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Baddogma's Other Meta Cafe- Polite Discussions About Scientific Mysticism and General Weirdness

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posted on Jan, 18 2019 @ 12:21 AM
a reply to: KilgoreTrout

Teenage years are an inversion from parents, the wee ones at broth are a complete package of all connected life from you and the other parent with them as the captive bead...

So think or rosary/mala all of lifes prayers and curses throughout all of you and the other parent have come together on both ends of this one being.

You and the other used to be the guru bead... held close at hand and always within arms reach, to wrap around and protect as if swaddling an infant, is how a teenager ready to say hey every life I have met up to this point has been a guru... so mind you own beads as I have mine now too.

Yeah at two as the oldest and wisest of all of them; they will get in your face and challenge you like you has no authority here... and yet their helpless little bodies and really do nothing they want too except cause havoc in their fits and tantrums.

So head and heart keep reversing position until they are like hey; I got this mistakes or not I have to learn... well paying for them is the teenage argument... to them it was just physical discomfort wrapped in mental discomfort kicking their way out of being swaddled or so wrapped up in arms etc.

Of course as a teenager; they then want to release all of that; however they know pain of scrapes bee stings etc as physical damage and well you as a doctor know you would take care of and ease that physical damage or raises eyebrow tantrum? As they have also Pavlov'ed or trained you on the way to react; like a freaky Friday sort of situation... role reversing... and yet the damage they can do to others and their property or other children is not something they are wise in accounting for just yet.

The secret parties, sexual partners etc. to them is yes finally I am a fully capable adult again... so depending on one's ethics... what is the value or damage in all of that? Even when they are off to college that does not mean a future or job is waiting everything has been free or handed to them and well the cuts and scrapes and accidents is what they saw that paid for all of that... and you and whomever else that cared was just a consoler, counselor, or councilor.

Being their critic does not really allow their art to fully blossom; jealousy for those that carry such a thing, those that live vicariously does not really allow a life to really be lived either...

At that point of all of those; the question arises... why was I even born? If you wanted to be all of that and trying to live through me or wished you could have lived some, most or all I have... then maybe reassess and re-manage or image your own life.

As impermanence thats all everything is... clinging down to one thing is not even a permanent lasting state in any heavens or hells I have ever seen and or known not being attached to time but continually dragged through it as if I were some slave to peoples ideas of synchronization.

If people are so fond of order; why tell someone to clean their room? lol that means take the initiative and just clean it; to save arguments or don't even mention it in a "bless this mess" fashion.

I grew up hearing so many stupid arguments and pet peeves that took less than five seconds to solve all by ones self. The more children the more guilt would be spread around, so it meant fine I'll get my own toothpaste and you can go bother everyone else with who isnt screwing the damned lid back on or rolling it up to the last little pearl out of it... rolls eyes. The I see you looking at her blah blah blah arguments; just built more and more resentment... this is why some people have the agreement to never fight in front of their children.

I dunno complicated nonsense; some people have children for security or to have a friend... both of those are the wrong reasons... complete in life and comfortable with who someone is, that can put all of their crap aside to nurture and watch them grow on the same level as them and use wisdom to gently guide.

Otherwise it is like a paper boat in a hurricane

posted on Jan, 18 2019 @ 12:07 PM
a reply to: KilgoreTrout

That's awesome! Kind of exactly what I will be working on, as soon as I pulled my head out of a dark smelly tight spot. My thing is consciousness and one way or another I will prove it's fundamental for everything and what connects everything.
Thank you for sharing.

a reply to: Reverbs

The amazing Badass-Buttercup-Boss! I watched creepy videos and scared myself a little. Now I'm back to science for kids.
Sorry not much to say today, nothing going on really. But tell me about you, I like to know.

posted on Jan, 18 2019 @ 02:55 PM

After hosting a lunch at Clarence House, the Duchess of Cornwall is reported to have told staff to leave the leftovers on the sideboard. Prince Charles reportedly went searching for some dinner later on.

“He walked into the dining room and shrieked,” the book reads. “Fearing the worst, Camilla dashed in after him. ‘What’s this?’ asked her husband, pointing at the food."

"‘It’s cling film, darling,’ she replied.”

