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Baddogma's Other Meta Cafe- Polite Discussions About Scientific Mysticism and General Weirdness

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posted on May, 14 2019 @ 03:24 PM
a reply to: Peeple

I dont suspect ill ever have hard proof. the trickster thing is always one step out of sight. if the woo has a mind it likes the game. game is over if its a big reveal.

At the same time ive experienced some very unexplainable things. magic girl topped even my own kundalini experiences.

I always have more to know than the amount im allowed to glimpse. and i do mean allowed to glimpse. I dont think its playing with me in a mean spirited way.. more like hide and go seek.

but im ok with that.
at some point you or I or someone like us will see too much all at once and will bring enough back to change the game. i think wanting to change the game puts red flag on you. dont show her any more.


posted on May, 15 2019 @ 01:31 AM
a reply to: Reverbs

Of course I'd want to change the game. Establish who's playing, for example. If you # with a species and a certain amount of individuals has noticed you are there you have to introduce yourself. That amount should be 3. It's possibly thousands in reality and I think religion is the weird history of it. With natural disaster and processes thrown in and blown up and of course outdated.
To "figure it out" is not possible. Not with one experience and internet stories.
What remains is to force it out of the shadows. Or to convince it somehow.
Let us pray. "Who is a big boy? Come out of the shadows and let us see how big you are.
Come here good boy, come here, come here, who is a good boy?
The rats have discovered the hand in their cage. We humans are cute, funny, smart, clean and highly trainable. We deserve to know what this hand does and for what reason. We think we are running this place. It's common courtesy to say hallo.
But unfortunately our social structure is very sick. We don't stand as one pack. If some experience crazy # and are naturally a bit jumpy because of it, there is nowhere to go. If you tell them about the woo you are crazy. I predict if a psychological epidemic would happen they still wouldn't question for one second if those people have really been face to face with the other.
Team Disclosure says it can only come from the other intelligence. And it's daily a topic between me and the other why it hasn't already happened yet.
My vote is for a big show where all the others come out and it's just 2 hours ... I don't know wrestling angel vs demon, BT brain projection cinema, live probing with the greys, Irish dance with faeries... You won't be bored.

Or maybe you are chosen to be the one getting probed? I hope you get bored of it eventually. Haha

But maybe there is something everybody can do?
The Pater Noster in my language works against scary presences. I bet it works in every language. Maybe that's something people should know?
But I'm not the one to speak for that. I want facts first. Because it's impossible for me to just guess it does work for everybody. Maybe it's like a safe word? In case of alien presence pray. I doubt it will work. Or in Reverbs' event? Or TEOT's?
Imagine the irony we gather together and pray the guys from god's team away. If we clash with the god of another species. Don't pray! This stinking disgusting thing is another one of god's creation. Same artist like you! Brother! Haha

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posted on May, 15 2019 @ 02:51 AM
a reply to: Peeple

I always have cake.

I don't know, I refer back to what 'verbsie says at the top of the previous page, much depends on who is looking. I don't see any shortage of chaos, particularly in the human world. There is an awful lot of people claiming to be in "control" but who are self-evidently headless chickens. Chaos management is perhaps the rut that we, as a species, have niched ourselves into. We believe not in order, just the illusion of it.

I have been preoccupied the past few days with this notion of "consciousness" and not so much what it is, but what qualities demonstrate it. What do you consider the difference between conscious and not conscious in the context that you use the term consciousness? It seems to be a fairly fluid state in the minds of most people, hard to pin point what they mean when they use the term, or in how it is used differentially. I mean, I've met animals who were more self-aware than others, there was that orangutang recently, in the Attenborough documentary, who attacked the diggers coming to destroy his forest. That to me indicates a degree of wordliness, a conscious understanding of cause and effect, don't you think? And cats and dogs dream, so chimpanzees, gorillas and probably tigers do too. Do they contribute to the "collective consciousness"?

