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Baddogma's Other Meta Cafe- Polite Discussions About Scientific Mysticism and General Weirdness

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posted on Sep, 25 2018 @ 02:32 PM
a reply to: Peeple

No not angry.. energetic about past things I let slide out of my mind after all that happened. It wasnt just one person who said they would kill me ya know?

That rebel reverbs is still burried in there.
Or in other words none of that was directed at you really besides asking about bannon, maybe more id have to re read it.

Glad you asked though.

It doesnt matter if you watch american news or not..
Ive looked into european news and its the same thing honestly. You do realize the vast cooperation in 5 eyes spy guys and intelligence agencies.. I know of a few german media people for instance who talked about writing stories fed by their intelligence officers.

Oh and peeple you use the exact same phrasing as American news, so how do you guys always have the same lexicon? Odd no?

I typed in your words now I have some digging to do.
I see people saying he wants apocalypse because he made a movie predicting it. Ok thats everyone on ATS right? You invite it everytime your're in a mood.
So far I gather hes extremely well read.. from history philosophy everything.. has books on him all the time..

Ok well guess what peeps I need it from the horses mouth. As far as im concerned you are all repeating stories. I dont believe stories without more so the movie he made is based on "the fourth turning" book. Its called "generation zero"

What about this red cow? Literal or is that some german saying?

Oh thats christian thingie?

It is claimed there have only been nine true red heifers, and the 10th will herald the construction of the third Temple. Several red heifers have been born in the past, but have been disqualified for not meeting the Biblical requirements.

To meet requirements, the heifer must be born from a natural birth and be entirely red with no more than two non-red hairs on its body. It must also never have been used for any labor or have been impregnated.

Its dumb as hell.. but yes jews and israel are literally inacting steps in the bible. Its hard for me to fathom how childlike everyone is sometimes.

I dont believe in magic like that. In order for THAT apocalypse to occur most everyone on earth would have to play into it emotionaly mentaly spiritualy.. almost like "self fufilling prophecy"

Ill look into it but predicting the end of the world and trying to make it happen are not the same thing.

Its starting off with storm clouds..
2008 economic collapse..
Made in 2010 so thats fresh in his mind.
The youtube comments say he blames the hippies and the 60s for America not being "great again." (My phrasing)

This is actually quite interesting as a character study.

Yea hes not wishing for an apocalypse.
Hes wishing for the 50s.
Also gross, but I can't take the easy way out like so many others around me. Well thats 10 minutes of a 1.5 hour movie ,but because it fits trumps "make america great again" perfectly, I can fill a gap there pretty confidently.

Anyway its based on the fourth turning which i now gather is about politics in the usa every 78 years flip to the otherside in a 10 year window in a strong way and then a big war so the 4th turning would be between 2012 and 2020..

Basically a theory like that is about as bad as numerology.

I would not be surprised if Bannon is an ATS member. Gmae im playing Gannon is the major evil causing the end of the world. Haha History rhymes??

But what I see pretty clearly because Ive stepped far away from the rest of you.. i see its the end of the world for liberals when Trumpty dumpty dumster fire is president and the end of the world for conservatives when gay muslim Obama bin laden is president. For me it was bush and obama and thats when I was able to see this happen because i looked from both angles.

It makes you ALL look like tools to me.
And one day you will cause the apocalypse by your inability to focus on complex problem solving that goes well beyond psychological response to an outside threat.. the enemy is already in the hearts of people. Doesnt matter picking sides.. No side is the heart of the matter. Histrionics lead away from the heart.. fear is the first step to the dark side.

Anyway.. I typed in bannon nukes.. ill keep doing random searches and random clicks on results. There is a method to my random..

Anyway bannon says "there is no military solution for N Korea" "show me one scenario where 10 million people don't die in 30 minutes in Seoul from conventional weapons."

