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Baddogma's Other Meta Cafe- Polite Discussions About Scientific Mysticism and General Weirdness

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posted on Sep, 21 2017 @ 03:31 PM

Your capital letters form an anagram for tawtie... oh the tangled web we weave... with hair.
*Standing ovation drops the mic

posted on Sep, 21 2017 @ 03:52 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Oh look! Orleans is still here. Now it is plus four or five days. Unfortunately, as one astute poster noted, that is after the tribulation! There is a guy saying our "software" was modified so Y2K didn't happen (which is why we didn't get the 2012 thingy?? IDK, just not bothering to ask on that thread!). Now, our mission, is at 23:59:59 as we slip into the 23rd, we must think "pure thoughts" (or something) so all our histories can be reloaded so we can manifest reality...

I like puppies!

I will my dammest to think that! The Tribulation prolly happens in the middle of the night. I really do like sleeping.
I suppose not dying ever again and singing to some deity for all eternity might be fun. I will be one singing, "Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg..."

Ever notice that the "cheers" icon changes colors? At one point they were beer colored. Then green. Sometimes, you can only see the outline of the mug with no color. Same seems to happen to "thumbs up" Is ATS experiencing a timeline switch?

posted on Sep, 21 2017 @ 04:02 PM

originally posted by: TEOTWAWKIAIFF
a reply to: Peeple

There is a guy saying our "software" was modified so Y2K didn't happen (which is why we didn't get the 2012 thingy?? IDK, just not bothering to ask on that thread!).

Yup, that is 100% true.

Not really some supernatural thing, or even a conspiracy, but due to the VERY hard work of IT folks worldwide, there weren't any issues.

Wouldn't have been the apocalypse or anything either, but there would have been a helluva lot of headaches!

Funny how its still seen mainly as some end of the world thing or a hoax, heh.

ETA: Had nothing to do with 2012 though.
ETA2: Breaking the code and actually posting a link. Its actually pretty interesting, if your a geek, and a good lesson.
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posted on Sep, 21 2017 @ 04:16 PM

No that's a timer doing that I think. Green, yellow and I believe one other?

Orleans problem is not just the date, but his royals obsession he wants to switch souls with that baby, I mean...that's just sick. Not judging just saying. If he would get publicly abducted, aliens would validate that story and that's where he took himself out of the competition.
I guess.

They love you, we could have had contact years ago if you wouldn't have chickened out. Also not judging just saying. 23rd is just the day the dragon shows up, not? If there were a giant ship heading towards earth super fast it would come from that Virgo direction and still take a few days until it gets here.
And that's my crazy talk for today.

Because we all know they're not floating through spacetime but if they need to travel then they'd fold spacetime because everything else is a huge waste.
And the 3-guys-club is probably home to earth anyways and here since always. I guess if real ET would get here they'd be our guardian angels with lasers...

posted on Sep, 21 2017 @ 06:28 PM
a reply to: Serdgiam

The "software" is more "human software" of some sorts! It is a rather confusing topic that I did not follow completely but it has to do with how we use or brains. Then he told us what to think at a specific time to avoid the end of the world. Which is why I'm thinking, "I like puppies" until next Monday (just to be safe!)

a reply to: Peeple

Yeah, like saying you are going on a diet. Then at the end of the week when you haven't even started, announcing you are going on a diet... next week. At least we got a response after the date flew by.

I didn't "chicken out"! I turned my Tail and fled!!

Like I said, my life is my own. Not to be at the beck and call of bug eyed, little dudes that want me to do something so they get what they want. Who cares what TEOT wants! Maybe I wanted to go to college instead of jumping up and claiming climate doom porn (or what ever they wanted me to od). I have a sense of fairness. They were not fair... so fah get about it!

The MSM is claiming "conspiracy theorists" made up the 23rd as TEOTW. Uh, no. That was some Christian guy saying that the Red Dragon shows back up with loose correlations between planet alignments and the Book of Revelations. There was something else happening to. The difference is the MSM did not do any fact checking! "On twitter..." which is even worse than "anonymous source"! I bet there will be a new "story" that says, "conspiracy theorists now say..." with a new date!

