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Baddogma's Other Meta Cafe- Polite Discussions About Scientific Mysticism and General Weirdness

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posted on Feb, 6 2018 @ 04:11 AM
a reply to: Peeple

You know how OBE people get around? An ethereal body dropping out of the meatbag purposefully... that is just manipulation of the bardo body which is very similar to the one during sleep too. Some adepts at such business even create gollum sorts of beings to aid them manipulating the elements; all of that sort of thing is considered dark path and abuse of the siddhas though... typically it leaves one in limbo with no way to re-enter their body eventually becoming a hungry ghost that tries to enter and feed off of others this is why the use of smoke if found in temples in the form of incense as well as altar food since their craving is so large to have a body their mouths become practically non existent and have to scent eat instead so out of compassion for them the smoke and altar food. The gollum can turn on someone especially by someone more adept that elemental manipulation than oneself plus since one has to imbue it with ones own life force your life will be cut short by doing so and if it turns on you can come to just drain the hell out of you constantly to grow in its own power.

Those unaware of such business are many times better off as ignorance is more of a defense than a bliss... but seeing how it is a phenomena that can sometimes appear in the physical world from the other planes or realms it often gets mistaken or goes by many names... like the greys are a manifestation of the hungry ghost which is why they appear without a mouth very strong in psy ability though and best to make friends with them... if one manages to inhabit you then it will use you like a husk to feed on what it wants to feed on very strong addictions and craving hard to control are typically a manifestation of them following that/them just causes you both to be born into a hell realm instead which are known as the yokai...

the oni is the sky demon sort thats what UFO in Japan are known as... the earth "ET" are like the grey but more gentle sort and are female not grey which are males but a brown hue and they still have a mouth but no discernable genitals same as the grey they are really sweet and timid though more on the light side of the path of kamma of course if one of those inhabit you it might get the same desires and cravings and head in the dark spiral like the greys do and prefer this is one of the reasons for practicing the precepts in Buddhism it purges that sort of being from you that feeds on you like a parasite... and well ignorant of them and how they operate in a symbiosis then if not beneficial to either then it becomes a drag each other down ignorant of them altogether then the addictions etc are thought to be ones own. Looking at someone with the divine or deva eye (a siddha) and being familiar with the male greys they are sometimes present in someone so you know they are inhabited and not fully under their own control... I have never seen the brown female inhabiting anyone in such a manner it has always been the greys... if you tend to wake up with your mouth wide open and slightly sore throat one has been inside of you while sleeping... kinda like someone didnt wipe their feet off before climbing on it.

Those experiences arose while I was working on the path of purification basically keeping all 200 plus rules of a monk for the past nearly three years although I am lay follower. If you become too pure for them then no place for them to dwell so they get the hell out of you to go find someone that will feed them instead.

Look up "alien visting the Buddha" a close encounter of the 3rd kind is documented in one of the suttas. Since the path in that purity leaves you harmless and open to all beings in equanimity quite a few make appearances some meditators get rather disturbed by them but hey just like any other phenomena of experience arising and passing after awhile it's just common place, as the bardos are continually occuring on all planes of being known and unknown eventually they all become known depending on ones practice or path... Ive traveled to another earth where they knew me I appeared on a long transit that was very clean roofless and underground sort of like a roller coaster but straight even track riding on a thermodynamic cushion as I appeared a voice over a loud speaker said "Jim... thank you for gracing us with your presence." it was a human sort of civilization but way far advanced like what ours could be or will be if we quit with sustaining the unsustainable in resources and ideologies seems I had some business with a distant young ancestor on the transit causing the distant or future family trouble, and that was that.

Other space sort of voyages and let me say screw the towel business letting go of the concept of cold gets really difficult in space temperatures like am I swimming in liquid nitrogen? Cause thats what it feels like right at the edge were cold is the very same experience as hot but like so very close that it is sensed as cold.

