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Baddogma's Other Meta Cafe- Polite Discussions About Scientific Mysticism and General Weirdness

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posted on Feb, 4 2018 @ 09:07 AM

originally posted by: Peeple

Why Spanish?


posted on Feb, 4 2018 @ 09:20 AM
a reply to: BEBOG

I was not trying to do anything. Fell for the wrong girl I suppose. She did whatever she did I was not privy to. But I would repeat this piece you wrote here:

True becoming a gaslighting sociopath is not the answer... it leads to many bad states as it is self-ish grasping altering reality with such volitions into one of hell instead of happiness when all of that fakery and untruth unravels.

Of course that is the lure of the so-called dark or left handed path of chaos magic. Easily gotten gains are typically ill gotten gains through such practices and when someone starts to become a desperate sinking ship the wake of such seeks to grasp and sink anything and everything at the expense of everyone as it goes under.

Alas such is the nature of such a thing... whether wise to it or not in how it arises and passes? Depends on a certain level of naivety I suppose.

Reverbs having died and made it through at least once to your recollection and onto a better course of being and existence; do you not find it unfitting to take that opportunity of growth and betterment as such instead of being drawn back down a path you have lamented many times previously in the first cafe? If experience slips as a teacher then of course the cliche doomed to repeat it is always in effect.

I'm never going back that way but of course I don't know what made me go that way honestly.

I think I've been clear I miss the magic, but I'm focusing all my energy on "real" life and I'm also taking a break from the ladies. Watch next girl be another witch or some # hahahaha.

No I never want to go back, but you know what they say of curiosity and cats. But no I'm taking it slow now. She was a tornado. And now the wind is gone. It's been years we rebuilt the neighborhood and all is calm. I doubt I'd ever meet somone like her again anyway.

As for me I havnt even gotten back to light meditation. Just not my cup of tea right now.

posted on Feb, 4 2018 @ 12:49 PM

originally posted by: Peeple
a reply to: BEBOG

No it's not sound. That's just an old metaphor. Not a bad one it includes soundwaves. But still that's not it.

Something in waves, but not light, not sound, not electricity,... but not far from it.

Maybe a certain combination of many of those waves, light can store Information. The possibilities what else are almost endless.

It's all metaphors peeps. The most basic thing you could say are waves to a field. "Vibrations" I used to call it.

When I used to meditate there was this "universal hum" and people had hums too not fully aligned with the "natural? hum. This is how I could sense plants was this base field thingie.. electronics/electromagnetism was also strong and in your face so it made it harder to sense this base thing. Reverbs became very sensitive to people having electronics on anywhere.

Meditation is a funny thing. It's a word.. a metaphor of itself. Subjective until made subjectively active by subjective direct experience removes the subjectivity of it all leaving.... leaving what left? Nothing?

So t hrren one can understandably wonder.. is there nothing below subjectivity or said subject creates object?

I've heard of not "objectifying women." But what of objectifying the self or the universe as a reality?? Few bat an eye.

I just don't know what to call "reality" or what that can even mean.

posted on Feb, 4 2018 @ 01:23 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

Standing Bell. A good therapist can tell you exactly where your blockage is. Also vibration.

Everything is fiction.

posted on Feb, 4 2018 @ 02:36 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

Ah then perhaps the pretend to be human just means a repression of the wooville side of yourself for the mundane normalcy that has to take place for self care and maintenance...

Suppressing that likely won't send out those waves or vibrational rates that attract as you say witches...

Vibrational planes of existence being a very vast and storied structure conglomerating and destroyed at certain levels every so often below the deva realms so things do not get so tense and solid where energies trapped cannot get free. So even elementals get a break and can escape the clutches of another element it doesn't groove with for well being to move towards a better plane.

I didn't accept the golden light ball that issued out of me on that death occasion to absorb me into it, later on meditations I was glad I did not as who wants to be a cog in such a beautiful perfect mechanism? The goddess that ruled the chakra from which it issued still actively works around me and has of course those under her rule to help with whatever too...

