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Baddogma's Other Meta Cafe- Polite Discussions About Scientific Mysticism and General Weirdness

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posted on Jun, 28 2017 @ 12:03 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Attachment what one is attached too becomes the weapon used against you

posted on Jun, 28 2017 @ 12:05 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

...and detachment + success + power makes you....?

All I'm saying is the concept of ruler is inhuman. Just as I said before human-centricism has never been proven to be right and we tested that, over and over probably since some 6000 years or further in the past.

What if this glorified "God" no one has ever personally seen or spoken to except Monty Python, is just us, we enhance our development. Speed up our evolution, because in 1-2 technological/scientific advances alien contact is inevitable.

Silly we look for flying saucers landing on the white house lawn. The truth is different and very very ambivalent with high risk and high gain. But as it is
Look inside

Why are we doing what we do, thinking what we think? Why are some thoughts images, others words?
Because they are we, imperfect, prone to mistakes, using try & error, like we do to progress.
We're seeing "evolutionary steps" of technology. (That's one of those things where I feel it should have its own word)
Not one dude and his time machine, a dude and his super new quantum gigantic computer plus array.

Bad news "god" does make mistakes, good news he's no "creator".
Good news he has superpowers next to almighty, bad news he doesn't like all of us.
Bad news I feel judged, good news God knows no tribes.

That kind of risk. Are we really ready for the big revelation?

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posted on Jun, 28 2017 @ 12:11 PM
a reply to: kibric

Well, in my "passion" it was like carrying a heart heavy like lead or gold did I keep it for myself? Like a greedy miser? No I shaved it off here and there in inspiration and help towards others and continue to do so... the irony is the huge fight that goes on in the desire greed and attachment for what it appears that I have.

Those siddhas have been enjoying here is the next person up to win my motorcycle or whatever and it is so extremely silly the same thing occurred to Christ he got so mad he ran out flipping tables sandals in my name so much you have to exchange money into different currencies really? The siddhas I am sure had a grand ol time laughing at his folly.

Probably not so much as everyone carrying their "joke" around and praying to a likeness still making money off of the fellow as those silly preachers in tax havens rubbing their hands together truly indeed say thank you Jesus for my mansion car and yacht while others are going bankrupt for just making their ends meet every month.

I am honestly surprised that such religion is legal at all.

But every loser needs a hero right?

This link covers a bit more:

Many get sidetracked on the path or goal of full attainment in playing or abusing these and will eventually fall into rebirth as attachment is attachment... as the Dalai Lama has said "Until every blade of grass is liberated" if that is his joke to say until someone mows his lawn? I cannot say.
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posted on Jun, 28 2017 @ 12:14 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Free because anything else is slavery

posted on Jun, 28 2017 @ 12:30 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

I edited + in my world it makes you a mass murderer.

posted on Jun, 28 2017 @ 12:33 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Well, in my "passion" it was like carrying a heart heavy like lead or gold did I keep it for myself? Like a greedy miser? No I shaved it off here and there in inspiration and help towards others and continue to do so... the irony is the huge fight that goes on in the desire greed and attachment for what it appears that I have.

you know that fight you've already won
you also got some spiritual companions

The siddhas I am sure had a grand ol time laughing at his folly.

he was one of them
he is full of fire
that fire when you see something wrong
and knives guns death destruction
aint gonna stop your fire

thank you Jesus for my mansion car and yacht while others are going bankrupt for just making their ends meet every month.

it is funny when people thank Jesus for material pleasures

But every loser needs a hero right?

Jesus called himself a worm before initiation
he was lustful and thought this made him a worm
" you wouldn't have such nice flowers without sh#t "

Many get sidetracked on the path or goal of full attainment in playing or abusing these and will eventually fall into rebirth as attachment is attachment... as the Dalai Lama has said "Until every blade of grass is liberated" if that is his joke to say until someone mows his lawn? I cannot say.

you are clay while you are alive
but why the Gold watch Mr Lama huh ?
Its an odd trend

be angry without any cause for that anger
grow your intensity
hold that intensity in your heart
grow your fire
and we will come bearing gifts

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posted on Jun, 28 2017 @ 06:49 PM
a reply to: Peeple

But I am also sure there's more than that.

