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Baddogma's Other Meta Cafe- Polite Discussions About Scientific Mysticism and General Weirdness

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posted on Aug, 16 2017 @ 02:31 AM

How do you say "aight"? To me it sounds like a mixture of 8 & aid? Or is it more a-ight?

I feel so apocalyptic, flood and storm, civil unrest, draught, I missed the perseid shower, 5 days until the eclipse... the only thing missing is the red dragon. I've heard people referring to plutonium as "dragon". Red dragon would be a communist atomic bomb then, not? But not even little Kimmy can be that crazy, right?
Ha thankfully I am not that superstitious. *knocks on wood

Anyhoo nothing new really.

posted on Aug, 16 2017 @ 04:09 PM
a reply to: Peeple

"Aye-ait" like "strait" without the "str" and replacing it with "aye" (like "aye-aye captain").

Here is a little strangeness.

I was lying on my side sleeping. I felt two hands on my back--finger tips only. It was a playful and possibly intimate (??) gesture. It was not just one touch either. It was like somebody waking me up in a playful manner. Definitely female hands. Each hand moving back and forth 4 or 5 times (like scratching a dog's belly!).

The best wake up I ever had was this one! I was dreaming (no memory of the dream at all) but what ever happened made me laugh out loud. That is how I woke up--laughing!

I think the doom thing is human-wide subconscious thing. People seem edgy and are pretending everything is fine; all the while knowing that it is the exact opposite.

We get a partial eclipse here in the AK. I am sure this will be the most photographed event in history!

xkcd: Eclipse Science.

posted on Aug, 20 2017 @ 04:53 AM

Tomorrow! Given the current developments I hope it turns into a huge hugging love fest. There are loads of science projects regarding the corona going on, interesting stuff even if me personally won't see it, I'm much excited.
I like "aye". Don't know why.
That rhymes. Interesting times.
I'll stop now. Ciao.

posted on Aug, 21 2017 @ 11:08 AM
a reply to: Peeple

Eclipse Day, we would get a 26% partial... but it is cloudy and raining. The clouds are over the mountains where the sun would rise so looks like I'm SOL (ha!)

Ah well. Got NOVA set up on the DVR to record this evening. Sure there will be no shortness of news.

Wonder how many "strange" craft will be seen???

posted on Aug, 21 2017 @ 12:06 PM

The coolest event of the day is probably the cruise ship with Bonnie Tyler

performed at full eclipse. Magic.
I saw a bbc interview with a British family somewhere and a bright dot above the fathers right shoulders. UFO check. I'm already good...
Nice break from all the anti/pro stuff lately. Sadly it lasts only a few minutes.


trinity grape, today. It's 19:12 where I am and I am drunk. All in all a good day. I had a Champignon kebab. Great day.

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posted on Aug, 21 2017 @ 01:01 PM
a reply to: Peeple

When they were announcing a new Pope, they were outside the Vatican. A talking head saying "blah, blah, blah, new Pope..." when over her shoulder a light that was hovering there shot up! I was like, "No way!" It was to the side of the Vatican dome. I thought it was a street light in the background but then it shot up out of frame. Cool! The only UFO I've seen on TV and nobody said anything.

Expect with all the pairs of eyes pointing upward there are going to be sightings of some sort.

There was an earthquake in Mexico just hour prior to the eclipse... duhn, duhn, DUHNNNN!!

It got even more overcast here (if that was possible) so I got zilch, nil, nada, nothing. Have some wine for me!

posted on Aug, 21 2017 @ 02:31 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Check this out!! - Int riguing ‘Eclipse Like’ Crop Circle Shows Up In Essex. Reported Just Days Before Solar Eclipse.

Not always the best place for news (sometimes it is just a rehash of dailymail) but this would be cool. Get a transmission from "them" would be a great way to end Eclipse Day!

posted on Aug, 21 2017 @ 03:38 PM

After 2024, it will be another two decades before the next total solar eclipse crosses the US. On Aug. 23, 2044, a solar eclipse will be viewable in Montana, and the eclipse occuring Aug. 12, 2045, will follow a similar totality path to this year’s eclipse.

Following those, the southeastern US will experience total eclipses in 2052 and 2078, and the northeastern US will get one in 2079. Alaska benefits from being the US’s northernmost state by getting its own, exclusive eclipses in 2033 and 2097. - Fear not, there will be more solar eclipses in your lifetime.

So I have that going for me!