Sort of as if I am expected to sit back in meditative equipoise and just let her handle everything sort of like a lion on the Savanna as the lioness goes to work and if I do anything in volition just end up getting in her way of creating a paradise.

It's a labor of love I know and a mutual feeling of it; like little unexpected gifts show up if I was slightly disappointed for some reason, in a that wasn't there before but it made my day that it is... once I put my clothes on the couch not feeling like folding and putting them away; it was kind of late and I was more into sleeping. The next day I didn't see them as I was going to put some on and was where did my clothes go? This bothered me all day only later to see they were folded and put into a drawer... I certainly didn't do it as the folding and the placement in my drawers was not how I do it. Yet I "live alone".

Perhaps it is the celestial maiden I was married/promised too during one of the bardo state entries into a heaven... each of us has one of those we also have a hell too; so in practice I have been working on making a pure land where there is no hell at all which means strict moral conduct and if some beings are attached then kamma they generate is what deals with them as I have no quarrels.

Perhaps your golden one is working in varied ways with you as well, I'd advise whatever practices that manifest that energy so you two can commune more often as to not fall backwards into those lower vibrational states. I listen to the dakini bells dancing in the aether which sound sort of like very small jingle bells being shaken they bring great peace and calm, there is a nature spirit energy that is present both day and night which is a bird form... she laughs from time to time and entertains and is a self avowed jokster, I don't speak to her I just listen and smile when I hear her... I suppose her wrathful form is the herukka so it's likely like the lioness business to not mess around with her prize.

Of course that is the other world and yet this one interacting with each other in a transformation... the more grasping the more difficult their work of transformation is... which goes back to that intention business, as it generates that spiral of up or down kamma.

I am likely not long for this world though, as my entire body has been slowly going numb as losing all feeling my left arm and legs up to my waist are as if asleep yet do not have the uselessness and only a light tingling my right arm is getting that way it's about up to the elbow and my chest across too. Lol so not much more left that can harness pain or suffering as body sensation goes... just more fruit of the path and it is nice to have all of that mostly unseen help. Hard to not feel useless not knowing how to help them in return other than sustained continued practice.

Keep it magical even if it is just mindfully shaking out some MSG blend over a hamburger patty

posted on Feb, 4 2018 @ 02:46 PM
a reply to: Peeple

That just means countless dreamscapes... everything is friction is the sound business simply due to the contact of all of everything known and unknown, seen and unseen, head and not heart, felt and unfelt, smelled and not smelled, tasted and not tasted, being and nonbeing all rubbing together as one and yet not as one from the fiction... easy to get a weirded out feeling from that when attached to concepts forms functions etc. otherwise it is just continually flowing along singing the song of life.

posted on Feb, 4 2018 @ 02:52 PM

I have some not as extreme as in the image though yet still long pointy black with embroidered skulls hearts jewels for eyes and on the heel section says love kills slowly...

posted on Feb, 4 2018 @ 03:04 PM
a reply to: BEBOG

"Pretend to be human"

Yes exactly. Kind of like the little devil and saint peeking out from my human signature. Self care and maintenance rebalance and, then, listen again.

And then you ended with keep it magical hamburger patty, which I'm about an hour away from making hamburgers, albeit hold the MSG.

Haha. It's good to hear from you again after all this time.

every now and again i miss her.

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posted on Feb, 4 2018 @ 03:40 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

lol shows what kind of world Peeple and I come from I suppose... being kicked around the block several times; those with extreme self interest has no heart in it just their mental ideas of gain from you. So of course past experience poisoning the well will typically come up blind to the other possibilities of view... exactly how language is a barrier to communication just as often as it communicates depending on those erm many varied realities that people grasp at...