Me too. But they are very busy at the top of the food chain, manipulating the world thru key players. We get the bus drivers, maids, and midwives at our level.

Or "Admin" and "services" as you put it.

Interesting tidbit, I would be willing to hear that story if you have a predilection. Especially what they 'said' to you during your NDE.

As far as bitterness, don't be bitter, the World forms us to its worldly designs from very young by all the forces that act upon us. Our parents (and their Beliefs), the school "system'", the religious "system", Media, peer pressure, our own doubts and desires, developed to a hi degree. If we're lucky, for many years before "POP" goes the balloon , sometimes in stages, sometimes with a Bang!

Each of us is cultivated to mature one way or another. Some of us remain blind to our desires or tuned to some goal oriented plateau. Some of us resist being formed, become ostracized, marginalized, disenfranchised, live outside the box... bless them.

All that hell serves a purpose. The little seedling and the saplings are so delicate, the stress of wind, sun and drought toughen it to a wise old tree.

posted on Jun, 28 2017 @ 06:54 PM

originally posted by: BigBrotherDarkness
a reply to: intrptr

They have nowhere else to go unless welcomed... and sometimes for residuals? No where else they would rather be, like watching a sitcom in a casualty vampire sort of way.

Some seem fixed, I think to learn a lesson. Why is a place 'haunted' by someone that used to live there? Is that purgatory, penance?

Loved material things so much in life , fixed to it, unable to leave or drive out new 'tenants' ?

posted on Jun, 28 2017 @ 09:34 PM
a reply to: Peeple

since you've added more... I do not know what sort of concept of a god you have created for yourself. But your concept of it is whatever you make it to be.

Gods etc. existent or not typically has little to do with what is occurring right in front of you. If you place thoughts in front of you? The sky is always cloudy obscured... you sat in stars the other night and yet cannot see clearly that all form around you was the illusion? That YOU are the center of that stage.

So how are you selling yourself where your moon sits; is the crack on top or down below?

You spoke of percentages... all I have is time. How that moves forward is each moment away from the last.

The ol walkabout; one can sit on their crack all day and walk about the conceptual, one can sit on the same crack in simple awareness and see everything no words needed no obscuration.

In feng shui a mirror is supposed to remain spotless and not reflect on anything unclean. The funny thing is; I caught a siddha today while shaving when touching my face there are no wrinkles or loose areas... the mirror with nothing unsightly to behold held me as unsightly I found it funny as if I do not know my own face by touch of sight at the end of my fingers.

It also reminded me of the mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all almost like a hex to keep such things from reflecting on you badly and when one ceases to see what one clearly knows? The trap called doubt is lain looking for a snare to carry you off like a freshly cut flower only to later toss into some gutter at a whim, never mind all of the time and effort that went into it as the worms cultivating the soil the rain, sun and bees, and pollen... oh the folly of the nightingale giving her life to one pompous ass for another pompous ass to only end up laying in a bed of I told you so... as the crickets dance a jig on the world's smallest violin.

So how to seal or steal siddhas? Show some responsibility for all life that you hold, otherwise a queen of hearts is just a queen of farts. Passing gas around from one helium balloon to another following a yellow brick road never even thinking that it is a street paved of gold. But home is supposed to be where the heart is and that is usually found with each pulsing moment, whether within or without.

pip pip and uh oh cheerio

posted on Jun, 28 2017 @ 09:36 PM
a reply to: kibric

A fiery heart? The elemental kiln is in the stomach sir tummo pot bellied breathing is the inner alembic... the heart transmutes all under that fire. Make the heart/mind one of fire and one's kingdom surely is put asunder.

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posted on Jun, 28 2017 @ 10:12 PM
a reply to: intrptr

Energy is neither created nor destroyed it just changes from in a cycle... such as ashes can be made into glass and other things like pitch. Like a frame by frame we leave an energy trail like ants marching all over everywhere we ever were. The mind when it goes to past in thought crosses over and picks up that trail again and creates a sort of hyper loop the more a mind has spent circling an area the more energy is left. Ancestor spirits or energies even after they have transmigrated can become upset or trapped or stunted by only dwelling on the negative and become a residual that haunts the living because the energy has moved to a new form. These are typically called hungry ghosts ones of a pst waiting for a gift of acceptance so they can be appeased and move on like traditions that die and they see no reason why.