Meaning hes worried about people dying and advising against it. Worried about ww4, not trying to cause it. His main focus appears to be money, which is worthless in doomesday scenarios. His great worry is China taking over the lead spot in the world through economics.. im finding this from years ago. THAT is his path to the dark side, his fear. Sanctions on China and tarrifs a lot of whats going on now make way more sense looking back in time at peoples thoughts and worries..
Bannon isnt even part of the power structure anymore.
Im pretty satisfied now but Ill keep looking.

As somone who follows the world at a more study level than watching news china vs usa is the biggest issue. Its an issue because usa cant win economically.. scary to think the USA has 10-20 years to "do something" before china is too strong.. scary for china and the world.

Syria is just the usa doing the dirty work for the usa european agendas largly involving oil.. america feels fine taking the lead since it has basically an oil backed dollar.. anyone in the way of that like ghadafi or sadam must go.. assad is more physically in the way and israel has trouble striking iran with all those syrian missiles being pesky.. oil pipeline will cut off russia money flows from its pipelines into europe.. russia cant lose navy port in syria.. iran cant lose the last domino.. they can keep sauds distracted in yemen..

You do realize there is no way out of this bs without love, but no one is buying it so yea we're #ed..

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posted on Sep, 25 2018 @ 04:27 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

That was a long post. Real time research protocol? Makes a good read, there are OPs here which have a lot less content.
I was watching the speech Trump gave today at the UN and thought it was very ambivalent.
Do you see now we haven't stopped anything, not even delayed it? I still feel we were years early, at least I was.
In Islam the second coming of Jesus says he will come to be in Damaskus. Will they drop someone that fits their agenda from a helicopter? A special golden one?

I'm not sure if I'm sorry I started this topic... can't even give you a star for all the effort, the site still has tablet issues.

posted on Sep, 25 2018 @ 04:40 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Stars haha. If you read it and I can tell that you read it Im happy. It wasnt any effort. I enjoy looking into things.

Synchro just got me bad..
The exact problems with people looking at issues correctly that I was just writing about...
I clicked onto a live joe rogan video talking about the exact same thing. Hes better at articulating it but one of his logic hacks he uses is called "steel man" as opposed to straw man.. you formulate the strongest argument for your opponent and go from there..

Guess what thats why i play devils advocate and argue both sides.

It gives your opponent no recourse if their strongest version of their side loses. But if you take cheap shots and strawmans the argument goes on..

For me its easy because I dont have to be right.
Its so easy if Im wrong and you are right, if I understand how you are right, then now Im right..

So yea that was exactly what was going through my head when he said it to.

Thats generally a sign for my next attention span.
So now I have a video to study about tribalism, human logical fallacies, critical thinking skills, psychology..

Right up my alley.

And you are partially to blame!

posted on Sep, 25 2018 @ 05:42 PM
a reply to: Damla

The; Not self, Impermanent nature of all compounded things, and subject to suffer due to that change... or Mara business is what it sounds like you are dealing with.

Kuan Yin is a Dakini that gained enlightenment by just "listening" with non attachment... basically; just like a wall and an echo.

When thoughts end... ie the flame of the eye, the ear, the nose, taste, tactile sensations... leave discriminatory discursive thinking in attachment that those are a "self" instead of just a link of contact? One is chained five ways too them the consciousness one calls a self is then chained by the contact of those forms in the name and form link of chain of contact in the bhava cakra or the wheel of life or becoming(another link).

The Bhava Cakra is basically a map in the entire wheel of life; individual due to kamma and other also due to kamma.

Once one breaks free from "their" wheel of life the kamma of others attachment to "oneself" as they take "themself and other" still remains. In all six realms... human/animal, god/titan, daeva/asura, Hell-beings/Hungry Ghosts...

All of those take place in various states or stages of attachment due to desire... forming their own links and chains of causation over a very very vast amount of time in creating those bondages. It also takes a very vast amount of time in freeing oneself from such a thing... that however does not stop all the other beings in all of those realms from wanting to, trying to, or attaching to you... why? Because you are free... not knowing how to be free? They continually arise and pass in their various attachments; in ignorance, greed and hate as oneself once did.

