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Leave History in the Past....

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posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 10:31 AM
Ok, over the last few days, Ive been in some threads that have gotten way outta hand. Ive received several u2u's warning me (and, I hope others) to tone it down. No point deduction mind you, just little bits of advice from the mods.

Any rate, Ive been labled everything from homophobe to racist, to biggot, ignorant, etc. On a personal level, peoples opinions of me matter very little, but I'm afraid its just a small glimpse of a much larger problem.

First lets clear up the air a tad, shall we? The blacks got screwed. The Indians got screwed. The jews got screwed. Do you see where I'm going here? Yes, alot of people through out history have been screwed over by the masses. As humans, its our nature to command and conquer.

Society today is far more civilized than in years past. With modern technology nothing escapes the media. If it happens you will hear about alomst instantly. Not the case in history though. Atoricities took time to make its way into public domain.

I dont feel that we will ever see problems that we've had in the past, ever again. We are more educated now, and people just tend to look the other way. The influence of religion is smaller now, so there is less killing in the name of God. On a whole, we are way more civilized now, than at any time in history.

My point? Why must the past injustices be brought up time and time again. People will say, "those who forget history are doomed to repeat it". Fine. That doesnt mean that we spend years upon years rubbing all of societies faces in it. It doesnt mean, that since your ancestors were wronged that somehow, now you are entitled to monetary compensation.

People (americans) have a hard time with personal responsibilty. THey have a hard time understanding that their problems are created by themselves. A black man today cant blame his problems in life on slavery any more than a jew can on the holocaust. Yet over and over, its thrown in our faces. "Look what happened to US"....It didnt happen to you...If anything you have been given ample opportunities to better yourself. More so than the average white guy. The problem is that you want to become rich because of it. People somehow feel that they are entitled to money from this.

Now please, before you label me again, consider this. Dorothy Tillman, alderwoman from chicago said in a city council meeting about slave reperations: "Keep your 40 acres and a mule, I want a lexus" With comments like that from black leaders, how can you possibly expect anyone to take your "plight" serioulsly?

The past is the past. If society spent a 1/4 of the time on looking towards the future as it does the past, we'd all be alot better off. Racism exists today because the white man is not allowed to forget about slavery. Nor are we forgiven. Nevermind the fact that modern day white men, had NOTHING to do with it.

This isnt a black or white issue with me. But it seems minorities (no matter the color or creed) are not content with equality. They want superiority. If it was only about equality, we'd have no problems. There are numerous laws and organizations to insure equality. Instead, we have affirmitive action, shake downs by Jesse Jackson and the like, all black radio stations, tv shows, etc. Watch black television, or listen to rap. White people are made fun of, spoofed, blamed, and to many things to list here. How ever, if a white themed show was to do the same.....look out.

Each group of people in our society has its own agenda, and they are only looking out for their own. They know the white man is weak when it comes to guilt. They guilt us into giving in, over and over.

No doubt that there are certain segments of our society that are in dire need of help. Homeless, drug addicts, etc. This knows no colors. These people are in need, and its our job to help them. But when it comes to black history month, whats the point of that? Do we celebrate "White history month"? tv stations would be boycotted in a second.

It feels, to me, that my face in constantly being rubbed by the injustices of the past. I had nothing to do with it. I work with many people of different colors, and we all get along well. We can joke with each other about the differences we have. They tease me because I cant dance. I tease them because they can ski..etc...point...its all in good fun..

I think if society would just say "Look, we are all different. Blacks have a different culture and lifestyle than whites. Who cares? " We'd all be better off. Recognize the differences. Dont focus on them. The past is the past. The schools need to lay off it as well.

I think its sad that in a day and age where we land rovers on Mars, that we still have to deal with slavery , etc. Not to sound cliche', but can't we all just get along ????????

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 11:04 AM
I guess you didn't get the memo. Common sense has been outlawed. People are no longer allowed to take personal responsibility because it puts too much pressure on them and can interfere with self esteem. If you blame others for your shortcomings you can avoid working hard and overcoming obstacles!