It is said to be the royal’s first exposure to the thin plastic film typically used for protecting foodstuff.

The Independent - Prince Charles did not know what cling film was and shrieked at sight of it, claims new book.

I don't why I find this so chuckle friendly!! Probably thought it would get stuck in his lizard gills!!

Welcome to Earth!!

ETA: My J O B is turning into W O R K and I've been relatively busy and not doing much except losing and finding my debit card! Oh, and I purchased an electric pressure cooker mostly to make pulled pork sandwiches but the bread pudding looks and sounds awesome!

Hope you all smile and think of Chuck next time you see some plastic wrap!!

posted on Jan, 18 2019 @ 03:08 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Went to work on my day off now since im awake decided beer fried chicken and wolfenstein was a good idea. It was..

The food from the new vendor was better quality and cheaper so its looking like I will be seeing food cost go down past our goals indefinitely.

Nice start to 2019..
Nothing in my personal life changed, but my business life is looking quite good. Just seeing the progress the whole team has made just this last year. It makes a job worth more than money.

Did my taxes..
Took me, like 30 minutes?
So I get an extra paycheck in the next weeks.

Oh and what dressing might go with spinach arugala almonds goat cheese and pomegranite?? probably something light..

Oh and some quantum fun:

Using the human eye to test quantum mechanics
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posted on Jan, 18 2019 @ 03:11 PM

You goose I see plastic wrap 100s of times a day.
Just one more chuckle trigger to have to explain haha..

Im ridiculous enough already.

posted on Jan, 18 2019 @ 03:42 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

David Swenson of 3M Corporation describes an anomaly where workers encountered a strange "invisible wall" in the area under a fast-moving sheet of electrically charged polypropelene film in a factory. This "invisible wall" was strong enough to prevent humans from passing through. A person near this "wall" was unable to turn, and so had to walk backwards to retreat from it.

This occurred in late summer in South Carolina, August 1980, in extremely high humidity. Polypropelene (PP) film on 50K ft. rolls 20ft wide was being slit and transferred to multiple smaller spools. The film was taken off the main roll at high speed, flowed upwards 20ft to overhead rollers, passed horizontally 20ft and then downwards to the slitting device, where it was spooled onto shorter rolls. The whole operation formed a cubical shaped tent, with two walls and a ceiling approximately 20ft square. The spools ran at 1000ft/min, or about 10MPH. The PP film had been manufactured with dissimilar surface structure on opposing faces. Contact electrification can occur even in similar materials if the surface textures or micro-structures are significantly different. The generation of a large imbalance of electrical surface-charge during unspooling was therefore not unexpected, and is a common problem in this industry. "Static cling" in the megavolt range!

On entering the factory floor and far from the equipment, Mr. Swenson's 200KV/ft handheld electrometer was found to slam to full scale. When he attempted to walk through the corridor formed by the moving film, he was stopped about half way through by an "invisible wall." He could lean all his weight forward but was unable to pass. He observed a fly get pulled into the charged, moving plastic, and speculates that the e-fields might have been strong enough to suck in birds! - "Invisible Electrostatic Wall" at 3M adhesive tape plant.

Because we all have 30K feet, 20' wide Saran wrap sitting around!!

Really, why has nobody tried to recreate this one? Mythbusters is slacking.

And can you create an electrostatic field without cling wrap whizzing around you?

No wonder Chuck shrieked at the sight! He was remembering being caged!!

ETA: Of course it is over here on ATS.
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posted on Jan, 18 2019 @ 11:43 PM
a reply to: BEBOG

Your humor is on fire in this post! And I don’t think most people get it. It’s OK, it’s our joke (and anybody else tuned into the funny part of universe).

I got that it was off the hip but very succinct! Your sense of humor takes a while to get but when you do... cynicism takes a back seat!

Sorry on being too literal and some dumb words. I owe you an apology for calling you “mean”. I was in weird state and taking real life out on ya’ll here (sorry too, Peeps for the same). And drunkenness did not help!

Besides the BS you lived through, we love you man! Not because we agree with what you say but you are like us... MetaCafeterians!!

Let the anger go. It is not worth hanging on to.

posted on Jan, 18 2019 @ 11:46 PM

Likely the word shrieked... such a thing is too emotionally deep in meaning to even know without being Mr. Windsor himself.