Better than talking about politics all the time!

posted on Sep, 23 2017 @ 01:07 PM

Still here! Ah well. Time to clean our planet up.

posted on Sep, 23 2017 @ 01:25 PM

Shut up baby. Let me explain the problem: Arecibo is offline because of Maria. They are trying to call but can't get through. And it can't be the 23rd for the same reason as Orleans can't get abducted, it would validate the background story.
But I said before September ends we will get all superpowers and that's obviously coming true. I got another week. Because logic... Haha

You don't take me serious, do you?
Because I don't.

posted on Sep, 24 2017 @ 01:17 AM
a reply to: Peeple

Ah baby.

I take you as real!

Which is why I don't seem serious all the time. It's called love.!!! You can be as crazy, cool, smart, confused, as you want. I just hope I can be the same with you!

Love that the world is still here with you in it!!

posted on Sep, 25 2017 @ 01:53 PM

The idea that these two far-flung areas of mathematics could be connected seemed so fantastic that it became known as moonshine. But more numerical “coincidences” started piling up, and eventually mathematicians figured out a deep reason for them: The monster group and the j-function are connected via string theory. In a particular 24-dimensional string theory world, the j-function’s coefficients capture how strings can oscillate, while the monster controls the underlying symmetry.

For decades, monstrous moonshine seemed like a one-off phenomenon. But in 2010, physicists started noticing that if they looked at groups related to certain 24-dimensional lattices, a raft of new numerical coincidences emerged. By 2013, Cheng, Duncan and the physicist Jeffrey Harvey of the University of Chicago had conjectured the existence of 23 more moonshines — one for each lattice — that included several more members of the happy family as well as other symmetry groups. Two years later, Duncan, Ono and the mathematician Michael Griffin proved that these moonshines do exist. But while moonshine gradually spread its beams further over the happy family, the pariahs remained in the shadows. - Moonshine Link Discovered for Pariah Symmetries.

The first is cool because of "coincidence" that ended up not being random. The second is words that make me smile when connected together. They are explaining a taxonomy of finite symmetries. The "moonshine" is the leader of the group. With names like "monster" and "pariah" explaining where they lie in relation. After all the knob twiddling they found a link between two different functions that can only occur in 24-D string brane! My brain!

It is funny that from a purely organizational exercise two (or more) unrelated math functions cross paths in a yet theoretical space! And it reads like poetry to boot!

Look! 23!! My little buddy...
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posted on Sep, 29 2017 @ 09:42 AM

Can't say I understood much of the article. I tried but the mimosa isn't helping.

posted on Sep, 29 2017 @ 12:17 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Its OK baby. It was just the words sounded all pretty when put together! Like poetry. I thought of Tetris when I read the article! Again, organization will help you, always. What they were doing is like meta-math! Categorizing various functions then seeing how disparate functions relate to each other.

I likey! Scar Symmetry. I will have to pay them some more attention!

Every now and then, I'll play Dragonforce, Avenged Sevenfold (I know! But hey), In Flames, Killswitch Engaged, and, And Oceans. Opeth is awesome but moved more towards Pink Floyd than their brutal roots. Freaks out my co-workers as I play loud music to drown them out it switches from Sarah McLachlan, to Metallica, then Grieg!

I love this ending!! It sounds better without the clapping! (Sorry for showing culture and stuff)

Edvard Grieg - Anitra's Dance (Peer Gynt)

Happy Frida's Day!

posted on Sep, 29 2017 @ 12:26 PM

Isn't it beautiful how it "coincidentally" fits? To (again circle over my head) everything?
You big smart man.
Baby. Culture is always a turn on...

posted on Sep, 29 2017 @ 12:49 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Smooches back, Peeps!

Universe sent me a message this morning. I wish she wasn't so forceful!

I was crossing the street. It was raining out so after the North-south traffic went by and the next wave was a mile away, I stepped out into the street. Well, some a-hole in the turn lane, looking right, punches the gas and starts to turn. I jump back but not fast enough. His front quarter panel hits me and knocks me backwards while his tire runs over my foot pinning me from flying into the air. My hand slap his hood, my foot, almost minus my shoe, emerges from under the tire and I pull away from the car. Bastid just smiles at me and drives off!!!

Not hurt just a slight knee strain but still. F# hit and run. I get to limp around for the rest of the day. Tackled by a friggin car!

Universe to me: Get on with the show TEOT because... you never know!

Gawd, she's got a wicked sense of humor!