I think my cat loves me, but it is more likely that she has Stockholm Syndrome. I think most domesticated animals probably do. Us included.

posted on May, 15 2019 @ 03:47 AM
a reply to: KilgoreTrout

When it happened I was surrounded by animals. Butterflies, birds, cats, dogs, horses, they noticed all there was an open communication chanel, or at least knew something weird was going on. My horse told me clearly why he was a little grumpy. And after that I let him graze and a lot, really many birds flew around him and a very made a very big event out of it. They didn't touch him they just flew around him. He was very casual about it, my Lumpi, the horse, just grazing. On his celebration. That's how I experienced it and it was perfectly timed.
And I know it's a mistake as old as the middle ages to think "now # will go down". I believe the other will has no reasons to shirten it's cicle, because yes I have decide it has the capacity to make and does execute its decision. The number would be 8 I think.
Haha menu 8. *oh big sphinx am I right*(a joke plus a metaphor)
But very beautiful. Before that we had an awesome ride. We we're both very focused and I think he somehow heard what I was thinking, or thought it was me thinking with my theoretical knowledge kicking in. There just was a harmony and everything was a dance. No other animal communicated with me as loud and clear as my horse. That bastard was giving me a riding and attention lesson through his behavior, great horse very smart, but punished every mistake immediately with "bad" behavior. Not very bad, but a tiny bit. He stepped on my foot while looking me deep in my eyes. If you wanted to work with him you better constantly pay him his attention. Than he was wonderful, we made liberty stuff and he was just brilliant at it. A real diva.
... why am I talking about this? Oh right, my telepathic experience with animals: consciousness is to make decisions about how to react to its environment.

posted on May, 15 2019 @ 04:19 AM
a reply to: Peeple

See this is what I mean, each animal, like us, is subject to both nature and nurture. They develop character and personality, we may anthropomorphise it but that doesn't mean, beyond the bounds of our limited comprehension, it is not there. Dogs communicate in smells, and we communicate a great deal to them in that way, and can have no real understanding of the rich landscape of aromas that they inhabit. That's why I think some of our animals have a tendency to look at us like idiots and try to vocalise for us to make us feel better about our limitations in communication.

Okay, "consciousness to make decisions about how to react to its environment", I like that. So, in that sense, "we" gave up consciousness in taking the option of civilisation, or really, if we go back, way back, the social-contract, joining together as a society, a band of hunter-gatherers, a commune, whatever, and having leadership, is the stage by which we give up our right to make individual decisions and start making collective ones. The less we participate in the decision-making process, the less conscious we become, perhaps? That really does start to sound like we're sheeple doesn't it? The domesticated animals are perhaps even more conscious of this state of affairs than we are but lack the opposable thumbs necessary to over-throw their incompetent leaders.

posted on May, 15 2019 @ 05:06 AM
a reply to: KilgoreTrout

I believe there is nobody who is completely one with his herd. But we definitely noticed at some point working together was better. I think we have actually forgotten that. Or it took a weird development.
To work together with all living things around you is a nice idea. But it takes a deeper understanding. That's not normal and not everyday stuff.

posted on May, 16 2019 @ 04:38 AM
a reply to: Peeple

I think at some point we started to behave like the animals we herded and began to place a higher value on such characteristics, but then that was also an aspect of our hunting strategy so little is cut and dried. When I was in Tiblisi I visited the national museum and saw their impressive collection of hominin remains, particularly their unrivalled homo erectus finds. The cranial size diversity of homo erectus is remarkable but there is no escaping the very small brain cavity, and yet, it was this species that lay most of the groundwork for us. All our skills and technology can be traced to the steps first taken by erectus. They were creating tools for a variety of purposes. They were hunting their food, processing it and cooking it, probably even wearing it's skins to protect them from the environment and probably had a complex spoken language. They were in other ways still very similar to the apes, they lived in groups, had a developed social order and they cared for their weak and sick. We can assume that like the apes they also formed intimate bonds with off-spring, expressed a range of emotions, were capable of being devious and manipulative, mischievious and humourous.

I don't think that being a member of the herd is a good survival strategy for we humans, long term, but more importantly I don't think it is good psychologically and because of that, perhaps, we struggle to find our way out of the boxes we build to protect us from the reality, or whatever the predominant or concenus reality may be at any given time. I think what you say about working together, it being better, only works when diversity is recognised and respected. Diversity in an uncertain world offers the widest possible availability of ideas and the means of their transmission.

posted on May, 17 2019 @ 01:14 AM
a reply to: KilgoreTrout

That would be no surprise we learn a lot through imitation. Technology is sometimes an imitation of nature.
A certain framework helps, privacy and diversity is your friend. I just wish we had a more optimistic attitude towards progress. Without getting lost in our ideals.

