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floyd mayweather vs conor mcgregor is officially happening.....!!!!

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posted on Jun, 14 2017 @ 06:38 PM
a reply to: TinySickTears

The best thing about Conner is how hes always working on his game to improve and add things. Hes not unbeatable but he does some things incredibly well, particularly his counterpunch. Ive been watching video on that and its uncanny how good he is at it.

His ground game is a bit weak. Its not his strength for sure. Against Mayweather Im concerned that we may get two guys waiting for the other to throw the first punch.

This so shoud have been an mma fight. If Mayweather is so great why does he hide behind boxing rules? Though hes obviously the king of modern boxing (snooze).

posted on Jun, 14 2017 @ 06:49 PM

originally posted by: pirhanna
a reply to: TinySickTears

The best thing about Conner is how hes always working on his game to improve and add things. Hes not unbeatable but he does some things incredibly well, particularly his counterpunch. Ive been watching video on that and its uncanny how good he is at it.

His ground game is a bit weak. Its not his strength for sure. Against Mayweather Im concerned that we may get two guys waiting for the other to throw the first punch.

This so shoud have been an mma fight. If Mayweather is so great why does he hide behind boxing rules? Though hes obviously the king of modern boxing (snooze).

i dont think we will get them both waiting to throw. conor is very offensive. he will not wait

floyd has no reason to even want to fight mma. why would he?
he does not train mma at all. no ground. no kicks.
conor trains with striking...even though i dont think he will win it makes sense

does not make sense for floyd to take a fight with rules that include aspects of a game he knows nothing about.

i have to clarify that i am a big fan of conors striking style. he is growing on me as a fighter. if he was solid on the ground i would like him much more.
my first love is the ground. strikes come second for me.
all my favorite fighters have a nasty ground game...conor is smart and in good shape. if he put in some serious ground time with the right people he would be friggin unstoppable.
you dont need to be a black belt on the ground. his striking is so solid he does not need it but his defense is zilch.

he should learn to defend on the ground. some transitions and such. reversals and then get back up. basic submissions.
im sure he does do that but imo not enough. to be fair his striking is so good that he has not really had to.

but you see when you fight a legit ground fighter like nate. tapped on one and couldnt finish the other. didnt want to go to the ground

posted on Jun, 14 2017 @ 07:28 PM
a reply to: TinySickTears

I confess, this is why I like Conor - he's todays Mohammed Ali with his draw-card rhetoric.

Man, I can't #in wait for this, it's gonna be a beauty.

posted on Jun, 14 2017 @ 07:40 PM
Conor is the best talker of sh#t Ive ever seen in sport, hands down. He must've went to the school of Ali.

And to add to it, he is awesome to watch fight in the UFC, Im expecting the same inside the ropes.

I frankly dont give a damn if its a win-win for Conor, I just enjoy his swagger.

He will have a very good shot in the early rounds because he should surprise Mayweather. I think Floyd will underestimate Conor's power and speed, but Conor, even in his MMA matches, tends to fade. So if Floyd is still standing in the 4th, he'll likely win.

Its Floyds arena, as much as Id like to see Conor whoop him.

posted on Jun, 14 2017 @ 07:43 PM
a reply to: Sublimecraft

I think a lot of folks are forgetting the notion of the "sweet science"
Boxing is a ridiculously well established sport. Its been studied inside and out.

Dont get me wrong, emotionally, i want McGregor..but to under estimate the caliber of Mayweather in his own element...well hes going to destroy McGregor

posted on Jun, 14 2017 @ 09:28 PM
I have no interest in watching mcgregor get his butt handed to him in the boxing ring.
This fight will be terrible.

posted on Jun, 14 2017 @ 09:40 PM

originally posted by: pirhanna
They should have contracted it so its one boxing fight and one mma fight. That would be better. Boxing is legit and can deliver some serious damage...but rather limited in the scope of full martial arts. Conner sure doesnt mind a challenge to limit himself like sure the insane cash helps. Haha.

I would love to see this and at the same time know it would never happen.

Say May runs out of cash and does some serious mixed training.....nah it's not going to happen. It had to be one or the other. To much to gain against not much to lose either boxing or mma. I am thinking a rematch would happen way before a mma match.

posted on Jun, 14 2017 @ 09:59 PM
I like conor but he cant win will be fun to watch tho

I wana bet on dq ... i dono how long he can keep from going back to mma when hes loseing

posted on Jun, 14 2017 @ 10:36 PM
a reply to: TinySickTears

I agree that Mayweather wouldnt want to fight mma. That was kind of the point. Boxing is too one dimensional - its great as part of a whole, but if thats all you know you have huge gaps as a fighter. If Conner has a weak ground game, imagine Mayweather on the ground with Nate Diaz. Lol. Diaz is a beast.

