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Trump working with his favorite daughter signs EO to expand apprenticeship programs

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posted on Jun, 19 2017 @ 04:44 PM
a reply to: Aazadan All right bud, all I am saying is apprenticeships are a good alternative, it is where I learned trig. At this time we are running out of journeymen due to loss of manufacturing in the past and ignoring the program and living on the last batch of journeymen. we are a shrinking bunch. Everyone cant afford or don't want collage.
and as far as your obsession with competitiveness it is appels and oranges as far as you and I are concerned. When the manufacturing picks up we are going to need these people. Grow up man there are a lot of people out there that don't have the opportunities you have had, you don't have to say a program isn't worth someones time. Who the hell do you think is responsible for the products you buy? Collage is great, if you can swing it, go for it. but don't come around and put down the trades or the good folks who are in them, as you seem to think they are not smart people. I would rather spend time with them than some smug academic. every one dosnt need to be rich to be happy and productive. so quit looking down your nose at the rest of us

posted on Jun, 19 2017 @ 04:49 PM
Sweat shops for all
yaaay Ivanka !
Ivanka is a very Murikan first name.. just sayin, y'know ...

The reality of working in a factory making clothes for Ivanka Trump’s label has been laid bare, with employees speaking of being paid so little they cannot live with their children, anti-union intimidation and women being offered a bonus if they don’t take time off while menstruating.

The workers’ complaints come only a week after labour activists investigating possible abuses at a Chinese factory that makes Ivanka Trump shoes disappeared into police custody.


For the majority of non-union Buma workers, their job is a run-of-the-mill hardship to be endured. About three-quarters of them are women, many are mothers and several, like Alia, devote almost all their income to children with whom they can’t afford to live.


According to a photo of a timetable one worker showed the Guardian, the production targets, broken down for every half hour between 7am and 4pm, are between 58 and 92 garments per period, while the actual numbers produced are recorded as 27 to 40.

“The management is getting smarter: they tap out our ID cards at 4pm so you can’t prove anything,” said Wildan, a 25-year-old male worker.

Seven workers also said they were subject to verbal abuse, being called things like “animals, moron and monkey”. Otang said this, too, was fairly common.

Beyond this, Buma also has a pattern of firing workers right before Ramadan and rehiring them a month later, to avoid paying a “religious holiday bonus”, according to several workers.

Indonesian law dictates all workers are owed a holiday bonus according to their religion, which works out to at least a month’s wages or more depending on seniority. In May 2017, there were about 290 people fired before Ramadan, according to Toto Sunarto, a leader of the SPSI union in Subang.

Full employment, in an Ivanka stylie,
hope you appreciate it ;p)

give us your down trodden
your unemployable masses
to do the backbreaking work
that murikans won't do...


Read before commenting
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posted on Jun, 19 2017 @ 05:11 PM
a reply to: darepairman

Did you learn trig, or did you learn to solve a couple formulas? My experience with trades is that most people's version of learning math is to solve a couple formulas, not the logic behind why those formulas exist. For example, before I went to college I worked at a deli and the husband of one of my co-workers thought he knew algebra because he spent a week learning one specific formula relating to how much of a chemical to dump in water. That got him a promotion for "knowing math" but that's not knowing math. If you know it you can create the formula from nothing.

Using is not knowing. I've had similar discussions with other members here who own businesses. Their conclusions have been the same, few know math enough to formula build.

As far as competitiveness goes, I'm not a competitive person at all but it's what our economy is based on. I want a more competitive workforce, it's the only way we can keep wages high in a global economy.

Manufacturing is dead, people like me figured out 3d printing. And people like me can 3d model. Delivery is dead, batteries progressed to where we have drones and people smarter than me solved self driving cars. Mechanics are on their way out with plug and play parts.

In 20 or 30 years these will simply not be jobs.

I'm aware of the journeyman crisis but that's a symptom of having uncompetitive employees. It goes back to the idea that companies want employees they don't have to train. If schools were teaching rather than apprenticeship culture we wouldn't be in crisis mode.

posted on Jun, 19 2017 @ 05:30 PM
a reply to: Aazadan ya I am done, you are superior. but I do like your signature line

posted on Jun, 19 2017 @ 06:14 PM

originally posted by: darepairman
a reply to: Aazadan ya I am done, you are superior. but I do like your signature line

Good, the signature line is to remind myself that no matter how rational my ideas seem to me, I'm probably 100% wrong on everything I believe. Of course, that's true of everyone else too.

It's not about being superior though, I'm pretty bad at what I do. It's simply about having good long term jobs for people. Trades are often marketed as that, but physical realities and economic factors run completely counter to that idea.

posted on Jun, 19 2017 @ 08:37 PM
a reply to: Aazadan

I really have to stop now. This whole conversation is about ideals, and I am not going to change your mind or you mine. You seem like a intelligent person and a pretty decent also. I made the statement about your sig line because when I read it I realized it fits both of us so good luck with ever you do and be happy for Christs sake.

Edit to add: To anyone else reading, I really am for higher education of any kind, even a collage degree will do

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