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Opinions on areas and people that give off creepy vibes and make you feel uncomfortable.

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posted on May, 30 2017 @ 10:15 AM
a reply to: Mandroid7

Oh i love your dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on May, 30 2017 @ 10:50 AM
a reply to: Mandroid7

FWIW, I myself have only just recently noticed this bizarre type behavior myself and it was at the grocery store. Really weird, people just shuffling along the aisles like they are entirely lost and have no idea what they are intending to buy. They seem to act like they dont even know that I, a sentient being, is in their midst.

I can not even begin to imagine what is causing this phenomenon.

posted on May, 30 2017 @ 11:29 AM

Just a bad reading on the person, or follow your instinct and leave. Personally I've always followed my gut, I feel that the gut feeling is always worth following. 

Thats the way to go! Centuries ago, we didnt have 'Amber alerts', and sex offender registration. All we had was this primitive thing called instinct. You get that feeling for a reason. That reason (I believe) is our mostly dormant "6th sense" waking up to let us know that all is not well...

posted on May, 31 2017 @ 12:53 AM
a reply to: TheFatedOutsider

I know that feeling. Yes, have experienced that more than once, and always pay attention! We get such a feeling for a reason. Pays to pay attention! Some areas, too, can have such a feel to them. Some places do seem to have some residual energy, or attacked demons, or something, that makes them seem very creepy. The Texas, a ship in Houston, is like that in places. Some of the areas that feel weird are areas where people died, too. I have a nephew that won't go on it. Personally, I found some areas too creepy, and avoided them. The old Hertzberg Circus Museum building, in San Antonio, TX, is another such place. Very creepy building, that one! I wasn't comfortable visiting the museum, when we did, and the mother of my brother used to work there, when it was in use by the library, and told some stories of haunted activity. Seriously scary stuff!! That's one some ghost hunter types could get some real hits in!!

People...some are just wrong in some way. Working at a hotel, many years back, had one like that. Evening shift, and I loved it, normally. All sorts of people coming and going, never any worries. This night, a guy could be seen approaching the doors, to come inside. Looked ordinary - business suit, nothing that stood out - but I did NOT want to wait on him, or even be seen by him. Told the other clerk to handle it, and stepped into the back room, to wait till he was gone. No idea why. Listening, all seemed normal, and the other clerk, who realized I'd picked up on something, said she couldn't see a problem, though she did look. Never did know why I didn't want to see him, or be seen by him. Just wasn't a good idea. Never had anything like that happen before that time, or after.

Another time, out with a couple of other girls, we encountered a guy two of us were sure was a psychopath. The third girl didn't notice a thing. Again, no odd behavior, nothing weird said, no strange body language. Just something about his eyes. Visions of Norman Bates were going through my head.

The hubby had one like that, too, that was even more chilling. He was in the military at the time, working at that time at a supply desk. He got a sudden knowledge that he had to get out of sight. Mind you, the entrance to this place was down a hall, but you could hear the door, and no one was inside at this point but him and his coworker. He moved out of sight, told the other guy to handle this one, and after that, they door opened, and they could hear someone coming. He says, for whatever reason, he was NOT supposed to deal with that one. He's not the sort to scare easily, either, very level-headed, not superstitious or anything. Well, later on, this guy was picked up for killing his girlfriend, and leaving pieces of her all over town.

Creepy, indeed!!

For your stalker dude - I'd have called someone, and not gone home, or called the cops, I think! Had some follow me now and then, though in a car, not on foot, and did NOT want them following me home! Better to lose that sort.

posted on May, 31 2017 @ 12:57 AM

originally posted by: Mandroid7
Might be like a weird behavior I have noticed in Florida.

I call it "sheep syndrome"

I notice they do it driving and on foot when moving. They act zoned out like they can't make a decision.

Like following you into your driveway, then realizing it.

OR unknowingly following you into a store right to the same spot you are looking at.

It is bizarro

And there are always the criminal and rapey type people with bad intentions out there, those vibes are usually pretty obvious.

Dude, someone following like that, especially in Florida, I'd be careful!! Remember the bath salts "zombies"? Some other strangeness down there, too. Keep a weather eye!!

posted on Jun, 3 2017 @ 10:28 PM
My aunts house had a very creepy atmosphere.

I was about eleven years old and I had been sent to stay there for a week while my parents got everything packed up for a house move. My uncle was someone I got intensely bad vibes from and the house itself, while not being relatively old, felt like it had been there for centuries and accumulated a motherload of negative energy. Like some really bad stuff had gone down there, you know? It was heavy and oppressive being there, and I didn't sleep, barely ate. I'd hang out with my cousin in her room or explore the surrounding woods. That area was even creepier, for reasons I can't put my finger on.

