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Universe 25 and The Beautiful Sink

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posted on Jul, 7 2017 @ 04:20 PM

Don't see our collective populations being allowed to reach much higher than they already are.

Fact is we cannot support the numbers we currently have, in the life style they have become accustomed to now. Nor can we offer the appropriate medical or financial support required for our citizens to survive or flourish while we follow the current system and same paradigm that we have for the last 100,000 years.

If analogy is part of deduction, then you would think we may deduce by now, that without significant change to the way that we live, consume resources, and generally treat one another and the planet in general, Humanity in it's present condition days are numbered.

Problem is that there are far to many have not's and far to few haves. Distribution of wealth and power being the definitive conundrum that we refuse to address in any meaningful manner.
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posted on Jul, 8 2017 @ 07:53 PM
The thoughts are ridiculous in their reductionism.

The variables relevant to mice are different from those relevant to humans. Humans can learn to change themselves, whereas mice are doing nothing more than following simple rules.

Notice how many people want to change? Blaming over-population, or thinking the behavior of elite has anything to do with the large numbers of human beings alive, is delusional.

Who has been driving this growth but the capitalists-in-charge? They need lots of people to make their products - and the poorer they are, the more money/power they can hold for themselves. To turn around and claim that human population growth has anything to do with destruction of our planet is to basically ignore and not-interface with the simple fact that corporations/governments made up of specific sorts of people have chosen this direction for us.

Now imagine a different sort of system governed by a different sort of philosophy, and the issue of "overpopulation" ceases to exist. Overpopulation is a strange focus - as if a problem must be imagined to exist before a solution one wants to enact can be justified.

posted on Jul, 9 2017 @ 02:33 PM
Just some thoughts

It's like we have ripped ourselves from nature and now we are suffering a withdrawal symptoms all of the societal wrongs are a by product of this ? maybe I'll continue to read the source materials for better understanding

I had a similar conversation this week at work.

I work as a private gardener for quite a few people who live/second home in The New Forest (S.England, UK) and one of my clients had a friend staying over to do some work for him. This chap came out and started talking to me, he asked me if i lived close by and i said reasonably, he then asked where the nearest shop was and i gave him directions via landmarks and road junctions telling him it was about an hour or so's walk or 5 mins by car. I then thought to tell him this was just a little local shop and if he wanted a supermarket I could direct him there. He then asked how anybody can live 'out here' and that yesterday when he had first arrived he and his son (early 20's i would guess) had both felt 'strange and uncomfortable'.

I responded with something like "wow that's a pretty sad reflection of our society isn't it?, I mean here you are out in what is our natural environment, surrounded by all types of life and you feel uncomfortable and strange! "

I did say it with a smile and said it's probably how i feel when i go to London (where he and client live) and i did see him register 'the idea' but then i kind of changed the subject as felt I might have touched a nerve/offended him in some way as i did just blurt out my reply

Was the 'rip from nature' that made it pop back into my mind.

On another point:
I think the west in general has already seen falling birth rates which is one of the reasons most western governments have been allowing in immigrants who tend to have higher birthrates.

Too many people in the same place lead to overpopulation and this has been encouraged since the industrial revolution leading to the proliferation of cities and the newer mega cities that are appearing more and more.
This in turn further concentrates resources in the hands of a few at the expense of the many who turn on each other mainly in frustration effectively running their own experiment with us the general population.

The easy solution to our overpopulation problems would be to let/encourage people to live more rurally again and become more self sufficient again rather than relying on government assistance but those who own the land are unlikely to let that happen any time soon.

P.S. The New Forest is a beautiful area with ponies, cattle, donkeys and some pigs roaming free as well as a variety of deer and the other more elusive mammals. Oh just this year I have noticed the return of both Red and Black Kites too to compete with the more common buzzards. I love the view from 'my office' at some of the more rural properties.

posted on Jul, 9 2017 @ 03:07 PM

originally posted by: johnb
Just some thoughts
The easy solution to our overpopulation problems would be to let/encourage people to live more rurally again and become more self sufficient again rather than relying on government assistance ...

Pretty clear thinking, Sir.

posted on Jul, 10 2017 @ 01:12 PM
a reply to: andy06shake

Yes, there seems a major "something" happening on the near horizon.

a reply to: Astrocyte

It was a false limitation on space and how it was distributed (the furthest "apartments" had one entrance that was easy to guard and allowed a segregation of older mice and their guards) that added to the anxiety within the habitat. From that dysfunction arose the behavioral sink. It is a feedback loop from society as a whole back to individuals that is interesting. Then how the individuals responded that then fed back into society. Humans do the same thing (I know we are not mice) so it is a point of compare and contrast at a gross level overview.

Plus Universe 25 had all other needs taken care of which we sure as h3ll don't. But look at the ideas being floated around of "universal income" (look, they even use the same term, "universe"!) and having enough to actually live on. Coincidence? Probably but also causes me some hesitation.

a reply to: johnb
a reply to: Snarl

Country mouse and city mouse!!

As stated above, that is the difference in a group dynamic (society) feeding back to the individual. Strange that it was an actual "feeling" like what hippies would call a "vibe". It is like walking into a room and all conversation stopping--like, "What the h3ll did I do?!"

The open skies is one solution. So is outer space (which I've been saying now since the 80's).


Thank you all for the well thought out replies! This was the conversation I envisioned at the start of the thread!

posted on Jul, 19 2017 @ 03:13 PM

Working in mice, we identified a dorsomedial prefrontal cortex (dmPFC) neural population showing “effort”-related firing during moment-to-moment competition in the dominance tube test. Activation or inhibition of the dmPFC induces instant winning or losing, respectively. In vivo optogenetic-based long-term potentiation and depression experiments establish that the mediodorsal thalamic input to the dmPFC mediates long-lasting changes in the social dominance status that are affected by history of winning. - Judge Dredd Mean Machine Implant Created for Persistent Aggression.

There I was reading about quantum propulsion and right above is a this awfully named article. What the hey?...

The "dominance tube test" is placing mice in a tube that does not allow them to pass without making contact of some kind. They then either stimulated (aggressive) or inhibited (submissive) an area in the mouse's brain. They created aggressive "alpha" males and timid mouse too. One would push through and win the test and the other did not fair so well.

After reading about the mice of U25 this was a little more of interest! There is a level of social interaction that I did not know about. As the brain area is affected the behavior is learned. Aggressive mice learn to be aggressive and timid mouse becomes more so. If the population is dense and there is no clear winner or loser in day-to-day living space with a big population... well no wonder the population in U25 was a nervous wreck!

The "losers" ended ganging up in the center and attacking others that passed by, randomly, and/or each other. The entire population tried coping as best they could. Some avoided confrontation and slunk around when the other slept. Others isolated themselves and pursued individual pursuits. This caused problems of being a "normal" population and reproduction: the behavioral sink conditions were laid.

Now the question is could stimulation of dmPFC change The Beautiful Ones back to normal mice?

I think it would be more of a "generation lost" at that point. But like other aspects of Universe 25 it makes one wonder.

posted on Jul, 19 2017 @ 03:20 PM
This was interesting too! - Individualistic practices and values increasing around the world.

There have been a bunch of stories about "Americans having less sex" that has been popping up since March of this year too.

And a story about being "addicted" to a fatty diet and going withdrawal symptoms when that diet was taken away.

I guess what I am trying to say is, "Eat healthy, have safe sex, and society is not that bad"!!

posted on Jul, 20 2017 @ 03:42 AM

Sorry for the lack of content, just wanted to say:

Super interesting, keep going

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