I agree 100% with your post. This is 2005. History is history. Knowing it is a good thing. Living it and using it as an excuse for where you are in life is another.


posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 12:32 PM
But your people took my land! Well, took the 3%(if not less) of my Native heritage Oriented American(have to be completely PC) lnad, I want money! Sure it doesn't affect me in the least, but I want money! Also, good point, Dave Chappel Show can do/say anything they want, people laugh. If say, Jeff Foxworthy went on stage and said "Why do 'n-word's wear the pants around the knees and show off the boxers? No one wants to see your black ass." Guess who would be booed off the stage and labeled a racist while you have Dave, Eddie, Chris, and other black comedians who say "Damn whitey, whats up with your cracker ass? You can't play b-ball, you a cracker." And people pay them money to do it again.

Also, why do you think rap, heavy metal, rock, violent video games/tv/movies, so forth are blamed for when a kid shoots a school up or why girls have sex at younger and younger ages? Because it isn't my fault, it's everybody elses fault. Or on judge shows, almost anytime it a fat black woman on welfare suing a white person it is thrown out cause she basically just suing cause she is black and the defendant white. "My car got damaged when I rear ended his car in the parking lot. His was parked here, in the parking spot infront of the entrance to the door and I wanted it so I used my car to push his out of the way and now he owes me money for the damages to my car." Now, not saying all blacks on judge shows, no, most have real claims, but whenever it a fat black woman on welfare suing a white male, it just cause they want free money.

Also, with reparations, bs. They were never slaves, the parents weren't, neither were the grand parents. My family never owned slaves, my family fought for the Union. Also, what about families who moved here after the Civil War? Do they owe money to the blacks who moved here after the Civil War? About the only people who can demand money for what was done to them are the Japanese who were in interment camps during WWII. Not their kids or grandkids, them, the ones actually in the camps.

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 12:37 PM
Easy answer...........generalities and stereotypes are propogated to insure division among the population. Any reason is fair game; if the people are bickering about inconsequentiels(not that history is irrelevant; but as it relates to persons today) then noone will have time to notice the sleight of hand trick that is our economic/political system. A better bickering would be the chasm of difference between an affluent education and lower class(it's all about money.)

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 01:17 PM
What really grates me is how the sheep follow them. I think that is more of an agenda on the part of the lawyers than anything else. Add that with the mentality "keep em fighting amongst themselves, and theyll be blind to everything else going on around them."

It just kills me, that I am forever labled a racist and biggot by people on here. Thats grand. I am neither. Alls I am, is a white guy trying to feed and shelter his family and raise them the best I can.

Heres a few problems I have with society, if it makes me racist, so be it. Mind you, I live 1.5 miles from Gary Indiana. In case you aren't aware, Gary was the murder capital (per capita) in the US for 3 years. Last year they only came in 3rd. Try harder guys. Point--> I know what Im talking about. Im exposed to it everyday.

Blacks: Before I start, let me say this in no way reflects my views on the WHOLE race. I dont have a view on that. This is my problem with a SEGMENT of their society. They focus to much attention on sports and rap. Instead of worrying about a future thru education, they want instant riches. They spend their youths perfecting their rhymes and jump shots. They can barely read or write in proper english. They have a mentality that tells them they are going to obtain mass wads of cash by rapping or signing a contract. In actuality most of them will not. Instead, they father a child to young, be unable to obtain any sort of gainfull employment, and will wind up a 20 something yr old drop out with no skills, no respect, and no future. I hold the parents mostly responsible, as they never encouraged them to do anything else, let alone discipline them or teach them anything. When life suddenly smacks you in the face what are you suppose to do. Its ok to dream when your young, and hell, its even better if you pursue your dream. However, shouldnt you have a "plan B" ready, just in case your not one of 3 new stars to appear this year? Why do so many pro football players wait to enter the draft untill they finish their degree? They have to. Now the NBA says, we'll take you right from highschool. Gives the kids false hope that it will happen to them. Lebron is one man.

This problem isnt limited to blacks alone, but Ive chosen them, because it seems to affect them more. This disease has spread amongst the white kids as well. It will be more damaging to them though, as white rappers and NBA players are a rarity. Again, follow your "dream", but know what that dream is. Is it fame and fortune, or is it rap and basketball? Most of the time, its the money. Well, if thats the case, go to law school. You'll be rich a lot quicker.

Now take these kids and fast forward 10 years. They've been discriminated
against. LIfe isnt "fair" to them. They have to live in poverty because theyre black and we "keep" them there. Thats wrong. Your there because you spent your youth being cool, and not taking any sort of personal responsibilty for your own future. You sat around and waited for Jay-Z and P-Diddy to pull up in the limos and take you away. Its time to swallow your pride take the crappy minimun wage job and start working. You gotta crawl before you walk, and walk before you run. Instead, they get on welfare, collect unearned paychecks, milk the system and raise another generation to do the same. Of course their angry. Its just a mis-guided anger.