Anyway, I was there a few days maximum before feigning illness and going back to my parents. A few months after that, my aunt had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and I found out my uncle was a raging alcoholic. Aside from my aunts funeral not long afterwards, I haven't even set foot in that part of the country ever again, and nor would I.

posted on Jun, 3 2017 @ 10:44 PM
a reply to: TheFatedOutsider

This post comes at a very peculiar time... just this past Monday (memorial day) I had an exact experience of picking up on very weird vibes, becoming VERY scared, and needing to bolt. I remember specifically saying in tears to my woman, "I'm scared for the future"

It's a long story... but to answer your question...

YES. Places and people can emit lots of vibes. I've experienced it more than a few times and many times the experiences are not pleasant. It's always hard to tell what's really going on... some kind of primal instinct.

I have a feeling more and more people are going to be getting in tune with these instincts soon.
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posted on Jun, 4 2017 @ 11:02 AM
I like to dress up in a robe and carry a cross around. People act a bit strange around me. Freakin weirdos.

posted on Jul, 1 2017 @ 07:44 PM
I absolutely believe that people and places can emanate different types of emotional and spiritual "energy". I have felt this an innumerable amount of times throughout the course of my life. I believe that every single object in the entire universe radiates some type of "energy", be it positive, negative, or neutral. I think that every human possesses the capacity to feel this, but few actually do.

I have had experiences where I have been both drawn to and repulsed by different places, people, and objects. The way I try to understand this concept is by imagining that every point in space-time is accompanied by a specific set of experiences; tied to these experiences are the thoughts, emotions, words, actions, and wills of any conventionally sentient beings, as well as their interactions with other "inanimate" objects.

Because of this, I believe that one must exercise extreme caution when entering specific timelines, as one may be drawn into a "singularity" of negative "energy" due to the interactions of conventionally sentient beings, "inanimate" objects, events, and the dynamic interplay between all of these actors that is indelibly etched into the fabric of those junctions in spacetime.

posted on Aug, 2 2017 @ 09:50 PM

originally posted by: TonyS
a reply to: Mandroid7

FWIW, I myself have only just recently noticed this bizarre type behavior myself and it was at the grocery store. Really weird, people just shuffling along the aisles like they are entirely lost and have no idea what they are intending to buy. They seem to act like they dont even know that I, a sentient being, is in their midst.

I can not even begin to imagine what is causing this phenomenon.

I'd be one of the "zombies" in the grocery store. I was just fine in grocery stores most of my life, but the local groceries were all remodeled in the last 6 years or so and there's something about the lighting that makes me really disoriented and triggers migraines. I have to shop with dark sunglasses or a baseball cap on sometimes.

I rarely shop by myself now and go with a friend or my husband or my daughter to keep me on track or I can just zone out, struggling to focus on my list, and be wandering around for over an hour. It's very upsetting when I snap out of it outdoors and realize how much time I wasted shopping. It's all of the grocery stores I have always shopped at in the past twenty years of my marriage, and the problem exists with the lights, even though their lighting all appears different and the bulbs all look different.

I suppose it's just a part of getting older. Maybe other older people are sensitive to modern lighting and that's why it may be noticeable in Florida with all the retirees there. I'm only middle aged, not elderly, but I guess it has to start somewhere.

If you were to see me attempting to shop alone, I'm sure I'd strike you as acting quite oddly, very much as the shoppers you describe. Once outside, I am completely myself again.

Back on topic, my daughter and I definitely feel odd vibes. Some are good, some are very disturbing. These good and bad vibes can sometimes even be in the same building. I was not particularly sensitive to these "vibes" all of my life. It's gotten stronger in the past several years, though I'm not able to pinpoint exactly when the turning point came.
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posted on Aug, 3 2017 @ 11:03 AM
a reply to: SheeplFlavoredAgain

That's an interesting story. What you may be referring to about the lighting is something that's bedeviled me for most all my life. Fluorescent lighting gives off a 60 cycle "flicker" or "hum" that is very disturbing to sensitive people. You can read about the various maladies people endure when subjected to the flicker or hum at:

It mentions triggering migraines, dizziness (which I get).

Here's a quote:

They bother me greatly and during meetings of over 15 minutes I wear dark sunglasses. I explained to my team that the light and the flickering make me feel awful and they were very understanding. Some days are worse than others depending on how I feel prior to the lighting exposure. I will also wear the sunglasses in big box stores too and don't care what people think. lol

When I was working an office job for an Oil Company, I had to unscrew half of the florescent bulbs in my office just to survive. Sometimes I had to wear sunglasses in the office. I was nicknamed "mole man". Another co-worker got migraines so bad she didn't turn on the office lights at all. She brought lamps from home that used the old style bulbs.