I am definitely a Connor McGregor fan, but the sport interests me more than any one fighter.

Floyds very likely to win this boxing match but it should be entertaining, and you never know. McGregor has that "you never know" factor. Not quite like Kenobi and the high ground, but something like that. He surprises a lot of guys.
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posted on Jun, 15 2017 @ 02:50 AM
New Showtime promotion poster

154 lbs is a good weight for both.

I believe Conor is going to get inside Floyd's head, which he is not used to, and have Floyd trippin' by the time they fight!

McG should go do some cardio training with the Diaz bros.

The more cardio he has for this fight , the further he could endure and sustain a chance.

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posted on Jun, 15 2017 @ 05:43 AM
a reply to: waftist

He'll yeah. Do some dabs, run a triathlon, then roll in the shark tank for hour bursts. His cardio would be sick

posted on Jun, 15 2017 @ 08:17 AM
imo this fight is stupid and only about money. if Conor wanted to prove himself and make history then defend a title for the first time in his life. fighter 49-0 vs. fighter 0-0, ya that seems like a good fair match. i know people will say "but its Conor" , my reply to that is "you must have never seen Floyd fight". i really believe the people that are stoked on this fight have never seen Floyd fight. Mayweather is a point fighter not a smashing machine.

posted on Jun, 15 2017 @ 10:10 PM
The fact of the matter is Conor has already won. If he loses, so what? Nobody is expecting him to win. He is going to be the underdog. It's boxing, not MMA. If he wins then you will have the biggest upset in combat sports history. . . . Either way, he is going to walk away from the fight with about $100,000,000. That's ONE-HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS. . . . If I lost in a sport that wasn't even the sport I was a professional in and still made $100,000.000, guess what? Don't cry for me Argentina. I'll be all right while I'm on the beach resort in Montego Bay having a drink and smoking a cigar.

Both fighters are very smart when it comes to defend and counter punch. They are also very accurate and smart; they take their time to catch your rhythm, read your tendencies and hit you, one with a huge volume but lacking strength to put you away with few blows and the other with a very heavy hand for a guy his weight.

Floyd won't rush in against a bigger and heavy handed man, but do what he's good at which is run around the ring, counter attack. And only if the opponent is way too easy to tag, he´ll become aggressive and do harm. Conor needs to be patient, watch his gas tank and not waste his energy against arguably the best defensive game the sport has ever seen.

He needs to be so patient that Mayweather will eventually start taking risks, throwing more often and then TRY to capitalize on any opening and land his heavy and precise shots.

I know this isn't Conor's sport and his opponent is one of the GOAT's, but hes no slouch, has great foot work and quick hands. He has extraordinary power, movement and he is bigger, age is also on his side. He moves in a very particular way, an MMA way. He doesn't move like a Boxer, he is going to come at angles that Floyd isn't familiar with and by the time he figures it out it might be too late.

I'm not saying Conor is going to go out there and "destroy" Floyd Mayweather, that's being a little too enthusiastic, I'm only saying that the outcome isn't as clear as some people think it is.

posted on Jun, 18 2017 @ 08:55 AM
look at the prices.

floor seats on row c, not even the best seats are 30 grand

way up in the bleachers are 3 grand

posted on Jun, 18 2017 @ 10:59 PM
So this fight is actually happening. There was speculation for a while even on this site. But in all, under the rules there going to fight, ie 10 oz boxing gloves and boxing rules. Mayweather has pretty much all the cards on his deck, not that I think mayweather is the greatest boxer of all time, hes not.

But he may be the best defensive/counter boxer of all time, and he knows how to sell himself and when to pick and choose his fights. The last two fights and really the only fights I remember were the pacquiao fight, pacman was on his way out, even got ko'd some fights back before the mayweather fight and low and behold now of all times mayweather wants to fight him, not all those years before.

And the oscar de la hoya fight it was same ol, both fighters were not looking there best before they finally made those fights, which really should have happened years and years earlier in there carrers and when they were on top. Like I said knows how to pick his fights and when.

And both of those boxing matches should have been declared a draw, especially the pacquiao fight, and only because i dont even really remember the del a hoya fight, other then it was pretty much the same deal, skirting on points and a few shots, which did not even stagger the other fighters. In all it was more hype then anything.