In Shintoism one appeases such like the tiny house of the pagoda mentioned like a soul catcher or house for them to come and go like the winds of change in all directions. I have met people and I know who they are in transmigration and they have been drawn directly back to the area as if it was a spirit trap because some cannot detach and let go or carry traditions forward to appease them. It is a weird sort of thing to see and no someone, know and see their habits and know exactly who they were in the family at one time. The weird thing is their thoughts, fears, and concerns while living place them in the exact same positions as yet another test to see if that is how they would handle it or take care of it as a sort of trope of karma.

Resolve is what all seem to be seeking in the next life; a great resolve is to take as much time as possible to sit in a firm resolve to untangle all of those trails back through the womb and out the other side before one was born back through all past lives until it is basically moot down to the basic crawling along like bacteria which feels like a huge orgy btw until one is just numb or dead and poof back through another form. Once those are untangled? The only attachments left are of course those that have not untangled and held on in extreme attachment instead of love and care for all they have and all the conditions that led there as the blessing in their life.

The only reason I am at a dead end? Is because I am not here for me; I am here resolving as a constant... healing the land the air and as insurmountable as that can seem at times? As cliche as it sounds... it gets better. Those clinging the hardest and strongest want and desire that energy that is positive and grounding and whole because it is what they never felt they were, a huge lack or nothing but yet have filled with so much pride and denial for ideals and pipe dreams of poof emptiness that when sitting trying to find some answer somewhere from someone or anything to resolve them and it has always been right there.

So detachment... letting go of past makes those hungry ghosts or energies and even hell beings that the living stomp all over disrespect and ignore appreciative those already transmigrated that return also start getting better when one takes care of them in various ways such as chod rites in self sacrifice so that they can be pulled from that darkness and be absolved and resolved. They will actually side with you become a help in giving energy and love in your direction even the trees the very ground the birds etc. becoming a nature spirit or energy oneself.

While everyone else is rattling bias and duality around on a scarred burnt earth of futility in a battle that never ceases due to delusional clinging, greed, and hatred. Since those beings are filled with illusion? One can manifest jewels gold food or whatever else so they feel they need to be resolved to put down their silly fighting waving banners around... which goes to the old argument; no the wind is moving, no the flag is moving... no the mind is moving.

posted on Jun, 29 2017 @ 02:15 AM
a reply to: intrptr

a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Thank you both for the insightful and charming replies. You gave me a happy moment.

I'll share a bit of private stuff, just to help me think, it's quite telling, the things I do lately are all self-destruction.
I take drugs right in front of the caregivers of the hospital I'm currently in. Literally.
Nobody notices.
If I would only know a way how to make the whole world hate me.
I'm definitely beyond "commitment issues" & trying very hard not to become a sociopath.
People bore me. Every know and then I find one I use to change my perspective. Women with many children are one example I find fascinating, because it's a very strange living circumstance to me.
But then I am done.
Not ever have I talked as much about me as lately and no matter what comes from here, I think I will crest that peak next: me. Getting rid of it. With one radical stroke.
Problem is I don't know what's the mirror I'm trying to destroy, or the true me, I want to free.

Because let's face it, we can't accept any of this "thought game" as true, if we didn't test it.
I have to try harder.
You have to try harder we (& mirror its w to m) me.
I'm more than my upbringing statistics about me, ...Mao wanted to number his "subjects" how messed up is that?
Never trust a ruler.
I can't live in a world like this.
I will change it or die trying.
For everybody.
The Netherlands World Order
We all sit on the same clod of Earth.

la liberté out la mort

...but how? Thoughts? How can I prove what's inside my head to the outside world?
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posted on Jun, 29 2017 @ 03:18 AM
To test a hypothesis you have to make a prediction, right?
The one thing I know for sure it does, is making suggestions.
Which makes me shiver, because it means it's testing us.
What you think is reality is exactly what it wants you to think.