Then there are AI worlds with cybernetics those are more mechanical and well robocop like I mean if someone has a job to do no discussion they do it even if it means leaving you as a crumpled heap to do so because they can make another you without an issue or effort at all which sucks because cell and muscle memory and clones? That pain does transfer so a string of those bodies out there difficult especially when dealing with synthetics that have no sympathetic nervous system... so that sort of thing does not compute to them...

now the greys in space they will slice and dice you and look you right in the eyes while doing it more robotic and insectoid than alive it seems but reaching that understanding not really a big deal but total hive mind out there... not shore leave inside of us like back here on earth.

I typically do not talk about this sort of thing, so many experiences just observing and no judgement involved because I dont take life as a subject anymore that wasnt easy to do but knowing all that out there is evolved forms of all this here once you get traveling around? You better start loving all of them equally and know the various roles... brain patterns of habituation can be mapped and used as a point of contact like a hub for a network to travel through like not a virtual neural network but a real one I didnt like being part of that business at all as the purification business was working all of that being a hub or node to them traveling via that wave form started it's collapse how are they gonna travel when you collapse that wave into a particle if they are not on the same sort of vibrational plane having purified oneself? At some point only those just as purified can make contact unless one choose to conscious go to those realms thats what the bodhisattva does and I got sick of it over time it gets easier but it really really sucks benefit of all beings means benefit of all beings no matter where they are in the all of everything known or unknown sometimes that just means appearing on a planet alone and sitting there waiting for life to evolve up around you so your energy influences them in a positive direction that is a long ass time and I cant tell you how bad that sucks... how long has he been here is the typical statement everyone around "as long as we have ever known or been alive" as a mere witness giving out those good vibrations for a positive destination til a buddha shows up then bye my work is done.

I just had to renounce.

posted on Feb, 6 2018 @ 04:52 AM
To actually answer you question the point is yours freewill and eventually youll see youre an eternal being and your own worst enemy in the process of that. We all were and even many advanced on the path still are... its easy to abuse siddhas so best to leave them alone and let them spontaneously manifest to fit a situation exactly as they should so theres no kamma to it manipulation of them quickly turns into selfishness the titans are very bad being known for doing such it is the temptation to be a god using those things and theres really no benefit unless letting them spontaneously manifest unless you make it an action of merit like multiplication of food by shrinking everything except the food very small where a sandwich can feed thousands or making a wish so that it helps or benefits others if you make one.

Settled is a good way to say renounced, all the bodhisattva selves of me spread out tracking them back through past lives? The senior monk using the deva eye was relating to the abbot what he was seeing while the abbot was focusing on the divine ear while I was there he said buddha crown and a tear formed in his eye seeing through those lives as I spoke about remembering them... he immediately said cut those off seeing what he saw.

It was like climbing out of hell renouncing the boddhisattva path for the one of arhat I mean so many beings followed me good and evil from the many manifestations out there as a buddhisattva form but I did make a vow to attain buddhahood that sort of thing has already occured to everyone somewhere just the veil and well so many others of you spread out so far and vast in various forms its total suckville but a goal is a goal and kamma and fate are basically the same thing having so much volition out there... that things do seem prewritten and basically are once past and future suck back into the one eternal moment called nirvana.

posted on Feb, 6 2018 @ 12:01 PM
I went and A_0's thread about us Forevermen here on ATS yet again (I was bored, and curious of how it read a few years down the line). His tag line is, "Sleep on it."

A remembrance of things past...

I've told you about the sounds of a digital alarm, like a cheap 70's watch, going off at a specific time. Like somebody's work day is over. I've told you about how a year or so later, I wake up to something that sounds like an AM radio song, then get hit with a stream of images, shapes, colors, and a binary code. Up to that point, I would have normal dreams, some vivid, some not, but typically a good, wth? creative dream thrown in. After my "streaming dream", all that creativeness stopped. It all became, "problem solving" dreams; and "solve that problem again in a different way."

