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We Live In a Complemenrary Universe

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posted on Jun, 13 2017 @ 12:50 AM
What this means, in its ultimate sense, is that matter and mind are finding one another through the Human being.

Does all of this - you right now - really strike you as accidental? Or is the universe so huge in its spectrum of coherent possibilities, that the complex organized logic of what we are so evades awareness, that we settle for simple little stories?

We know the universe is deterministic. The emergence of matter follows predictable laws. The evolution of matter has followed repeating patterns called "fractals", which have literally moved to the point of you and I in our present being. The golden mean, indeed, may even be that rule - and how mysterious too - since the golden mean is the most "irrational" of numbers, going on for infinity.

It excites me to know that I am stitching together something awesome - no less than a "coarse grained" sketch of reality. The task has moved from the emotional, to the semiotic. The transition point of creation happens at the discovery of fire, where the reflexive Australopithecus first experienced fire. It first experienced the awe that it bespeaks. It - fire, "speaks"? Is this a mere human metaphor, or is the Human world, as Charles Sander Peirce thought, pervaded by an underlying semiotic structure - which nowadays may be seen as literally embodied as the structure of our brain?

By 1.8 million years ago, regular interaction day by day, had created an organism that was "capturing" environmental saliences that took on representational significance. No doubt, the first intonation paired with a commonly shared referent was fire. The "thing" that excites Me. Excites You. Excites Us. What is this that interests us, so much so that, that we are tempted into representing it to ourselves and one another?

Fire, a mere symbol, or the original "dicisign"? The dicisign, as interpreted by the philosopher Frederick Stjernfelt, is in nature: nature, and the various forms that arise within it, possess a "dicisign": a capacity for what's called "iconicity", relevant to animals which merely note the existence of a thing, but not thing as it is in itself i.e. as existing. This "as existing" part, is the dicisign - or the ontological property of the thing represented, forced into human perception, and constrained into a particular "name": 'afa' 'fire' - this, this glowing, burning, ever changing but staying the same, destructive yet constructive - for cooking, for light, for a feeling of connection to others and the world - to the "Other" itself.

Fire was the first dicisign know to the human mind. Back then, of course, we were small brained bipedal apes. It was with regular interaction with the affectively stimulating force of fire against the backdrop of the night, in conjunction with the additional calories released from cooking, that stimulated preferential brain development: the external context I.e. fire of the night, modified metabolic functioning in such a way as to augment perceptual and cognitive activity - and no doubt, led to the eventual evolution of various types of narratives.

What's important here, is that the emergence of symbolic awareness is stimultaneously the extraction of ontological structure - the dicisigns - implicit in the object-world Humans interact with , into the hominids brain structure. Thus, Self-Other (world) biosemiotic structure already contains and expresses the history of relationships that the organism itself gives expression to. Humans, however, have gone deeper: we are not merely what Daniel Dennett and other's imagine us to be; rather, the world and its objects "speak their structure" because the dicisign of every natural structure is inherently propositional: it has you in mind i.e. you in your existing as a potential partner in the reality process.

God creates the universe - and I use the word God, because the semiotic order of the universe bespeaks an intelligence far greater than any one of us can at this present moment in time understand in any other way but in the language of the "infinite beyond" - beyond our present day semiotic capacities to appreciate. The term "God" also captures a personal quality intrinsic, I think, in the language of Genesis. Adam = Eve, Male = Female, The Dicisign of Created Reality = The Organism created within Reality, completing the Semiotic Potentials Within It.

Indeed, I can't help but honestly wonder: if everything has a dicisign - including ourselves - then wouldn't that then imply that the objects of the natural world only have one true interpretation - one true 'dicisign'? What would happen to the Human life world if the Human being, correctly understanding the nature of the signification of objects - their symbolic meaning in terms of the exigencies of Human living? Our being - our material ontologies, would then become integrated with the material ontologies of the "things" around us.

Is this a profitable way of thinking? If this is true, the proverbial rain-maker would not seem so strange, but rather, we westerners, naively dreaming of building machine replacements for ourselves, have lost their natural place in the creation process.

We live in a world of babblers. People who misrepresent and misunderstand. Pure and Utter relativism - objects and their semiotic signification - and what that even means, ontologically, is totally and utterly lost on them.

posted on Jun, 13 2017 @ 12:59 AM
a reply to: Astrocyte

the world and its objects "speak their structure"

interesting. This reminds me of Platos world of the Forms.

posted on Jun, 13 2017 @ 01:35 AM

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posted on Jun, 13 2017 @ 06:30 AM
Some deep thoughts there Atrocyte. As far as babbling, language doesn't always capture what someone is trying to express. Given time though, the rhythm of the sounds of life can become more apparent, even musical.

In duality, I think the tension manifesting between absolutes is what adds motion to the universe. Absolutes that exist as ideals rather then something purely physical.

I feel this duality also exists within consciousness, as well. I think the golden mean could apply to one's emotional development. Life can be so amazing, usually it's easier to feel this way when swimming with the tide.

I think the chaos in the world around us, is partially the result of our limited time here. Hopefully, moving forward, our civilization will have a chance to flower as we collectively build on our shared history using the net.

Part of awakening is the that all the information we have access to in the various spheres of our lives is exposing us to greater context to recognize the fractal nature of the universe. In previous times, when information was more limited it may have been more challenging. The net lets us leverage time here together through sharing...

posted on Jun, 13 2017 @ 09:50 AM
a reply to: Astrocyte

This book make have few missing pieces to your thinking:

Mind from Matter

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