Otherwise it would have created a situation to make you stumble. "Aus dem Takt bringen..." a German expression meaning pushing you out of the pace in music.
(I had a Kenyan drum in my hands a few times and a cool musician to show me a bit, exercises, basic rhythms, it's pretty much a very good easy accessible state of in the flow, the second you start thinking about it you stumble)
Problem is there is an opposite side of the "pendulums peak"/ maximum of the curve thingy, you have to pay for that, with an equally deep low...
Will say we are so easy to predict and get manipulated, especially if you plant "pushers" everywhere. Just a little attention enhancing and bamm!
*"Synchronicity"she yelled and jumped from the roof...

All is one...

My favourite german books are definitely those of Walter Moers
1. The Alchemaster's Apprentince
2. Rumo
3. Labyrinth of the Dreaming Books

OMG, so good. Good art gives me a feeling I can only describe as aesthetic pleasing/shocking and they do leave an imprint.

You wouldn't want that in a state run like a machine. You know how easy that is to bait with a "I understand you/ am like you" and then proliferate (thanks TEOT) nothing but platitudes, the lowest instinctual drives, get stimulated....
In a person like me that sets free tremendous "spiritual energy" (because I am an island & an alien in every group) I feed that energy back in my "art" attempt to build the mindframe I want to see.
I hate alcohol and everybody who drinks it, including myself. But I tolerate it. How f*cked up is that?
I hate narcissism, all that "myface" crap, superficial people, attention vampires, etc, but I have moments where I call myself "queen of the milkyway" - how messed up is that?
Because again, I tolerate it.
I hate getting touched, but I defend every adults right to get dirty with whoever other adult human being & however they feel fits their relationship ... Wtf?!
Tolerate it.
I love good art, because it "spices up" my otherwise dull lifesoup of mediocrity, habit, rituals, self inflicted rules, I need all of that to get my pendulum swing.
In others. Seeing it has a purpose. Talk about drugs, sex and rock n roll.
But we in general have huge issues. Mostly with ourselves.
That's un-tolerable.
My narrow window to reality is sooooooo small I should try to keep it clean.
Socks in the laboratory and stuff...

So naturally the one carries currently one trend, but with sthg moving so fast as the human brain quantum computer, it never stands still and you should always be aware of its volatility.
The pendulum swings both ways.

Am I rambling or flowing?

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posted on Jun, 29 2017 @ 03:55 AM
two days ago I saw sthg machine-like flying from left to right, up and down, towards me stopped and then innocently a straight line like a plane out of sight?

Why do I find the thought "it was a drone" not comforting?
Why is there no explanation for the retrograde satellite/s, or information if they're still there?

posted on Jun, 29 2017 @ 05:01 AM

originally posted by: BigBrotherDarkness
a reply to: Anaana

Oh it made me leak tears as such things of self sacrifice typically do.

Not me, I was yelling, "Stop! Don't do it! The pretentious twat's not worth it."

I knew enough of WIlde's writing already to know that the girl was going to be of the vacuous sort.

Have you read Zanoni? I am currently skimming it for research purposes, but the main premise is that if Zanoni is to retain immortality he must never fall in love, but then he meets Viola... It's a bit like the Little Mermaid, kind of, a little bit. Any way, humans sacrificing something they value for true love, is one thing, and that may get the tears pricking at my eyes, though I admit to nothing. A poor Nightingale giving it's life for humans not worthy of the # on it's (metaphorical) shoe, gets my goat up.
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posted on Jun, 29 2017 @ 06:43 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

The weird thing is their thoughts, fears, and concerns while living place them in the exact same positions as yet another test to see if that is how they would handle it or take care of it as a sort of trope of karma.

Closer to the mark. I think if they were too possessive about things, too selfish, they have to endure there and watch while people live in 'their house', unable to do anything about it.

You know the type, the people that worry about spots on the carpet, rings on the table. They have to sit by and watch others 'ruin' their home, until they get it. Apparently, some don't for centuries.

In a broader sense, I think everyone that was ever born here, lived here and died here is still here, somewhere. Where they gonna go? One needs rockets and tons of fuel just to get to orbit. Unless we believe the earth is shedding thousands of souls daily, like sparks in its wake... some are asleep, some are 'helping', some are doing 'time'.