I say Mr. Windsor; being a Parks/Smith, Smith/Parks... through the Powhatan line; which I prefer in a proper manner over the Southern North Carolinian line; where that vocal twang is more Banjo than cricket. My grandmother through the Crockett line yes of Alamo fame, had heard enough of the stable boy joking of the Park line, to where even the boys were called Man and worked and learned just the same; is if they never were a child.

The funny thing about cling wrap; first branded as "Seran" is shower caps; very, very, low in sales... have been re-branded/imaged, for bowls and much-less clingy in that area.

Tootles being the anti-thesis to pip pip cheerio; not much left to say but ados... and that just means bye god or is it by god, eh? Never mind grab a shoe-horn you old goat; the British are coming

posted on Jan, 19 2019 @ 12:07 AM

I take no apologies the same way I take no praise; que cera cera... trying to be cause for a namaste is as funny as the game of touche...

Such as the last post with the British are coming; well sir why are you the only one around in short supply?!? I guess I just never thought of myself during the act. As yes it is a performance... those that want over the top? Grab their damned ankles and pin them as if the saddle was hanging upside down to begin with; so yes tarot has it's place as far as the hanged man goes... many think of wrestling and the figure four... for bloody Christs sakes how thin is heroin sheik anyways? Oh he doesn't know he's a cross dresser avoiding it for years and appreciating the garment itself.

Someone told me to gird my lions much too late; so maybe that helps someone in the same foul position next December... forty two is the answer indeed, being fourty six? They reeeeeallly want "Buddhists" to know their lords suffering... Hyphenate? Lord-buddha and we know who those damned exclamations are coming from as in the pre-forementioned Southern drawl... looooord buddha it sure took a loooong thyme fer you to cross them sticks... I have been crossing them since the river was called styx # off and get another lord for my sakes.

That's at least how the South chose to rise again... when hell is a heartbeat away? Hold your breath you stupid baptist; it's only a toilet.

posted on Jan, 19 2019 @ 01:03 AM

I'm all out of anger the same way I am all out of sperm(sorry whales) wink and that's no more... I think William Shat-n-ere last McCoy; and people said you was jest shy.

2018 end of Captains Log; what? If John Wayne could # a TV out of pure beef to replace Elvis's television set; turn the dial that soap has had enough.

Confounded means confederation as in ACCENTS, accentuation is as important as punctuality... liking to be a punctual person? I was informed the Shakaya Buddha was a year late, on seeing Akosha... not sure what held him/her up as the devil was already sitting on his doorstep and having to let his and his queens children go into bondage... not being able to get any rest after their marriage and well red light meant he and she had to "act" the part of well you know or do not know what those sorts of "districts" are for, and if not? Verochana rolled from potato into cucumber to leave starch and ironing for a better attractive scent... for mates.

Just repeat Amita over and over if any feelings of purity have been lost; The Lord/Buddha of the Western paradise; currently helping with Ratna-Sambhava as in my own homestead before this stupid oblivion of walk in and explode in the six realms as in Patta-Patta make mine with batta... grease fires only led to Chanukkah being spent in the Southern school to avoid the Northern left hand turn experiment that reversed coats; exactly as they did in the colonel days... kernel of truth or just another McNugget missing that wrench for some bare assed monkey?

Yes the candle-abbra went abbra-cadabra against the white curtains in the corner; because of a "shadow hide me" as a random/queer thought that allowed a time shift portal to out step, that damned dog that kept chewing loafers in the cat temple... offered two steps and Mr. Hesitate could only sattva at me... Mr. can only go as far as Japan, yes they saw you as the devil so many blessings and as those of a thousand pardons say? Not in my bottle you don't.

Gun boats god boats yeah whatever, traveling light by light used to only be painful when as was said: reaching. Daeva is as Daeva does, and yet all I said was nothing. Well, I did fold that sore tail maker machete wielder's blade into thirds, and indeed the heel your own asshole asana is still in effect if you have not noticed.