(She is the ultimate mod! Make that Mod with a capital 'M'!!)
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posted on Sep, 29 2017 @ 01:00 PM

That's awful! What a *¥₩#$!
She just wants you to be careful. There's a lot of dumb bad people out there. Oooh baby baby

I'm glad you weren't seriously injured! Horrible.

posted on Sep, 29 2017 @ 01:33 PM
a reply to: Peeple

I have the reflexes of a cat!

Oh f#ing meow!

--George Carlin

I bet the dumb sh# looks both ways now!

I'll be OK. Nothing a beer wont fix!

Btw, found some interesting things to further explain numbers in that paper I have! It is kind of like joining a thread! Except this is a math thread. I didn't realize that people don't know a lot about what they are studying. They jump to equations instead of looking at the question. It is almost embarrassingly simple so don't want to sound like a jerk pointing out that the emperor has no clothes. May have to keep it short and simple. I think it is only 3 pages long including the abstract! It is so simple they will teach (t, each... t each their own! haha) it in high school algebra class. So many mathematicians are close but they don't se it. They have even stated it but in a different context where it does not work with what they are trying to do. It is those little twists that separates normal from genius.

If I have not seen far enough, it is because I am standing in a giant's footprints! --random quote I read somewhere

Mimosa sounds yummy!

posted on Sep, 29 2017 @ 01:56 PM

Are you sure you're not paraphrasing something with shoulders and giants, genius?
In my experience if something is obvious to you it takes extra 20 pages to make it the same to others.
My reoccurring topic of the day: frame of reference. The soil the seed lands on has to match and be prepared.

posted on Sep, 29 2017 @ 02:00 PM
a reply to: Peeple

This what I am going on about with the math paper... (link to pdf) - Some History about Twin Prime Conjecture.

I've solved it. Or at least proved that each step you take makes another pair of possible primes which requires another step adding another pair, wash, rinse, repeat.

It is written up as much as I can without having LaTex installed. I think I have it on my Linux box but haven't checked (or booted up since I moved, like two years ago).

What I wonder, and am trying to work out, is the effect on The Riemann Hypothesis, if any. I only have had a brief introduction to real number analysis so starting at the ground level again. Series, natural logs, substitution equations, e, and real numbers. If I am not around that is most likely what I am doing!

Then and only then will a proper paper be produced. Then the bs of finding a sponsor on the arxiv. Then peer review and possible publication. I think that problem is a million dollar one so yeah, it is worth it! I know RH is which is why I am bothering to even look at it too.

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posted on Sep, 29 2017 @ 02:06 PM

Oh gosh trivial zeros.... math and I will never be friends. Because seriously what's the point? Trivial. (But see I know trivial in maths is not trivial in normal world?

Since I am already at it (microaggression against advanced maths) the only time all those "higher" logic games have any raison d'être is in physics.

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posted on Sep, 29 2017 @ 02:31 PM
a reply to: Peeple

At some point it is all trivial and error!

My solution was me being lazy! I was given a homework assignment to print out the prime numbers from 2 to 100. The professor just wanted us to use two loops. The inner one checks to see if the outer number is divisible. No problem, right? Well, after 2 weeks of nobody figuring it out we moved on. Turns out there was a function called "mod" that nobody knew about and the prof thought we would look it up!

I thought it was stupid to include even numbers because 2 is the only even prime number. I just checked the odd numbers. Years later, I rewrote that program. Then kept being stubborn at refusing to let it end at that. Several pages of failed attempts then I did the Feynman "explain it to a little kid" thing. One day, standing in the shower, I figured out what I had done! I know the answer.

It was about that time I got a job with a company whose real capital is ideas. I had to sign an IP agreement. I could do nothing but re-write the mechanism and read. Turns out, that mathematicians know how to do this but not in the manner I did. There are various forms of it out there but they do it like they were shown in school which is the dumb way to do it! Seriously, stupid simple. I waited ten years for somebody else to show this but heard nothing.

Fine. TEOT will do the heavy lifting! I will give it a stupid name, make it "watching paint dry" easy, show the maths, and try not to laugh too hard as grown men cry!

ETA: I was sold like cattle to another company so the IP thing is clear.
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posted on Sep, 29 2017 @ 02:39 PM

How will you name your baby, baby? Will it get your real name? Will you be immortal?

You should call it "baby". If they can call stuff moonshine and pariah you really should. Make maths even weirder.
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