Maybe the "streaming dream" was an "entrance exam" of sorts! I got up at a non-typical time to use the bathroom, just before 2 am. As I am drifting back to sleep, a series of very loud, very close, digital noises go off, like a sequence. It made my spine tingle and my hair on the back of my neck stand on end. It was around the "exploding brain" state of falling asleep and all I really wanted to do was sleep. Off I go. Several minutes later, I hear a beep, beep, like somebody tapping 'OK' twice on a button...

All I can say is that it was like an epileptic fit. It was not so much "convulsive" as it was a "full brain on fire" sensation. The triangle path the synchronicities travel in was solid and... IDK, rocking, I guess! Hard to describe. Not much thrashing but some. then one beep, and the area spreads out some more. And the rocking, tingling, sensation starts to fade. I'm lying there, catching my breath, and there are images and shapes all flying through my mind's eye. Not that much of an unpleasant feeling as unexpected!

After gathering myself, I realize I have to go to the bathroom again. I check the clock, 4:45 am! That same time again! The next hour and 20 minutes was a mish-mash of crazy, total dreamscape, creativeness! I was trying to sleep (of all things!), while people sang "protest songs" and watched old TV shows. I talked to a large, muppet dog, who told me his name was "M&M" and going off about fascism. The whole ended with use trying to flee the city and crashing through chain-link fences. A gray and black striped cube flew down from the sky. This ginormous female got out, set up some speakers, stood there and looked at us...

Then my alarm went off. Not wanting to hear anymore electronic noises, I hit "snooze", then unlocked my phone to turn the alarm off completely. It was not on!

What does it mean? I am guessing, that all the tasks I was set to figure out have been removed and I got back my brain to enjoy as I see fit. For the time being. If it is a test, I wonder when I get the results?? I wonder who is reading this post right now?? Why did it have to happen after re-reading A_0's forevermen thread?!

To, I hope, the woo blockade being over!!

posted on Feb, 6 2018 @ 12:48 PM

Reality with so much volition out there of paths not taken a you is on it and a you is the one being taken, yet when one ceases volition altogether in a state of nirodha samapatti both of those reach extinction in an instant and all kamma are burned up.

Those the you and not you of that spiral of volition taken as owns own life creates them, but awareness of all of them is what get called elaborate dreams or makkyo of roads taken and not these are the bodhisattva forms or bodies sliding through them all is just as infinite as consciousness and all pervasive space priti or sympathetic joy is also infinite it is where that bliss and simple rapture arise from.

Attaching to them I found thanks to those more experienced on the path is a lot like having dementia or Alzheimer's those are both mental states in the face of experiences what witnesses see are only partial realities the one agreed on... lol we are number one and our concepts of medicine science etc are number one lol hogwash inspiration comes from all of everything already out there somewhere... sure some try to datamine it and reverse engineeer but that is an expression of greed and deception so wanting that stuff for that sick gain doesnt do really any good for all of those involved because of individual and group kamma this is why professions like military and police are off limits.

I think the fellow writing that might be similar to myself however, I never ran in the practice of fearlessness because many run on the do as thy wilt ideology which means what ever it is they are going to do they are going to do as a group regardless so taking the beatings and the abuse is the fighting and standing ones ground and doing it in fearlessness like the fellow standing up to a tank in China thats the heart and spirit of a bodhisattva

Those thinking nothing but bliss? Yay im an extremist seeking only pleasure... thats why samsara exists in the first place only chasing ones own happiness, in the human realm easy up and down as it is good or bad, in a heaven or hell realm way way high to rise and way way far to fall and it takes so so very very long to incarnate into the human world again for the chance to escape altogether. Fortunately there is a level of deva where there is just simply practice and no falling back to the learning where it is painful and difficult... so there is some respite, where generation of joy does not require as much effort as before the jhanas all eight of them can be gone through in the blink of an eye.

But those other selfs out there in those boddhisattva vows on the way to buddhahood are like russian nesting dolls and are fractals when traveling through them putting those in order is gathering all the selves up into one whole being...