Personally I'm thinking there are always events who send shockwaves through time. And people are feeling it. We can't feel earthquakes like goats, or smell cancer like dogs, but I think we feel the coming of big changes, a social disaster seismograph. It's in the air, someone said recently to me.
Or maybe it's the millions of displaced people in tents and dirt? But it's not a good time to be experiencing the collective emotional vibrations. You have to be a masochist if you "function" in todays society. And that adds to the pain, the moosh out of which we get a feedback. Many people are not happy. They are the opposite of happy. I bet there is a tipping point, when it crashes beneath the weight of voices who just want to feel safe and go back in time.
Nobody has a plan for the future. futurists are trying, very scientifical to even attempt this *wink wink... and that's true for all the more dubious methods too. I have tried them all. And anyways maybe we should start with establishing where we stand In the bigger picture.
What if the question what you have contributed to matters a lot more than if you always stayed inside the "legal" label?
We are all California. We sit on top of a disaster about to happen and look for ways to feel safe. Distractions. Little treats. The same is true with our soul, how we take care of it. There is no real functioning guide to deal with "god experiences". I mean that including religion.
I sometimes wonder if that's what the Masons are really about, a safety net when you return from your journey?
But I think that's the magnitude of what's ahead. The ma'at will fall on our heads.

posted on May, 17 2019 @ 08:24 PM
Just read Peeps last post and this not a direct response but the MetaCafe being what it is...

Reviewing Spamalot in me mind and it was a rather pagan ritual with some religion thrown in!

I recognized it the Knights Who Say Ni. There were some female characters with their back to the audience. There were no listed performers that short. Then when the monks walk across the stage “Pia is su domine, Donna eis requim” there was one trailing the others that was just out of step and off distance (at no time did they get in each other’s way so this stood out). Lots of references to Egypt especially when they did the low tech “human scroll” that subbed for a blue screen with the pyramids featured in on scene.

What better way to “initiate” people without them even noticing??!

Laugh at the killer bunny but the real part was to make fun of how little we know by showing the idiocy of rituals like prayer (the Knights all standing and kneeling with no rhyme or reason)!

May be some over analyzing... but then again I was under the spell... lol!

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posted on May, 18 2019 @ 03:09 AM

I just referenced your stuff without giving you credit for it. The mouse utopia experiment and I forgot what the second was.

Rambling: if it is a test what is it about?
If it's aliens what do they want?
If it's clubs and tribes serving their greater will what's the goal?

The motives a pretty large group of people are into aliens, like Annunaki, or deities from old Egypt, Sumeria, Mayan, ... is because they offer a solution.
Mining and collecting stuff seems perfectly reasonable for many humans. But the gods appear to have a completely different biological building plan, if you can even call them biological. Zeus burns stuff down when he shows himself in his true form. What would they do with something as common as gold?
And they just disappeared. With every "theory" I hit a wall. It's just not possible. No religion, no new age stuff, no quantum era metascience, is acceptable because no one can answer the question "and what's that thing good for?" If anything they delay the problem to a further away layer with creation, simulation and what not.
The logical solution would be it's good for nothing, it just is. If you confuse logic with a cop out.
I seriously just wish we get a big show and it will be obvious what this other intelligence is and why it's interacting with us.

And I would like to add though I said this before what we talk about is huge. Something, or somebody can completely control your body, your perception, your reality and just emotionally emphasise it to guide you a certain way.
People interact with that and call it angels, the universe...
I think the evidence is convincing enough to say people experience something is there and it manifests itself in many different ways. We are not alone.
At the same time I get I have to deliver a prediction that works if I want somebody to listen. I'm working on that. A magic weekend.