The least expected that is always present without any grasping was love or simply heart... the mind steps in the heart all the time sort of like the headiness of a beer, the alcoholic cannot appreciate the beauty of it at heart ans all that went into it even the moment for all of that to come together in the 1st person view of ego all the craftsmanship and history to the people that had to get up and come to work as a stranger that is there to serve this ego you and smile about it suppressing their inhuman continually affecting them and it simply becomes bastard bubbles in the way of their craving.,, in such a selfishness that is unbearable the more one sees it and knows that's exactly how oneself once was in that heady non appreciation.

lol talk about pole flips... that sort of thing is the bi-polar or madness of the world that goes on and it is typically not the ones branded with the label of such... those seem to be the ones trying to move out of the headiness and back to the heart where reality actually dwells where no thought for a self occurs at all... it just beats the beat of life itself in the large biorhythm where two blood cells synchronize when placed near each other when all life is doing that it is magic when the brain waves are causing storms to that it's the cacophony and chaos but that is needed to break up those realms and planes where others are trapped for that shift they need to evolve.

I like MSG Yay umami!!! sure the only bad thing about it is subtle flavor and (nuisance) can be lost without moderation of it.
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posted on Feb, 4 2018 @ 05:14 PM
a reply to: BEBOG

the alcoholic removes the nuisance of nuance, yet it can be hard to want that nuisance if you keep getting beat up over and over. It's funny the metaphor you placed was very similar to one of my first freaky thoughts about subject object separation. I said it as a coke can. the aluminum separating this liquid that was made and only stays "itself" in isolation to the environment of oxygen or dirt or whatever else.. Entropy, and avoiding entropy.. Only purpose to open the can and integrate with the contents.. I thought of humans separating things to identify them or "purify" them. Very heady mind trip that left me lost to identity.

How I have this huge need to separate myself from "other"
Why I can be weird in relationships feeling like I am both persons.

and then wooville me ever present reminding me all the time, I'm embarrassed to be human. A separate body organization of all these "gross" processes. A crisis of 2 selves one wanting to dissolve into it all, and one wanting to be separate from all "laws" and other things than "self." How does a reverbs reverberate the waves in this case? Probably chaotically haha. Talk about bi polar.

Standing back in shallow water until I get the inkling I can swim again.

My girly pieces want to be everything at once.

When I find myself grateful I am complete. I just smile. gawd I love it all in some weird way.
Truly grateful I can Love what I don't understand.

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posted on Feb, 4 2018 @ 07:34 PM

posted on Feb, 4 2018 @ 07:48 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

Yes indeed the yin and yang in effect for the subject and object... when looking at an object and discriminating it with mind as a subject it is being the heart, and when one drops subject in meditation and dwells in a simple awareness of being then oneself becomes the heart while it then has a chance to become mind.

Many do not ever get past the mind part so the heart has to express itself silently... so when that mind finally transforms into heart by letting go of all it's contents and baggage being dragged along like a corpse then the other finally gets to express itself having been heart for so long... in such a manner the old woman is no longer blind or ignorance and the old man has ceased to drag that corpse around in the bhava-cakra and both come together freed from the wheel altogether.

Yet others wheels are still going and the path of service becomes clear for the bodhisattva sort; this is something as an attachment that has to be renounced eventually or else the culmination of Buddhahood will not be realized although it already has reached full fruition... I renounced the bodhisattva path to progress too long going round and round which means arhat in the final realm of learning or knowledge of practice in the deva realms and then onto the buddhadhatu or realms of the buddhas.

Certainly no regrets or burdens to carry on the path; as on renunciation it was a quick slingshot into and through the vajrayanna and sliding into the tantrayanna where the communion of yab-yum takes place culminating into full buddhahood...