So listening as an echo in some realms is communication... like hearing a "bird" in oneness with the "bird" the mind consciousness echoes the same as the bird... in listening to the sound instead of thinking "bird" one can hear the language as if it is one's own... why? Because it is...

What occurs? All life from "bird" and "human" are then swapped with each other due to the attachment to name and form... leave bird alone and human alone, god/titan, deva/asura, hell being and hungry ghost alone... and then samma samma no different in traveling unattached through the various realms of being in that link known as becoming.

Of course; the various levels or stages of attachment or freedom due to the various levels of desire of these beings? Are just as individual as anyone else one would happen to meet.

The eye aflame says, bird, cricket, dog etc etc... the eye not aflame just sees thats all it is supposed to do... the same occurs in what one might want to call a bird, a cricket, dog etc. but that is the delusion or illusion of "life" and it's various forms clinging in and out of various forms of discrimination or trying to flee the net, the rod or the belly of another.

However, the elements being study on the link of contact? Water no different in the body as outside of the body, same as earth, fire, wind etc. except in name.

So internal and external no difference in the same way form is emptiness and emptiness is no other than form... hold onto bird or dog etc internally when seen there was no bird or dog etc externally... one absorbed that illusion into or inside of themself... those agreeing to such as that? The same.

Unattached to suchness as that? The true nature or dhamma presents itself... man not knowing he is like dog is seen pooping eating and chained to human walking him like dog. Of course no thought of dog or human in that suchness occurring then it is what it is... and yet that too is an illusion one that is desire/kamma based.

No one can free another, and no god nor Brahma can be said to be the maker of all of "this" as empty phenomena rolls on.

The elements are good as one arises and passes in and out of being and non-being as just that phenomena...

Just recall the echo if one finds some sort of "self" begining to get chained back up in the link of "becoming" by getting too caught up in the drama that is desire and stress due to simple attachment. Like the so called "neutrino" just passes through everything unaffected and just being so too do the noble ones that have thus gone and yet have never left.

In that hearing you say is just self? One can either ascend to the 8th jhana as Buddhas, Arhats and pratyekkas or exercise compassion as a maha/vajra/bodhi sattva and simply point to the pointless.

Take care

posted on Sep, 25 2018 @ 05:45 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Ok you made me watch the speech.
The only ambivalent part was about sovereignty.

But you can see that he means what hes saying and people laughed a bit at the beginning but its all serious faces after, well actually the germans took offence at trump saying they are dependent on russian oil, and had a nice school girl giggle about it in emotional self defense.

He called a lot of people out..
Iran specifically and since you pay attention exactly what he said hed do to Iran before and in that speech is happening.. India will import 0 oil, and Iran will remember the 5th of november. EU, everyone.

Just one example..

Funny is it not he said the same things about oil and russia and middle east iran and yemen as i did?

And drop in the whoever from a golden helicopter after Damascus is wiped off the map or before?
Oh and I found it funny or ironic Tbag talking about business in the world at the UN with gold and green behind him which is probably stronger association for americans with green money but it looked like us dollars, gold.. Just the way my mind works imagery and such.. its never struck me like that before.

In more important news I have 2 horses now brownie and moonlight. Hahaha.. im addicted to a silly game.

And I was reading about random whatever came across this nasa jpl thingy.

I didnt realize the actual north pole spin axis moves.. i know it moves in 3d space like a wobbling top as seen by the noryh star changing, but the actual axis of spin changes.. as in what youd call the equator and north and south physical south poles change..

Basically its the ice ages glacial rebound after and water soaked terrain.. throws off the angular momentum..

jpl nasa earth spin axis

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posted on Sep, 25 2018 @ 08:47 PM
a reply to: BEBOG

Pretty cool post.

I agree with what you said causality wise.

My difference would only be I identify with it all so I can see it all. I can be bird man dog water..

