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Making a Killing - Balkan Arms Trade

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posted on Jun, 7 2017 @ 04:11 AM
I judge by the thread replies on middle east issues lately, some people are still confused about what is happening in the middle east and in particular at Syria. What is going on is the covert operation of several world intelligence agencies to destroy the sovereignty and self-sustainability of this very strategic region. 20 years ago it was predicted by experts in the economics and geo-politics field, that who controls the middle east will literally have the world at his feet.

A little proof of the identity of perpetrators behind is the way how this covert operation is supplied with the needed weaponry required for the execution of the quite "de grade" plan. The weapons used for the turmoils in Syria and the region are "sold" to Saudi Arabia, by the corrupted leaders of some puppet-NATO countries, then distributed to the purposefully created fanatic organization thought the area, which serve in 1000 different way to undermine the power and sovereign existing countries of the middle east strategic region.

While this is still "fata morgana" in the eyes of the general public and media of Western Europe and USA, the facts cannot be so easily hidden and in these Eastern Europe countries citizens are quite aware what their corrupt leaders are doing(I am living in the region, take my word). Not necessary all folks know it, but some local uncorrupted journalists try expose some of it, when they get a chance. Some out of the region journalists as well try dig into it, with sucess sometimes. Of course their voices are getting silenced by mass media, the usual dominance of the strong...

I would call this leaders to a trial(especially at my country parlament), and accuse them of ILLEGAL arms trade used for genocide and I would win, if the world was a fair place, however we know it, how it is: "There's two types of people at this world, those with loaded guns and this who dig." I guess we're done with my imagination of putting that people to justice...

So that's what is going on... This was my brief weapon-trade relation exemply between the "dogs of the east"(eEU puppet governments) and "les miserables"(the folk of the middle east)

Hope it helps people here realize the reality of the middle east issue.
See the links below as well and stay sharp in your minds...

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