Biggus Dickus? Ha! Not since Wu Wei'ed shu's has Porkin's been feeling skin in those bones... Boney got your butt or just bit off more than you can chew Mrs. Hasenpfeffer? Yeah, Ha seen Pepper.... no # sherlock as that Jimmu knows a pork er too. Expect Nagarjuna to massage his own feet for awhile says all the Eastern Buddha's sons(middle way is a given so better get to taking) lol I still have no hand in those times due to that shy tea ass miss quake; and yet at one point in time still has no idea of empty stool.

I did empty a cup with one of those Ajunas born in that whole spring time flit around like a butterfly midsummer nights dream cases in reverseing the wheel, I call it a bull-# box. Thanks to whomever wished me to have it as it was mine to begin with... so cup half empty or half fool has one bulleye that can't miss any point, and the doorless window remains a pain in the wisdom tooth... whether those reamins are still or not? Clarence, have you seen Clarence lately?

Some jackass after throwing four to the fourteenth and you thought to the nth was bad... dumbasses still think it is NINE when an nth is meantion um hey listen up, 13th (fourteenth) thats the first derpa derpa indeed that's why 13 is all you. And always has been to the "get a life"rs that started in BCE in CCE sorry I need a douchess to go there but last I heard she was a fricken grey hound(possibly destined to be the wife of Satan's lil Halper).

Word problems Mi T'Song Way to Wei a scale when four legged still brays where'd my tail go? Still counts as a prayer whether it is falling off or not.

Yeah and people thought Egyptian wives were rough on the pussy... Last a saw a Donald not the duck? Smoooooke. he looked rough so pod cat pod dog... curse reversed, just like stacking decks without a rhyme to float a riddle... not that fond of harry pot heads; apple is what they said reap and Hatchet became a ratchet for some old cratch and sniff.

Anyways; that is code.... know it or do not, doughnuts do not cure hemorrhoids no more than R2 units know deeze nuts. If a groove was in the heart(which it is) highway plane train and vehicles are mainly steal in Spain with a yard for an arm and a slip for a slope... that's why Sir Al got goner over that jump the fence boner, smoothing your mothers black skirt by pulling the hem is one thing; when it is a mother superiors skirt? IT ALL FOR YOU! Yes given the proper amount of time a Damen can cure all that princess bride shingles(herpes all over) issue... gotta know your in knees and out tee's to keep going until 5000 G or no G is not even and equation.

So hey what? Fingernails used to be cuniform, and hey Tiger in the woods? Traditionally for iridescent bodies? STILL IS... may the flower that goes pop! be upon you.

posted on Jan, 19 2019 @ 02:00 AM
a reply to: Reverbs

Urgh I need to do the taxes too, thanks for the reminder. I lost my password for doing them online. Now it will probably be a huge act to log in. It's called "Elster" the thieving magpie. There's even an opera about it. I'd really like to know what they were thinking when they called their taxes online platform like that?

I have such weird dreams like everything from the past is trying to drag me down. It maybe just shows I still didn't let go? Yet.
But I will. I think what I'll try to do this time is go in totally free from goal expectations. I'm not doing it to get xy as a result/reward, but just... I don't know "have a look what happens" maybe? Or is that already a goal?
I made Kilgore dream about "das All", that was cool. But I will just focus on the thing that keeps the universe together.

Yesterday I watched an explanation for the Higgs field and I was a bit distracted, because I played hearthstone while doing so, but it's still pretty cool. Never zero, keeping the electrons from speeding around, giving mass to stuff, ... aether2.0
Reassured my thinking there isn't such a thing as "nothing"

It looks like I have a mail goblin, apparently the letter I sent to quit the job also got lost. And stuff I ordered has disappeared 4(!) times. Crazy right? Now I wonder what else did I not get? And why? An email I wrote didn't get through and it's all quite annoying. But I try not to get angry, eeeeeeverything will work out, breathe... stupid goblin.

how is it now Baby? Are we good? *fist bump* what's with the sudden interest in plastic wrap?

posted on Jan, 19 2019 @ 05:25 AM

originally posted by: Peeple
I made Kilgore dream about "das All", that was cool. But I will just focus on the thing that keeps the universe together.

Last night, in part, I dreamt I went out without anything on my bottom half - was that your doing too?

