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Thanks to the good guys.

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posted on Jun, 25 2017 @ 09:23 AM
a reply to: intrptr

What are you even talking about?

This is why I say screw people who cant get their own head out of the next guys ass.

What ever dude. Youre like a dirty tampon. Always harping on about others like you lived up their cooch, pissing in cheerios constantly.

Current paradigm? You probably voted for the HAWK flying the democrats banner.

YOU ARE the current paradigm. Self policing and policy enforcement. Its not "they, the man or TPTB,

Its people policing people.

Cops, soldiers or politicians arent here trying to shame me or change me.

You are.

Thanks for including me. I look forward to the collapse of your ethos and societal decay diminishing your chosen ideology until it ends.

Your chosen platform is increasingly less received, less accepted and more alienated. Its sad you dont see how absurd it is to the vast majority.

The entirety of the country is voting people who arent like those you support. Loss after loss, election after election, you become more irrelevant.

California and New York and other cess pools are all you guys have left. Your leadership is hemorrhaging money with still no new seats in government or public opinion swing to show for it.

Keep helping us.

What do you think a person not in your echo chamber will take away from your contribution to this thread? That you are so cool and "right on" that they will consider your opinion?

Or that you seem bitter and not well adjusted? Making your ideas akin to being aligned with insensitive, dishonest, obtuse and needlessly divisive goals.

You just crapped on a good will message trying to promote peace, cooperation and harmony for our people currently in check by a manufactured POLITICAL divide. A divide and conquer the old guard you are part of designed. A groupthink that has broken this country's back in 2.

You are not our enemy even though you think we are yours.

Thats your war of attrition.

We will never meet. Only parts of my ethos will survive the test of time but yours will be gone one day in its entirety.

I will live to see that day. Believe that.

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