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posted on May, 18 2019 @ 12:36 PM
a reply to: Peeple


I knew this person right?

somehow we were connected.

ill never forget getting out of the hospital and reading 167 messages about how much it burns. thats a real number not random.

yea tasers burn like hell, but only I knew what was going on, but 2 came for the ride.

i can either accept that I was caught in some CIA type plot..... OR.. someone on the other side of the world we were like one person or i left the door open and someone came in to live for awhile.

I don't have the will today to say what I really think.
I just want to point out that many of the things ive seen in life point to.. my favorite word for it, demons.. sock puppets..

It sounds like I would get that from a bible or something. but Im truly not. My life is like this thing thats real, its my life.. but when i really think about my life I remember again. and it doesn't make any sense.

I allowed myself to remember yesterday some of the finer details.. and just shut it off. I can't handle it. I wish I could face it but I'd go crazy trying.

demons angels...

the news you watch is also a demon coming home to rest in your mind.

thats why the bottom of my signature has eyes even though right above I say hello my name is human.

I wish she would have just told me what the hell was going on. why or how she could see it.. why our inner heart manifested in reality. Its so out of this world Im not sure anyone ever believed what I wrote. Im in such a different mindstate nowadays I think it could be interesting to re read some of it. the juiciest stuff was deleted of course. the real damning wtf parts were on facebook. i guess someone has that now.

anyone can read my old posts i guess, but i dont really want to talk about it. its like id be betraying my mirror image soul (myself) if i say it now.

I like to think she didn't know either.
but thats naive.
but its all I got.

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posted on May, 18 2019 @ 05:10 PM
a reply to: Peeple

“Delay” is the key word!

Why? IDK.

And I’m getting pissed off! We should be there not waiting on the “money” that will be made because if done right, we won’t need money.

But They are delaying for whatever reason.

Miss you guys! Work is getting too stupid to keep on doing anymore and hate change.

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posted on May, 18 2019 @ 05:24 PM


We should be technology better than where we are!

There are so many “breakthroughs” that just stop after the announcement. You can see where those announcements lead but the reality doesn’t happen.

That is what I am raging against!

And the damn dam will break! Peeps it is not grand announcement or coming of the lord but us, regular humans, getting the pass from being slaves to their artificial energy pipeline to freedom.

That is what fusion does. And why I follow it so closely. And it too has gone quiet.


posted on May, 18 2019 @ 11:46 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

Do you know how much I'd have to scroll through if I wanted to read your old posts?
Can we talk about the demons? How did they look? What did they do?

But I read your first thread. How did you break up?

posted on May, 18 2019 @ 11:58 PM

That's maybe because tptb can barely handle the situation and their worst fear is loss of control? The more freedom the people have their behaviour becomes more unpredictable.

Have you ever seen how they produce nano carbon tubes? That seems all pretty archaic. My guess would be that's the problem we need printers to produce our raw material. An automatation with cooler, intelligent machines and all in the laboratory.

posted on May, 19 2019 @ 12:49 AM
a reply to: Peeple

how did we break up? lol.
i dont even know.
i dont want to talk anymore about it as it mixes personal things into woo things and its all so tangled anything i say will be wrong.

but she ended it on the phone with that sexy azz voice of hers. she made a new online hideout for us after and we talked sometimes but both our hearts would almost explode just being on the same forum. ive never felt feelings so intense... so it just faded and the way she is she got kicked out of that forum as well. actually youve probably all talked to her as she had 20 accounts.

i had a recording of her voive that somehow ended up on my new phone and when id play music on random all the sudden her voice was there saying hello.. i eventually deleted it but it was nice for awhile. had to move on. funny though i dated one girl since and had some flings but now i just dont have any interest. ive been single getting close to 2 years.

demons are not something you see honestly. the presence is in the mind and through the air. demons as well is just a placeholder i use. its the closest human word i know to the experience.

electronics do things they cant even do.. the same is said of alien encounters and bremuda triangle no?

