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I am a brother

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posted on Jun, 5 2017 @ 09:50 AM
I've been offsite so long it seems everyone is a mason (not such a bad thing).

Welcome brother

posted on Jun, 24 2017 @ 02:35 PM
Hello. I was a member of the Rite Français.

Do you want to give me information about the Rite Ecossais Ancien et Accepté against information about the Rite Français ?

To begin with, I give you two tool of the Rite Français (°1): clone and telepathy. There is approximatly 20 tool of °1 in the Rite Français. I can give you the other tool if you want.

I wait for your answer.

posted on Jul, 5 2017 @ 03:45 AM
Welcome Brother!
I remember my first degree.
Best part was seeing a man from our area who I highly respected standing with an outstretched hand and a beaming smile.
He is 75, I am 29 and we are now very good friends.
That is what I love most about Masonry, it's the people you meet.

posted on Aug, 24 2017 @ 08:32 PM
Hello brothers from all over the world.

I am new on this website, but I find it very interesting, mostly because of all the anti-masonery BS. I am a brother from a eastern european country. I must say that I am pleased to see that the brotherhood is strong and united all over the world.
For our new brother- You will never forget your initiation ceremony. I still remember it perfectly. Now I am a master mason, but I must say that the initiation ceremony was the one that impressed me the most. Follow the steps build yourself into a better man.

Fraternal hugs :.

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