The main issue and why I am typically boring is I pefer pointing to the path not all the misteps on the way it isnt about the ooos and ahhhs thats a pride thing with a root of conceit... dont look at me look at Buddha even if called a buddha or arhat look at the one within it will be the same as all three... one is impermanent one is not self and one is suffering

posted on Feb, 7 2018 @ 05:07 AM

Since Reverbs showed us 777 I saw a lot of 11:11.
Two days in a row.
I talk all brave but sounds like that would be enough to scare me to death.
Imagine how spooky to actually meet the other. In their natural form. Making videos from the trip. And their homeworld.
Me! Me! Me!

posted on Feb, 7 2018 @ 11:38 AM
a reply to: BEBOG

But Master Yoda, I have learned so much! lol

I get to side step some the anchoredness of ego and plain conceit because this "dream stuff" appears to be manifest from outside then upon me rather than inner visions being enjoyed. Yeah, I know, it is the student coming to the realization that the rock is "inside my head" (to the delight of the master) kind of thing.

I will do, because there is no "try"!

a reply to: Peeple

BD said he's having synchronicities and finding it rather humorous as to cause him to chuckle out loud.

Anybody notice an up-tick in their own sphere of influence??

To make up for the dreamscape weirdness, I slept for 10 hours! Like I needed to recharge or something. The METAphor was handed to me on a silver plate as I stepped outside my apartment and into this slowly growing fog that has engulfed the city!

After en-lighten-ment comes picking the burden back up and stepping back into the fog!

posted on Feb, 7 2018 @ 12:40 PM
a reply to: Peeple

The first other one typically meets is dead; and you are there to witness it in dreamscape... the next appearance is in the form of a rabbit in waking state then the classic dark night of the soul business begins where day and night are turned upside down if paying attention and not being a part of it all and as an observer apart from it all as the all... then you'll come to see you are in reality outside of all of those various worlds like someone stating it is raining when it is not actually raining... so to those where it is raining is in the shared reality of conceptual world and those not are like oneself not sharing in the hive or grasped illusion of the masses.

posted on Feb, 7 2018 @ 12:50 PM

Well it's clear you've reached fruition of course so many paths and such a vast amount of "time"
for other fruitions... the form that takes is as before the individual choice, this the for a higher good business some speak of where it is a marriage of heart and head both going in the same direction one foot slightly in front of the other and bearing weight equally.

So no big deal as shrugging the burden means there never really was a burden when unbound from the very beginning and as the old ox herding pictures better to have been born deaf and blind from the beginning.

Being bound to the path of service is the same in both worlds and the line of self service and other service only gets blurred once it does end in that perfection. Humility side steps and lets it go on as if one was never even there and onto the next the other tries to grab the exaltation and glory at that point one should be very well aware of what that leads too... and if not then thats why that path even exists... and good luck at the learning from taking it.

posted on Feb, 7 2018 @ 03:23 PM

Aww how poetic baby.
I can't say I have any increase in woo unfortunately. I would love to.
But keep reporting.

posted on Feb, 9 2018 @ 02:59 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Like I said, the "problem solving" dreams seem to have ended. Last night I woke up laughing!

It was like being in Caddy Shack. There were some darker moments. Like this young guy is in a room of one-way mirrors spying of the people on the town. His older sister starts to get PO'd, and like he is a dog, tries to shove his nose in the glass when asks if what they were doing was wrong. They are kind of trapped there. Anyway, the sister decides to leave by climbing through the air vent. In a perfect set up shot, she bends over and you see her big-ish bottom, then she starts to crawl down the shaft. As typical, she gets stuck. She asks her brother to push her from behind...

He says, "Oh! I've seen how this is done in the movies!"
(He is a skinny white dude, early teens. I can see where this is going to go...)

He kind of get behind her and begins to rhythmically push on her bottom! He starts singing a rap song! The "thrusts" are in time with the beat of the rap! "Hey they lady! What's the matter baby? I'll drive you crazy..."