Everyone is waiting...
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posted on Jun, 29 2017 @ 06:55 AM
a reply to: Peeple

Theres 'you' and theres the 'not you'. The real you sees the not you and loathes, struggles, escapes into distraction.

The real you detests that part of you that has been added on over a lifetime.

Don't trip, the real you is the part that knows the difference between the two, hold onto that, let that be your guide. It tells you what, and what not to do.

You don't have to listen but that decision makes things more difficult.

The part of you that doesn't want to be self destructive, the part that doesn't want too be sociopathic, thats the real you that sees and resists. You are seeing clearly, now go with it.

posted on Jun, 29 2017 @ 08:30 AM
a reply to: intrptr

Like Freuds "it" always seeking pleasure, my it is like me a masochist.
Enough about me.

Can we make a testable prediction?
Yes, 6th of July 2017, it has 67=13 & 672017=23, as far as I have been groomed to logically asses, that's bs.
I mean sure 67, 13 & 23 are with 42 my favourites, but hey, right? Meaningless spam. Or maybe not?

Yes, because it is a me-thing. Always wrong, or is it?
I'm not the centre of the universe. Earth is not. Therefore
The centre of the universe has to be somewhere outside me.
So what is all of this about? Just a few entertaining hours in front of a screen?
Nice conversations with all kinds of good People?
Or is it my "first phone"? Are we making history, or what?
Who could tell us? The others. How could we believe?
If everyone gets to meet a few. Adjusted for protection and ... to lessen the shock.
How would you feel if I tell you Medvedev stated the truth?
A hand full, or so.
In each and every country.
From each and every species around you.
For almost 6000 years now.
That goes down like oil, right?
Think of Earth as our (ISS) biological laboratory.
For we lack bodies and need you to give them to us.
We don't eat them.
But war is coming.
For you. Do you want us to help?

Because we think you should decide.
Do you want the big revelation?
Conclusive disclosure?

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posted on Jun, 29 2017 @ 10:25 AM
a reply to: Peeple

Sounds like a Girl, Interrupted trope going on in your life...

Life being life; I suggest seeking out the forms of it that are not seeking dominance and submission as roles and expectations of who you should be, how you should be and what you should be and instead focus on who you at the core are. You are not all of the programming, insults, slander, gossip and backbiting that others have lain on you. Just let that sort of ugly reflect back on them and keep your equipoise like a statue moving on wheels and yet not fragile like an egg that could drop into a soup for some meal.

It honestly, sounds like you have been burned time and time again by fickle emotional states by those that pretend to listen only for their own goals they have in mind for and of you. While their inner dialogue is rehearsed and unnatural. THAT is the very definition of sociopathic behavior. Living real life by a script without the job title to go with it. The reason people live like and as such; is because they hide who they are by the shame and guilt others heap on them in various ideologies. Heaps and heaps of straw arguments looking to prick you after your emotions burn with that needle found at the bottom of the stack in some sort of attraction... and the wings of freedom clipped yet again.

Nothing wrong with not following the trope or stereotype of the kept woman with a gaggle of children at their feet and not one ugly duckling among them except the one that mirrors herself in a competition the the husband or father that strikes a streak of jealousy... even more so when the child is by a different father and resembles them.

Oh the secrets people keep when all of this nonsense is natural until the acting starts. When a clown in a commercial is demanding on every bag that you smile and take solace in your food the nuggets are only likely to get more salt and damp. While one's rear end becomes the most comfortable cushion to carry around and who cares who is sniffing at it?

Of course, this is likely nothing you are unfamiliar with... an open ear and a ready hand seems to be all a woman truly desires unless they have generalized all men as equally defunct in the capacity to operate as functional without putting on heirs or other facade.

I have heard the phrase waiting for the other shoe to drop many times; women expecting me to do that oh prince charming and then the real hidden self pops out like a Jack in the Box after about three months. Crazy? Women don't mind the cazy at least they know what they are dealing with because who isn't in those facades and storefronts of lives instead of dwelling in truth?