Its how I grow to see things better.

My goal was never to be god or be "myself"

I love all of it so much.

Different goals different paths.

Im more of an agitator of consciousness.

Like making soup instead of taking my carrot and walking.

For clarity a bit more. Is dhamma like dharma?
And is kamma like karma?

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posted on Sep, 26 2018 @ 01:06 AM
a reply to: BEBOG

so he was right. i was sick or inbalanced. but he didnt have the word pack like you so he said it the easy way according to his own word pack. But it is hard to believe he didnt do anything to make me happy, i mean like his existence was enough while i was happy or noone can free another.
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posted on Sep, 26 2018 @ 09:55 AM
a reply to: Reverbs

one path out same path back in... how much one dives in and out of the ocean? None of my business.

The difference is one is Pali or the Southern school known as the elders or hearers to help grasp or pull out the sattvas that dive into the ocean vowed to help pull out all those mired in the three poisons ensnared by the skandhas thinking them to be a self... Sanskrit the Northern school of the sattvas.

Dhamma basically means the knowledge and law of all cognizable phenomena that arises and passes. Kamma is best thought of as the same farming implement that which reaps or swings at the phenomena arising and passing.

Mindfulness means being aware of the reaping instead of blindly swinging; that blindly swinging is the gaining of knowledge and understanding; teaching nothing but blind swinging? Is termed ignorance, when purposefully taught and then ignored? Then greed is the purpose and obviously hate soon follows.

Samadhi means one pointed focus knowing exactly what one is reaping or doing with intention; if or when asked... of course best to always be wholly honest.

Hope that helps... you create you entire world/reality by the grasping that you do; so responsibility means hey big ocean or watch out for that puddle when wanting or even considering bringing others with you.

posted on Sep, 26 2018 @ 10:10 AM
a reply to: Damla

There is a story of two monks walking along; a bank looking for a bridge to cross the river... they come across one that was washed out in the heavy rains. They decide it would be best to just wade across it instead of trying to find another bridge... just then a beautiful maiden walks up in a fine silk kimono and looks distraught that she cannot cross.

One monk without a second thought says hey climb on my shoulders and I'll walk you across... she without a thought does. They cross the river he sets her down bows and the monks walk off.

A ways down the road the monk that didnt offer says isnt it against the code of conduct to touch women? The monk that did the good deed laughs and says true true my fellow monk... But when are you going to set her down?

Not sure who the "he" is to you that you mentioned... however; the above is meant to point directly at who is carrying who in the situation. It seems the bridge that was washed out is called "happiness".

To some happiness is a bright and shinning day; to others the opposite... who is right when both are extremes and only fond of that extreme having faced the other not yet knowing that they now love is also an extreme yet to be seen as such?

Take care

posted on Sep, 26 2018 @ 06:31 PM
so you mean other monk had to carry the ghost lady for a while too?? thats really weird.

posted on Sep, 26 2018 @ 06:34 PM
it is also very bad she tricked them about the river. i mean, clearly it wasnt her aim to cross the river even! oww that's so bad! but why the first stupid monk is laughing?
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posted on Sep, 27 2018 @ 02:07 AM
a reply to: Damla

It is a simple story of attachment and carrying needless burdens that cause us to suffer... over time all of that illusion that is not real yet perceived to be starts weighing down and all sorts of mental issues arise... stress, anxiety, pain and suffering.

The monk helping the lady cross did a good deed set her down and was done with it... the second monk attached to her beauty or some other longing; was still carrying her in his mind long afterwards. His fellow monk was laughing because he carried her only as long as it took to cross the river; while his friend in silly attachment and mental burden was still carrying her in his mind miles afterwards and then even more disturbed about it; mentioned monastic code.

So of course the monk that didn't actually carry her across was more at fault in monastic code by still letting the event weigh on him and cause him mental distress and a burden as if he had been carrying her from the moment he saw her until that moment the other chided him..

