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Remembering Inge Pohl

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posted on Jun, 1 2017 @ 08:49 AM
My story was inspired by the real life ex KGB assassin Bogdan Stashinsky.
If your curious about this man, please see my thread about him:

This story is not based on a true story but rather my imagination of what happened to Stashinsky.

Somewhere in the Philippines 1990.

Tom van Patten was target practicing when his Filipino servant who goes by the name Alex called him.
Van Patten stopped and asked “What is it?”
“Come to the living room sir, I have new files on the latest target on the coffee table. “
Van Patten goes to the living room and got ahold of the files and read them.
“Ah a rogue Chinese general that needs to be silenced”

Van Patten got out of his villa and goes to the beach which is right in front of his residence.

There, he reminiscence the time when he was Bogdan Stashinsky.
In his former life, he was an assassin working for the KGB. He defected to the West due to the problems he and his former wife Inge Pohl experienced back in Moscow.
His and his wife’s defection came with a price. He was sentenced to prison for seven years. While in prison, Inge send him a letter saying she will
divorce him because she wants nothing to do with his life.
He remembered after reading the letter, he cried and did not eat for days.
Thanks to the intervention of the US, his prison sentence was shortened to two years.

After Prison, he was offered by the South African secret police to work for them.
There, he changed his face via plastic surgery and forge a new identity.
With nothing left to lose, for ten years he became an advisor for anti-Communist forces in Angola and other African nations. He also performed assassinations and tortured dissidents accused of having Communist sympathies.

After 1982, he quit and became a freelance assassin and worked for various clients. Even then, the South African government employed him occasionally to kill Communist targets in Africa.
In 1986, he settled to the Philippines. In exchange for a free lease, the Filipino government occasionally employed him by having him assassinate Communist guerilla leaders.
Southeast Asia was by no means perfect. In fact, recently while on a mission in Thailand, he got into a firefight with a North Korean operative that ended with the operative being killed.

“Oh Inge” He said to himself. “I wonder where are you right now? Wherever, you go just I know that I will always love you and I hope if the afterlife exists, I see you once again. I am truly sorry I brought you into this mess.”
He remembered the dance with Inge in Berlin back when they were a young couple in love.
He also remembered the time when his KGB handler offered him to marry a beautiful blonde Russian KGB officer but refused because he prefers Inge. He said to the handler, “Beauty is not the point. When you’ve known someone for a long time and know that it will be good to go on living with her, that’s exactly what you need.”
“Tom!” said a female voice.

Stashinsky turned around to face his second wife Patricia.
Patricia Potter was a beautiful brunette South African English woman he met while he was South Africa.
“What’s in your mind?” asked Patricia.
“Just planning my next move.” replied Stashinsky with a smile.

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