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Help in school time management

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posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 08:28 PM
i m sorry, i am not sure whether am i out of topic, or i posted in the wrong place, if so anyone has any other "study" dicussion forum which could help me ? thanks

help me

i can study best at night, around 11pm to maybe 4 or 5 am. My school starts at 7 to 8am in the morning and usually ends at 2 to 3 pm. How can i rearrange my timetable to such that i can study at 11pm to 4am , while maintaining my sleeping hours at 8 hours per day?

i.e Study best at 11pm to 5am
Must sleep for 7 hours
In school at 7am to maybe 3pm
Now i have been sleeping at night, during the time when i studied best. i would like to study at my best, while still maintaining my sleeping hours . I tried to sleep after i came home from school, but does not work as i cannot just suddenly sleep in the evening. I tried breaking my sleeping hours like eg. 3 hours in evening after i got home from school, and another 4 hours in the nite. But that makes me very tired during school.

Please help me guys, urgent . it is because i have been seriously studying for so long ,yet my results are not well reflected. i believe if i study during my best, i would certainly score. thanks .

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 08:40 PM
mabe the best thing to do would be to train yourself to study earlier in the day.That way you won't mess up your sleeping pattern as well.
Good luck.

posted on Feb, 7 2005 @ 01:32 AM
hi there, i am not sure how to train myself to study better in the morning, any suggestion on how to do so?


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