In the same manner; you were/are carrying a similar burden; of someone unloading an idea on you that you should not be or feel happy... so in a sense it is as if the second monk said to the first; hey I am tired of carrying the woman around after crossing the river; will you set her down for me?

So whomever that is you speak of making you feel bad for feeling happy; is carrying around such a burden; something past gone done and over... being unhappy with that mental burden; he unloads the painful burden on others instead of unloading it himself. So of course out of empathy or compassion? You say ok sorry you are unhappy so your attitude changes to also carry the same stupid burden that person has refused to set down.

Does that make any sense? No of course not and that is why society is so messed up and is what it is; not the empathy and compassion part... that is the good thing; the bad thing is the stupid fool not seeing he is the one carrying all of this mental baggage that only he can set down... so asking you to stop being happy because he is the dumb one carrying something he should set down for his health, your health, his families health, societies health... is the stupid jackass.

Whats done is done no matter what it is cannot be undone... untying a shoe is not undoing it being tied... that concept is called time travel, impossible to go back to the shoe not being tied except in that burden carried called memory. Each tying and untying of a shoe is brand new.

Impermanence IS the one and only truth... trying to carry something in mind only leads to distraction. This is why one does such a thing in beginning meditation. Hold a mantra or koan and repeat it, over and over next thing one knows they've lost it and mind went off wandering all over the place. So one goes back to the mantra or koan... over and over until samadhi one pointedness, they can hold the mantra or the koan suddenly solves itself.

So then what does one have to do; having seen the mind wander all over like a wild dog running and biting and scratching at everything without any control? At first they did not know the mind was like such a thing as a wild dog until they tried to control it... some do not mantra or koan, but instead watch it, see where it goes, see what it tries to avoid, see what it discriminates against... then works on letting go of those burdens that bind instead of free.

One comes to see a mind running all over the place is rarely there in what is actually occurring... they are sitting having coffee and their mind; is across town buying groceries, thinking about all sorts of things instead of what is actually occurring... sitting having a cup of coffee. If you were to ask them what they are doing? They would say what are you stupid? Sitting here having a cup of coffee... only because the question made them become present in that moment... so they forgot they were making their sixth mental trip to the grocery store instead of being there actually having coffee.

Thats basically why it is said people are typically asleep; they may there physically but the mind is off somewhere else... occupied with mountainous burdens of kimono women and countless trips to the grocery store etc.

So awake obviously is the one that takes place in reality; the mind right there in the body at all times present in what is occurring; it is never off somewhere else... so what happens? One feels the warmth of the mug, taste every flavor and nuance of the coffee. In such a manner; the moment actually becomes full of reality instead being filled with illusion and delusion of what is not taking place at all.

That illusion and delusion thinking of things not actually occurring; creates realm after realm of pain and suffering worry and stress for one to continually fall into; and why not? It is as if that person is dead already and doesn't even know it; not even aware of it... a hungry ghost; there obviously having coffee but not actually there; just a shell of a person while their mental energy is in another realm of being.

In the six realms? This is exactly what is taking place... so becoming present means all of that grasped and held on illusion falls away and hey; who knew you were already in heaven or a paradise? One would not know; only because it is buried under all of that kamma of not being there in the body/ speech/ and mind as truly one being.

Thats what people speak of when they have mentioned wholeness of being...

To some heaven is the goal; to others? Absolute freedom from the entire mass; never again to fall into states of heedlessness like that mentioned above. Of course that goal is Buddhahood which the historical Buddha stated was no different than Arhatship.

Some think it means bliss and rapture; however that is the direct opposite of suffering and stress... so chasing one or the other just means going around and around; chasing the mara or house builder unaware that; that person is you.

The realization of that of course? Becomes cause for one to laugh as in how could I be so damned stupid and yet it was so damned simple why was understanding that so complicated that you also want to beat the hell out of all the buddhas patriarchs etc. however... seeing oneself as the source of mentally running to the grocery store or carrying some kimono woman around and an incalculable amount of imagined or illusory things not occurring then and there? Is no one's fault but one's own.