I suppose I am more documenting the path out for those on the buddhist path but not really aware of the stages in which they progress through... for many it is easy to forget renunciation also involves those vows taken so that it finally can be achieved. I have already been called such in a few realms... mentally rolling through the bardos of heavens and hells really didn't seem much different from each other, except in the hells it was dirt and grime clustered and conglomerated with many faces appearing attached like concrete where the larger stones were those stuck and ignorant of how to progress and all they could do was stare in passing by; while the heavens could care less like an exclusive cloud club all white and alabaster and cliche looking as painted frescoes some larger than others with only a face or two at those doors looking like the hell of being stuck and would rather move on but the face was the door in those cases but looked just as forelorned despite it being a heaven.

I suppose none of that imagery really matters I was rising up to one and met a cat wearing a large pointed crown outside of it as I approached the gate and was denied entry the cat said not your time for here and I asked it three questions I dont even recall as I was laughing while the visions were fading back into the mundane and I realized that I was already in heaven despite the appearances otherwise that others may attach too but the laughing was because it was the middle not those hells and not those heavens but just right where all the work was up to me and really how is that work left up to oneself any different than the path itself in such a manner? :p

Of course through the hells it was traveling like water dripping and running through deep vast wells of darkness and caverns and the heavens more like being the vapor of water as a cloud formation drifting along and aloft from one cloud city to another... the lightness of unburdened and burdened I suppose however it appeared as more stoic unconcern took place in the heavens and yet more faces inspiring empathy appeared in the hells.

How is that really any different in those embracing classism or caste systems in what is termed the mundane world here? Other than traveling as an element being the vehicle I didn't really see much as far as the nature of beings go in their attachments and emotions whether full or lacking in them.

Two months ago I decided to walk to the monastery I almost lost a toenail it is still black and red all over as dried blood underneath it feet swelled up like those of elephants as soon as I took my shoes off, 50 mile walk in total a bit over 24 hours total to get there... I got a 3 mile ride from someone the first part of the journey it was pouring down rain for a few hours and I was like a drowned rat walking along, then an 8 mile ride later the next morning from law enforcement to the monastery; I was just laying on a discarded piece of plywood on the side of the highway resting and picking out a ton of sticker bush seeds off my pants so not to carry them to the monastery grounds and someone reported me as a dead body laying on the side of the road to the authorities lol. I dedicated the walk to the dakinis in the heart of the walk women took to ask the Buddha if they could be allowed refuge and be allowed to practice as monastics as well... because at one time it was men only. I stacked 3 stones on top of each other at every place I stopped to take a rest on the way.

Then last month I was incarcerated for a very stupid reason that still does not make sense; but hey a child molester got a well deserved and long over due bloody nose and I got thirty days in county jail... it was total system failure though, I wasn't read my rights so I decided to remain silent and only ceased too when I took the stand to testify. My court appointed lawyer was playing a role as they already had the verdict etc before court even took place with what was going to occur... I said no dice to what they were saying as a verdict and my testimony won; however since it was already decided the wrong verdict was in the records instead it was what they planned to force me to agree to previously before trial. Meaning the whole system of justice is a farce and mechanical in action like a routine procedure of tying shoes... and then you're like theres knots in the laces fellas those have to be worked out before tying them properly. So that was an experience; never had been arrested or in court before... aside from the very unprofessional lawyer and the verdict not actually the verdict already being passed and decided no biggie; the probation officer said he is going to iron all of that out when the actual paperwork comes through... if not I may have to sue the county court system which I dont want to do because they are cogsthat likely wont get any penalty unless the feds get involved and then it's the tax payers that take the hit... and I dont think thats something the community should have to pay for just because the system is broken and being neglected in fixing it, so likely a course I will not take... and anyone sane enough looking at the case and how no justice occurred wouldnt even want to touch it... just being arrested without being read my rights is a severe violation that should have thrown the whole thing out of court, then the lawyer entering pleas I did not make and then making silly deals ahead of time where no court was involved. Plus I simply took the stand my ground law we have; I was on my way to the bathroom and jackass came bull rushing me on the way to it and I held up my hands in a defensive form posture right hand face level and out and the left on guard and he grabbed at my stiff arms trying to move them caused himself to move face first into my fist when his hand slipped off my right arm not being able too.

posted on Feb, 4 2018 @ 08:22 PM

posted on Feb, 5 2018 @ 04:07 AM
Okay weekend is over, thinking cap on.