And MacGregor, hes got a punchers chance in this fight, and he can win if he can draw mayweather out of his boxing style, but its likely that watching the nutcracker ballet would be more exciting then this fight will be, because it would be just some shots and tangle then break up you two, ect ect for 12 rounds with mayweather slipping in more shoots then macgregor, enough to get the win.

I see this going to the cards and judges in mayweathers favor, because thats what he practiced his entire life to do and is good at and has done in the great majority of his fights. This is a spectacle more then an actuall boxing match, but it is interesting, in mma, conor would mop the floor with mayweather likely would not last a minute, but in boxing I think he is good enough and tough enough to hang in there with mayweather for 12 rounds.

But only simply because mayweather is not really a hard puncher ko people puncher. But unless he messes up his game and brings mayweather out of his rhythm and breaks up his whole boxing game to land that one clean shot and knock him out, its going to be the same old #. And mayweather will win on points. I dont see him KOing Connor, but it could happen as well.

Now if they boxed with mma gloves on, or even lighter boxing gloves, like I was hoping then it would be a more who knows fight, since floyds whole game is more on the defensive side and irritating opponents. But with mma gloves on, half the things he throws leaves him exposed a lot with smaller gloves on, and way he fights defensively would be null and void in a lot things with those tiny gloves on, because one of those shots will get through with those tiny gloves on, would not even be to do any of those pretty duck and cover rope a dope moves, simply because those small gloves will get through eventually, and all it would take is one.

If they boxed with mma type gloves on, I would say they would be evenly matched, and both would have a punchers change, floyd with his boxing experience, and MacGregor with his mma punching experience, and the fact that the whole way they would box would change completely with small gloves on.

It would have been more of a fight then a boxing match, but under those rules with those gloves on like there going to fight or box, like I said pretty much all the cards are in Mayweathers deck, even though MacGregor does stand a punchers change, in boxing that means a lot less then it does in MMA per the obvious reasons, some of which I stated above.

But ya, should be an interesting fight to see what happens, not going to be buying it, as I would rather watch the nutcracker ballet, but may be looking at it one day on the internet. Either way, I think MacGregor is done, win or lose he will make lots of money, and I dont see him going back into MMA to fight again, not with dudes like Kabib and Ferguson waiting for him, in all, even the dudes he beat while in two cases were spectacular and surprising, I dont see him doing that to others or even to those same fighters again if they had a rematch.

And he seems like a smart guy, I don't see him getting back into the shark pool that is MMA if he makes that much money from this fight, hes got to know that its just a matter of time, and a short time at that.

But Connor MacGregor has made me believe in leprechauns and the luck of the Irish all over again. I wonder were he will keep his pot of gold after this fight with mayweather? Just messing, but not really, in all its an interesting match-up and possibilities, but unless he does something drastically different in this boxing match, hes just playing in mayweathers game, he to hunts for those pots of gold over the rainbows, easy money on both parts. Its going to be quite a spectacle either way.

posted on Jun, 19 2017 @ 02:14 AM
Floyd is forty years old.

He is over the crest of the olde hill.

His body will not listen to him now and he will not be able to recover....from the 1st landed punch by Conner the end will begin for Floyd.

It is simply an age issue.

No one can run from Mother Nature forever.

What we will see is an mma fighter step in and beat down an old man who deserves it...absolutely deserves it....IMHO ever since Floyd insulted a broadcasting Icon he has needed his pin-cushion buffed up a little bit and CM is just the fighting Irishman to do it....I have been waiting for this for a long time....for someone to finish the job of correcting Floyd the ego-maniac that Larry is because of this utter disrespect for an Industry Icon who was a Seior Citizen that I truly hope the Good Lady Karma turns a blind eye when Conner McGreggor rocks Floyd with the first of many big shots.....Floyd is to weak to KO Conner and the longer the fight goes the faster Maywethers body goes south....his recover abilty is shot now....he is one and done....all he can do is run....but he is to vain for that so he wil engage early and try to see if he has the power to rock Conner....methinks this early bravado will get Floyd knocked out early...which is probably for the better.

What I suspect is that Floyds corner will be looking for a creative way out as early as possible...a disqualification of Conner or something cheezy like a cut they let grow.....say Floyd runs into a Conner elbow as he closes distance.....if it opens Floyd up his corner will let it ride and try to end it in a no-contest or however they can.