Just as if the monk said hey set that past woman down for me I am mentally carrying... the other monk would probably strike him knowing thats the only way to unburden the fool for carrying something so stupid as unreal. At the time yeah she was very real; as time went on? Who knows how many children the stupid other monk still carrying her imagined himself having had with her? Lol shall I unburden you of that celestial mansion you also dreamed about living with her in? Wake up!

Silly and funny; and yet when seen properly; that very sort of thing is a direct cause of most all of the worlds problems... of course the solution? Undertaking the task of training with great resolve to not do that.

Understanding; does not necessarily mean knowing... so of course wisdom grows along with calm abiding serenity and the more one continues on with practice the more grace and true nobility of being as a presence grows.

Take care

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posted on Sep, 27 2018 @ 02:32 AM
a reply to: BEBOG

sometimes i understand what you mean and sometimes i dont but my dreams have been quite busy for two days. lots of flying visiting weird places, some screaming, parfumes, biting my dad's hand, weird long nose hair. thank you very much i think you are helping a lot. i will read this again and again many times

posted on Sep, 27 2018 @ 02:36 AM

posted on Sep, 27 2018 @ 02:54 AM

posted on Sep, 27 2018 @ 12:38 PM
a reply to: Damla

Those reveal the internal pressures or thoughts that the physical is not in actual contact with... so as a relief dreams play a pretend game to ease those stresses and anxieties.

I'd rather not go into them as they reveal quite a bit about you and your family situation; that some may rather keep private... however how they have manifested in imagery is very funny; as confusing as they may seem they are a direct metaphor or mental map of all that is occurring in your life realized and unrealized as potentials.

Previous post was how to focus clearly on where ever you are and whatever you are doing. That is what leads to strength security and independence... nothing wrong with a family; when born kamma chooses ours sometimes the path to give the most release, sometimes to teach us all those lessons of not trying to step on others to get ahead. Funny thing is sometimes parents step on their own children with their own wants and needs in trying to get to a place so that their children get ahead and by then it is too late... they never bothered to stop and say whoa we were chasing our dreams for child and where is child? Child is now grown opps now we are old we never asked child now adult what they wanted, because as a child it was everything and well they couldn't provide everything and it was silly to attempt too because it was already present however that is the world ahead of them to grow into and experience.

Nice song "the animal in me" having a cup of tea... flight, fight, or freeze is the typical animal response to something new. This in humans? Includes concepts... sort of like being told you need a class in calculus and you have no need for it in your coming career or family life. To graduate you would need that which you do not need... so of course naturally you would not want it, even more so if you did not like math.

So what does all of that lead too?

Big problem in todays world; many parents dont care because hey its not them and the world is changing and they have their own stressors and pain from living a life they may not have wanted to live... so there is projecting onto the child; in wanting batter or at least equal to them than what they had... when that is the main thought of the entire mass? No one gets ahead or gets anywhere it becomes dog eat dog fighting and scrapping over nothing but misery as a gain... misery is no sort of gain unless you use it as a muse or a positive like the musicians of the blues did and singing the song of their heart... not even concerned about a mind; knowing everyone has already lost theirs.


You need love? You are already full of it, as it is something that cannot ever be given or taken away... it is placed and where you place it there it and you are... if the eye falls on "ugly" love makes it cute. Eventually that sort of thing can turn into a passion a reason for living in loving what one does.

Hate is not the opposite of love no such thing... hate is always hate it cannot be anything different than hate, there are not different degrees of hate like on a thermometer measuring temperature. Hate is something someone cannot be an empty concept of it is all I could never imagine or want to be rolled into one. So of course empathy and compassion tries to as Reverbs mentioned of Mr. Rogan Steel Man argument it tries to see it from their point of view and all possible points of view and arguments for whatever it is; even though one feels wholly in their being that it is not personally for them.