What is 16 years now a days? That is like going from 2001 to 2017 or some such. That's a cinch! I've got this! Not sure about the 2097. Unless we reach immortality and all get to use the youthful blood for rejuvenation like the elite do then it might be a stretch. But I will get to that point when I get to it!!

posted on Aug, 22 2017 @ 10:43 AM

Will check this out and come back to you on that. Meanwhile

official admission of mind control

Are you going to make a thread about it? If you fear the responses and/or for your reputation let me know and I will. The symbols ring a bell I can't put a finger on it yet but that's gold...
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link with more and better pictures of the crop circle.
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could be a variation of that


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...kind of beautiful how it came together in this post, entirely unintended it's a reiki symbol that prevents mental influencing...

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posted on Aug, 22 2017 @ 12:15 PM
a reply to: Peeple

The black triangle is CGI from somebody's website. It has been on the net for years.

The Pi-pie is funny!!

Cool find on the Reiki symbol! There is a thread out there on "Magnetic Mind Control" by FauxMaulder. I don't know about the crop circle (it happened to be another story I was looking at, new Phoenix UFO pics, where I saw it. Thought it was interesting but didn't spend much time on it). Go for it! That is a good find in the symbols.

For all Cafeterians, a link to a story that I am reading on BBCnews (lots of cool terms and some history): 'My Déjà vu is so bad I can’t tell what’s real'. (Also posting in case my browser crashes again...)

posted on Aug, 22 2017 @ 01:49 PM

That was my link the FauxMulder thread. Don't know if I have the nerves today for some crop circle "it's all human made" bs from our dear ATS sceptics. Maybe, we'll see. Currently I'm busy with Gertrude Bell. T.E. Lawrence said about her "she might look good with a veil"...
Püh men.

The TR-3-Black Manta even has a wiki page and an appearance on plus some sightings, including you and Reverbs if I recall that correctly? You're not implying that you think extraterrestrial is more likely than Northrop?

posted on Aug, 22 2017 @ 06:49 PM
a reply to: Peeple

I wish that Dave and whatizname story would die. Some crop circles are interesting and need further scrutiny. Yeah, I feel you! Fending off "skeptics" that only have one mind set is not fun. Plus was busy today (and tomorrow and Thursday! GAH!) so I would not have been too involved.

I think the BBTs are man-made. Who is a big question. Boeing, Gruman, Lockheed, BAE, all? None? I know there are people here on ATS that spend a lot time in the Aircraft project forum that know a heck of a lot more than I do what tech those companies have flying. I'm considered a "believer" the BBTs are man-made tech. We've talked about how BBTs move around and the consensus from all we have read here is "plasma corridor out in front" with a small vacuum around the craft that collapses, pushing it forward. OK. Sounds kind of complicated. Check it out. Scientists accelerate airflow in mid-air.

It is air being controlled by phased sonic arrays that allows them to move water in directions they want. It is stories like this that I (and others) keep an eye out for. It is one of the main reasons I keep posting in the Graphene Mega thread. The tech is slowly leaking out if you know what to look for. Or if you can put two and two together, then it is not so "out there" as it seems.

posted on Aug, 23 2017 @ 04:11 AM

What bothers me is the feeling of not gaining any ground. For years it seems we collect bits of interesting hints here and there, but there's no real progress it's all one huge annoying maybe.
I feel slightly retarded. As if I'm looking at a picture but can't grasp what it shows. Every now and then there's a bit of excitement but eventually it falls back to: maybe, could be, but...
We have nothing. Everything we have is belief eventually. And tons of doubt. Believing is not knowing and the only knowledge I gained is: uncertainty, I am certain it's all very uncertain. Unclear, muddied with false hints, misleading fairy tales and mysteries which might or might not be real.
It's driving me crazy. Just to make a decision and say: it's man made (as example in relation to the tr3b) seems like giving up to seem extent, not? We can't know so we choose what makes us feel better. I hate it. All of it.
So what to do, just accept the impossibility and improbability of overcoming uncertainty?
And that's not even solely a property of the woo-stuff, very basics like the true nature and structure of the universe, society, myself/human beings, ...
Wtf? How can people function without knowing? They do. They simply believe and ignore all doubts. I can't do that. At the same time I feel I don't have what I would need to ever be at peace. I have often strong feelings what could be wrong/right, yet that also often has shown to be false. Intuition is useless. Knowledge just a mirage.
What else is there?

posted on Aug, 23 2017 @ 04:46 PM
a reply to: Peeple

It starts in school.

Here is math. These are integers. When a number re-appears, we call it a constant...

Then you find that those integers do not describe everything. Then you find there are irrational numbers. Then there are real numbers. Then there are imaginary numbers. Then, and only then, do you find out that mathematicians do not even know everything about integers!

Simple questions that you can explain to any kid who knows how to add, subtract, and multiply, you can explain the Goldbach Conjecture to. You can demonstrate Collatz Conjecture. You can show them the Sieve of Eratosthenes then explain the Twin Prime Conjecture.

