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Police State: Mass Immigration End Game doesn't make sense

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posted on Jun, 21 2017 @ 02:24 PM
WW1 was engineered by Europe for the purpose of dismantling the Ottoman Empire and installing puppet regimes and instilling nationalist sentiments usually foreign to the Muslim world.

Basically they made it like Europe and Europe like it. Or tried as that isn't a very solid union.

History repeating itself...

posted on Jun, 21 2017 @ 06:07 PM
It just dawned on me.

The origin of the word "Sab-otage" is Saba, i.e. ibn Saba the engineer of Shiism and Sabbatai Svi of the Sabbatean Jews and Donmeh-Sabbateans.


Shev is Sab, e=a/Aleph and Vav can be V/U/W and B.


It's historical fact according to Winston Churchill that "Mostly atheistic Jews" created Communism.

Deep State is an understatement.

Deep 6 is more appropriate.

Savdi=Sabdi, it's EVERYWHERE.

Antipas Herod
Sapatin, Latin p is Semitic b so, Sabat-i(a)n.

Vespasian Titus Flavius
Be-Sabasian, he was a Sabine Roman too.

So was Clement of Rome who I actually like because was right hand to Simon Cepha.


F in old English can be S


Pretty sure the root word for slave is slav as in slavic which is not insignificant at all as Romans definitely had slaves and I am pretty sure Flavian means pretty much subordinate to Rome like was Josephus Flavius.

It's plausible for sure
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