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Is God Evil???

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posted on Aug, 2 2017 @ 08:10 PM
God has both peaceful and terrifying forms.

posted on Aug, 21 2017 @ 05:19 PM
a reply to: JoshuaCox

You make some good points, OP.

I've questioned the same thing. It is a lot like option 2.

However I have come to realize that God keeps you from him based off the disconnect. You see, Lucifer, can only be good in the clutches of God. Once God allowed Satan free to choose good and evil, he chose evil. The idea that he lurred Eve to do this is the same concept is the same. You see reference of Heaven being this place where no evil exsisted is actually caused by force. Without knowledge of evil youre forced to know only of good.

Lucifer and Adam & Eve are proof of: curiosity killed the cat. With it comes a learning curve. God is giving both Lucifer and Adam and Eve the blessing of free will. Just like a father and a son. The father can protect and keep the son from evil, the son is the one who will seek it to learn it. Now, do you challenge their ideas or allow them to make mistakes? God warned them both, but neither listened. This is why you can't blame God when things are bad. When you're in Heaven you don't have a choice really, you have no influence of wrong doing or a cause for chaos. There is only serenity. It's by our own choosing did we disconnect from God.

As far as everything is put in place is not true for me. To be ever knowing is to be able to plan the right outcome always. You have the right to believe or not- nor does it change. You must literally seek God for God to listen. I honestly don't think he chalks anyone up as a loss cause, he just hopes for the best. One example is the Nephelim.

God destroyed the world just to end all the lawlessness of the Earth caused by Lucifer and the Falling Ones coming down to breed with women.

However we know later he simply did not kill them all. When you look later in the Bible, one excuse people don't believe in God is the order to kill entire race of men and children. However, these people are descendants of the Nephelim. These people are corrupting Gods creation so that God could not come as 100% man. But didn't God kill them all?

Why would God destroy the world and not kill all of the Nephelim? Ironically I think I may have found proof of why that is in Book of Enoch. However some people won't like what I am saying I hope they view it with an open mind.

Enoch covers more of his time than Genesis. One interesting thing to look at is the "Birth of Noah". Lamech, son of Enoch, father of Noah beholds his son who looks nothing like him. Noah is white! I am not just talking Albinoism either. Lamech addresses that he sees nothing of himself in Noah and believes he is the son of the "fallen ones".

At this time the entire world is probably black except for Angels and the Nephelim who are white. But before you go shouting how all white men are the devil - read further in Enoch! God states he has a special plan for Noah, not just him but by his own skin color. In Enochs Animal Parables he defines the prophecy of Noah as a "White bull" who sprang forth 3 sons. 1 white, 1 red, and 1 black. You still see signs of these names today such as [Ham=Africa] [Japeth=Europe] and [Shem=Middle Eastern]. You follow those names of the Noahs grandsons you see the signs still today like Gomer, son of Japeth is Irish/Scottish.

How does this add up? God was already preparing man's rise to wickedness. Some think when God destroyed the Tower of Bable that's when he changed our tongues and skin color however he did that way before. All he had to do was change their speech. With nothing in common led us towards the creation of racism and political biased. It was needed, many nations not getting a long has always kept us in check. God knows if the entire Earth falls to one king it is too easy to corrupt the world. Skin colors, different speech, political varieties caused a stone wall that protects us from that one world tyranny.

This doesn't mean he created Racism, we did. All he does, he does to help save mankind. Yeah there are losses, but imagine the losses if some one like Hitler took charge back then- race differences would had been extinct by now. So yea there is darkness but it's always on us, God is the light that protects us. That corrects and tries to balance us back out to save us from all lawlessness.

In fact, it also destroyed the idea that all white people are the devil because Noah and Japeth are both white without being a fallen Angel or Nephelim hybrid. Race has one father, that is Noah. Shem or shemetics.. anti-semetic. The Jews traveled to land of Ham. Look at Hams sons you literally see ancient empires based on their names.

I just don't think it is all preplanned. I think God knows in the end what the end can be because he acknowledged all possible outcomes and Satan only wants one. His only true interference has always been to bring balance back and hopes that you come to him. We just find a way to corrupt it. Like a chess game between the two. But God can cheat. He has extra pawns, no matter how Lucifers plays the game he can't win. God has placed barriers so the only way he can "win" is to show his true form to us in the end and admit defeat. That is God's promise to us. Lucifer thinks he can turn man away from him but it will never happen. It's the only move he has left, what we call.. Revelations.

Again, do not misconstrue that point that God created Racism. He didnt. We did. In fact Enoch proves we are all from Noah. If we all come from one biological father- it's not racism. Racism is learned and man made. Man is product of curse for wanting more of a heavenly body but a fleshly one with a choice of right or wrong.

It's like a statement. Without God, we will be plunge into chaos. Look at History, there is more evil than good. That's what life is. It's disconnection of God to choose between Good and Evil. I can't blame God for the chance of redemption. Technically, we was so bad off that he has to send his son to bare the sins of the world. So in my opinion, he has done everything he can but hold all our hands throughout our entire lives or through history of mankind. It's not up to him to go back in his grace, it's up to you. And God won't shut you out until the book of life is closed. You have a lifetime to come to God, but he won't force you to do it.

I hope this doesn't go off topic or about race- it's just an example on a half theory I've been putting together to understand biblical genealogy and why there was Nephelim during preflood and is the only way I can make sense of it. Overall conclusion is you have free will. God does not tempt us. God knows all outcomes and placed barriers and loopholes (such as Jesus) to allow us back into his grace.

Did God know Satan would turn from him? No. When he allowed Satan to have freewill there are only two outcomes. He just prepared for the worst outcome while hoping for the best. More study Bible more you see this. God technically gives Satan numerous of times to repent back into his grace before his fall. Satan just never repented. That's why his fate is sealed and ours isn't. He tricked us so we get redemption.. just like Satan did. Technically 3 times..
1.) Flood of Noah. 1.) Not bowing to man
2.) Death of Christ 2.) Tempting Eve
3.) Mark of the Beast 3.) Breeding with Mankind

You get to choose. Turn from him he will harden your heart. Come to him and he will soften it. But it's all up to you.

posted on Aug, 22 2017 @ 10:58 AM
a reply to: Iostsheep

Did God know Satan would turn from him? No.

So God is limited and not all knowing?

When he allowed Satan to have freewill there are only two outcomes. He just prepared for the worst outcome while hoping for the best. More study Bible more you see this.

Satan was an angel before his fall.

Angels don't have free will.

and again, why do you believe God is limited? Many religious people trying to understand God try going so deep that put limitations on a something that is everything and nothing, something with no limits.

Look at History, there is more evil than good.

This is the biggest manipulation both religions and the modern media have on societies.

Show more negativity than positivity and people will be convinced that there is an unbalance even though there isn't its just been presented to the observer that there is.

Your perception of how much evil compared to good is based on your environment.

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