There is no Truth that is known. Just more unknowns. And it is not just maths. All aspects of life are touched by not knowing. Not just personal doubts, but big, capital "G" things that everybody seems to believe in. Society. Epistemology. Anything ending, "ology".

What to do? Be angry and rage against the machine? Hate people for being stupid? (Oh, how I wish I could be fat, slow witted, and stupid!! I would probably have had kids, a family, two marriages, alimony, you know, all those "grown up" things we are all supposed to have/do). Hate people for being smart? Maybe hate somebody's political point of view?

Nah! Dump the hate. Work smarter, not harder. Let the frustration just be. Allow yourself the luxury of "not knowing." When you calm down, you can join the greatest scavenger hunt in the history of mankind! Knowledge for knowledge's sake. And maybe (there it is again!), just maybe, you kick a rock over and find a nugget of gold (i.e., knowledge). Now comes the part where wisdom comes into play. Do you jump up and down yelling, "Eureka!!" drawing attention to yourself or do you casually drop it in your pocket, look around, get your bearings, and make a mental note to come back later?

Being wise about your knowledge is tough work! And it does not immediately pay off if you are wise. But it does take away that frustration. It gives you a better perspective. You no longer hate people for being stupid just sort of sad for them. Because you know that one day you are going back to secret spot to see what else you might find.

That is my last several years of wisdom I can share. What I have come to realize. I've been at the frustrated (and quite frankly, angry) place but trust me! It changes. Things become wondrous again. Honestly, the frustration does not "go away" but it no longer guides your life; your reactions; your actions.

Hope that helps!

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posted on Aug, 24 2017 @ 03:22 PM

Sorry I don't know how I overlooked your post? Wasn't meant to find it until I can appreciate it, maybe.
Which is an important great, huge question: determinism, real, or wishful thinking? To what extend, or at all?

posted on Aug, 24 2017 @ 03:53 PM
a reply to: Peeple

I'm "liberal" in my views on that topic!

Ultimately, you are responsible for your actions. Which I guess means you have "free will" to a certain point. There are social constraints on what we can do (like marrying your first cousin is a no-no!

The strange thing is if you do not take action it seems to happen by some means some place else. Like how there were two telephones invented at the same time. The idea seems to be part of a collective knowledge that has a point where the idea has to come out. Is that "free will" or an external cause? Without access to that area that is a tough question to answer.

I always look around the net to see if somebody else has figured the same math thingy I have. I keep on expecting it but it hasn't happened. It has been years and still nobody else has done this. Makes me wonder if I am wrong. The mathematicians always jump to real analysis instead of looking at the question. Maybe I just see the world differently.

To me, seems that "free will" also requires some wisdom!

I stirred the pot too much and made the waters murky again! (weird. Clarity of mind. Still waters. huh?)

posted on Aug, 26 2017 @ 02:46 PM

I think I am kind of with you on this. Freedom has to be learned in the case of ultimate personal freedom, the free will. Sadly most people act without ever recapitulating what they did, why etc, and without that the actions ahead are doomed to be not freely chosen at all. Exercise is always key in this behavioural stuff.

What math problem did you solve? I probably won't understand it, but I am so super nosy.

posted on Aug, 26 2017 @ 05:41 PM
a reply to: Peeple

I've hinted at it several times. Has to do with number theory and is so simple I'm surprised nobody else has figured it out. One guy was close, according to his blog post, but I guess I'm too stupid to accept being wrong!!

As I've hinted to Reverbs, prime numbers and RSA encryption. Figured it out around 2000. The job I had had an NDA and IP clause. The dumb bastids sold us like cows. My dumb company says that I'm not in a technical job so... just waiting for quantum computing to be good enough to cover RSA.

It is a Millennial Prize type award. So after I go public the anonymity goes away. I love you guys and gulls! Which is why I'm dragging my feet. See my LaTex thread on Computer Help? Looks like 2 pages and a couple appendixes.

As much as I will say now.

posted on Aug, 27 2017 @ 02:09 AM

I won't lie, I'm equally impressed and disgusted.
looks worthwhile and like I should learn it, urch... I will go and see how long it takes me to play mass effect 2 instead, I ran through part one in less than a day and originally wanted to play all 3 during the weekend, sooooooo...
Sorry I am too busy for this reality stuff

I s&f-ed it that's all I can currently contribute. It's Sunday morning ffs. Got a go and shoot stuff.

posted on Aug, 27 2017 @ 10:56 AM
a reply to: Peeple

Love u 2, Peeps!!

Go save us from the zombie apocalypse or whatever the game's storyline is! I trust you on this!!

Me... gonna watch Alien: Covenant. Just got it. Drinking beer since F1. So why not?

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