You stated:

Back on topic, my daughter and I definitely feel odd vibes. Some are good, some are very disturbing. These good and bad vibes can sometimes even be in the same building. I was not particularly sensitive to these "vibes" all of my life. It's gotten stronger in the past several years, though I'm not able to pinpoint exactly when the turning point came.

I've had the very same experience and yes, its gotten worse in the last few years. I noted a "creep" factor relative to the generation of worker coming up behind my generation that was quite palpable. It was a really skin crawling, pit of the stomach kind of wanky, creepy vibe. Kind of like being in a room of people with no souls or something. They didn't smile, they sneered. And their demeanor was like they were just bored out their minds with everything and everyone. They radiated negativity and an air of superiority and entitlement, sort of like they were looking down their noses at everyone. Every meeting with them was kind of like playing the game "who's the smartest person in the room" and they tried to force out the dumbest person in the room who was always identified as the person who broke first and actually said something. Their reply would always be something like, "well, we'd expect that of you" coupled with a dismissive sneer and then look around for affirmation from the others at the conference table which of course they got from the butt kissers.

The strangest thing about them was that they had all been promoted far past their competence level and exhibited extreme ignorance about the business processes. But they just glommed on although meetings never amounted to anything in the form of direction.

Its a strange world and getting stranger with each passing day.

posted on Aug, 15 2017 @ 08:26 AM
a reply to: TonyS

Hi, thank you for replying to me. I didn't realize other people suffered such disorientation with those awful lights, too. I think going to LED lighting may not help much. If the Christmas string lights are any indication, there is a flicker with that type of lighting, too.

I did okay at work under the fluorescent lights. This problem came up on me after I reached my late 40's and was out of the workforce, with the exception of volunteer work.

My husband has made similar remarks about some of his new hires. He has had to fire a good many of them for narcissistic behavior and nastiness to coworkers that he thinks borders on mental illness. Fortunately they're not all like that, but too many have been. It is like they lack a soul or any capacity for reflection and introspection and caring beyond their own needs.

Have you noticed a new strange kind of personality type I've come to think of as "NPC" for those non playable characters in a video game. Try as you might, if you go off their limited "script" of what excites or drives them, you will just end up going in circles getting very narrow answers on a very limited set of topics.

I wonder if that's because social media allows us to tailor all of our input to our own interests, to the exclusion of all else. People have become consumers of vast quantities of news and opinions that reflect what they already hold and leave people unable to absorb new knowledge and points of view. Or even able to converse on unfamiliar topics to learn something new.

I'm not even talking about difficulty traversing touchy subjects like religion or politics. With these "NPC" a typical conversation might start off about their hobby. Say for example that they own a boat and tell you that they like to go out on it. You ask a few questions about that and they answer. Then you try to branch out a little and ask if they also fish or visit any of the local marinas. Instead of answering, they just look kind of blank and repeat that they have a boat and like to go out on it. They don't say "Oh, no, fishing isn't my thing." Or "I don't really spend any time at the marinas except to use their facilities." They will just repeat what they already said on the subject like an NPC repeating its scripted lines in a game. It's just so weird how stilted the conversations can be.

These are some people I see quite often, so they're not strangers. These are people I see around and should know well, but I don't, because it's impossible to know them.

It's so peculiar. I am quite shy, so I understand people can be awkward. But this takes it to a different level and is a relatively new phenomenon I've noticed only in the last 15 years or so. And the thing is, the people I'm talking about don't seem introverted. Their social media pages are quite lively and full of pictures of themselves with their many friends. I am just at a loss to figure out how these people have conversations.

My daughter says she has the same problem at school. There is a group of girls who are very nice to her and want her to join their little group. They're in a clear clique but are not mean girls and I've known them since they were small. But she says when she tries to converse with them, their conversations with her and each other consist of nothing but them giggling and making vague references to people on You Tube. She says they may as well be speaking another language because they don't even speak in complete sentences she can decipher.

They do this even when they're speaking amongst themselves, so it's not some odd form of bullying they're doing to my daughter. I was on a school trip with them and they spent several hours on the bus literally talking about nothing. My husband said he could not make any sense out of it and says they are either communicating telepathically or You Tube fans have their own language now consisting of uttering a few words, giggling and elbowing each other. The thing is, the girls weren't viewing You Tube at the time. I saw them, too, and could not figure out how communication was taking place.