I would describe it as an interdemensional portal into the human..

but i wouldnt say its only from intelligent organizations of energy.. sometimes its more like the sun and the earth and the human and the other human energetically collide and shaky goes the matrix.

ill recap some things though. i tried to lie but she knew what was happening all the time. i was either under constant surveilence or the thing was in my head that was in her head or she was me and i was her.. i dont know but things, even if i was being watched, no one should know. youd have to be in my head seeing through my eyes. ok so for instance i was in my room during the day she kept her room dark all the time so i thought i would too that day to meditate.. i knocked off the curtain rod by accident and the pircing sunlight burned my eyes. almost instint headache. facebook atarts going off like mad. ouch wtf my eyes!! what are you doing its too bright! something to that effect.

our fights were always highlighted by the most horrific storms that came out of nowhere. sunny and 2 minutes later the sky just dims and opens up and hail so strong it broke parts of the plane and gas tank to a motorcycle my uncle was building.

how she knew he was either home or away at every moment was uncanny.

one night she said i put the heat on you now. that night 7 men with big dogs and flashlights were all around the house shining lights all around.. a jet flew over so low and fast it couldnt have been commercial.. must have been close to a sonic boom.. crazy sound and i worked at a big airport for awhile and was very close to lots of planes this was way way nutier..

next day everytime i tried to leave the house people were watching me and had radios. when i finally decided ef it and went outside anyway cops ran up on me we fought i only wanted to get away. tased tased my worlds on fire drugged wake up in hospital. no one will tell me anything so i leave. i was in the only room the phone didnt work so said the nurse..

it was all kinds of weirdness.
i got online on ats and made posts that still exist ,
but i had pulled out my wireless adapter before that.. soooo...
but someone assured me that because i was dead i could go online anyway. that was just wtf..

all my electronics phones computers were all hacked it seemed. the internet would cut out every 7 minutes when we were talking. it scared the hell out of my mom and little brother to the point they made me leave the house. i went there to "get out of the lock on" so i hid at another place, and saw a friend randomly got in there car to another town they were seeing another friend for dinner from there i went with that other friend to their house all without saying a word and no electronics on me.

i went online without logging into anything.
but then i logged into facebook from an exes computer and saw that girl knew where i was.. she called it the witches house. i knew what that meant.

its not about you and how much you have to scroll, its more about me not wanting people to scroll through anymore. that is my past. now im alive again reverbs version 2, rebounded from the abyss.

i left out all the really weird stuff honestly, but thats the stuff i cant be sure about in any kind of way.
who knows..

i remember she played me a song that doesnt exist.
the link was broken after. it was "all of the lights," but it was warped.. but so was i warped with all the stress. it was one of her spells. according to her that is.

she channeled beings and whatever she says. but she also said she was a psycopath and gas lighting was something she could do easily.

my psychic is one thing.
hers was a whole different level.
together though?
we could have broke the universe.

Thats all ill say as i feel bad if im misrepresenting her, even though she almost got me killed multiple times.

in the end i dont know if i was talking to her all the time or if someone was hijacking the lines.. like she was just a vessel and something else was in our heads. and who knows. that power that i felt was like nothing human. it was god like.

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posted on May, 19 2019 @ 02:06 AM
a reply to: Reverbs

Thank you.
With my magic one I can't know how it was for him.
Is there a conspiracy?
To me it looks like it. To keep those between who the magic happens apart. There is clearly an anti-love, anti-magic bias in history and society. And I believe the fact we identify sex with love is another psyop hindering our jump to the next step of evolution. From quantity to quality.

Maybe two with a certain vibe create a field and that makes magic happen? But I know he was not the only presence on that communication channel. Who was what, to what extent? I don't know.

But I'm not scared of demons or anything. I feel well equipped to play a real life round of Arkham Horror.
How do you put a fish in a new aquarium? Gradually. The first round was just to let us have a sip.
The enemies of love want to prevent that. They can't. Better be prepared, always carry a magic and a regular weapon, spells if you know any and maybe an artifact with a cool power.

posted on May, 19 2019 @ 02:12 AM

originally posted by: Peeple
The same is true with our soul, how we take care of it. There is no real functioning guide to deal with "god experiences". I mean that including religion.
I sometimes wonder if that's what the Masons are really about, a safety net when you return from your journey?
But I think that's the magnitude of what's ahead. The ma'at will fall on our heads.

