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Money Pitt (Oak Island Revelations)

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posted on Jun, 5 2017 @ 02:34 AM
Oak island is the site of a sunken viking ship, swallowed by an underwater sinkhole.

posted on Jun, 5 2017 @ 04:53 PM
(The Nguyen Van Lem)

(Preface in Parenthesis)
(John 8:42-44 ... Jesus said everyone that believes in me is a Liar. If you believe that God will bring the Third Temple to Jerusalem for the Sake of Jesus, then you are also a liar. The Old Testament is God's "Declarative Will", Jesus is not used as the payment for sin. The New Testament is God's "Permissive Will", Jesus is used to pay for some of sin only (God's "Permissive Will" does not take precedence in the Gospel's Law). When it is time for God to bring the Third Temple, it will not be brought to the place where God brought the body of Jesus, it is a misrepresentation of the Gospel's Law ... that includes the transition the gospel revealed (through the bodies of jesus, peter, and john = three tombs). God gave Four Cannon Gospels to express his "WILL", in the blunt force terms to day ... that means God will resolve INRI, and along with that the Antichrist will proclaim humanities immediate death in 33 Days, if Most or All of Genetic Dan's Population Cluster are not euthanized, from there you will begin to kill everything left of Genetic Dan, and the nations with no Sign of Divorce as God reveals that ... God mercy that is associated with any divisions of Genetic Dan, has died with Nguyen Van Lem, for the sake of INRI (as these people pleasure themselves with me), I've called the testimony of Nguyen Van Lem to mind, to continue the conviction, but you don't have a right to live, you will continue to feel pain for pain, and death for death in all of your dealing with the Antichrist until INRI is resolved) (Furthermore, there will be great mercy (and a third temple), and also many will die from the effects of the Sign of Divorce it will be the great plaque and pestilence among the nations, as a result of your sin, and if you don't have a Sign of Divorce, you must be killed continually until you die, we need to review history, see below)

The USA's Claims about the Euthanasia of Japan is most likely as fake as its claims about the Moon Landings. The USA has a high likelyhood of being put to death on 8/21 to 9/23 when God resolves INRI with the Antichrist, because of its ethnic population and ethnic pleasure. It is good that they mistakenly believe its ethnics has some value with God, but they have no value with God. When they are put to death, things will become clear. Humanities dies in 33 Days, or, the USA dies to mark the beginning of 33 days before humanity dies in 33 Days, these are all valid positions based on INRI, and what is necessary at the moment, and what becomes necessary.

Japan was put to death, as a collective argument for INRI with Nguyen Van Lem the Antichrist at that time, approaching the 70 declaration that began with Roswell UFO Incident (as we've illustrated in several places in the USA, Nguyen Van Lem is associated those events).

1. 14 Dynasties of Atlantis, then Egypt, then Babylon (These do not go below the 33rd Parallel)
2. Three Tombs - Jerusalem (Jesus, God counted Lazarus Instead), Italy (Peter), and Oak Island (John) (Tracing the 33rd Parallel)
3. Atomic Bombings dealing with Nguyen Van Lem for Pleasuring yourselves with his body at that time (Tracing Devil's Triangle)
Finally - (Bermuda Triangle Resonance)
1. New York the Place where God reveals his Declaration with the Antichrist (Unarius UFO Group's Prophecy that 16 years from 9/11/2001 begins 33 Days)
2. Oak Island the Place of the Third Temple
3. City of Philadelphia the Place of the Sign of Divorce

The argument you see, represents God's Expenditure of Energy in announcing his intentions. This behavior is cyclical because that is how God has designed his law, so there are always repeating patterns to be observed in the gospel's law. As of right now, when God resolves INRI, remember the ethics kill weekly plus other usage of force against me, under state sponsorship. God may give me the right to demand that the USA takes the lives of its own people below the 33rd Parallel with Nuclear Exchanges, or it will be put to death, in such an instance. After the USA is put to death like the Japan Bombings, in 33 Days, that includes the deaths of Genetic Dan's Population Cluster, I will have the complete confidence of the International Community, and there will be less pain and suffering that you keep causing yourself. That includes your rejection of assisted suicide for the ethnic populations at the international level. All of these issues will be settled in 33 Days. (From time to time, and that included Shane Montgomery, God is more likely to address the ethnic euthanasia problem that you have because if your failure to identify with my authority, this takes other forms also, but now it is time for the real thing, when the Antichrist demands your lives in the mist of revealing God's Mercies, and then you die if you don't do exactly what God says needs to be done, so we will settle this problem of authority soon).

