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posted on Jun, 14 2017 @ 07:23 PM

I'm not going for this contest, so I'll let you guys do this one. I thought it would be fun to write one anyways.

This Story is a reverse of the Original, with a few extras added in.


Even the Mother of Creation stood amongst the lillies watching the trees sway in the breeze on a cool sunny day in a place she knew only as Paradise.

Even being headstrong and always determined to analyze things with great scrutiny. As she was sitting in the grass next to an old Oak tree, Goddess spoke to her and said EVEN where are you my child? I've missed you what are you doing?

I'm writing said Even, I'm writing a story about all that I see here in this beautiful garden you've so generously given to me to do with as I wish.

I see, said Mother Goddess.. Well I need to remind you again, not to talk to the slithering snake who lurks in the background, it may try again to trick you with it many disguises. Usually bright and bold as it is quite haughty and loves attention, especially from you, one so beautiful. How it snuck it's way into my garden I will never know, said Mother Goddess.

I know ok, stop worrying so much. I am quite aware of it's tactics. I've seen and heard them all. Last week it was dressed as a giant bird all red and blue and the week before that, a tiny little pink mouse. But gosh the things that came flying out of it's mouth I could never repeat, especially in front of you Mother!

Good said Mother Goddess. I am very happy you've grown in your Understanding and Wisdom. You will grow each day stronger and stronger if you just keep yourself aware at all times of that snake, Kriton. But beware, sometimes it becomes as two, both male and female. So always be on your guard my child!

As Mother Goddess continued her walk through the garden filled with beautiful lillies, and baby's breath, she felt at ease that all was good in Paradise.

Even continued to write in her journal given to her by Mother Goddess made of some strange animal skin she hadn't named yet, when she felt something fall and hit her leg. It was red and shiny.Oh my said Even, could this be a present from Mother Goddess for me being so good at avoiding that slithering snake Kriton? She ate of the apple but wanted more! Oh wow this is the best piece of fruit I have ever tasted, it's just so juicy and delectable!!

She looked up towards the tree and saw more, and upon wanting more, decided to shake the tree and make more fall upon the ground. So shook it she did!

To Even's astonishment a strange looking Creature fell out of it and landed between her feet. It stared up at her with sharpened glaze of awe. It looked like her but it didnt, not completely anyway. It had an extra part attached to it for one thing, and for another it had way more hair all over it than she did on her head alone.

Hello she said smiling, and who are you? The blue eyed Creature stood up smiling, hello I'm I'm... I don't know I don't have a name. Oh in that case I'll just call you Adonis. this point, neither of them knew this was all planned to make Mother Goddess angry and ruin her garden she had so carefully created. But Even had to hand over the apple to Adonis in order to achieve this...

Even looked at Adonis and said, 'this is a red shiny fruit, i'm going to call it an Apple'. You can eat it if you like. It's good, watch me. Even took a luscious bite out of the juicy red apple then handed it to Adonis. Adonis took a bite and his eyes lit up like stars. I love it! I want more!

Suddenly the shifty eyed snake Kriton appeared in front of them laughing and laughing with an evil gleam in it's eye. I tricked you! I got you to feed Adonis the apple and now Mother Goddess' perfect garden is tarnished! Kryton had always spoke with deviance, appearing to be intelligent as it as half truths rolled off it's forked tongue.

Mother Goddess who was very Wise though, began to walk across the lilly fields towards them with poise and grandeur.

Oh I see you've found the apple tree Even, Wonderful!

But, you're not angry with me Mother Goddess? said Even. Why of course not! You see, I knew all along the not so crafty snake Kriton would try to pull a fast one on me, so I reversed everything. I also told you not to eat the apple because I knew that you would anyways. Plus you get your Prince Charming Knight of Light as a bonus!

The snake slithered away back to it's dark corner never to be heard or seen from again, and Even and Adonis lived happily ever after in their Perfect Beautiful Garden called Paradise.

The Beautiful End.

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posted on Jun, 15 2017 @ 12:40 AM
Haha, a very unique twist to the Adam & Eve story. Kudos! I think you should have entered this into the contest! The only other story so far related to the biblical classic story is this one, and my own! Great read tho, well written. I gave it an S&F a bit ago. My apologies for the late response!
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posted on Jun, 15 2017 @ 01:30 AM
Well Written, with a very unique twist added.

Well Done!

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