How do I get my UFO fleet?
The Nether World Order. "We share this soil of earth"

First problem, are UFOs and alike hard matter at all? I just saw lights. They behaved intelligent. But how massive does that make them? Maybe I saw fairies? They are tiny.

Plus Whoa! I allowed myself a few religious thoughts, here and in it we read:

originally posted by: DISRAELI
a reply to: Peeple
He could not be "among us now", according to the description in Matthew ch24. The advice from Jesus is "Do not believe them!", if anyone says that Christ is in one place or another. If it is possible for someone to go and see him, then he must by definition be one of those who will "lead many astray".
When the Son of man comes, he comes "on the clouds of heaven"- that is, with all the power of God- and "like a flash of lightning"- that is, a sudden arrival, recognised universally and immediately.


originally posted by: DISRAELI
a reply to: Peeple
He's ascended already. Acts ch1.
"THIS Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will come in the same way as you saw him go."

alien abduction....

posted on Feb, 5 2018 @ 11:19 AM
a reply to: Peeple

The book of Matthew also talks about becoming a star... the bible itself talks about a star over 300 times. You know all that wandering around in the desert following a star/ufo, the many paintings of a star/ufo...

If you feel like slapping your forehead about now... thats ok, but dont it may be taken as self harm and back to crazy town youll go of course if youre in the mood for flirting with orderlies and good meals hey why not? BECAUSE YOU HAVE CHILDREN which means continue to be a responsible mom to your rat babies.

Being a Rat in Chinese cosmology? I will not be happy if you do not...

posted on Feb, 5 2018 @ 11:46 AM
a reply to: BEBOG

Becoming a star seems very egyptian. I don't think we should rely that much on ancient metaphors.

posted on Feb, 5 2018 @ 12:47 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Since when was communication not plagiarized? Just because the order those hoots grunts and howls are in ones own order or draped in their clothes does not mean they are not the same trope repeated ad nauseam as an entire wardrobe cloaked in the illusion of selfhood as a reality, sure you have a distinct expression but it is seen in body as the speech you carry in it silently rattles around in your head as others watch, when you speak few can listen and see the bare bones of what you say because of all the rattling around going on inside of their heads as you see them sitting there silently...

Silence the mind and one then dwells in only heart, no matter what the matter is... solid or the illusionary concept being grasped... you can grasp a hammer without thinking hammer the eye consciousness recognizes it... you can put it to use as a hammer... however is it a hammer? NO it is everything and nothing at once and it is only the volition to pick it up that swings... that volition becomes the wave it all rides and rests on called the moment. Once a moment is gone poof gone done over never exists again hating tomatoes means all tomatoes no just the ones you've tasted but those yet to be tasted then the life force of all involved knowing tomato and your preference then becomes the positive and negative force in your world of tomatoes.

So to transmute that instead of looking at tomato with disgust one says it is a preservation so that others can have more but this MUST be a genuine energy not a lie to oneself or others to avoid the volition or kamma of that choice made... thats just how it works lying to oneself is the attempt to save feelings of the head that thing that has no heart but is sustained by the heart and the body by transporting things from outside the body into it... if the brain is full of rotten past like a festering corpse it doesnt really express as a living being... so to live that heart must beat by ceasing to rack the brain up all hung up on the dead digging things up over and over to face like a goul... the future is always being stained in the present that never arises or passes in eternity by that corpse being dragged along being ignorantly blind such a thing is hard to see as ego dances and jumps yet to others that know it is both tragic and comedy at the same time depending on the dramatic mask one wears in this vast theater.