(Best Answer Revised: You can die with little notice, its important to not, that 9/11/2001 did not happen at the same time the Sign of Divorce is revealed or the Third Temple. Meaning God may just reveal Fatima's Prophecy of the Sun for 33 Days, in addition to the first tetrahedron of the Pleiades and Mars before you die in 33 Days, if you don't kill Genetic Dan. Before God reveals the Third Temple (our Expedition Off World/Mars Colony/or the Black Knight Satellite) (Four Contradictions of the Gospel's Law for Four Expressions of God's Mercies for the last 7 years of revelations before 5 months of migration to Star Wormwood). ( ... ... ... ... sure you will try to kill yourselves in a mass suicide here in the USA by using lethal force against me, that why I make it easy to do that and I make myself available. Doesn't mean you'll be allowed to take your own lives in this way, but I can demand your lives when god uses any energy to displace me, and the nations will do what I've said, because I am the law. Just like I will demand the lives of all nations and countries with Genetic Dan, I will also demand the lives not only of Vietnam but of all browned skinned countries, and especially below the 33rd parallel, since God has no invested interest there, when the reality of my law sets in, you will do what God said, or you will die, so you will die soon).

1. Robert Taylor (1979) = Fake
2. Robert Dunfield (Oak Island 1965) = True

You can begin to understand what happened with Nguyen Van Lem, that was the last time the Money Pitt became active, after Edward Leedskalnin in 1951 when he died. After that, it became active on 9/11/2001 and when that happened, Hickson from the Pascagoula UFO Incident in 1973, was shot in the head on September 9, 2011, by the authorities for commandeering, classified files. This has been happening for a very long time.

(God has ordained the Antichrist to Confirm the Covenant by revealing God's Intentions, that does not including promoting your ethnic pleasures. You don't need to use lethal force against me to get God's Attention (any force will do))
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posted on Jun, 6 2017 @ 02:29 PM
(Shane Montgomery - Proper Conclusion)

(Preface in Parenthesis)
Nguyen Van Lem: So that you can see, I am the mechanism of levi, God will use to bring the Third Temple (Nguyen Van Lem disappeared after their plane went into the portal)
Nguyen Ngoc Loan: Everything I did to these people, I said you did (Vietnam became absolutely determined to destroy the teachings and Judgment God would only perform in his name, they believed they were short changed, and nothing could be said, you were provided with instruction to blow my brains out in a specific way, and that is what happened, that is God's answer to affording any mercy, so it as we've said) (Answering an International Conspiracy, to afford Euthanasia with INRI (Inc*/Rape/Mur*), same as present)

(The Last Plutonium Injection I received from the USA, happened after I resolved the Voynich Manuscript, as a Genetic Record of the Anomaly found in my DNA and Spermia, that specifically ties into God's Interests with the Sons of Man and the original Garden of Eden, not one word of the law is removed until all is fulfilled................there are somethings that was said, but first you must understand. That after my father finished violating me, it was decided by the church that one of my brothers would serve as my husband until a set age as a child, so I have a few bite marks on my body as a testimony of that among other bruises, of things that happened to me by many individuals and ethnics ... ... ... ... this is important as well as the repeated acts of euthanasia weekly and including our nightly walks, when God allows the antichrist to proclaim the end of your lives globally, we will also talk about what you kept doing to me, what happened) (I am a living record, so I may or may not reveal that record more directly, of what has been happening)
(End of Parenthesis in Preface)

1. ---
2. ---
3. ---
4. ---
5. ---
6. ---
7. Shane Montgomery

The Prophecy about the Money Pitt Claiming Seven Victims before the Arrival of the Third Temple are true, that Prophecy is Completed.