Floyd is thinking like a Boxer which is why he never should have accepted this fight....he is going to get hurt really does not think tacticlly like a Boxer then box to get there....he thinks tacticlly like an MMA fighter and then boxes to get there....Floyd has it in his head to manage rounds....Conner has it in his head to remove his opponent and in the process remove the ability of the judges to screw him he will go in looking to finish Floyd ASAP not in a hurry but from the 1st second on Conner will be trying to hurt Floyd badly.....even if Floyd flat out runs from the beginning round IMHO Conner is going to do soooo much damage with every shot and be so forward in his intentions Floyd will not be able to run beyond the 3rd round where he will have to make a stand when he realises his body is not is in the 3rd-4th rounds where I see a 40 year old man dropping everything at once.....we all watched the great fighter Randy Couture do the same thing as he aged....pick a spot and go all-in.

Conner needs to plan for a KO counter to a liver shot delivered by Floyd because this is the only surprise besides a headbutt or clipped glove which cuts Conner that Maywether has.....and he needs to learn to drop one right into Floyds liver when he tries to lure Conner in close to shoulder-roll his way inside. ......a ferocious shot to the liver or two will end Floyds night early IMHO.....the liver is the keyhole to the legs in all combat sports.

Had I boxed I would have reamed Floyds liver right out for him from the 1st round forward....everytime he shoulder-rools to set up Floyd extends back and up which completely exposes his liver AND puts his body in a position which provides an internal Anvil for Conners external hammer meaning every shot will have a greater than normal impact when landed clean.Floyd might end up with paralysed legs after one clean shot doing the he tumbles down giving us all his best Bill Cosby imitation with eyes rolled back and funny grin on his goodness do I ever love watching the Liver-Dance.

Conner...just because you cannot really hurt your sparring partners ....remember you will feel your fist sinking into his body immediatly,the last thought you will have when you land the Liver-Quiver shot is wow it does sink in deep...then BAMMO he will begin to eye-roll and wobble back...dont finish him....let him dance for a while fighting it....give him time to think about the 80 year old man he disrespected.....time will stop for him during the hope he hears the name LARRY echoing in his beanbag as his rubberband legs begin to go the Good Lady Karma likely has some fun in store for Floyd...after all Floyd opened himself up for see Floyd has WANTED a beatdown ever since he disrespected changed Floyds life forever...sent him into a tailspin....methinks Floyd is looking for a beatdown to get things off of his chest ad he had to be sure the man doing it would LOOK GOOD DOING IT...IMHO Floyd picked the right man in CM.

Winning a fistfight is not about is about intention and invention in that order.......I think boxing is 100% convention .....full stop......goodnight Floyd.

posted on Jun, 19 2017 @ 05:25 AM
a reply to: one4all

You're absolutely right about the liver shot. Shuts dudes down but can conor deliver a tight liver shot through the shell?
The more I think about it the more excited I am about it. If and that's a big if conor wins it will be huge for mma. The timeline will be the golden age from Royce Gracie to now, the silver age when the mma champ beat arguably the best boxer of all time.

posted on Jun, 19 2017 @ 10:05 AM

originally posted by: TinySickTears
a reply to: one4all

You're absolutely right about the liver shot. Shuts dudes down but can conor deliver a tight liver shot through the shell?
The more I think about it the more excited I am about it. If and that's a big if conor wins it will be huge for mma. The timeline will be the golden age from Royce Gracie to now, the silver age when the mma champ beat arguably the best boxer of all time.

I am excited to,IMHO boxing is about to lose a lot of its mystique.

Boxing is a sweet science because of how you have to approach a fight,because of the mentality of most Mike Tyson was an immediate predator and he simply went in and took people apart by releasing bombs immediatly....Tyson did not throw anything soft ever....he was unusual this way for a boxer...he wasted absolutely no was Mike trying to beat the clock every time....this set him made him a fighter more than a made him Destruction Incorporated.......IMHO Conor is going to come in like Tyson....looking to land hurtfull shots ASAP and not considering Floyd only considering the perfection of his moments and the consideration of Floyd who is simply the reciever here....I do not think Conor is going in there to play catch or tag with Floyd he is going in there to throw hardballs and fastballs with everything having SERIOUS volume with Tyson everything will be in its place and there will be a place for everything and Conor will simply let the dynamic flow and the damage rain down .

I cant wait to see this go down.

posted on Jun, 19 2017 @ 11:28 AM
a reply to: one4all

You really have me thinking about this a different way. Thanks.
God damn it would be nice to see it go into the late rounds with conor touching him up. I don't see it but I would love that

posted on Jun, 19 2017 @ 08:52 PM
I'm going to thoroughly enjoy watching McGregor get his face shattered by Mr. Money.

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