At this point I start to bust up! Like a DVR, I start to rewind the scene to hear all the lyrics but the picture goes all screwy and I wake up laughing!!

The rest of it was just like Caddy Shack with golf, a mad old dude, his king but not so smart wife, living on the golf course... I mean, why golf?!! I see creativity is back at work! And I could kind of rewind it but it was too much in the end!

-Foreverman of ATS

posted on Feb, 9 2018 @ 03:13 PM

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posted on Feb, 9 2018 @ 04:53 PM

Sounds like a womb realm sort of dream... "but I was the older brother last time" so you go first. I think it interesting you were dreaming it as a spectator; the king and queen of golf courses? Maybe thats about a future; playing ball and having some funny lil "varmits" of your own running around and their friends; baby ruthing your gene pool.

If in a conscious state of nope; the subconscious sure seems to be working out the possibilities...

posted on Feb, 10 2018 @ 03:18 AM
a reply to: Raxoxane

You get get double stars!!! BWAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAA!!!!!!

posted on Feb, 10 2018 @ 03:37 AM
Quetzalcoatl says Puppycurthepetal... and then, smoke on the water made a foghat and we took a slow ride til Tuesday’s gone away to piece of mind over matter what does it matter to me so hungry, Oy! me so hungry... you’re best friend Larry has a brother Gary in five days now he’s going to get married he’s hoping you can be there if you can because in the ceremony you’ll be the best man you say neeto check your libido drive to the church in your new tuxedo a girl walks down just start forgetting now there’s one more girl you won’t be remembering she’s dressed in jello she say hello come sit next to me you fine fellow so run over to her with a second to lose so what comes next so you bust a move!

Wish Universe had something better to say but you need to dance every now and then!!

Kick it!
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posted on Feb, 10 2018 @ 04:05 AM
a reply to: Raxoxane

I’m sorry that they didn’t pay attention to you on that other thread but it specific about an aircraft with a green trail. And its military but secret (except when you use it and us peons get a glimpse)

I believe that you are in contact with the Other. Or, the other way around. Why you?... couldn’t guess, but from what you remember versus what you forgot... you are a formidable intelligence!

WTH did you remove your post for?? I’m daring to be honest and would like the same back!! I’ll be the first to admit that I have limited knowledge... about anything!

posted on Feb, 10 2018 @ 04:10 AM
a reply to: BEBOG

I gave it the critical gaze...

Alice being pushed through the looking glass and the budding mind at sexuality and what it does to how you see the world.

And some funny incestual jokes while commenting on society!! LOL!

posted on Feb, 10 2018 @ 04:49 AM

You know what bothers me: how to use "any-" right.
In my time of hightened woo sensitivity the sexiest thing ever was a book from Goethe about gardens. All the growing and the pulsating life. With roses. All the smells.
Sexy. That feels crazy now.

Also Olympia has begun. I could have sworn there would be a terror incident and they get cancelled, instead they meet and talk. Maybe my worldview is a bit darker than reality?
Let's hope so.

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posted on Feb, 10 2018 @ 12:01 PM

Seems to be an important factor in the ninja scrolls like passing the force on in jedis... noble blood only. Bite a piece of rusty metal that's how my blood tastes... blood like iron body like steel lol.

posted on Feb, 10 2018 @ 06:41 PM

I was on one once, not green trailed that I know of; but like a black triangle sort the material it was constructed of was like a meta sort of material almost like laminated paper that if it dinged into something which happened quite often when over loaded it would crumple but over time wrap back out to the original form... to make it move one had to focus in Samadhi at a red light and the more people that had that ability the faster and easier it was to get where one was going and they preferred traveling at night to reduce the amount of hmmm difficult to say collateral damage I suppose? But it was more than money because they are seen as "god boats" traveling to different realms and times... so mental damage in those not ready or supposed to see such things.