If the schools put a stronger emphasis on on education, instead of sports that would be a good start. If the parents stopped acting like children themselves, that would be a good start. If the language of "ebonics" was banned from schools, that would be a good start. If an attempt to join main stream society was made, that would be a good start.

Ahhh, but what do I know. I'm just an "ignorant racist, biggot whos close mindness is disgusting." Why because I hold people responsible. Regardless of color or creed. If this post continues, I shall rip on the white man as well. I can go on and on.

So, instead of rubbing the white mans nose in the sick face of slavery, look back on what made that possible. Your own people are guilty as well. Look back on pride with what your people have done, and try to outdo them. Change the problems you have today. Dont expect to be paid for what happend 100 of years ago. Or doom yourself to keep living the same way.

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 01:46 PM
Spliff, every year on the Jewish holidays, fathers ritually read the history of the Jews and Pharaos dead for centuries. Of Romans long gone. Of Adolph and Nasser from the century past. They did this for two thousand years, and then in 1948, they took back their land.

Speaking for the Native Americans here, we'll forget when hell freezes over.

And unlike the Israelis, we'll let you join us.

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 01:52 PM

Originally posted by Chakotay
Spliff, every year on the Jewish holidays, fathers ritually read the history of the Jews and Pharaos dead for centuries. Of Romans long gone. Of Adolph and Nasser from the century past. They did this for two thousand years, and then in 1948, they took back their land.

Speaking for the Native Americans here, we'll forget when hell freezes over.

And unlike the Israelis, we'll let you join us.

Not entirely true. In 1948 we settled them there, because, well, Germany was in shambles, and why put gas on the smoldering embers you just doused. The Jews didnt invade and take it back. Those people were owed something. THEY SUFFERED. and, theyve moved on and look towards the future. Why can no Arab land over throw them? They learned a lesson from HISTORY and are ready for the FUTURE. Smart people, if you ask me.

So what you are saying, in effect is that you want your land back. Isnt that kind of a lost cause. Doesnt focusing all your energy on the past leave little for you to focus on the future. Im not trying to poke at ya, but do you honestly think that we are going to pack up and leave? C'mon now.

Listen, have all the ceremonies youd like. Teach your kids their history. Then, better them. Show them the opportunities that this country offers them. Why not show them that the white man of today is different than yesterdays. Why not show them the same about Indians?

If you want to change the system, you change it from the inside. Not on the outside.

[edit on 5-2-2005 by spliff4020]

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 04:19 PM
The jews didn't take anyones land, the BRITISH owned the land and gave it to the jews. No arabs, no palestinians, it was British land they bought, and then gave to the jews.

Anyways, I do agree spliff, they see 5 black guys making money from cussing to a beat and talking about beating hoes and doing drugs, and so they do that. Truth? Ice T doesn't do drugs, or beat women, most of the rappers don't, it is called image. They learned(for the most part) that shooting your competition and things like that don't work. But the young blacks of today see Ludacris, Jay-Z, Method Man and Red Man, and think if they do what they sing about they will become rappers. Truth? None of them will. You might get one or two, but nowadays the new rappers are freinds of the ones who already made it cussing to a beat.

Or sports, like in my PopvsIntel, the jock thinks since he is good at HS sports he will be successful, but guess what? Colleges take the best of the HS, so while you may have been the best QB your school has ever seen, the other QB you are competing with is also the best QB his school has ever seen. SO while you may have been the cats ass, you are nothing but an ass when you get to college. And again, when you get through college, you may be trophy winning Linebacker or running back, but the third string rb for the vikes will run you over. SO if you don't make it, that college degree comes in handy.

I on the other hand, have my own company, am partnered with SFB Studios who's number one(and right now only, Mikes Bad Trip is in the making) hit movie Local Disturbance has sold over 300 copies.(me and freinds made it, put it on DvD, sold it at school) I may not be Bill Gates, but I can make about 50bucks a week until I get a real job, if I get one, McDonalds won't even hier me with this economy. I realize SGQ INC isn't gonna make millions, or SFB Studios, so am looking to work anywhere tha will hier me. Unlike some who would never work at Krogers, I can throw a football, I am gonna go to the NFL and go to the superbowl.(5 years later they bagging at krogers, bet ya they are)

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