At the same time that is true, you have problem of INRI (Inc*/Rape/Mur*) with God. That invalidates all of God's Mercies, the Four Contradictions of God's Law answered with the Four Expressions of God's Mercies (Third Temple, Mars Colony, Expedition Off World, Black Knight Satellite). Because of that contention, I am also called the "Seventh" (as the gospel records in Micah 5:5), so the Prophecy of Oak Island was completed and diverted because of INRI. The Inscriptions deals with the Events of the Universe and Revelation (Two Tetrahedrons Activated, with God postponing the Activation of the Tetrahedron that deals with Earth, until 33 Days or until INRI is revolved, also, ending human life in 33 Days if you refuse to kill Genetic Dan's Population Clusters, Globally).................God deals with People first and foremost, that immediately validates the interpretation of "Seven Names on the Money Pitt Plate" to complete God's Interests, over disputing the bodies of the apostles God elected to serve as the Body of Jesus, namely Jesus/Elias, Peter, and John, with James being Moses, that makes only Three Tombs and that is also completed of the same prophecy with Oak Island.

For 33 Days, God will Activate the Tetrahedron of the Pleiades Only, until you die or until you kill enough of Genetic Dan, at the same time you have Fatima's recurring intreval to be observed in the Earth's Sun for a reproof....................I have nothing to say to you directly or to do with you directly, until God gives a "Sign of Divorce" following the law of Moses to afford Divorce by the Illustration of his Mercies. In the very least, I will send some replies from space, everything must be your faith in God's Good Intentions. Love and Blessings (At the same time you are witnessing Seven Murders as well as Seven Testimonies about Oak Island marking the end time, you may also be witnessing Seven Resurrections. I did visit the location of Shane Montgomery's return before he was returned, I realized after that he was going to be killed, but I did contact the families, their decision to challenge my authority resulted in his death. That is what satan wanted, but I am the law, and God has said certain things that have yet to be completed)

( ............ When you use enough force against me, I will be very comfortable and in a place where you can't take your lives with Murder/Suicide, but until happens, we will continue to see what is necessary)
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posted on Jun, 6 2017 @ 03:43 PM
While you have clearly put a lot of work into this - and to be clear I thoroughly applaud the effort - none of this makes sense.

I mean, there's clearly a theme being followed, but still... what on earth?

posted on Jun, 8 2017 @ 01:20 AM
(The Theme is, INRI, Everything is invalidated, based on God unwillingness to afford global euthanasia based on the level of lethal force used against me. The Amount of Energy God is putting out, means God is giving another gospel, one that affords equal potential based on murder/suicide, not on god's word. (Pain for Pain) A few bodies and the ethnics stop, what these people do to me is not important, as long as they are using force against me. Once this issue is resolved, your pain and suffering will begin once I am taking out of the way, and then the reality of global euthanasia will take precedence. Right now, I am the sole mechanism that provides paralysis to genetic dan's murder suicide, once that is no longer true, you will suffer in considerable pain, by the same ethnics you use as lethal weapons against me repeatedly until you die, for refusing to end the life processes of these people. Right now, you will continue in our pattern of INRI until we reach the next level, or develop an ambition to use more force against me) Nikola Tesla Secrets Full documentary movie

54 minutes into the video, Nikola Tesla identifies, Oak Island, he goes from the Body of the Apostle John to the Body of the Apostle Peter, he used a special relationship of resonance. (By the electrocution of this body, however, we can't be sure that he did not end his life in a electrocution to reveal the Third Temple's Location, the information is true, but its presentation cannot be trusted, as we've discovered with the pattern of murder and falsities that surrounds Oak Island).

(Right now, there is no "Sign of Divorce" ... sometimes it is better to be motivated by the suffering and pain you will cause yourselves, and especially with the ethnic population, than for the antichrist to take center stage. You will have 33 Days of extreme pain at your own hands, unless you can challenge God over this issue of my authority, and then you will have from now until then in extreme pain. As we settle this problem of authority once, and for all time) (I believe we are wrapped up with this discussion, the rest is minor details of significance, I may even go on to say a few things about Nikola Tesla's Super Weapon, as we discovered Nguyen Van Lem's Biological Solution, that was deliberately turncoated, into what it is at present)

(You don't need to be afraid of the extreme pain you will feel, when they die, coloreds or more, call it murder and imprison me, or when they rape their kids say that I did it, eventually God will answer you, since that is your law, you are teaching in my name and a distinction will be made for the good of the people, however. We need to see what is necessary based on your willingness to use force against me, daily and weekly)
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