But no one on there really speaks often but they do express a whole lot of wishes for better rebirths for people in their families, some of them are buried really deep in the layers of time sort of like dirt I guess and well it sort of like a tomb where it is timeless the polite but more so like honor tied into it is to wait... as whomever is expecting you or someone else has to be notified and then someone comes but in some cases it is just for them and the rest continue to wait... sort of like a purgatory but yet not.

Strange thing is it ceases to seem like the triangular craft and becomes more like a ghost or spirit train with so many stops on the way and well, VIP sort of business which goes by names and bloodlines often times in a hierarchy of sorts it can turn into instantaneous... but all surrounding you is the same and yet not the same once inside, as the time is so vast involved that it becomes like a timeless dream where life goes on but more of a mental projection of it going on, so it does not seem so inconvenient... though it almost seems like once you do get there bye bye world you used to know in a you have arrived and cant be turned away from the gates or returned back to the old mundane business.

I don't know if that's sort of what you are eluding to in you post, but I'm not someone concerned about speaking of such things. Truth is truth whether one has direct experience in it or not does not make it untruth... sort of like the word dream of your vent business nulls it being a reality well it was real enough at the time it was going on, as your awareness was drifting through in observation mode of it... some stuff you can trust and some things you can't from others in any of the dreams one comes across as a reality or at least a quasi one.

So hey I don't know if you or anyone has had similar interesting if so; if not? Pardon my rambling and well I guess that's what the Meta-Cafe is for off the wall ramblings of the ATS eccentrics... like creative crazy not the dangerous crazy, although some may believe the creative force to be dangerous.

posted on Feb, 11 2018 @ 03:13 AM

How are you crazy bitches?
All good?
I just put that here and come back to edit.

I don't want personal woo. I want everything public. #freeinformation.
Even if the Information is pretty subjective in this case, but it is what it is.
If we could find a new school of thought to deal with "it" that would help a lot, right?
I wouldn't want to do that. Not without a personal meeting with "god"..."take me to the manager!".

But many religious stories are similiar to alien stories. That says to me neither is true. If god than more like a zeus. The traditional god is to me "the body our universe forms including consciousness".
Of course there's no way to prove anything anyways.
I read in this other thread how earth has a wipe out cycle.

originally posted by: one4all

originally posted by: Gothmog
a reply to: anonentity

The question is did they leave? or are they still here?

The answer is - Yes , we are still here.
We are the aliens with advanced tech . Or were.
Why do you think there is so many underground cities and perfect bomb shelters around the world ?

They are US.

Every 3657 years we are wiped out on Earth...everything is destroyed...if we make it off the Planet into space and survive as a species....we know there will be nothing to come back to for a very very long time....but when we do come back we are coming home...we have different tech and look different because we may have evolved uniquely depending on where we landed and lived...but we are you and together we are US.

Every group of us who comes home is DIFFERENT...even the technologies diverge....but we are ALL COMING HOME...and we are not from the FUTURE or another DIMENSION....we are US.

Those of us who make it off planet before the end...we always eventually come home to visit....not to stay again because we know everything gets wiped every 3657 years and Earth is a difficult place to evolve from because of it....we dont interfere much because it is a holy journey and experience for many of us...we are respectfull....not all but most....we undeerstand the dichotomy and feel the emotions of knowing the fate of the current population present when we arrive home...we always hope some of the population who survived against incredible odds are related to any of us and we compare DNA...its a personal thing to us...we take immense pride in it....we always hope the populations we visit are ready to graduate and evolve off-planet to join us all before they get wiped...sadly we do not believe it is our right or natures way to interfere completely...we do help some...but we have had to see many Cycles of Humanity be completely wiped back to the stone age because the truths were not shared and technology was not built to leave Earth enmasse by the billions which by the way is not hard to do....greed and lies and religous self-immolation sometimes prevent a cohesive global Humanitarian effort...which is the key to evolving....naturally... these times now are the Rubicon...we are now watching the very end of a Cycle...our hearts are heavy.

The thread itself is crap.
But this I felt was comforting.

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