Is it any wonder women give men such hard lessons or a dose of their own medicine right back like a mirror... and here is dumb dude going why is she acting like this? Because she isn't acting... she is being whole and strong without you. Babbles catch many fish and so many lures in the water that they even drop them in drinks they are so desperate for attention and to control something or someone they know is free like the wind and they have no power over.

So yes they trap women and limit in pregnancy and everything else in order to keep her, here little caged bird let me spoon feed you.

At least all of that is the dysfunctional thinking below the belt side of life... women being about 10 to 15 years mature at any age can sit still and run circles around most men all day long. If anyone treats life as a game and act in such a manner? Dust in the wind and best to tip one's glass with a wayward grin of knowing that fools are always running amok and miss the symphony of a simple click of the glass saying cheers when you set it down. The ring if one was not given a coaster or napkin however is a sure frown and one to wipe your friends face with to keep that little spot tidy and spot free, the irony is the ring left there is likely the best option to keep as those go.

So many diamonds and so much rough...

Well; here's some empowering music and whatever you feel like you have always lacked? That n one has ever given you? That's exactly what you give to them... why would anyone think to give you what you already are bursting with? That's the question I caught myself with one day... I said why does no one ever seem to give me encouragement? I sat with this and let it spin for awhile then pow right in the kisser I noticed that all I was giving to people. So full of it I was always running out of it for myself, So there was no comeback in it... then I stopped and said maybe I am being too extreme in that no one business then thought of those that did and kept an ear out for that encouragement and it started flooding in... I was close to just doing the who is the fairest egocentric business and I stopped. Too many filled with a disproportionate sense of self esteem as it is, and right back into that thinking oneself is some gift to the world...

Being Buddhist? It sounded nasty and ego filled, so taking note in mindfulness like a bird I started picking up the pieces I needed too to be satiated and feel fulfilled of what others had to say... while that may be a buffet or constant cramming; tuning out and picking the bits and pieces becomes crucial in the if there is nothing nice to say best to bite one's own tongue. The false flattery is something I do not dine on either... there is pleasantry and then there is fake and genuine can be spotted a mile away.

Here's some music for you if for any reason? To let you know you are not alone and you are not damaged for not making others expectations of house frau a priority. You simply have not met the ear or hand to sit back and watch you blossom as they go about their business without needing a "mommy".

People of course have their own weird dynamics and dysfunction and if that's the role or part they are offering in their make believe? Choose wisely. I am a silly old rock that lends strength when weak and shatters glass houses while just sitting there.

Salut Bella... push whatever boundaries you need to empower yourself; but all self inflicted pain(aside from art/body modification) even if not a cry for help always brings it... when others take you out? They are the one's left crying.

p.s. I have rings on my fingers and they all belong to me even that coveted spot that someone may one day sigh and wonder who the lucky lady is? My better half right now; is me as my own friend the promise ring I hold there will go to someone that treats me equally as a friend as I of course would she. Or maybe I'll just be a porn star haha the dream of basically all teenage boys lol you said you would show me Robin Hood? Well there fair lady is Peter Pan.

Edit to add: Checked out Walter it seems he is sort of obsessed with the shadow that Hitler left over Germany; I can imagine it is like a father figure that seemed like he had good intentions and then looking back without the rose colored glasses in the eyes of the world and see just how dysfunctional he left everyone as a legacy to the rest of the world.

I personally find german engineering to be top notch in the function and form category where it always keeps function and even if the form appears cold and rigid it takes several lifetimes to cease functioning. The Bauhaus; I would be like a child in a candy store the furniture museum too.

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posted on Jun, 29 2017 @ 10:36 AM
a reply to: Anaana

Lol, I am a nightingale by day and a crow by night... self sacrifice is the path of immortality; difficult to make a living at it to be honest as always. The heart however is like a dove, and the mind like an owl and gait like a cat; I leave the barking and hissing to my shoes.

Not Familiar with Zanoni I will be sure to have a look after seeing what Walter Moers is out and about with.

Edit to add: I checked it out as well as a few other things... sigh Victorian style and Sci-Fi? The first person writing style in those days is a lost art by it's own accord.

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