the centre of them. To me, this is a great mistake in itself. We should be expecting these events when we see them happening. If that means we are in the boring situation of being two or three generations away from the end-times, then so be it.

posted on Jun, 30 2017 @ 05:15 PM
a reply to: DISRAELI

You wrote your own answer:

"We should expect these events when we see them happening."

And we have been enjoined to watch so that we are not caught unawares.

The problem is that "these events" are hardly exactly clear as prophecy is well, prophecy. So people watch and try to divine if they're seeing the signs or not.

The trick, IMO, is to keep your sense of perspective and not pack up your life to sit out on some mountain top. If now is when, then now is when and trust that God will put you where you are supposed to be.

posted on Jun, 30 2017 @ 10:35 PM

I believe that the apocalypse in the bible is also the NWO a reply to: scraedtosleep

I can agree that it could be, but only in the idea of self fulfilling prophecy.

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