I don't think that there is any functioning guide to deal with "god experiences" because of the uniqueness of those experiences, because each of us is individually wired. There are of course common threads and numerous "experiences" which are culturally distinctive, that frame the experience when it happens and may give it context, but manifestly, you are alone in entering the experience and alone in navigating your way out of it. Which makes sense given what we know about our Central Nervous System. The Masonic symbolism could be describes as a preparation for the journey, and since the symbolism that they use is derived from beliefs in an after life (or resurrection of the dead), a return from that journey, but in shorter terms, what Freemasons do is encourage you to live a life that you can live anddie peacefully with. What comes after that is anyone's guess, but living lightly by treating others justly, on the level, makes death a whole lot easier, as well as sleep while you're on the way to getting there. Honestly though, my brother is a Freemason by the way, it is mostly about men who enjoying spending time with other men, sharing a meal and a drink or several and utilise that common ground to raise money for charity. The rituals are for bonding purposes more than anything else. They vary from group to group though. I know a few member of the clergy who are also Freemasons, they tend to take the spiritual side a lot more seriously, as you'd expect. In fact, of the clergy that I have met, those that are also masons are the least materially motivated and also the warmest and kindest of the bunch.

Disasters are always happening. People and animals are always somewhere suffering. We don't get to hear about every disaster that happens, are the ones that touch us directly the only one's that count? Are we just waiting for one of sufficient magnitude to affect the whole planet? Some might be, I'm not. I've developed patience in my old age but I'm still not big on waiting for waitings sake. If we are to believe in a collective unconsciousness or consciousness, then could we not just be experiencing the consequences of our actions at a distance?

The tide is always going turn, it's what tides do.

posted on May, 19 2019 @ 03:10 AM

originally posted by: Reverbs
I don't have the will today to say what I really think.
I just want to point out that many of the things ive seen in life point to.. my favorite word for it, demons.. sock puppets..

Along with what Peeps said about being hijacked, this, the sock puppets, not the demons, resonates. I'm more than willing to accept that it was all "in" me. At the peak "God" (in the Abrahamic sense) factored but both during and after, I was not convinced by the "presentation" and whatever was driving the "presentation" was obviously dissatisfied with me. That's how I learnt that I couldn't visualise and other people could because of the frustration of the "sock puppet" and their inability to make me "see" what they wanted me to see. It made it very difficult for "them". I don't consider "them" to be outside of myself, but given some aspects of the experience I am reasonably convinced that there are others of "them" in others and that perhaps they communicate without us usually being conscious of the fact. On a different level maybe. It's us but not us, perhaps. I really don't know. I avoid getting too giddy about it all, that doesn't help clarify it only multiplies. It is possibly just something metabolically activated that can take over the system from "me" when it needs to but that when it does the system can do other things. I don't know, I think of all the horrible things we humans have done to each other to attain some kind of dominance or out of greed and I think perhaps it is nothing more than a survival mechanism to help us escape from whatever reality we can't cope with. If so though, it is amazing. Phenomenal in fact.

Going back, yet again, to knowing yourself, if you know yourself, you can recognise incursions. Hacking into that phenomenal effector is much of what magical systems are about. No one can do it better than you, but if you don't know you, you open yourself to it's use upon and against you, even if just from advertising.

Then, also, there is quantum entanglement to consider

I just try to keep on good terms with myself and the world around me. Smile and the whole world smiles with you, and all that. That peak of the "experience" took a while in coming, and while it was definately more than me and others certainly provided some of the stimulus, it was still ultimately just me who had to find my way back. So I think that perhaps while you and the lady in question may have connected on some "other" level, once you were in it a seperation takes place that is harder to recover from and is kind of isolating. You're cut off from the outside and you have to find your way back out alone and the world is different because you're different.

I don't know. I sometimes find myself unsure whether I am out all the way, or ever will be.

posted on May, 19 2019 @ 09:36 AM
a reply to: Peeple

i randomly came across this today the synchro is making me feel funny lol.

I think my ats posts are more like pms to the universe sometimes.

its trippy because you both posted similar things just now.. he described eternity the same as me. When he was there it was eternity forever in a moment.. its funny hearing other people say it. cause you just know. and you know they know.

i havnt told this one but my great grandmother who i was taking care of up to her death just shy of 100 years old started seeing the "smiling white faces" described in the video.

its all kind of clicking in my head.

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