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Iraqi Official - 'Thank you America'

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posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 02:01 PM
Iraqi Official Thanks U.S. for Removing Saddam, Bringing Democracy
By Bobby Eberle
Talon News
February 4, 2005


In a briefing from the Pentagon on Thursday, Iraqi Interior Minister Falah al Naqib, speaking via video conference from Baghdad, thanked America for "helping Iraq and the Iraqis in getting rid of the regime, the brutal regime of Saddam Hussein." Minister Naqib also expressed thanks to the American people for "helping the Iraqis to build its own democratic state."

"So, I think most of the Iraqi people appreciate that very much," Naqib said.

The Iraqi interior minister added, "First of all, I must say that in just two years, Iraq has gone from a total dictatorship to the first-ever democratic vote in this country. On January 30, 2005, the Iraqis proved skeptics wrong. They stood up to terrorism, and showed the world what's in the heart of the Iraqi citizens. Despite desperate attempts by terrorists to destroy Iraq's future, by intimidation and other cowardly terrorist acts, the Iraqis voted against terror and for democracy."

Naqib noted that the Iraqi police "stood firm" even as terrorists "tested their resolve." Naqib said that he looks forward to the future as a new Iraq emerges."

"We have arrested more than 350 terrorists in just three weeks, the last three weeks before the election," Naqib explained. "So I must say, part of the success of the election are the operations we have been able to do in the last six weeks. We have weakened them very much, and we are continuing to weaken them, and hopefully in a very short period of time nobody will hear about Zarqawi or his group."

In discussing the growth of Iraq's internal security forces and a timetable by which those forces could assume full responsibility for security, Naqib said that a strong Ministry of Interior in Iraq, one that "can control the security situation in Iraq," could be in place in eighteen months."
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'TERRORISTS' He calls them 'TERRORISTS'. Not 'resistence',
not 'freedom fighters'. TERRORISTS. Which is exactly what
those murderers are. (the terrorists are also idiots. if they
really wanted America to get out of Iraq, they'd stop bombing
Iraqi structures and murdering Iraqis. The sooner all that
stops, the sooner we will be outta there.)

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 07:14 AM
Thank you,oh mighty George W. Bush for bringing them democracy and freedom.Thank you for protecting them from the evil terrorist.May you live long and die old.(Sarcastic)

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