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Tweedledum and Tweedledee Mandela Effect

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posted on Jun, 3 2017 @ 10:11 AM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

I remember it being Tweedledee and Tweedledum

It was!

As for the hats I remember them being solid colors not patchwork and maybe those caps are cheap knockoffs-that is not out of the ordinary for major outlets.

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posted on Jun, 3 2017 @ 10:43 AM

This is the image I remember from way back when I was a kid and had an old fashioned illustrated book of Alice In Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass. There was nothing on top of the hats.

posted on Jun, 3 2017 @ 11:33 AM
I dont know what to make of the mandela effect anymore. My wife calls them the helicopter guys from alice's tale. I remember helicopters as well. Maybe just bad memory. Dated a girl on highschool , was called dolly because she had braces ... but in moonraker never braces... and the list goes on and on. Some guy on the net blames it on CERN doing stuff. Yesterday another guy said there will be more mandela effects and voila... C3po is now black pawned... go figure.

So something is really going on or it's a psyop or old people and professional translators just have bad memory.

My take on the ME is that most of it might be just bad memory. But some of it might reveal a process that is beyond the comprehension of most humans. There is Something going on with reality as we speak 3-6-17. Can science do stuff that the public isn't aware of ?

Even if ME is just bad memory it's very interesting why NOW ? Many books have predicted a time that reality would become more fluid and time would pass different. Isn't that the case ? Yes this might be subjective but if many people experience the same there must be a common denominator. I just love to know for sure what it is....

posted on Jun, 21 2017 @ 06:28 AM
a reply to: frenchfries

Look into some of the mysteries of physics..

Entangled particles.

Faster than light communication.

Time dilation.

Double slit - observed after slit, appear to go backward in time / change time.

"Many Worlds Hypothesis" alternate realities that are slightly different.

Dark matter past observable dimension, yet partially on our plane.

Many well respected physicists and scientist support each item above. They are testable / measurable.

posted on Jun, 21 2017 @ 06:35 AM
a reply to: Pearj

In the multiverse hypothesis there is nothing to suggest that you would "remember" anything that was not a part of your own worldline.

ETA: Think of it like this: if you were on a highway, you can choose to go left or right. If you go right, you will not remember landmarks you would have passed if you went left.
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posted on Jun, 21 2017 @ 06:41 AM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

i believe its a simple matter of confusing fozzy from muppet babies with either of tweedle dee or tweedle dumb
but I am a fan of carols alice
and also love watching alice in wonderland , because of the songs

and especially the walrus and the carpenter

and they always had flags instead of propellers

posted on Jun, 21 2017 @ 06:43 AM
a reply to: DJW001

What if consciousness is entangled throughout - as though the ME that went left has a faint memory of also going right.

2 me's, 1 consciousness.

I know that's not suggested - the point is it's possible

posted on Jun, 21 2017 @ 07:12 AM
a reply to: Pearj

he well ok , you're right (was being sarcastic), I'm on that bandwagon (ME , is flash earth-19 for real
. But also , after 2 years I still not understanding even the basics. If ME IS a alternate universe than.... Well , it's one thing for scientists to talk about blackholes a gazilion miles away , but in everyday live well that's scary. Blacktom that's scary too and that's real now. I'm years ago I watched Fringe and the parallel universe , that was fiction now it's ? IDK ?. At the moment I'm investigating Capgras syndrome , the missing word in the moonlanding, what if just what if mandela has been with us for a very long time...
Well I'm on that bandwagon doing my own experiments... but I don't know were it will lead... Tempus fugit.

posted on Jun, 21 2017 @ 11:41 AM
a reply to: frenchfries

I like to think that any time a human thinks of something it exists somewhere in the universe or in another dimension or parallel world

we created our gods and we created the world around us by conscious thought
madness it seems

posted on Jun, 22 2017 @ 01:00 AM
a reply to: sapien82

hmmm... I think the same. Maybe ME created by people that are awakening to the ultimate reality. I want to believe that ME is a blessing rather than a curse. So many people confused in 2017 I hope the tide will change and it all will be understood better in the future.

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