I have at times mistakenly put my knickers on inside-out or back-to-front and not noticed but outside of Carry On and porn films, who ever accidently goes outside without pants on? Even if it was warm, you'd still notice it was a little more draughty...surely. It could never happen (dementia though may bring that one round to bite me on the bottom)!

Therefore, given the material I usually have to work with, you can see why having a conversation about Das All stood out.

posted on Jan, 19 2019 @ 06:00 AM
a reply to: BEBOG

When the break in intimacy first came it was quite a shock, it was so abrupt. I don't think I expected that, and I'm not ashamed to say that it hurt somewhat, not least of all because I forget how much I need to be cuddled and to cuddle. I've adjusted, and rather than feeling spurned or rejected, I remember he's just trying to find his independence, and pushing me away is part of that but doesn't mean I cannot demand hugs when I think the situation permits it.

I know it seems like I'm complaining but I am not really. I have enjoyed being my son's mother every step of the way. I have been challenged mentally, physically and emotionally, and laughed all along the way (relationship with his father not withstanding and all that, lots of crying and hair pulling too). My son is a wonderful, kind, funny and thoughtful young man. Even now he's not even remotely difficult but that is not to say there are not difficulties, his Dad's death leaves him lacking in ways I can never understand and I don't intrude upon that. He has great friends. He will be fine, I will be fine BUT as you say or implied, none of us choose to be born, and I am well aware that the world I brought him into is in need of drastic change. His generation and every person being born today and since, is being sold a # deal. I had the "great" power to bring life into this world, with that great power has come great responsibility. I'm still meeting it.

That's all really. Nothing as such to bemoan, just a registering of the changes.

Nice to talk to you again BBD.

posted on Jan, 19 2019 @ 10:08 AM
a reply to: Peeple

Aether 2.0... or QFT

Haha.. Of course.

What does light wave in? Or what is waving?
Sound is like air pressure. Light is like what?
Is it nothing pressure?

what is nothing

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posted on Jan, 19 2019 @ 10:45 AM
a reply to: Reverbs

Theoretically I could watch that, but I'm in the middle of 5h30m "Alien Files" and I don't want to start over, so that will have to wait. But thank you for linking stuff.

posted on Jan, 19 2019 @ 11:20 AM
a reply to: KilgoreTrout

You're funny. Besides that I really don't know how to comment that...

posted on Jan, 19 2019 @ 02:09 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

What a Hobbit! It's almost impossible to watch, where is his little pipe and why is he shy to show his hairy feet?

See I watched it. Virtual particles? Doesn't mean I understand it...

posted on Jan, 19 2019 @ 05:31 PM
a reply to: Peeple

You were talking about nothing and everything and the aether or background base field to it all.

Its about that.

0 = positive infinity + negative infinity.
Emptiness or nothingness is a much harder state to be in than some things and some negative ness...

As if the homeostasis of everything is something.
As if iys always moving..

Quantum Field Theory is about that nothing that is everything as some sort of field when waved is particles, is forces.

Virtual particles are either real or not the evidence seems like they are real but they are like a fake tool to use to calculate particle interactions. Like we made them up like that but they seem real..

Maybe that explains it..

Particles are like ripples of the aether.

posted on Jan, 19 2019 @ 08:43 PM
a reply to: BEBOG

There is now a law about upskirting in England now...

No, I am not a bot or trolling here. And these few years I now get what you are saying. Funny stuff but also serious at the same time.

You say you don’t have anger but I see it in your posts. It’s OK, my childhood was not so great but I did get introduced to Zen Buddhism and some of the lingo. I am not as well versed as you but did a good stint in college on Eastern Religions. Zen still guides me because it is experiential. And not the secret way which is what the priest meant when he wanted to show me his penis! Agnostic TEOT after that, thanks to mom. That is how I was isolated from them.

Glad to be clear and glad you made it here! I get it. Life sucks. Be cool with us here!!

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posted on Jan, 20 2019 @ 12:29 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

That's why I brought up the aether remember? The Higgs field?

Anyhoo I'm so angry I'm shaking and can't breathe, there I was happy that I'm having contact with my father again and what does he do? He asks me for money. And how he did it was disgusting, a text "here are my banking details if you got some money to share xy12345" that was it.
I'm so pissed.
That's so it, I am so done with everything. Aaaaaaaaarrrrgh!

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