The meditative work to transcend both subject and object where eventually both become empty and yet when this occurs it all is so very full only because then oneself is empty saying ah ha! fills oneself with ego again as if they know something beyond hooting grunts yowling and pointing jumping up and down and it is a trap for no one but that silly self expressed by head/mind attachment as heart sighs and embraces just the same... this embrace or mind running and heart silently following like a shadow is a continuous dance the space very small as another grasp is right behind it in a large chain of bondage called thought consciousness, the small tiny space or gap that is true relief goes unnoticed meditation widens that gap eventually so very wide it is always void but yet appearances still pervade life still occurs and goes on... heart position looks with empathy at all the dead and tries to help raise them up to stop dragging their corpse of past around... theres no future in it except in the way of vocation... but yet heart is also a vocation... but silence beats against silence that only noise can be made...and the noise one is making is a sort that only you can truly understand yet silence everyone and everything knows without question without need for explanation thats why the truth dwells there pregnant with it's own meaning few experience know truly

this is what Salvador Dali's christ in a glass cross is conveying despite being able to see him no one can hear him despite walking there to the cross by the same path.

Buddhist is atheist we dont deny their existence we just know they are just as stuck as those beings in hell in the ignorance of not knowing and the only difference between the two? That volition of action or kamma was either of a good destination a self used in aid to all others in some capacity by expression of the heart as action or of that self for ones own benefit and wellbeing... both have to come together in the nothing to actually know and when that occurs then truth can be spoken as it is with no intent other than to point at silence with a plagiarized futility called words.

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Yes the coffee is the words that keep us awake

posted on Feb, 5 2018 @ 03:06 PM
a reply to: BEBOG

The problem with all of that I have is that putting a label on it doesn't explain anything.
Why can't we radically update the translation of everything spiritual? Because we would stumble upon weird stuff.
Ridicule it with that sumerian fraud guy who makes up translations of texts nobody else can find.
Atlantis as synonym for an ancient advanced civilisation.
Maybe that just shows how old that story plot is but pretty, not?
There is some interesting stuff going on.

posted on Feb, 5 2018 @ 04:07 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Im going to break taboo and tell you what I think of you or love about you; youre literal, philosophical and sure of yourself and have a strong sense of justice in right and wrong on the world scale... The reasoning? I love this lol I was exactly the same way trusting my steps as my path gathering so much knowledge and philosophy from as many paths as possible as an information sponge... as the only sure step on the path was my step. It was a cant be told anything as I had to directly experience so I also love the hardheadedness you have about it too.

The reason thats a used to for me, is I stopped hopping around philisophically and took resolve to follow out the one that resonated the most to its or my end lol seems both occured and yet they; myself and it still continue on as the same expression and yet not the same expression having throughly walked it and seen it in direct experience round and round... perhaps the same point will occurr to you at some time and youll grow weary at all the rhetoric that is the same but in various guises and then once the truth slams into you like a bird takes to the sky or duck to water you'll fully blossom into exactly the authentic that screams out currently to be seen without any confusion or pretense but in a manner calm and unabaited to all the arising and passings spinning head and heart around eachother.

Well theres my bare honesty in the view of you... I have the same for others unique to them in various ways as their essence or essiential self in its expression like a signature my abbot? His simple smile and gentleness where nothing really need be said, the Dalai Lama for his cocky certainty in being such is the nature of tulku boddhisattvas its a mirror of the hardheadedness I mentioned about you... although they buddhists their expression or voice of it has personality and not a blank robotic going through the motions there is the heat or warmth not exactly a passion but the certainty that yes this is the path since you are still walking shut up so I can point the way because I am not coming with you my journey has ended and now my job is to point clearly as I can and nothing more.

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posted on Feb, 6 2018 @ 02:54 AM
a reply to: BEBOG

You settled. That doesn't mean I have to too. I will know I am right when everybody has seen an UFO and I am the official spokesperson for the other.

So far we just make wild guesses. God! Ghosts! ET! ... but what is the point in all of this?

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