Sometimes the answer is that moment of insanity or irrationality that just acts in an instant from all of that illusion and built up pressure from all that not self... all that not self is impermanent it arises and it passes comes and goes ideas concepts held onto longer than those kimono women and trips to grocery stores some call those religions, traditions, rites and rules and precepts...

Those too for ultimate truth and knowing and understanding have to be abandoned... however trusting that gut knowing that was so strong that it was wrong? Is what builds the very firmament right there where you stand the opposing is like turning around to walk off and face first right into a post. Thats what that lesson would teach instant pain and suffering after going through all of that in trying to understand what that gratification is or what it leads too.

So thats the best part of just leaving them too it... it may be heaven to them and hell to you... that just means heaven to you is hell to them and thats the natural balance that keeps that sort of thing away and at a distance without any effort or thought about it at all... trying to understand and reason with whatever it is; is why the term devils advocate; devil wont make an appearance too much hell in your heaven for devil, so a messenger is sent back and forth back and forth wasting each others time and that of all of those in between.

from the link; General adaptation syndrome

A diagram of the General Adaptation Syndrome model.
Physiologists define stress as how the body reacts to a stressor, real orimagined, a stimulus that causes stress.

I bolded imagined I passed the cure along for that in my last post... about carrying around the unreal. Buddhism is said to be an introduction to reality but not the end all be all of that imagined and held onto that others do... some branches of Buddhism do the same thing; The Pure Land school is Christianity without Christ their bible is the Lotus Sutra... so theres stuff like that.

Tropes is the easiest way to describe such repetitions that occur, in human behavior... the names faces places and setting may change... but the idea and or concept imagined is still the same. Knowing ones range is where that sort of thing ends and another begins or else culture shock simply due to expectations held instead of reality. We all eat we all poop we all breath and we all seek shelter... the making more of us is optional.

posted on Sep, 29 2018 @ 02:41 AM
a reply to: Reverbs

Imagine the wobbling we'd go through without our moony.
I keep looking for something I click on every thread but it's just not there.
And it isn't Trump. But I noticed you don't answer my main point, it doesn't look like we put a dent in the plans to bring about the apocalypse.

posted on Sep, 29 2018 @ 03:20 AM
a reply to: BEBOG

so eventually we should make the dreams the parents dreamt for us real?

yes. i want love. it doesnt matter i am full of it or not. not sex type of love but other. also i dont want my reiki to turn into sex type of thing, i want it to heal legs or wherver is feeling bad and make people feel they have a very good and peaceful head.
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posted on Sep, 29 2018 @ 12:10 PM
a reply to: Peeple

I skipped that because I never thought that was whats happening..

The other day I lost my phone. I knew it was in the house probably. I typed in "find an android phone" to my browser..

A picture of my phone model shows up on the left. A map of my neiborhood with my phone there and 3 options..

I clicked "make my phone ring."
Then it rang..

Point is i never told anyone thats my phone.. never linked it to my computer.. they know its you typing. They know its me. There is no escaping that..

Ok so.. what I was doing and none of you care anymore.. I was talking about psychological operations. I was talking about being monitored and tracked and I worked under DHS by accident.

To me there are much worse things than death.
When did I ever say "Im stopping an apocalypse" that earlier I explained how I dont believe in that anyway?

Thats something you like because I guess youre partially religious. Im not. I dont care. What I care about is behavior modification, pavlovs dog effect and AI... the data mining phase is in full force.

A technological trapping...
Could be a fate worse than death.
Secret fascism skirts laws meant to protect the public.. google is part of the power structure. Elections dont really matter. Amazon wasnt paid 500 million from the cia to sell shirts...

Its all off the radar again as if it slowed down or went away.. yea right.... I turned crazy to stay sane. Cant call on me again. I dont care.
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posted on Sep, 29 2018 @ 11:28 PM
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It's just short for "plans of evil people to bring more suffering into this world".

How is that possible that your phone rang? Who was calling you?
I believe you still care. And you aren't insane.

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