I've met and conversed with their parents and gotten similar results. The mothers are educated and articulate to a point, but are a bit like the NPC types I mentioned earlier. I've known them all about 8 years now and their conversations are always the same, always about dieting and food allergies. I don't know how they haven't exhausted those subjects by now. They work and you'd think I could get them to talk about their jobs, but they will only ever say a few words on the subject, then it's always back to dieting and allergies. It's starting to get a bit Twilight Zone-like.

The girls all play the same sports, so they should be able to converse about that, but my daughter says they seem unable or unwilling to talk about sports. She does know two of the girls well enough and they converse normally individually, more or less, but as a group they do not speak in normal sentences. She's given up and hangs out with the other kids who prefer to read in their spare time and don't care much for You Tube. Their parents are more normal to converse with, too, much to my relief. There is none of that weird NPC vibe.

Oh and I am not bashing You Tube. I like using YT for instructional videos and product reviews. My daughter watches some channels for manicure tips. But we don't follow anybody on it. So if there is some sort of subculture around it, we just aren't aware.

posted on Aug, 15 2017 @ 08:45 AM
Always trust that gut, no matter what.

This happened literally two nights ago, I dozed off, but my oldest kid (6yo) woke me up about 11:10pm to ask me to walk her to the bathroom since she doesn't like to go alone. I went with her and sent her back off to bed. I couldn't fall back asleep so was just on my phone, ats/instagram/etc and around midnight the power went out briefly. I switched on my iPhone flashlight to get up to look out the window to see if I was neighbourhood wide or just our place when my husband woke up and said "what are you doing?" I said "the powers gone out - can you go lock the back glass door please, I don't feel comfortable with it open tonight" (we leave the glass door open sometimes but locked so the dog can let herself out through the doggy door)

Woke up the next morning to find out a lady was stabbed in her home about 400m away from our house. The gut never steers you wrong - even if it doesn't make sense at the time!

posted on Aug, 15 2017 @ 10:15 AM
a reply to: SheeplFlavoredAgain

That's an absolutely fascinating reply. I am short on time this a.m. and will try to get back to you about this NPC phenomenon when I can get to a real computer keyboard. On a tablet now.

Yes, I've encountered this many times and across all generations. I believe it stems from "programing". It also has to do with lack of imagination. I attribute that to modern technology/video games. Used to be kids played games with other kids doing imaginary role playing type games; cowboys & indians, pirates, the like. That's normal behavior and childrens brains develop their innate curiosity which makes them more well rounded and better read. Today, they play video games, and often alone for ours. There's no cognition going on and their brains aren't being developed. They are also incredibly susceptible to programming.

To better understand the programming issue I recommend some YT materials from Truthstream Media. I find it fascinating and all too true. Basically by early age indoctrination, the NPC lacks critical thinking skills and will only regurgitate program bullet points. You call them NPC. I call them "Program People". Truthstream Media loosley calls it the CNN effect.

Check these out and let me know what you make of it:

Enjoy, they are brief.

posted on Aug, 23 2017 @ 08:02 AM
a reply to: TonyS
I think there's quite a bit to the idea the media is playing us. Facebook is where I saw some serious manipulation going on each time they added new features. I don't go on there anymore. My friends kept posting stuff that really was fake news and fighting over it. These are people I knew all my adult life and we always got along great, even when discussing politics and religion face to face or on our old list serve. But then we got on FB to keep in touch when some of us moved away and ended up at each other's throats, because of fake political memes and hoaxed news items people kept posting.

I stopped watching tv regularly as programming became more graphically violent and sexually explicit. It's just not what I'm into. From time to time I do hear about shows I think I might be interested in, but I'm just too busy these days to keep up with tv.

My kid hasn't watched tv since she was about 8, after she outgrew the children's shows that I approved and watched with her. I have to say, everything Disney put out was a problem, at least the "princess" stuff from my dad's generation to the latest ones. I kept finding hidden messages that undermine parental authority in them and would find myself constantly explaining to a toddler that there was a hidden agenda being promoted and getting her to critically think about what was being portrayed.

The result is a young lady who doesn't believe she can change a "bad boy" by virtue of being awesome, who doesn't believe her parents are clueless or nefarious or out to control her and keep her from experiencing life. She knows she has boundaries but understands they are there to give her perspective until she accumulates enough life experiences to replace our perspective with hers and rely on her own wisdom and judgment as she grows in both.

Fortunately I do see a backlash against tv amongst a lot of parents. I see more parents starting to question the crazy things being aimed at their kids.

posted on Aug, 23 2017 @ 02:00 PM
a reply to: SheeplFlavoredAgain

A lot of good news in that post.

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